After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 669

“Of course.” Robb said: “No matter how fierce the war was and how much hatred for each other, all the races in this world will eventually become a village, and the nation and culture will become larger. Fusion, this is an unavoidable law, it is not surprising that there is a Dongfang Street in a western city, and it is not surprising that there is a foreigner street in an eastern city.”

After chatting, the small village passed, fleet Continuing to the north, I don’t know how long it took to sail, and a natural harbor appeared by the sea. The scale of the harbor is not very large, the houses are low, and the town is dilapidated, but there are many ships parked in the harbor, and there are actually Western sailboats. .

The two captains came to Robb and reported: “Godfather, this is a small seaport city on the southeast coast of the Great Tang of Dongtu. The name is Xiangshan Port, which is smaller than Boning Port, but It is also the second largest port in the Great Tang of the East Rabbit. There are many caravans from the Kingdom of Gran and the Kingdom of Norma, and it is the place where we Westerners gather the most in the Great Tang of the East Rabbit.”

Robb Heart Think: This is about equivalent to Hong Kong in the original world.

He asked curiously: “This is only the second largest? Boning Port is more powerful than this?”

The two captains nodded: “Boning Port is the East Rabbit Great The most lively and prosperous port in Tang, this Xiangshan port is still far behind, it is almost a port supported by us Westerners, and the people of Dongtu Great Tang don’t pay much attention to this port.”

β€œso that’s how it is!”

Actually, Robb didn’t know that even in the era of great navigation in the original world, Hong Kong was quite backward in at first, far inferior to Ningbo, at that time Ningbo is the most powerful and greatest port in the East. Toyotomi Hideyoshi, a celebrity in the Warring States period of the island country, once thought that Ningbo was the best place in the world. He once dreamed of destroying the Ming Dynasty and then moved the capital to Ningbo, but he was not able to succeed and was beaten back to his hometown in Korea.

Robb pointed to Xiangshan Port in front and said with a smile: “I want to take a look at this harbour. We can stop here for a while and then continue to Boning Port.”

The two captains nodded: “Of course there is no problem.”

The two answered this first, and then whispered: “However, there is also a bad point here, here is the 18th divination. Those Western merchants who have paid protection fees are very safe here, but those like us who don’t give face to the 18th BU… will be a little more inconvenient… Of course, with you here, we don’t need to be afraid of them at all. Just to prevent them from playing ass.”

Robb said with a smile: “I understand, let the crew move within the range that I can see, so I don’t have to be afraid of the eighteen divination.”

The two captains ordered to go down, and the three galleons began to approach Xiangshan Port.

Before landing, several small boats with the official dragon flag of Dongtu Great Tang came up, and a few rabbit sailors wearing the clothes of Dongtu Great Tang officers and soldiers stood on the bow, facing the boat. The big boat shouted: “Where is the boat from? Declare the customs and pay the tax immediately.”

Robb turned to the two captains: “There is actually an official from Dongtu Great Tang here?”

The two The captain quickly introduced to Robb: “Although this place is not valued by the Great Tang of the East Rabbit, it is also a place under the jurisdiction of the government, and more and more attention has been paid in recent years.”

It turned out that this At that time, Xiangshan Port was only a small county in the establishment of Dongtu Great Tang, called Xiangshan County. County Magistrate was originally just a sesame official, who was in charge of a small town with more than 1,000 people in Tukou, and lived a very embarrassing life. , However, he also didn’t expect that a large Western ship came here one day, and then, this small county town with a natural port suddenly caught fire.

The western ships are coming one by one, and this place is getting more and more prosperous. The hundreds of villagers in their hands seem to be unable to hold down these foreigners. After the number of foreigners increased, they began to give no face to County Magistrate, refused to accept his control, and even some people did not pay taxes and wanted to confront him.

A little over a year ago, a group of people from the Norma Kingdom saw that County Magistrate had no soldiers, so they got carried away, built a fortress by the sea, privately occupied the territory of Dongtu Great Tang, and sent two hundred Sailors defended the city and bullied County Magistrate. There were only a few hundred militiamen in their hands, thinking that County Magistrate had nothing to do with them.

County Magistrate was out of breath, and hurriedly reported to the Guangdong Admiral above, and the Admiral sent 5,000 Rabbit Soldiers with a casual remark.

The foreigners were dumbfounded on the spot. How difficult is it to transfer five thousand warriors on the Western side? This has to be done with several Knight groups. It is impossible without the king to speak. Who knows that there will be so many orders from any district chief here in the Great Tang of the East Rabbit.

Five thousand rabbit soldiers pressed the two hundred soldiers of Norma country to the ground and rubbed them desperately, rubbing and rubbing like devil’s pace. Everyone has to pay taxes to the rabbit County Magistrate.

After listening to the story of the two captains, the two little girls couldn’t help but rejoice: “Norma can’t beat the country, but we have Godfather, so we are not afraid of these rabbits. Last time we came to collect our money, Just despised by Godfather, didn’t expect these rabbits to come again? They have no end. Godfather, shall we bump them again?”

Robb shook the head: “This time we can’t bump it. , it’s not the pirates who came to collect taxes this time, but the officials from the Tang State of the East Rabbit. It is reasonable for them to charge us taxes, and we should also declare and pay taxes seriously. This is not something I can’t beat. The problem is whether I respect others or not.”

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Chapter 930 I’ll go find a knight for you

Holy Monday, I just came back from a trip, so I don’t have much to post, so I don’t post much today. Only ten is stronger. It is not a reason to violate the dignity of others, and it is not justified because you are strong.

