After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 675

Before he finished speaking, the big turtle opened its mouth and sprayed a jet of water at Robb “pu”.

The water column is aggressive and imposing in an extraordinary manner. Just by looking at the speed and power of the water column, you can know that this thing is not much more than the Water Arrow Technique in Western magic. It is as sharp as a gun, if it is shot by it For a moment, I am afraid that the warrior who did not open the shield wall will be killed on the spot.

Robb really doesn’t know the oriental cultivation Taoism, the reason is very simple, “Dark Blade” is a typical Japanese MMO game, which includes Western swords and magic, as well as Ancient Mulberry’s ninja , Servant, Onmyoji, Secret Magician, etc., but there are only those things in Chinese Xianxia, only one profession with a little Chinese style, called Warrior Monk, the skills of this profession are also mainly based on body refinement, and there is no Taoism. Magic and magic.

Therefore, Robb knows everything about Western swords and magic, as well as all the skills of the Ancient Mulberry system, except for Eastern Xianxia Taoism.

Robb has no way to estimate the formidable power of this water column, he can only infer from the strength of Black Dragon.

Everyone in this world is no match for the Black Dragon. No matter the east or the west, they are all ravaged by the Black Dragon. For example, the year Robb first came to this world, the Black Dragon attacked the Leifeng Pagoda. Killed countless rabbits, the rabbit monk Master Hai who guarded the tower seemed to be an expert, but he was also killed by Black Dragon. It can be seen that the power system of the oriental immortals in this world is not like those who have been cultivated for thousands of years in online novels. So powerful.

In terms of horizontal comparison, the experts in the cultivation system of the Great Tang of the East Rabbit in this world are only a bit stronger than the top adventurers in the West, and they are definitely not too strong, otherwise They won’t be bullied by Black Dragon either.

Inferring like this, Robb felt that he must be able to catch this water column, so he might as well try it with his face to see how painful it is.

He doesn’t dodge or evade, he eats hard!


The water column hit Robb. At this moment, Robb felt a completely different power system from what he felt before and hit him. , This power is different from Western magic, but it is very similar to Ancient Mulberry, that is, the “Water Alchemy” of Ghost Human Race. The kung fu of the Ghost Human Race originated from the Great Tang of the East Rabbit, and it is not surprising that the power system is similar.

Since Robb knows something about Human Race, the Taoism of Rabbit Country will certainly not be too difficult to handle.

He clearly saw a number “HP -2324” jumped above his head. This number was quite high, which surprised him. The magic weapon released by the Rabbit Guardian Elder bombed. His damage is much more painful than that of the angel who came out of the Light Church summon to cut him, which is equivalent to the formidable power of Sphinx’s skill about 1/4/2022.

“Wow! Great Tang of the East Rabbit is really powerful.” Robb couldn’t help clicking one’s tongue in wonder: “A broken gang can just send a guardian elder out, and he can beat me for more than 2,000. That is to say , true expert, you might hit tens of thousands if you hit me, it’s amazing my rabbit.”

Just after he sighed, the big tortoise rushed over and bit Robb’s in one bite. brain.

HP -3232

The picture of the big turtle biting a seal is really very happy, and the seal’s tail is still flapping in disbelief, flapping past, the picture is even more Looks good.

The Hall Master, who was carried by Robb just now, finally got free. He swam to the side and floated with a group of sailors who fell off the side of the ship and were not brought into the Transmission Gate. Looking at the picture of the big turtle biting Robb’s tumbling, I was quite nervous, and I couldn’t help but discuss spiritedly: “Can the Guardian Elder’s magic weapon ‘Southern Sea Divine Tortoise’ kill this seal spirit?”

“I can feel it, you see, Divine Tortoise has bit the seal’s head, and this seal should be dead.”

“Haha, look, Divine Tortoise is about to swallow the seal. Go down.”

I saw the big tortoise raised its head and swallowed Robb in its belly, the seal’s tail was still flapping, but it seemed to no avail. The big tortoise swallowed it.

The sailors of the 18th BU applauded loudly.

Someone shouted: “Elder is really amazing!”

“As expected of my eighteen divination guardian.”

“This tortoise magic weapon is really It’s awesome.”

They were having a good time, when they saw that the big turtle suddenly froze and stopped, and then, it shot out a ray of light, ka-cha sounded, and shattered. The seal that was swallowed by it just now jumped out alive, while the big tortoise was beaten to pieces.

Its body is a palm-sized sandalwood tortoise magic weapon. Once broken, it immediately begins to restore its original size. In a blink of an eye, it becomes a few pieces of broken wood floating on the sea, and It was still small pieces of wood the size of a palm.

The gang members who were still applauding just now were all stunned, their mouths wide open, and they couldn’t shout.

The Guardian Elder, who had been using True Qi to divide the water and stood at the bottom of the water, could no longer remain calm. He jumped out from the bottom of the water, stood on the water, pointed at Robb, and said angrily. : “Damn seal spirit, dare to destroy my magic weapon.”

Chapter 939 A seal spirit actually said this

Robb raised his head and said with a smile: “Blame me. Destroy your magic weapon? Why don’t you blame yourself for provoking others?”

