After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 663

At this time, the sentinel who was chatting with Robb and the others just jumped off the boat, ran quickly to the middle-aged mage, saluted in front of him, and then pointed to where Robb was. This boat, woah woah, said something, the middle age person immediately turned his head and looked over, his eyes widened, especially at the two little girls.

Robb can guess what they’re talking about!

Soon, the middle age person came over, stood on the pier below the cabin, raised his head, and said loudly to the two little girls: “Two girls! You are willing to contribute to the country. I have received the determination, and I am very grateful for the contribution you intend to make to the Kingdom of Gran. However, we should also clearly recognize our own vulnerability and the ferocity of the monster, and we should not do something wrong when we are too hot-headed. It’s common sense, it will only make the relatives feel sad, and at the same time fill the monster’s stomach.”

The two little girls stuck their tongues out: “This person is so good at talking.”


Robb said with a smile: “Everyone who can fight goes to the Jinghong mountain range to exterminate monsters, and the rest are clerks. Of course the clerks can talk, don’t brag, don’t black, anyone who plays with a pen, everyone They’re all bragging.”

The middle age person waved to the two little girls: “Anyway, don’t follow me! Don’t follow me.”

After he finished speaking, he boarded the battleship next to him. The “three hundred elites” who had just boarded the ship all got into the belly of the ship, leaving only some people in commoners who looked like ordinary sailors on the deck. Then, that The big ship started slowly and left the port.

The mouths of the two little girls pouted: “Godafather, they robbed our monsters to fight, don’t do it, we finally had a chance to play a monster game, and they would take the lead. It’s boring.”

Robb said with a smile: “Don’t talk nonsense, this monster was originally targeted by them, and you want to grab their monster to fight.”

The little girls pouted, but they knew Robb had a point.

Robb saw the pitiful little girl and said with a smile: “Well, let’s watch the fun with the past, if they can beat the monster, we’ll just call 666 to them, if they can beat the monster No, you two will shoot again, okay?”

“Okay, okay!” The two little girls were desperately nodded.

Robb said with a smile: “Okay, that’s how it’s settled, then again, even if I give you a king’s blessing, you have to have a little bit of ability to deal with monsters, you guys. What will it be?”

The two little girls raised their hands and said: “Dark Element primary level magic!”

“What else?”

” No more!”

Robb: “…”

Dark Element primary level magic is similar to the primary level magic of the sacred system, with healing, support and “dirty” as the main, Basically, there is no direct attack magic, only a “Shadow Word – Pain”, which is not direct damage, but a “Dot” magic that continuously deducts blood type.

(PS: The so-called Dot magic is a magic that hangs on the top of the enemy’s head like a poison and continuously drains blood.)

Robb was speechless for a while: “Hey! Even if I give With your king’s blessing, are you going to deal with it by hanging a ‘Shadow Word Pain’ for the big monster?”

Two little girls: “Yes yes!”

“It’s a ghost! Rely on me.”

The two little girls started to act like a spoiled child: “Then you can add some attack to us.”

Robb was speechless: ” Forget it, I’ll take a look!”

He rummaged through a lot of messy things caught by fishing in the past few days: “Yo yo yo, I have it, this is good… …intermediate level gunnery training book.”

Chapter 922 has to change the system

The two girls shouted, “Aiya? Gunnery? What the hell is this?”

Robb said with a smile: “This is the skill training book for ‘Fire Gunner’, which is almost a branch of archer.”

The two girls said: “No, we are Ask why you chose this for us.”

Robb said: “We encounter big monsters on the sea. As far as I know, monsters are usually very large in size. Seven or eight out of ten are giant octopuses, which is not creative. The screenwriters and writers of the author can’t get rid of this routine, so it is definitely unreliable for you to use melee weapons to deal with this thing. It may only throw its tentacles onto the boat, but its head stands like a The building is so high, looking down at you. In this case, you can only cut its tentacles with melee weapons, but octopus, it has a sister to cut its tentacles, and uncreative screenwriters and writers will definitely add regenerative tentacles to it It has to attack its head, so it would be more comfortable to use long-range weapons such as firearms and bows and arrows to deal with it.”

