After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 672

Robb strangely said: “Why are you staring at me again?”

Robb said angrily: “You get rid of the thief’s head, that’s all, why are you killing people for no reason? What is the difference between killing innocent people and killing innocent people? I thought I was helping a group of ordinary merchants, but didn’t expect that I was helping a bad businessman, so I’m blind. Eyes! Now I’m going to fight with you, and I’ll give you a bright future.”

“hahahaha!” Robb said with a big smile: “Do you think you can beat me?”

“Hahahaha!” Robb said with a big smile p>

Luo Kui Mao said: “If you can’t beat it, you have to fight!”

Robb spread his hands: “Well, you are really different from those scumbags, you can at least be called one. The character for chivalry, although there is a stupid character in front of the character for chivalry. From now on, you should stop calling it ‘Fun Punching Nanshan Luo Kui Mao’, it is too ugly, so please change it to ‘Silly Xia’ Luo Kui Mao.”

Luo-leg furious: “I’m not joking with you, I’m going to fight with you.”

At this time, the two captains who can speak a few words of Great Tang finally understood. What the two were talking about, they hurried over and said with a smile: “Mister Luo, you misunderstood, Godfather will not kill people indiscriminately, he is famous for not like killing people, just knocking on those people’s skulls, it must be Just kidding them.”

Luo Kui Mao said: “Really?”

Robb laughed: “You think about it, I said I broke their Seven Classics. Eight meridians, but if a person’s seven meridians and eight meridians have been broken, can they still run home at a fast pace? They have already fallen to the ground! They were just frightened by my words, as long as they ran out of two streets, I’ll understand.”

Luo Legmao suddenly realized, well, it seems that Robb is not a bad person, so there is no need to fight him.

“Even if they understand it, they won’t dare to find fault, because they know that they can’t beat me, and they have to go to the expert.” Robb said with a smile: “We are leaving now. Come on, walk with us for a while before disembarking. If you disembark now, you will only be surrounded and killed by the awakened 18 BU Gang. Set sail and set sail!”

The two of you The captain ordered to set sail, Luo Kui Mao thought about it carefully, and knew that Robb was right. Now that he got off the ship dead end, although he was a little stupid, he couldn’t force courting death.

The three sailboats left the port and sailed towards the sea. The hard sailboats that had scattered just now are now reunited. In the back, they looked like they wanted to chase but didn’t dare to chase, and finally gave up. . His boat is smaller than the Western soft sailboat, and it doesn’t even have guns on it. It is definitely impossible to fight long-range battles. If he comes up to pick up the gang, as long as he can’t deal with Robb, then there is no chance of winning, so he should give up decisively.

Anyway, I’ll just have to find an expert, there are eighteen hidden dragons and crouching tigers, but the tigers and dragons didn’t come this time.

Fleet got to the sea, Luo Legmao sat opposite Robb, hugged him cup one fist in the other hand and said, “didn’t expect Your Excellency is actually an expert, you are looking down. Now, look at Haihan for the offense.”

Robb said with a smile: “You’re welcome, how is your injury?”

Luo’s leg fur lifts off his clothes Looking at it, the injury is not serious, but a large area of bruising. Robb didn’t even bother to use healing techniques, so the captain next to him gave him a bottle of primary level healing potion to drink, and the wound was completely recovered.

Luo Legmao said in surprise: “What a powerful golden medicine.”

“Okay, let’s get to the point.” Robb said: “Now you can tell me , about Xuanyuan Xuan Iron?”

“Since Your Excellency is an expert, then of course I can tell you.” Luo Kui Mao said: “It’s just that there are rumors in the rivers and lakes that they are fighting for this thing, All of them are experts, and some of them are experts among experts. You may not be able to get good results in the hands of those people. Listen to my advice. Money is something outside the body. For the sake of a little Divine Weapon material, there is no need to get involved in that kind of vortex.”

Robb was delighted: “You have such a skill, but you have such a heart, why bother.”

Luo Kumao’s old face was flushed, this was really heartbreaking, he sighed: “Forget it, since you have to know, I’ll tell you what I know… More than a year ago, in the sky suddenly There was a meteor shower. The scale of the meteor shower was huge. Several cities in the Central Plains witnessed this magnificent meteor shower at the same time. At that time, several meteors fell in the sky, and some stars burned in the midair and disappeared. disappeared without a trace, but one successfully landed.”

Chapter 934 The origin of Xuanyuan Xuan’s iron

Meteor shower, Robb was amused: “Is the Perseid meteor shower? ?”

But Luo Kui Mao didn’t know what Perseus was, he ignored Robb’s troubles and continued to speak: “If that star that successfully fell into the deep mountains and old forests, then That’s all, maybe it was picked up by who secretly, and there wouldn’t be a foul wind and bloody rain in the martial arts, but that star just happened to fall at the party of a Jianghu person.”

Robb was happy again. : “So there was a scramble?”

“Yes!” Luo Kui Mao said: “At that time, several big gangs were meeting in a mountain forest to discuss the agreement of dividing up the territory and each other’s inviolable territory. The conference was about to be negotiated, but suddenly a huge star fell from the sky and slammed into the middle of the place where they were negotiating. Then, someone shouted, “Heavenly Meteorite, it is said that Xuanyuan Sword is this thing.” Made by my son, after this cry, the melee started.”

Robb was overjoyed: “It’s fun.”

