After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 666

He squeezed a few dharma seals against the fog in the sky, and said in his mouth: “Confront, Weapon, Fighting and Person are all arrayed in front – broken!”

This sound At the same time as “Break” was shouted, there seemed to be an invisible force that flew into the sky and crashed into the thick fog. Then, the fog seemed to be dispelled by soldiers, and faded at a speed visible to naked eyes. , dissipated, and eventually disappeared without a trace.

The sea is clear and bright, and everyone looked closely. The iron armored ship that sneaked attacked them in the fog just now was fleeing desperately not far away, and there were a few dumbfounded faces standing on the opposite deck. The forced people obviously didn’t understand the situation. The “smog technique” they released was actually broken by the Westerners? how can that be?

Of course, not only are they dumbfounded, but the members of the Frost Knight are also dumbfounded. They looked at Robb with weird eyes, and almost didn’t ask directly: “How can you break the oriental secret art?”

Robb said with a smile: “What are you still confused about? Hurry up and shoot. , keep the other party, otherwise, I’m going to take action, don’t brag, be reasonable, once I take action, you won’t have to play.”

The two little nuns said: “It’s still Go ahead, we don’t want to fight anymore.”

It turned out that the two little nuns came out to fight just now with their excitement, but they calmed down after the fight and thought about what they had just done. It’s people who hit people, not monsters, and then I feel sad all of a sudden, it hurts to hit people with fire guns!

After all, they used to be nuns, they were kind-hearted, and they preferred helping others rather than hurting them. at first I didn’t think much about it. Now that I see the injured ghost humming on the deck, I don’t want to shoot anymore. Ghost people are also human, although they have many horns, they are indeed living people.

Robb heard what the two nuns said, and immediately understood: “Okay, my two little girls don’t want to shoot. Frozen Knight, do you still want to play? As soon as I shoot, really They’re taking business.”

The middle age person who led the team didn’t know whether to cry or laugh authentically: “If you can stop fighting, who likes fighting? What do you have to arrest them as soon as possible? We won’t blame you for stealing business.”

“That’s easy!”

Robb said with a smile: “I’ll go too .”

He suddenly stamped on the deck with his feet: “Heroic jump!”

This jump looks so powerful, everyone sees his jumping action, and they think: This jump is heroic, I am afraid that it can jump hundreds of yards, and it will definitely jump to the enemy’s deck. It’s amazing. I’m afraid this person is not a strong warrior?

But they were wrong!

Robb’s jumping skills follow the rules of the game, no matter how powerful he is, he can only jump 60 yards.

So after flying handsomely for 60 yards towards the enemy ship, he crashed straight into the sea with a thud.

Everyone: “…”

This is very pitiful!

middle age person sweated: “Hey, do you want to pick him up?”

The two little girls said with a smile: “No need.”

I saw where Robb had just fallen into the water, brushed the ground, and a seal appeared. The seal turned his head and waved to the people on the boat, as if he made a “I’m fine” gesture, but Who can understand seal gestures? I only saw the palm of a tablet waving and waving there, and I felt very happy.

Then, the seal swam towards the iron-clad ship at a fast speed.

The people on the iron-clad ship have been closely monitoring the movement of the ship behind. Of course, they also saw this scene. Immediately, there was an archer standing on the side of the ship, holding a bow and arrow, facing the seal shua~ shua~ shua~ , fired several arrows.

But the seal was so fast that the arrows couldn’t touch its fur at all.

In a blink of an eye, it swam to the side of the boat, slapped its tail hard on the water, jumped out of the water, and jumped so high that it jumped straight from the sea to the boat.

The ghosts on the boat exclaimed for a while, and two of them slashed at the seal with their knives.

The seal deftly avoided the two long knives, waved the fleshy palms, crackle slapped the face and slapped the two ghosts to the ground, and it also fell on the deck at the same time, Then he changed his body and changed back to the shape of a handsome blond boy, and said with a smile to the stunned ghosts on the boat: “Gongba wow!”

