After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 667

After one move, there was no one standing on the boat.

Robb then waved to the stunned Frozen Knights from a distance, turned on the bard’s “Sound of Heaven” skill, and greeted from a distance, “Come and clean up the battlefield.”

The middle age person, the leader of the Frost Knight group, asked the two little girls with a confused look: “This… Who is this youngster? Why can he become a seal like a Druid? Can you release the mysterious Oriental spell?”

The two little girls laughed and said, “He is the Godafather of West Wind City!”

“What?” Freeze: “Whoops my mom, is that Godafather from West Wind City? Oh my God!”

The warriors of the Ice Knights on board all freeze.

No one would have thought that the legendary hero, the man who ended the war, and the Godafather of West Wind City would meet here. This is really a lifetime of dogshit luck!

Many people one-knee kneels down on the deck and looked at Robb with admiration.

Robb laughed and scolded: “Come and clean up the mess, don’t be in a daze.”

“Ah, yes, hurry up and drive the boat.”

That night, everyone Back to the dock of Tower of Cold Ice, the battleship of the Ice Knights, the armed merchant ship of Robb and the ghosts, and the ironclad ship of the ghost man, the three ships were moored in the port together.

The warriors of the Frozen Knights put all the captured ghosts in prison, and then invited the merchants who knew the ghost language to come over and ask them where the ships and people they robbed before were .

However, the result of the interrogation was cruel and heart-wrenching. The ships that had been attacked by ghosts in the past were all killed by these ghostly Human Race pirates.

These ghosts are exactly the kind of Japanese pirates that Robb knows, but, in this world, they are called “Ghost Bandits”, because the Ghost Kingdom is currently in the turmoil of the Warring States Period, and the war is raging. The exiled warriors and deserters who could not get along in the country came to the sea to do evil.

After hearing that the crew members who had been attacked by them before were killed, the people of the Ice Knights sentenced these ghost bandits to death. Robb did not object to this. For pirates, the laws of various countries are basically the same. In this way, there is nothing wrong with these people, and these people should also pay the price of their lives for the bad things they have done.

The nature of their killing and the soldiers in the war killing each other’s soldiers are fundamentally different and should not be forgiven.

Robb said: “didn’t expect the ghost bandits have run so far now, and even the harbor of our Gran Kingdom has been attacked, and there are still many ghost bandits in the Great Tang side of the East Rabbit. In the event, it seems that it is enough to cause trouble ahead.”

The father of the two little girls whispered: “Then it will be difficult for our Gran Kingdom to do business with the Great Tang of the East Rabbit in the future? “

“There is indeed this problem.” Robb said: “However, the Gran Kingdom is too far away from the Great Tang of the East Rabbit, and the navy is impossible to go to the east to clear the ghost bandits, this matter can only make the East Rabbit Great Tang has figured out a way by himself. In addition, the current civil strife in the Ghost Kingdom is also temporary. When the Warring States Period of the Ghost Kingdom ends, the number of Japanese pirates will naturally decrease. During this period, reduce the trade with the eastern countries and run more new ones. On the continent route, when we really want to trade with Toyo, we must also combine several maritime merchants to form a big fleet and go.”

The father of the two little girls wrote down this remark.

That night, the people of the Frozen Knight group set up a banquet and wanted to entertain Robb, but when they came to the pier to find Robb, they found that Robb and the three merchant ships had quietly left the port and continued. Headed east.

Chapter 927 Eighteen divinations

Picture: “The route to the Great Tang of Dongtu”, location: “Images/1562983574-100089784-103380319.jpg”

< After p>fleet left the Tower of Cold Ice, he no longer moved along the coastline, but went northeast and went deep into the sea, so that there was no shore scenery to see.

The two captains have been looking at the compass all day for fear of going in the wrong direction.

And Robb is fishing all day. The two little girls accompany him to fish and occasionally help him clean up the mess he caught.

This kind of lazy, happy and peaceful life passed happily for a few days, and Robb didn’t count how many days passed. Anyway, it was a mess.

