After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 664

This was effective. I saw that the white mist in his hand dissappeared without a trace at a speed visible to naked eyes, leaving only some white light ion effects, which drifted like smoke.

“Not magic?” The two girls understood immediately.

Robb nods: “It’s not magic, but it’s similar to magic. In oriental terms, this thing is called ‘Daoshu’ or ‘Secret Art’. It’s interesting, it’s really interesting. It seems that I predict The big octopus of the scorpion may not appear, maybe something strange will appear.”

The two girls asked curiously: “Taoism? Secret art? What kind of race is this for? We haven’t heard of it.”

Robb said: “It’s the rabbit of the East Rabbit Great Tang, and Fu… oh! No, there is no Ancient Mulberry in this world, if I remember correctly, The big businessman Probo mentioned to me that they should be called – the ghost Human Race!” (For those who forgot, please see Chapter 10, the fat businessman Probo mentioned to Robb the ghost Human Race with blue hair girl)

In the blink of an eye, the fog is getting thicker and thicker!

Torrential fog shrouded the surrounding Sea Territory, the battleship in front was no longer visible, and the battleship could not see Robb and their ship. Both ships seemed to be sailing in the sea of clouds. Not knowing where he was.

The middle age person on the battleship yelled: “Watch out! The monster may be coming out soon.”

“I guess it’s a huge octopus!”

Someone shouted: “There is a strange wu wu sound in the wind, is it the sound of something?”

“No, I think… it seems like someone is pressing it on purpose. It wasn’t the monster who roared out.”

The warriors just thought of this when they heard the sound of “hong”, the whole ship shook violently, and then they realized that their battleship actually It hit another ship, a wooden sailboat in iron armor.

Chapter 923 The Ironclad Ship of the Ghost Human Race

The warriors on the battleship were suddenly confused, and everyone was ready to deal with the big monster, but they didn’t expect it , It was a ship that collided with in the fog, and it was a wooden sailboat in iron armor. It didn’t look like a huge octopus.

Then, on the deck of the ironclad ship, a man with a long knife jumped over.

The height of this person is much shorter than that of the Gran Kingdom, and the stature is not so strong, but he looks very flexible, the skin is yellow, and there is a horn on the top of his head.

Someone could not help shouting: “What? Is it a monster?”

“No! It’s the ghost of the East Human Race!”

A warrior He rushed out of the cabin and just happened to meet the ghost man head-on. The warrior drew out his two-handed sword and slashed at it with a screeching sound, but the ghost man was slightly shorter and drilled under the heavy sword with both hands In a flash, the warrior splattered blood and fell to the ground.

“Be careful! They’re strong.”

“Falk, John was brought down in one move.”

“Be careful, over there Another ghost is coming.”

A ghost warrior jumped over continuously on the iron-clad ship, and the soldiers of the Frost Knight regiment on this side also came out from the cabin to meet the enemy, and the two sides were on the deck. A slash and kill.

In a blink of an eye, the Frost Knights fell behind.

The middle age person who led the team rushed out of the cabin with several mages in robes. As soon as they came out, the middle age person waved his hand and threw away a Frostbolt.

A ghost warrior couldn’t dodge in time, and was shot in the chest by an arrow, which was frozen into ice in an instant.

However, when the middle age person wanted to rub the second Frostbolt again, he saw a ghost man in a cloth robe appeared on the opposite iron armored ship. He didn’t look like a martial arts. He was like the kind with knowledge and culture. He stretched out his hand and pointed at the middle age person, and drank an incomprehensible ghost language in his mouth. Then, an ice cube smashed at the middle age person. come over.

middle age person startled: “Huh? The ghost Human Race also has ice attribute magic?”

He was startled by the opponent’s move, he didn’t react for a while, the opponent threw The ice cubes from away had hit him, middle age person groaned, and fell down.

The wizards behind him couldn’t help being shocked, and they quickly shot together. Frost arrows flew around. However, there are several people in the same cloth robes behind the other party’s ghost man in cloth robes, and they are not someone who is easy to deal with, threw away many ice cubes, and put the ice Knight on this side. The warrior also knocked down several.

“Fake! These damn ghosts Human Race.” The injured middle age person stood up on the ground. He was ice attribute magician and had a high resistance to ice attribute magic. The enemy just now stood up. The ice cube thrown out is slightly different from the ice attribute magic, but it is undoubtedly still powered by the ice attribute Essence Power in nature, which has the same effect as the ice magic, so the middle age person is not dead.