The ghosts startled, this Westerner actually understands us Ghost language? However, what do you mean when you say “good evening” now that the sky is clear?

However, Robb immediately shook the head regressfully: “It’s over, I don’t know much ghost language, what should I do? Oh, there is!”

He Suddenly, he said to the ghosts seriously: “You guys, aren’t you serious ghosts? It should be the Japanese pirates who are working, you guys, tearing up and working!” “Are you speaking human language? Seal language?”

Chapter 926 Eight Sects Dunjia

The two sides don’t speak the same language, which is embarrassing.

Robb’s ghost language is about such a few sentences as “Gongbawa”, “Toothless Dad”, “Yidi”, “Yiku”, “Moses and Moses”, use these few sentences If you want to communicate normally, I am afraid it is a bit difficult.

But forget it, Robb feels that it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t communicate. The group of ghosts in front of him is obviously the scum of the ghost Human Race, the authentic Japanese pirates, the kind who do bad things on the sea, even ghosts. The people of Human Race are all suffering from it, no matter the actual situation, let’s fight it first.

He raised a hand high up…

The ghost warriors froze slightly, and then rushed towards him suddenly.

Robb laughed and waved his hand forward: “Sen Luo Wanluo!”

A mass of bright radiance flew out of his palm, just like the ghost just now The “Sen_myriad forms” released by Onmyouji of Human Race are exactly the same, the difference is that Robb released this group of rays of light, which looks bigger and more dazzling.

Of course, the formidable power is also greater!

bright radiance suddenly turned into four sets of runes, suspended in mid-air.

Fire alchemy, earth alchemy, water alchemy, wind alchemy!

Then rune turned into four-color rays of light, and smashed towards the middle. The ghost Human Race warrior standing in the middle was smashed and confused, and the color on his body also changed continuously. When the rays of light finished smashing , the warriors have fallen to the ground.

There was an exclamation on the boat: “What’s the situation?”

“This is impossible!”

“This Westerner can actually know our onmyoji .”

“And his onmyoji seems to be very difficult to deal with.”

“Eight-square tooth deer, I don’t believe it.”

Shipbuilding There were two ghosts Onmyouji and a ghost mystic. The three of them looked at each other and felt incredible, but now is not the time to be amazed, they have to be defeated first.

The two Onmyouji recited onmyoji, and the occultist also began to narrate the occult…

Robb said with a smile: “I don’t have time to play with you, I still need it. We’re on our way, let’s end it now.”

He raised his hand again, palms facing the sky, squeezed a spell, and then slapped his palm, from top to bottom, on the deck, and just At the moment when his palm clapped on the deck, a strange Eastern Formation appeared on the deck where he clapped.

This Formation has a similar appearance, its Place of Origin should be Great Tang of the East Rabbit, but after it spread to the Ghost Kingdom, it was set up by Onmyouji of the Ghost Kingdom, and it looks gorgeous. After the slag, there are many gates drawn on it. If the casting animation can be paused and counted, the audience can count them, and there are eight gates painted on it.

“Onmyoji Profound Truth – Eight Sects Dunjia!”

(PS: In Hokage, Eight Sects Dunjia is set as the number of bodies, but in Nobunaga’s Ambition OL In the book, Eight Sects Dunjia is set as a high-level onmyoji, and this book adopts the setting of onmyoji. There is no doubt that Nobunaga’s Ambition OL is more Japanese than Hokage.)

” bang!”

With a loud noise, four-color streamers rushed out of the Formation, hitting all the ghosts on board at the same time.

The ghosts screamed and fell over one after another. The two Onmyouji who were chanting a spell were not spared either. They were hit by the rays of light, fell to the ground groaning miserably, and rolled twice on the ground. , only covered in dirt and said: “This is impossible…such a high-level onmyoji…”

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