After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 674

Soon, they were swimming not far from the boat!

Hall Master couldn’t speak in the water, so he had to point to the bottom of the three big boats in front, and made a “climb up quietly” gesture.

A large group of water ghosts swam towards the bottom of the boat.

However, at this moment, the three ships suddenly moved at the same time and sailed towards the sea together.

The water ghosts are sweating profusely!

Someone turned to ask Hall Master what to do. However, the bottom of the water can’t speak, and there is no way to ask questions in words, and now it’s dark, and the seabed has no visibility at all, so it’s impossible to ask questions with gestures. Everyone was stunned, thinking: This situation can only be figured out by yourself, I guess Master Hall will let us catch up, so let’s chase.

A group of people swam desperately underwater, chasing three large sailboats.

If the galleons were running at full speed, the water ghosts would not be able to catch up by swimming anyway. Fortunately, the three galleons didn’t plan to run at full speed, but just slowly headed towards the sea. Therefore, it didn’t take long for the water ghosts of the 18th BU to catch up, reach out to touch the side of the ship, and put their heads out of the water to breathe. In a blink of an eye, countless heads appeared on the waterline of the three ships.

These water ghosts are amazing. With so many heads popping up, they didn’t make a sound. The sailors of the Gran Kingdom on the boat didn’t even know they were surrounded.

The water ghosts rejoiced in their hearts, the enemy was so arrogant, it seemed that it was not difficult at all to kill them.

At this time, the Protector and Hall Master also floated up. By the moonlight, Hall Master could finally command. He pointed to the side of the boat and then to the Protector. Although he didn’t say a word, But the subordinates understood, Hall Master meant, let the Guardian Elder come first, as long as he can kill the blond young man, everything else will be easy.

The Guardian Elder was about to get up in the air when he suddenly saw a youngster walking out from the deck of the front ship. He was the most feared number one target. He was with two little girls. , what the two captains were talking about.

I saw them chatting and chatting, the blond young man waved his hand suddenly, a purple door opened out of thin air on the sea in front of the boat, and the door was still spreading the purple light to the surrounding. Particles, no one can understand what the hell this is.

They don’t know, Robb is saying to the two captains at this time: “Don’t rush through the door, my door has a flaw, it can be opened anywhere here, but the other side of the door. On the one hand, it must be a church cemetery in a certain city, so if your boat goes through the door unprepared, it will run aground immediately, so let me carry you and go in.”

Part 1 Chapter 937 Cultivation Five Hundred Years of Seal Essence

The biggest inconvenience of Robb’s Transmission Gate is that the other side of the open door must lead to the cemetery, so it’s like this thing on a boat, of course, it can’t be worn directly, He must be allowed to carry the boat over, of course the two captains understood this truth, smiled and asked the crew to grab wherever they wanted, so as not to fall over when Godfather lifted the boat.

At this moment, a sailor ran over and said in a low voice, “Our ship seems to be being watched, and a bunch of heads appeared near the waterline. It’s too dark, I see. I don’t know, but it should be someone from the 18th BU.”

Robb said with a smile: “Don’t worry about them, I’m going to lift the boat over the Transmission Gate, if these 18th BU rabbits are interested , let’s just lift it up together.”

The sailors were happy, and the two captains and the little girl were also happy together.

Robb hehe gave a bad laugh and jumped into the ocean.

At this time, the water ghosts of the 18th BU were beginning to stir near the waterline of the ship’s side. They took out hooks one by one from their arms, put them on their hands, and then hooked the ship’s side to climb up. Climbing, wanting to get on the boat to kill. And the guardian Elder is still standing on the bottom of the water. He is an expert, so he can’t rush to take action. He has to wait for the scumbags to attack the boat first, and then he jumps out from the bottom of the water, so he looks cool hansome. Master Hall accompanied him next to him, looking like he was licking a dog, ah, no, he was licking a rabbit.

While the Guardian Elder was still mulling out his lines, suddenly, he heard a “wow” sound from the water above his head, it sounded like the sound of a person jumping into the water. Quickly look up.

At this time, it was already dark, and there was no light in the water, but the Elder cultivation base was deep, and the night vision was no problem. He clearly saw that the person who jumped into the water was the blond boy.

He couldn’t help but secretly rejoice: there’s a road to Heaven yet you don’t walk it, there’s no way to break in. How dare you jump into the water? I don’t know that all of our 18 BUs are top-level underwater players, and even experts from the major Sects in the Central Plains would not dare to compete with the 18 BUs in the water.

As soon as the thought came to this point, before he could make any pretentious actions, he saw the blond young man brush the ground and turned into a big seal.

Elder: “Fuck!”

The Hall Master next to him couldn’t help but say: “Damn! Where is the monster?”

Elder’s mind changed sharply, I thought to myself: How can a person become a seal? Is this… this thing is more than 500 years of seal essence, cultivated into a human form? Damn, five hundred years of the Great Demon, I can’t beat it. Monks and Taoists are good at catching monsters, and have magic weapons to restrain monsters, but I don’t have them. If I rely on my skills, can my cultivation base be better than the Great Demon of five hundred years? I’m afraid I still have to invite monks and Taoists to take action.

