After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 671

“Pretend to be a hero!”

“What the hell is wrong?”

“Act recklessly.”

The little boss of the 18th BU, The rabbit, who was dressed in a chivalrous outfit and looked a bit status quo, said, “Where did you come from? Forcibly act like a foreign devil? Report your name and let the uncle listen to it.”

The Rabbit Knight said proudly: “hmph! Jianghu people say, punch Nanshan – Luo Leg Mao.”

Everyone: “…”

The little leader of the eighteen bu Also stunned.

To be honest, I have never heard of this name, no, it should be said that the name of this rotten street, my ears are rotten, so it is like I have never heard of it, and it is taken from the rivers and lakes. There are eight hundred without a thousand children, all of them are selling dog skin plasters, and they are at the level of making a living in the arena, or simply a small character who can’t even get into the rivers and lakes.

This fuck also punches Nanshan, give you a stone and you can break it even if you win.

The little leader of the 18th BU shook the head, sighed, and then picked up a small stone from the ground and threw it at Luo Kui Mao, the stone slid through the air and shot from the dock to the bow of the boat , after flying a long distance, as long as the people in the world who have a little ability to listen to the wind detector, have no difficulty in avoiding such a hidden weapon, however, Luo Legmao did not even have time to dodge a little bit, so he responded to the stone. Down, with a puff.

The little leader sighed: “Sure enough, he is a scum who is performing arts and crafts, little ones, don’t worry about the second-hand, kill all the Western devils who don’t give us face. Light, by the way, don’t kill that blond youngster, save a life, someone will take care of him slowly.”

He tone barely fell, and Xiao Qiang was in a hurry to wash her hands. At this moment, I saw Luo Legmao, who had fallen to the ground, crawled up from the ground with difficulty, covering his left hand with his left hand, which was just hit by a stone. In the middle, the right hand held the side of the boat and said with difficulty: “Don’t underestimate me, I… Although… I am not harmful, I still want to clean up you little people… to eradicate evil for the people… to support justice, yes My warriors…the…responsibility…don’t…underestimate the spirit of chivalry…”

Everyone: “…”

After a brief silence, the pier sounded A burst of more arrogant laughter, all kinds of hehe haha, can’t knock people’s voices, one after another.

They were laughing happily, when suddenly, they heard a clapping, and the applause was so loud that it was even deafening, and it actually suppressed everyone’s laughter. Going down, it can be said that the sound shook the entire pier. I don’t know how hard it was to applaud to get such a loud sound, which attracted everyone to look in the direction of the applause.

Then they found out that it was Robb who applauded.

Robb is applauding, seriously.

Seeing everyone’s eyes turned, Robb stopped and said seriously: “Why are you staring at me? Shouldn’t you applaud him? Jianghu just needs some of this. Only the knights of the world can make people feel that there is still salvation in this river and lake. If there are people in the world who are greedy for life and fear of death, who only care about interests, and only use the strength of the enemy and the enemy to judge whether they should make a move, then they should have a good smile. Right.”

The little leader of the Eighteen BUs sneered: “Tang speaks fluently, but the truth is not clear, and even the strong eat the weak in the rivers and lakes does not understand, what is naive and chivalrous.”

Robb smiled: “What’s wrong with being innocent?”

The little boss said: “Innocent will die!”

Robb spread his hands: “So this is your death The reason for losing, you are facing an extremely powerful enemy, and you still naively think that you are the powerful one.”

The little leader turned his head and looked towards the one who was beaten by one of his own small stones. Robb, who can’t stand still, said with a sneer: “Just by him?”

“no!” Robb pointed to his nose: “I’m talking about me!”

The little leader sneered: “It’s just you?”

His tone barely fell, and Robb flew over from the bow of the boat with a swipe. , fell from the bow to the pier, just in front of the little leader, and then a shudder knocked on his head, then flipped back, brushed the ground, returned to the bow, sat down, as if he had not moved generally.