He stood up and wanted to take another shot, only to realize that something was wrong.

The ghost Human Race came from the thick fog, hit them unexpectedly, and seized the first move, causing great confusion for the warriors of the Gran Kingdom, because the ice Knight regiment’s pre-planned tactics were to deal with the enemy. monster, so the warriors are hiding in the cabin. When they find out that the monster is not attacking and want to rush out of the cabin, some important positions on the deck have been occupied by the ghosts.

In human-to-human battles, the side that occupies the right place has a huge advantage.

These warriors are not elites, they are just scumbags who will not tell them to fight monsters. They are not on the same level as these experienced and seasoned ghost warriors. How can they fight? ?

There are people all over the place, and the middle age person wants to help with ice magic, but they don’t know who to help first and who to help later.

Just when he looked anxious and didn’t know what to do, he suddenly heard a “hong” sound, the hull shook again, and something hit the other side of the boat. .

He hurriedly twisted and looked behind him. What hit him this time was not the enemy, but the armed merchant ship that had been following their ass just now.

Two young girls jumped out from the side of the armed merchant ship, one with double guns, the other with long guns, and a staff on their backs. This style is really nondescript, and the unfathomable mystery is extreme.

The two girls said loudly: “We’re here to help!”

middle age person anxious: “What else are you doing? Run! Go back to the port to inform our people , the enemy is not the monster, it’s the ghost Human Race… hurry up… hurry back…”

Before he finished speaking, a ghost warrior rushed towards the two little girls, Rushing halfway, the little girl with the long gun suddenly raised the long gun in her hand and fired a shot at the ghost warrior “peng”.

The rushing body of the ghost warrior stopped immediately and fell to the sky with a thud.

little girl smiled hehe authentically: “Ha, my gunnery has really gotten better, I’m so accurate, I didn’t expect myself.”

middle age person: “…”

Another little girl with a short gun also raised the short gun in her hand, said with a smile, and looked at the trick: “kill two birds with one stone!”

She fired a shot at a ghost warrior “peng” in front of her. Interestingly, after the bullet hit the ghost warrior, she didn’t stop, but bounced and jumped again. On the back of another ghost warrior, the two ghost warriors groaned at the same time and fell down.

“Ah, you cheated, and you actually hit twice at a time.” The girl with the long gun was unhappy: “Look at my trick! The messenger of peace.”

She put her hand in her hand. Her long gun swung forward, hitting the ground with a bang, and the five ghost warriors who were distributed in a straight line in front of her fell down at the same time.

This time it was the short gun girl’s turn to be unhappy again: “You cheated, you actually played so many at a time, I’m going to play AOE too, look good.”

She has both hands The dual guns, raised horizontally forward at the same time, loudly said: “The warriors of the Ice Knights in front of me, get down, it’s time for the barrage.”

The Ice Knights The scumbag soldiers understood her words, and hurriedly fell to the ground, but the ghosts couldn’t understand the Gran language. They just saw the enemy in front of them suddenly lying down, with a confused look on their faces, thinking in their hearts: “Should I slash the opponent while he’s down?”

At this moment, the short-gunned girl’s double guns suddenly poured out a large amount of bullets, which spread out towards a fan-shaped area in front of me. Come on, the ghost warriors standing in this area were shot at the same time, screamed miserably, and collapsed non-stop, and a large area fell down in an instant.

The enemy and us were confused: “What the hell are these two women?”

Chapter 924 played beautifully

Both the enemy and us were a little confused, How can so many bullets be fired from two small short guns?

Doesn’t the fire gun need to be reloaded once every shot? How can this woman’s small short gun shoot continuously in front of the fan-shaped area? What kind of black technology is this fuck?

How do they know that the short gun girl’s skills are in the game, and they are not skills that belong to the real world. When playing skills in the game, what should be considered when loading bullets?

The killing effect of this move is astonishing, and the ghosts fell a lot, but the warriors of the Frost Knight group were unscathed because they lay on the ground in advance. They waited for the “barrage time” to end. , jumped up and gave a thumbs up to the two girls: “You two girls, you played beautifully.”

The middle age person who led the team couldn’t help but admire the two little girls with admiration. , He had previously thought that these two little girls were here to make a fool of themselves, but only now did he realize that they were indeed capable, and seemed to be quite important reinforcements to rely on. He hurriedly shouted to the two girls, “That’s great! I apologize for what I just said to you.”

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