After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 662

Chapter 920 has a big monster to make trouble

Water Element magician likes the sea, and there are many reasons for it. Tower of Cold Ice is built by the sea, of course, it is a reasonable thing. Then people gathered around the Tower of Cold Ice to form a coastal city.

On the lighthouse on the coast, the sentry of the Frost Knight regiment has been alerting the movement of the sea all the year round. When I saw a small commercial fleet passing by the sea, the sentinel probed from the top of the lighthouse. He came out, took out the loudspeaker demonic path tool, and yelled at fleet: “Where did you come from? You actually passed the Tower of Cold Ice at such a critical moment? Hurry up! Hurry up, hurry up, don’t! It’s swaying on the sea again.”

He shouted, and the people on the boat were immediately confused.

The father of the two little girls hurried on the deck, picked up the loudspeaker demonic path equipment, and shouted back: “What’s the matter? Why do you want us to dock? Is there a storm coming at sea? It’s a rainstorm. Or what?”

“It’s more terrifying than that, go ashore!” The sentinel roared: “Didn’t you find that there isn’t any other ship on the sea near here?”


When he said this, the father of the two little girls couldn’t help but stunned slightly, yes, this is the base of the Frost Knight regiment, Laowo, it is also an important coastal city, how could such a city be possible Do not rely on sea trade? You should be able to see a large number of merchant ships in the vicinity at any time and anywhere, but now there are really only three sailboats on the sea, and all the other ships are hiding in the port.

There must be something wrong with the sea. The two captains were startled and quickly said: “Get to the shore, get to the shore!”

This time even Robb is interested , what’s going on here? He turned to the two captains and said, “Don’t reveal my identity, I’ll watch the show.”

The two captains were nodded.

The three sailboats rushed into the port at the fastest speed, reeled their sails, and broke anchor. Then, the soldier on the lighthouse just now climbed onto the boat quickly, and behind him, followed by several piers The sentry on board, they first checked the documents of the two captains, and found that he was indeed a sea merchant of the Gran Kingdom, and then checked that there was no prohibited cargo on his ship, and then returned to the deck.

They saw Robb sitting on the edge of the deck fishing. However, not many people in this world knew Robb’s face, and they only regarded him as an ordinary crew member and ignored him.

The sentinel said to the two captains: “You guys are so bold, you don’t even know what’s going on at sea around here, you dare to swagger through here… If it wasn’t for your good luck, it’s already here. The seabed has fed the fish.”

The two captains asked curiously, “What happened to this sea?”

“I may know.” A crew member raised his hand and said, “This seabed I can’t catch fish in the sea, and I can only catch things like dried bananas, which is really abnormal.”

Everyone: “…”

Ignore him!

The sentinel said to the captain, “Recently, a mysterious monster has appeared in this sea, and will drag people who go out to sea with their boats into the seabed. So far, we have lost more than 20 boats here. , but I don’t even know what the monster looks like. I only know that when the monster appears, it will be accompanied by huge sea waves. There will be thick fog on the sea, surrounding the ships, and then strange sounds will sound in the fog. When the fog dissipates, Even the crew and crew are gone.”

The two captains were startled.

Robb couldn’t help but let out a “wow”.

The sentinel said: “The mages of the Frost Knight regiment are preparing a ‘slayer team’ to deal with this big monster. Don’t leave the harbor until this monster is killed, do you understand? ?”

The two captains quickly said: “Understood!”

Robb asked next to him: “How long will it take for this demon slayer team to solve the big monster?”

The sentinel was surprised. The captain here said “understood”, why did another crew member come out to speak? If you don’t get on or off, a crew member like you will be beaten by the captain, you know?

However, the question asked by Robb is also a standard question. No one can’t help but ask this question. The sentinel has explained it to several captains in recent days. Therefore, when asked by Robb, Habitually replied: “We have to wait a few days, as you all know, the Frost Knight group is currently responding to the call of Queen Your Majesty and the West Wind City Godafather, sending the main force into the Jinghong mountain range to destroy the monsters and fight for the whole world. I’m ready to kill Black Dragon, so the main force of the Frozen Knight group is not in the city, only some mages who stay behind.”

This Robb is of course the clearest, oh well.

The sentinel continued: “The battle strength of the remaining mages is worse than that of the expeditionary army. They know this, so they are more cautious and are still working on solutions.”

The sentinel continued. >

Robb said: “Isn’t it possible that it won’t be done for a long time?”

The sentinel said: “I can understand your feelings of racing against time to make money when you are running a business, but don’t do it for the sake of making money. Xiaoming, take a good rest when it’s time to rest.”