Everyone heart startled, then turned their heads and looked towards the little boss, only to see that a huge bag had appeared on his rabbit head.

The handsome Lightweight Art shot so fast, no one could make any response between Robb’s back and forth, and some people couldn’t even see Robb’s shot. This person is a first-class expert, and it can be determined.

Robb said: “I said you would die, and now, you are dead.”

The little boss felt his head dizzy, and the bag on his head was painful Incomparable, he hugged his head in horror and said, “What have you done to me?”

Robb said, “I slapped this on top of your head, using a kung fu called Subduing Dragon Eighteen Knocks. , the knock just now has shattered your seven meridians and eight meridians, and all your vitality has been cut off. If you go home immediately, write your last words in 5 minutes of time, and arrange the funeral, there is still time, if it is too late, I can’t even see my family for the last time.”

The little leader was terrified, screamed “Aiya my mother”, turned around and ran away.

Other little scorpions are stubbornly broken and scarred.

But where does the Hall Master want to stay, it disappears instantly Got disappeared without a trace.

I lead the corpse

Robb waved at them with a smile: “Don’t panic, Hall Master is kneeling and there is still the incense master, who is the incense master? Hurry up. Stand up and command.”

I robbed the dead, the young cow, Huan Nian, the core, the plaque, and the scorpion. Before he could finish a sentence, a silhouette suddenly appeared on the bow of the boat, and Robb instantly appeared in Zhang Xiangzhu’s room. In front of him, he raised his hand, and with a “peng” sound on his forehead, he shuddered again, then brushed the ground, returned to the bow, crossed Erlang’s legs and sat down, smiled and said: “You are also hit. My Dragon Subduing Eighteen Knocks.”

The incense master was stunned, screamed “Wow”, and instantly ran away without a trace.

Chapter 933 Don’t panic

Xiaoyi and Hui Xiao Lubeer on the dock

I saw Robb remain calm and composed while handling pressing affairs authentic: ” Don’t panic! The incense master is on his knees and there is still the flag owner, who is the flag owner? Come out and command the command.”

I only heard An Pa swearing and arrogant!

Robb said with a smile: “There’s no such thing, I made up a post, what is under the incense master?”

Everyone: “It’s the commander!”

Robb said: “I’m sorry, I don’t know much about your organizational structure, but I’m not ashamed to ask, I’ve figured it out now. Who is the commander? It’s your turn to command.”

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, this fuck, now who dares to admit that the Lord will run out to command, not afraid of being swiped by someone and flying in front of him, a dragon subduing eighteen knocked to death? The Hall Master and the incense master have already demonstrated just now…

No one spoke.

But seeing Robb’s eyes wandering in the crowd, he suddenly pointed at a person and said, “I think you look very much like the Lord.”

After he finished speaking, he flashed and appeared in the In front of the man, the ground knocked the man into a shudder, but neither the man nor the people around him had time to react.

The man was stunned, and suddenly cried out with a grievance: “I’m just a miscellaneous soldier, not a commander.” After he finished speaking, he also ran to the house: “I I have to hurry back and take one last look at my son.”

Robb’s eyes turned to another guy who looked like a businessman and said, “I think you are…”

Before he finished speaking, the man had already turned and started running, shouting, “I’m not, I really am not!”

But he had only run five steps, and Robb was already He floated behind him and slammed on his forehead.

No one can escape Robb’s knock!

The two or three hundred people on the pier are vulgar and vulgar. In a twinkling of an eye, the slag bridges on the wharf flickered: C ε«”xiaqieβ”œstupid mushroom servants shallowly crooked rubbish

Bu Ji β‘· γ‚£ Huan 抰 Shuo Xin Stretch Tong

Robb raised his middle finger at their backs: “A bunch of scum!”

He floated back to the boat again Sitting down on his head, he turned his head to look at the rabbit warrior named Luo Legmao, but saw that he was staring at Robb with his bunny eyes widened.

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