On this day, there was light rain on the sea. The rain was not big, but the wind was not small. Once the wind started on the sea, there would be waves, so the three ships all thumped in the waves, thumping. In the past, swaying.

The two little girls were a little unsteady on the deck. They were not sailors who grew up on the boat all their lives, but female sea merchants who had become orphans halfway through their careers, so once the waves broke, they felt very painful. Fortunately, Robb Also, he held a girl’s hand with one hand, and the three of them could stand firmly on the deck, but in this way, they could no longer fish.

Forget it! What does it matter if you can hold the girl’s little hand and catch less fish for a while?

As he was stunned, a little girl suddenly shouted: “Ah, I saw the land ahead!”

Robb actually saw it with reconnaissance, but in order to coax The girl was happy, but pretended to have just seen it, said with a smile: “Oh, there is really land ahead, it seems that we are about to reach the Great Tang of the East Rabbit.”

Three ships Sailors are starting to do well. Sailors are also human beings. Humans still prefer the feeling of having their feet on the ground. After living on a boat for a long time, seeing a piece of land is like seeing relatives.

The three boats all increased their strength and rushed towards the sea.

The land ahead is approaching, everyone can see the trees on the edge of the land clearly now, these trees are very strange, they all have a bare trunk, high up, and a few very small patches above their heads. The large leaves are spread out and look like a big umbrella. Now these big umbrella-like trees are swaying in the wind and look interesting.

The two little girls clapped their hands and said with a smile: “What kind of strange tree is this?”

Robb said: “This is called a coconut tree, and the water in the fruit is delicious. “

“Huh? How do you know each other?” said the two little girls strangely.

“I’ve visited Great Tang before.”


The two little girls said: “Then this land What place is it?”

Robb said: “I guess this is not land, but an island called Hainan Island.”

The father of the two little girls walked by. Come here, said with a smile: “Godafather is wrong this time. The name of the island in front is Southern Dawn Island. As far as we know, Dongtu Great Tang is not an island called Hainan Island.”

Robb rolled the eyes, thinking: Isn’t it Hainan Island? When you go to another world, it becomes Southern Dawn Island.

“There are also residents on this island, but…” the father of the two little girls said: “There is no decent port and city here, and if we dock here, we won’t get a decent one. Supplies, if Godafather landed here, it would be very troublesome to go to the Central Plains. You still have to continue sailing forward and rush to Boning Port, the most prosperous and lively port of Dongtu Great Tang. If Godafather disembarks at Boning Port, you will be able to It is very convenient to enter the most prosperous Mediterranean region in the Great Tang of East Rabbit, where it should be more convenient to find ores.”

Robb said with a smile: “Just do as you say!”

Fleet decided not to dock, and continued to move forward.

The two little girls pouted pitifully: “Aren’t they coming to the shore? We still want to try the fruit of the coconut tree that Godafather said just now. Godafather said it was delicious.”


The two fathers ill-humoredly said: “How could the fleet come to the shore just to let you eat a piece of fruit? How much time would it take?”

Robb said with a smile: “Fleet doesn’t have to Stop, let me take them to pick fruit.”


The two little girls were overjoyed.

I saw Robb wrapped a hand around a little girl’s waist, brushed the ground and flew to the coconut trees on the shore.

The crew on the ship all cheered jealously: “Oh my God! Flying!”

But they also knew that they were big men and Godafather was impossible. Let them go to play flying, and this kind of benefit can only be enjoyed by a pure and lovely little girl, so let’s watch it.

Soon, the three of them flew to the coconut tree.

The luck is really good. It happened to be the season when coconuts are ripe. The two girls picked two large coconuts each, held them in their arms, giggled, and their little faces were pink.

Robb was also very happy when he saw the smiles of the two little girls in his arms picking coconuts.

However, when the three of them just turned their heads and were about to fly back to the boat, they found that there were actually two fleets on the sea to the northeast, fighting.

These two fleets are not the kind of western galleons, but a group of messy boats, most of which are hard sailing boats, which usually cannot sail far away, only in the coastal areas not far from the shore. Play, the boat is not big.

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