Luo Kui Mao said: “There are rumors in the rivers and lakes, the people who attended the meeting at that time. A few gangsters fought to the death on the spot, because the star shattered when it fell, and the large and small pieces of black iron rolled all over the floor, and the people from several big gangs Each grabbed a few pieces. I saw a lot of gangs about this incident, and the news could not be concealed. Various families and sects, various loose cultivators in the rivers and lakes all heard the news. Soon, those gangsters were wiped out by experts who came from all over the world. The black iron blocks they picked up were also divided up by the major sects, and then the major sects studied their own black iron while peeping at other people’s black iron, trying to grab a few more pieces back, and now the Central Plains martial arts is already bloody. . “

Robb burst out laughing and said, “Damn a bunch of mental retardation. “

Luo Legmao squinted at Robb: “You call them mentally retarded?” I see that you are also inquiring about Xuan Tie, don’t you want to snatch it too? when the time comes you too will be one of the mentally retarded. “

Robb: “Huh? You are so right, I am speechless. “

Luo Kui Mao said: “Listen to my advice, money is something outside the body, you don’t bring it with you in life, you don’t take it with you in death, don’t do those stupid things for this thing, put your limited time into Isn’t it more beautiful among the infinite chivalrous and righteousness? “

Robb said: “What I am doing is not to act like a chivalrous person, but to save the world and the people, I must find Xuanyuan Xuan iron.” “

Luo Kumao said: “The people in Upright Sect all talk like this. They all say that they are trying to save the common people, but God knows what they want to do.” “

Robb shrugs: “Well, I’m not arguing with you on this one.” The information you provided is very good. I think I already know it very well. If I want to find Xuanyuan Xuan iron next, I have to go to the most fierce place on the rivers and lakes, and I can see a group of people robbing stones, right? “

Luo Kui Mao said: “Yes! That’s how it is. ”

There is not much to say next, the captain continued to move northeast along the coastline, and encountered two 18 BU fleets along the way, but the scale was not large, and the other party was obviously still I didn’t call for an expert and didn’t dare to act rashly. I just glanced at Robb and their captain from a distance and withdrew.

On this day, fleet finally came to Boning Port!

The Port of Boning is the largest port city in the East in this era. It is magnificent in scale and has an extraordinary imposing manner. Robb can see a large sail in the distance. The port is densely packed, and all ships are large and small, with hard sails and soft sails. Sail. There are many Western ships, but more are Eastern ships. There are rabbits, ghosts, and foreigners on board.

Behind this large sail shadow, there is a prosperous and mighty city

The Xiangshan Port where Robb and the others arrived last time can only be regarded as a small seaside county town, while the Boning Port at this time is a real coastal city. You can even see a castle in the distance , The square-shaped city wall in the east is very beautiful. The port can only be regarded as an annex of the city’s periphery, and is not framed in the city wall at all.

A large number of rabbit soldiers in armor patrol the coast. , focus on checking the ghosts on the dock, those ghosts raised their hands and explained in half-baked Tang dialect: “We are not ghost bandits, we are serious ghost Human Race businessmen. “

The Rabbit Soldier shouted loudly: “Ghost bandits are in trouble. According to regulations, all ghost Human Race people must undergo strict scrutiny, otherwise they will not be allowed to enter the city.” ”

Those ghosts of the Human Race accepted the scrutiny obediently, and dared not be disrespectful to the soldiers of Great Tang.

When Robb and their boat approached, the rabbit soldiers also When they came over, these brightly armored rabbit soldiers looked very proud: “Western devils on the boat, come down and pay the tax. “

The two captains obeyed.

The rabbit soldiers here are obviously much better than the rabbit soldiers in Xiangshan Port. : “You foreign devils, you have to pay attention, don’t go to the same gang with the ghost bandits, I will kill those ghost bandits sooner or later, the East Rabbit Great Tang, if you know each other, then you should be good people, don’t learn from the ghost bandits. A messy thing. “

“Yes yes yes! “

After the two captains responded, they asked in a low voice, “Sir, are there rampant activities in the 18th divination here?” “

“Dare they? The Rabbit Soldier burst out laughing: “This is Port Boning, the important town of Imperial Court. The people of the 18th BU dare to mess around here and break their legs every minute.” “

The two captains turned to Luo Kui Mao: “It seems that you can disembark here and leave.” ”

Luo-leg hair hugged Robb and the two captains cup one fist in the other hand, and a rabbit’s hair was swept up by the sea breeze, but unfortunately he was a short-haired rabbit, and the rabbit’s hair was scattered. The picture is really not beautiful, he said to Robb: “The green hills will not change, the green water will flow, we’ll meet again some day. “

Robb also hugged cup one fist in the other hand: “In the future, don’t help others to get ahead, but consider your own strength before fighting the injustice.” “

“That won’t work. “Luo Zu Mao proudly said: “There is no question of whether the knight is strong in martial arts, only the question of whether there is a chivalrous spirit. “

Robb said with a smile: “Then you will die before you become a hero.” “

Luo Legmao: “Nonsense, I am a hero now, but I am not dead. “

Robb: “…”

Well, there are two kinds of heroes, martial arts heroes and spiritual heroes. He is just a performer, but in spirit, he is undoubtedly a hero, and at this point, Robb can’t spit out his groove.

Although chivalrous spirit is stupid, but But it is very important. If there is no such chivalrous person in this world, it will be a very terrifying thing, because the chivalrous behavior made after calculating the strength can only be called charity at best.

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