The two girls said “oh” and understood, but I don’t quite understand why there are “uncreative screenwriters and authors” here. Forget it, Godafather often talks nonsense, just pretend not to hear it.

The two girls used the “intermediate level gun training technique”. After using it, the two suddenly felt that they had mastered the use of fire guns, and they also learned two kinds of guns. One is the use of long guns, and the other is the use of double short guns.

A girl handed her short guns to her companion: “I prefer to use long guns, you can use double short guns, I will go to the father to get a long gun to play with.”


The other girl smiled hehe and took the short guns, holding them in her hands and making a cool pose.

Robb liked her look, said with a smile: “Come on, follow me and read a line.”

The short gun girl strangely said: “What line?”

Robb said in a tone of voice: “Good luck, it won’t favor fools!”

The girl with the short guns followed Robb’s tone and said, “Good luck, it won’t favor fools! “

“Hahaha, that’s what it tastes like, that’s what it’s all about.” Robb rolls around on the deck in delight.

The girl with the short gun looked stunned, wondering why Godafather was having fun.

At this time, another girl came over with a long gun, and Robb jumped up: “You also come and tell me, it’s time for a big search!”

long The gun girl also followed Robb’s way.

Robb fell to the ground with a thud: “awsl!”

At this time, the battleship of the Frost Knights had already set sail. On Robb’s side, the two merchants let the caravan The two sub-ships in the harbour stopped in the port and did not go out, and the flagship also set sail and went to sea, following the battleship of the Frozen Knight regiment in the distance.

On the endless sea level, if you want to follow a ship unconsciously, it is almost impossible. The battleship in front soon found that an armed merchant ship followed out of the harbor and stood on the deck. The middle age person took the “telescope”, glanced back, and scolded: “Damn, it was the merchant ship just now, with two little girls on board, who said they would also come to fight the monster. I advised them not to come. Now, they have to follow, isn’t this taking their own lives as a joke?”

The lieutenant next to mystifying said: “They want to court death themselves, but you can’t blame us.”

“che, what do you say?” The middle-aged man glanced at his subordinates with contempt: “Even if they are ignorant, they are still the people of my Gran Kingdom. As the Knights of the Gran Kingdom, we are obliged to protect our own people. , I will pay attention for a while, the people on that ship are in danger, we still have to do our best to save them.”

The lieutenant quickly looked straight: “Xiaguan apologizes for the slip of the tongue just now.”

middle-aged man said: “Okay, cheer up and eliminate harm for the people!”

The two ships, one after the other, slowly sailed into the depths of the sea, deliberately not speeding , so that the big monster has a chance to attack.

After sailing eastward for a while, the two ships were far away from the continent, and there was no land in sight.

The two little girls began to wait a little impatiently, after all, they were still young: “Oh, will the big monster come out? What if it doesn’t come to attack the bait?”

Robb said with a smile: “Why are you panicking, if the adventurer is as flustered as you are when doing tasks, then don’t even try to complete any tasks.”

Everyone just talked here , The sea suddenly became foggy, and the fog was getting thicker and thicker.

The two little girls said, “Oh, the fog is coming!”

Robb frowned slightly, looked up at the sky, the sun was shining brightly, so good weather, fog out of thin air? Yo yo yo! There must be something strange about this.

He stretched out his hand and copied it in the midair, copied a wisp of white mist into his hand, and then used a dispelling technique. The wisp of fog in his palm was not affected, and it was still rippling in his palm. .

“Can’t it be dispelled?” Robb was happy: “The system is different.”

The two girls strangely said: “What system is different?”

Robb didn’t answer them, but switched his way of thinking, then quickly made a few handprints, and said in his mouth: “Confront, Weapon, Fighting and Person are all in the front – broken!”

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