After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 665

The two girls were very proud: “Leave it to us.”

However, game skills have CDs, especially this kind of big move. After playing once, it takes a long time to CD time.

After a round of shooting, the short gun girl threw her double guns: “Oh, I can’t let it go a second time.”

middle age person: “… “

Although the ghosts could not understand her words, they could understand her movements, and immediately understood that the gun in the girl’s hand was no longer available, and they roared a few times like “Eight teeth! “Deer” and other incomprehensible languages, waved a long knife, and charged towards the girl.

But the warriors of the Ice Knights on the ship are not fools. Even if they don’t know how long it will take for the girl’s fire gun to release the second big move, they also know a minimum principle. That is, “In front of the long-range profession, there needs to be a close-up profession to be a meat shield.” The warriors roared and rushed to the front of the two girls, blocking the ghost warrior.

It’s just such a block, the two girls are safe again.

You knocked down a ghost with one shot, and I knocked down a ghost with one shot. In a blink of an eye, the two knocked down several ghost warriors.

At this time, the group of commoner ghosts on the iron-clad ship also found that the situation here was not good. One commoner said mutter incantations, then pointed at the two girls, Shouted in ghost language: “Sen _myriad forms!”

I saw a dazzling brilliance suddenly fly out of his hand, passing by and flying towards the two girls.

This Guanghua doesn’t know what the hell it is, it looks like magic!

A warrior with quick eyes and quick hands, his feet on the deck, jumped up to block in front of the two little girls, raised his shield in his hand, and blocked it suddenly.


The dazzling brilliance hit the warrior’s shield, and then, it exploded, and in an instant, four groups of strange oriental characters, rune, appeared in the sky , the four groups of runes are in a square, and the warrior is surrounded by them.

No one present can recognize these runes, only Robb recognizes them, which are actually four sets of traditional Chinese characters…

“Fire alchemy”, “earth alchemy”, “water alchemy” Alchemy”, “Wind Alchemy”!

Then, the four groups of runes rotated at the same time, suddenly turning into four-color rays of light, and smashed towards the middle at the same time.

At that moment, the warrior holding his shield seemed to be hit by fire magic, earth magic, water magic and wind magic at the same time, causing his whole body to change color, red, blue, and wind. Green, black for a while…

By the time the four elements alchemy was finished in turn, the warrior was already unsteady, fell to the ground with a thud, and was dying.

Robb couldn’t help clicking one’s tongue in wonder in the distance: “What a good move Senra’s myriad forms, Onmyouji’s high-level alchemy, it’s amazing.” As he said that, he secretly threw away a healing technique and gave it to just now. The wounded warrior took a sip.

However, Onmyouji’s shot also alarmed the two girls. They saw that there was such a powerful “magician” in the distance. Of course, it must be dealt with immediately. The short gun girl reacted quickly, raised her double guns, touched the two guns and hit the Onmyouji.


That Onmyouji is also quite witty, he knows that the fire cannon is far, so after releasing a “Senra myriad forms”, he immediately backs up and pulls After opening the distance, he was just out of the range of fire guns, bows, and magic.

The bullet shot by the short gun girl could not hit him.

However, just when Onmyouji was secretly complacent, the long gun girl suddenly raised the long gun in her hand and glanced at it from a distance… A sight immediately appeared on the forehead of Yin Yang. Strange mark of shape.

He was a little confused, what does this mark mean?

In a second! The long gun girl finished aiming, only to hear the sound of “peng”, the long gun in her hand opened fire, and the bullet easily flew over a long distance, breaking the distance limit that ordinary guns, bows, and magic could not reach. Hit Onmyouji with ease.

Onmyouji screamed and fell to the sky.

The short gun girl turned her head and said: “Wow? The long gun can hit this far?”

The long gun girl said with a smile: “Hehe, this trick is called – let the bullets go. Fly! It’s a long shot’s ultimate move, but you can too, as long as you switch to a long shot.”

“Huh? I don’t like long shots.”

The two girls were chatting awkwardly while holding A in their hands, and the ghost Human Race warriors were in bad luck. They wanted to rush over to put down these two strange firearms, but the warriors of the Gran Kingdom resisted. , Onmyouji, the strongest in the team, was knocked down after only placing a Senra myriad form, which is also embarrassing.

The battle can’t go on now!

A retreat order was issued on the ironclad ship, and the ghost Human Race warriors began to withdraw from the ironclad ship.

The middle age person, the leader of the Frozen Knight regiment, shouted: “You can’t let them escape. Once you let them escape, they will threaten other ships.”

Everyone This voyage is not to play, but to solve the “big monster”. If this “big monster” escapes, this voyage will be a waste of effort, and I have to come back to find these guys next time.

A group of warriors rushed up to keep people, but those ghost Human Race warriors were really not particular. They actually took down the wounded decisively. If anyone was entangled by the warriors of the Gran Kingdom, they would immediately abandon them. Regardless, it was about to withdraw anyway. In a blink of an eye, most of the ghosts who had just attacked the ship had withdrawn, and the remaining ones who were too late to withdraw would be thrown away.

What’s interesting is that these abandoned warriors have not lost their arrogance, but have become even more mad.

This imposing manner is really scary.

Then, the ironclad ship turned around and rushed into the fog.

Chapter 925 Are you speaking human words?

I saw the Forbidden City and added an update to the Forbidden City

“What’s wrong with these ghosts?”

“Why did you throw your companions on our boat, yourself Turn around and run?”

“Fake, are they still human?”

“A race that abandons its companions, is it really good?”

The warriors discussed spiritedly while besieging the cast-off ghosts.

However, the morale of the ghosts who were thrown down was unabated, and even more ferocious. They looked like they were about to perish with the enemy. The warriors of the kingdom couldn’t even pursue that ironclad ship with their ships.

The two little girls also hurriedly fired a few more shots and brought down a few ghosts. The warriors joined forces and knocked down all the remaining guys who were still putting up a desperate struggle. But when they had completely dealt with the enemy and were able to sail, they found that the fog was so thick that they could no longer see where the enemy ship had gone.

The middle age person headed by said: “Damn it! Just let them run away.”

A warrior suggested: “Follow the direction they just disappeared, maybe you can catch up. Come on.”

“It’s too dangerous to chase the enemy at full speed in such fog.”

“Yeah, what if there are still soldiers in ambush in the fog?”

The middle age person in the lead had to order: “Forget it, try to deal with them next time.”

He tone barely fell, and he saw a head sticking out from the side of the armed merchant ship next to him. Come on, the blond, handsome youngster, I have seen this youngster middle age person. When he was on the edge of the pier, he had been sitting on the side of the boat fishing, and he didn’t look like a great person.

youngster is of course Robb, he smiled and waved to the middle age person and said, “Not next time, we don’t have time to stay here for too long, we have to rush to the East Rabbit Great Tang, Let’s get it done at this time.”

middle age person: “Huh? But this fog…”

Robb said with a smile: “This is for oriental mystics masters The secret technique is called the technique of smog, and it is enough to break it.”

“Huh?” The middle age person was stunned for a moment: “We tried the dispelling technique, and it broke. Nope.”

Robb said with a smile: “Okay!”

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