Robb: “…”

The two little girls behind him laughed hehe haha, and one of them joined He reached Robb’s ear and said in a low voice, “Let’s go and kill that big monster.” He was too close, and when she spoke, the hot air from her small mouth blew into Robb’s ear, making him wonder comfortable.

The other little girl did the same, and leaned into his other ear, he said with a smile: “Give us a king’s blessing, and let the two of us clean up the big monster, okay? Let’s play too.”

Two innocent and lovely little girls bit their ears and talk like this, who can resist this?

Robb raised his hands and surrendered: “Okay, go go go! Go to the head office, don’t tease me like this, I can’t bear it. I said you two, you don’t learn well, but you learn Sara’s set.”

The two little girls hehe laughed straightly: “I don’t want to learn from her, we don’t call you dear.”

After finishing speaking, The two little girls jumped up in front of the sentinel, raised their hands and said, “We can solve the big monster.”

“What?” The sentinel looked bewildered: “What did you say?”

The two little girls said earnestly: “We can help you solve the big monster.”

Sentry: “Little girl, I understand that you are playful at a young age, and my daughter is about the same age as you. I like to be naughty and mischievous the most. But when the adults are talking about business, don’t you come to make trouble.”

“We can really solve the big monster!” The two little girls said: “If you don’t believe it, we Bet ten gold coins.”

“I won’t bet.” The sentinel said: “I’m just a poor sentinel, I have to bet ten Copper Coins at most. Ah, no, I won’t bet this with you. , don’t mess around just to get angry, you’ll die.”

Chapter 921 We’re going to fight monsters

The two little girls are backed by Robb, That’s really fearing nothing in Heaven or Earth. Although the sentinel Uncle persuaded well, the two little girls still smiled and said, “Anyway, we’re going to deal with the big monster!” They turned around and shouted at their father. : “father, let’s drive the boat out again, and lead the big monster out to kill. Let’s see what an incredible monster he is.”

The two captains took a peek at Robb and saw Robb Facing them nodded, then there is no objection, saying: “Okay, let’s set sail, anyway, it’s a trifling monster.”

“Hey!” The sentinel sweated: “Don’t do this, thou art a good person, how can I die?”

At this moment, there was a sudden sound of people on the edge of the pier, and a large group of people came up to the edge of the pier, just not far from Robb and their boat. far away.

Robb turned his head to look and found that it was from the army of the Gran Kingdom!

In the past, Robb hardly knew any family crests or badges, but after so many years of messing around and participating in several battles, he still basically knows the badges of the seven Legions of the Gran Kingdom. You only need to see a spray painted on the shoulders of these people to know that they belong to the Ice Knights. Of course, the elites Robb knew or knew Robb were still in the Jinghong mountain range, and they were all left-behind scumbags.

After the Knight regiment assembled on the pier, a large yard of captains and crew members who were idle at the pier also surrounded them. These captains and crew members seemed to have been trapped in this port for a long time. , Some of them are sea merchants, some are fishermen, and they all have to go out to sea to make a living. The existence of the big monster has obviously brought them a lot of difficulties.

As soon as they saw the people from the Frozen Knights coming, they immediately surrounded them with expectant expressions on their faces.

A middle age person wearing a robe and looking like a good-looking person, stood up from the Knight group and said to the onlookers: “Don’t worry, my Frost Knight group passed by. Research, I have already figured out a plan to deal with the big monster.”

The onlookers were overjoyed and many people applauded happily.

When the applause stopped, the middle age person continued: “Look behind me, there are three hundred most elite warriors here, we are about to board a modified battleship, all warriors are hiding In the cabin, without showing up, only a few sailors in commoner clothes stand on the deck, disguised as ordinary ships, so that the monster will dare to attack us, and the lurking warrior will immediately rush out and destroy the monster. Kill it.”

This time the applause grew louder.

Robb was a little curious, and couldn’t help but whisper: “Didn’t the main force of the Frost Knight group go to the Jinghong mountain range? How could there be 300 elite warriors here?”

Robb was a little curious. p>

The two little girls next to them whispered: “I’m afraid they hired 300 mercenaries from anywhere, and then forcibly said they were the elites of the Knight regiment.”

Robb: “…”

This probability is not small!

Of course, although this kind of salacious operation is a little bit two, it is at least better than not paying attention to it, no matter what. Robb also must be in order to cheer on these people mentally.

The middle-aged mage headed by waved his hand, and the “three hundred elites” began to board the ship. It turned out that the warship they prepared was not far from Robb and their armed merchant ship. “The imposing manner of queuing up to board the boat is still very good.

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