Especially when you are dealing with a country, if you do not respect the sovereignty of others, no matter how weak the country is, there will be a group of people who will sacrifice their lives to defend the dignity of the country and you. irreconcilable.

Robb said: “We don’t need to respect the pirates, but we need to respect the officers and soldiers of the Great Tang of the East Rabbit. Let’s communicate well.”

The two captains, nodded, put down the rope ladder, Picked up a few rabbit officers and soldiers on the big ship, checked the documents, and handed in the business license issued by the Gran Kingdom. The rabbit soldiers did not have any slapstick operations. planning to leave.

However, when one of the Rabbit Soldiers stepped off the boat, he suddenly turned around and asked curiously, “Your boat doesn’t have a flag of the 18th BU, you’re so brave. “

“So you all know that Shiba is hanging around in the Sea Territory around here?” Robb couldn’t help but ask back.

Listening to his fluent Chinese, the Rabbit Soldiers couldn’t help but be amazed and said, “People who are in the seaside, who don’t know about the 18th divination? The coastal areas are all under their sphere of influence, not to mention that we are just soldiers, even the County Magistrate, the prefect, the governor of Guangdong, the governor of Guangdong and Guangxi, and the patrol of the eight provinces have no way to suppress them, like this super big bandit, The final result is probably to recruit security.”

After finishing speaking, he lowered his voice and said, “There are also 18 people in Xiangshan Port, and your ship does not have a radish flag, if you want to berth in this port , you have to be more careful.”

Robb said: “many thanks, two friendly reminders.”

The two officers and soldiers got off the boat, shaking their heads and sighing as they walked: ” The protection of the intersection point is very safe, and the young and energetic have to fight with Shibabu, these people bode ill rather than well Luo.”

Soon, three large ships docked and stopped by the pier. it is good.

Robb is more familiar with the local customs and customs of the East. He has a good understanding of the secret roads here. He immediately glanced at the shore, and immediately found that among the crowds on the shore, there were a few dressed in costumes. The bunnymen, who looked like coolies, stood up, looked carefully at Robb and the others’ sailboats, then turned and ran, disappearing into the alleys of the port.

“We have been targeted.” Robb said with a smile: “It seems that the people from the 18th divination are coming.”

The two little girls said with a smile : “If Godfather wasn’t there, we’d be scared, but with Godfather, we don’t care about these people.”

The two captains greeted the sailors, disembarked, and chatted with local merchants on the dock , Then, many empty barrels were removed from the ship and placed on the quayside. The merchants on the shore recruited a large group of migrant workers to bring a large amount of food and drinking water and poured them into the empty barrels. Sailors carried these barrels back to the ship. .

This job is really not going to be completed in a short time. There are three large sailboats, each with hundreds of sailors. The demand for food and drinking water is huge, and it takes half a day to move.

Robb took advantage of this time and said to the two little girls: “Let’s go to the shore!”

The two little girls were overjoyed: “Okay, okay, we actually It’s also the first time I’ve come to the East.”

“Then just follow me, I’m Dongfangtong.” Robb said with a smile: “I know everything about this place. “

“Godfather is amazing.” The two little girls pointed at a rabbit and said, “Then teach us, is this rabbit male or female? We can’t recognize it at all.”

Robb turned his head and looked over. The rabbit was out of shape because he ate too fat. He really couldn’t tell whether it was male or female. Looking at his face, a rabbit head could not tell the difference between male and female at all. Mother, fuck…

“I take back what I said just now, not everyone knows it, Ahhhh!”

The three got off the boat and walked on the streets of Xiangshan Port Go, this county is not big, but the population is quite large, mixed from east to west, not only the Gran people, but also the Norma people, and even a few people from the desert kingdom, of course, more of them are the rabbit people, the people on the street are from south to north , there are all kinds of languages, chaos.

Just a few steps away, a blond Westerner came over, saluted the three of Robb, and said in Gran language: “The three look good, they must have just been I just came here, right? It’s not me, I know all the Westerners who live in Xiangshan Port. And the ones I don’t know are all newcomers. I’m also called the panacea of the East, and there is no one I don’t understand. You can ask me to work for you for just a little bit of money. I will show you everything about this country, help you connect with rabbit merchants, and make you a lot of money, and I really only need a little bit of money That’s it.”

“Really know everything?” The two little girls hehe laughed and pointed at a fat rabbit: “Is this rabbit male or female?”

Blonde Westerner: “…”

It is true that no Westerner can answer such a crazy question, so he has to be confused.

Robb smiled and patted the man’s shoulder: “Okay, my little girl is joking with you, as long as you can provide me with information, I will give you one hundred gold coins.”

The man was overjoyed: “Oh, what information do you want, just ask!”

Robb said: “I heard recently that the bunny knights in the East seem to be fighting for a kind of The thing called ‘Xuanyuan Xuan Iron’, do you know about it?”

The man suddenly looked stiff: “Uh, this… knights form their own system, what are they called? I don’t know much about their system.”

Robb ill-humoredly said: “Then you still say that you are the panacea of the East, you have a fart and waste my time.”

Robb ill-humoredly said p>

The man was embarrassed: “But don’t worry, I know people in Jianghu, and I went to find a knight to talk to you about this, which is also considered to provide you with information, what do you think? ?”

Robb said: “That’s okay, our ship is on the pier over there, see? The one with the Gran Kingdom flag on it, if you find it, know about it Come and talk to us.”

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