The Elder said angrily: “You enter my 18th BU site without paying the protection fee, how dare you say we provoke you? Clearly It’s because you didn’t follow the rules first.”

Robb laughed out a “puchi”: “I paid taxes to Great Tang of the East Rabbit, and I follow the rules. If there is a rule to collect protection fees from an area, then I can’t control it.”

The Elder was furious: “Then don’t talk nonsense, just pay me with your life.”

He took out a small wooden fish from his arms, only palm-size, and threw it into the water, the fish also grew bigger, and instantly turned into a huge whale. The waves of water rushed towards Robb, and at the same time, he himself floated over on the water surface, with a long sword drawn in his hand, and aimed at Robb’s face and stabbed with a sword.

Oriental Sword Art, with agile changes, this sword has countless backstrokes, which makes people dazzled.

His attack this time is also the ability to take out the trump card. The magic weapon will attack together with himself. Generally speaking, if the enemy can block the magic weapon, he cannot block the Sword Art of his body. The Sword Art of his body is often unable to resist the magic weapon that comes from the water.

I don’t know how many experts lost their lives under this move.

However, Robb didn’t take this trick. He folded his palms to the middle and used the servant’s skill “Blade Retrieving”…

The Guardian Elder used his Sword against his sword. Art is quite confident. Seeing his opponent use a pair of seal palms to pick up the sword, he couldn’t help sneering in his heart. How inflexible are your seal palms, how dare you use them to clamp my sword. A dazzling sword flower, people can’t see clearly, I see how your inflexible seal palm can hold it.

As soon as he thought of this, he heard the sound of “Pa”, and the pair of fleshy seal palms actually clamped the Elder’s long sword accurately and firmly.

The Guardian Elder pulled back with all his strength, but he didn’t pull it out, his face full of astonishment.

At the same time, the fish magic weapon in the sea also arrived, opened its huge fish mouth, and bit Robb.

However, Robb’s seal’s tail “Pa” flicked on the fish’s mouth, and the fish immediately flew backwards, bringing a splash of water, and flew a long distance, when it fell into the water. With a bang, it turned into an ordinary slap-sized wooden fish.

The Guardian Elder: “…”

Hall Master and those little brigade stealing worms and crumbling corpses are gone!

The onlookers swam towards the shore with all their might, and the rabbits swam faster than the fish.

The Guardian Elder was also frightened and wanted to run, but the long sword in his hand was pulled backwards, but he couldn’t pull it out. He was firmly pinched by the palms of the two seals, so he quickly let go of the sword , beckoned to the sandalwood fish in the distance, the fish grew bigger again, swam to his side and turned into a big fish. The Guardian Elder put his toes on the back of the fish, and the fish turned and ran, swimming very fast, but they were just starting, and before they had time to accelerate, they were slapped on the back by Robb “Pa”.

Elder carried the Body Protection True Qi and planned to carry it hard, but unfortunately, there was a huge force on his back, so big that his Body Protection True Qi could not resist at all, he only felt the Body Protection True Qi. Protection True Qi was shattered in an instant, and then the back of the heart seemed to be hit by a heavy hammer. With a miserable snort, it threw forward and fell on the water. The crash-bang splashed all over the sky, and then it floated up and floated. Not moving on the water.

Robb plunged into the water. A second later, Hall Master, who was swimming desperately in front of him and trying to run, was also carried back by Robb and threw it next to the Guardian Elder.

The two villains floated on the water, looking at the seals in front of them, they only felt that Yali was big.

Robb said with a smile: “Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, I don’t kill people, let alone cannibalize people. Most of the bad guys who have offended me have been spared the death penalty, I just let them reform through labor, You too, don’t be afraid.”

The death penalty is a very bad method, it is the saddest and most helpless thing that human beings do when they are convinced that they cannot save a person’s character. , the most desperate choice, it means that people have lost the confidence to make this person rehabilitate, and must stop him from continuing to do evil by depriving him of his life.

Robb is not a last resort and won’t do it.

He patted the heads of the two of them, said with a smile: “Don’t cry and be sad, come, tell me where the Xuanyuan Xuan iron can be found, and I will let you go.”

Master Hall and the Elder shiver coldly dared not answer. After the two looked at each other, the Elder sighed, “I’m all about training, and I don’t care about the affairs of the rivers and lakes.”

Hall Master said: “I know some clues, but will you really let us go?”

Robb said with a smile: “I will, don’t worry!”

Hall Master then said: “Well, we have indeed received some news about Xuanyuan Xuan Iron recently. It is said that a piece of Xuanyuan Xuan Iron with a large head fell into the hands of a gang in Suzhou, Eastern Hangzhou. That gang is called Qiantangzong, it is the most powerful sect in Suzhou, East Hangzhou, and there are so many good players in it. Safety, whoever dares to snatch their black iron will inevitably lead to the death battle of the experts of the Qiantang Sect. Gangs with little strength really dare not go to their hands to snatch them. After weighing our interests, we decided to give up. This piece of black iron is not against Qiantang Zong. Because it is too much to lose.”

Robb said: “Wow! You are so wise, point me to a powerful sect and let me snatch the black iron. It was done by others, right?”

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