He was thinking about whether there was something or not, when he suddenly saw the seal swim under a large boat, support the bottom of the boat with its head, and then lift it up.

Then, the entire Western three-masted galleon was pushed out of the sea by it.

Elder: “Damn!”

Hall Master: “Oh my mother.”

I saw the seal floating on the sea, overhead Holding a boat, it looked as relaxed as an ordinary seal had put a ball on top of it. The western crew on the boat seemed to be very relaxed, as if there was no pear at all. They were still shouting and laughing in disbelief on the boat. It seems to be enjoying it.

However, the eighteen water ghosts who are climbing the boat with their hook claws don’t feel very funny.

They had just climbed off the waterline, and some climbed to the half-height position of the ship’s side. Suddenly, the whole ship was lifted out of the water, and some water ghosts were frightened and fell directly from the top, oh La la fell into the water, and some people with strong will and not easy to be frightened were still hanging out of the ship’s side, and now they were put on top of the seals with the whole ship.

Their bunny has a big “Mumbling” written on its face!

I don’t want to talk and tell the truth. Robb can’t understand the various expressions of rabbits, but only the expression of “ignorance”, all animals in the whole world can express it perfectly, and rabbits can also express themselves perfectly. No exception.

Robb laughed twice, like a monster, and jumped into the Transmission Gate with the big boat.

Those rabbits felt the magic light particles swirl and dance around, the entire world was splendid, and when they figured out the situation, they found themselves in a western-style seaport city, which is a very advanced , a developed seaport city, the buildings are built with things they can’t understand, it seems to be stone, but it is more beautiful than stone.

The dock of the port actually has a robotic arm to grab and transport the goods, and countless Westerners are bustlingly trading by the dock.

The water ghosts were completely stunned, and they already felt suspicious of rabbits.

Robb put the whole boat into the water next to the pier, and then said to the soldiers on duty on the pier: “Grab those rabbits hanging on the side of the boat.”

“Ah, it’s Godfather’s seal form! My subordinates obey!”

Robb swiped the ground and returned to the Transmission Gate (PS: I didn’t make it clear before, the Transmission Gate is similar to Diablo God, the Transmission Gate will disappear only after the past and come back. I hope you don’t care about the wrong place, thank you!), reopen the Transmission Gate, and send the other two ships one after another to the harbor city.

Many of the water ghosts in the daze were sent to the harbor city by him, and some jumped off the boat with quick reactions. Now they are all floating on the sea, and there is the elder, who is diving underwater. And Hall Master, they saw the empty sea now, not even the shadow of the ship, only one seal was clapping pa ta pa ta, the style of the painting was very strange.

The seal spoke: “I said, the rabbits of the 18th BU, you are almost there, be a human, oh, no, it is to be a rabbit, don’t be so fluffy, don’t be so troublesome for a little thing Others are entangled, I didn’t beat you to death, I already gave you face, it is only because you can help the people to resist ghosts to some extent, you will show mercy, don’t really piss me off, but I don’t have your good fruits to eat.”

Rabbits: “…”

Robb continued: “Also, you are also a great gang of Great Sects, there must be About the news about Xuanyuan Xuan Tie, come and come, tell me, is there any news about who is vying for Xuan Tie recently, or if there is a piece of Xuan Tie suitable for you to grab, let’s hear it.”

No one answered, everyone was stunned by Robb’s series of sleazy actions just now, and they couldn’t say anything.

Robb dived to the bottom of the water, grabbed Master Hall and dragged him out of the water. The seal’s palm slapped his face and asked again: “Answer. Question, don’t be in a daze.”

Chapter 938 Dare to destroy my magic weapon

Hall Master was slapped in the face by the seal hands, and the sound of the crackling was very clear, and the faces on both sides suddenly froze. It’s red, it looks like the little girl’s face in “mother hit me again”, of course, it’s a trivial matter to be beaten in the face, it’s a real thing to be beaten down, this fuck is good enough to be beaten by a seal Picked up and slapped, whoever changed their IQ would be beaten.

After Hall Master’s head was dizzy for a while, yelled: “I fought with you.”

“Fight you a ghost.” Robb pumped again, the bang was crisp, and Hall Master greeted After flying out, the body drew a white water mark on the water, which was quite beautiful.

However, after he slid back a dozen yards, his body suddenly stopped, it turned out that Robb caught up with him and picked him up again: “Okay, answer the question, where is it? Any news about Xuanyuan Xuan Iron?”

Hall Master yelled: “Elder, save me.”

He called, only to hear the sound of “gu lu” in the sea There was a muffled sound, as if some monster under the water raised its head up and separated the sea water. Robb looked down curiously, and it turned out to be a small turtle floating in the seabed. This thing should be a turtle carved from sandalwood. The body is only the size of a palm, and it is a standard sandalwood handicraft.

However, it is actually a magic weapon that has undergone refining, and it keeps getting bigger in the process of floating upwards.

When it floated from the seabed to the sea, it had turned into a big turtle with a length of more than ten meters and a width of seven or eight meters. It looked like a living creature with its head held high.

Robb: “Wow! Dongfang Fabao is really interesting.”

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