After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 677

Female Rabbit: “…”

The Female Rabbit said she didn’t want to talk to Robb, and threw away a beautiful white eye at him. It’s a pity that Robb can’t distinguish the appearance of the rabbit man, and he can’t tell whether the rabbit man in front of him is beautiful or ugly, and he simply does not understand the style.

carriage accelerated and ran towards Sudong Hangzhou. Although it was on the official road, the tires without rubber rings were still extremely bumpy.

The female rabbit sat on the bumpy carriage. As the carriage bumped up and down, she actually became stable as Mount Tai, especially her expression was calm, but Robb was different. He stopped and yelled: “Oh, it’s incredible, my ass is about to break into eight petals. Wow, Aiya…”

These chaotic calls made the female rabbit People didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, but sorry to spit his groove, after all, people are helping her too.

Two days later, Suzhou East Hangzhou is coming soon!

From the far northwest, you can already see the city of Suzhou, East Hangzhou, and the ancient East-style city wall, which made Robb feel intimacy. Once he saw these things with a strong oriental flavor, he would still feel a wave of moving in his heart.

While being moved, the galloping carriage suddenly started to slow down, and then the horse in front of him neighed and stopped suddenly, the whole carriage shrugged forward, Robb was holding the A piece of donkey roll “pu” slammed into his face and painted his face with a layer of brown.

“I’m Fake!” Robb angrily: “Why are you driving? Although the road is bumpy, this one is too bumpy?”

He As soon as he finished scolding, he heard the female rabbit next to him whisper: “Shh, be careful, there are enemies blocking the way, and there are many people. Foreigners, don’t go out in the car, don’t lose your life in vain, I’ll go out to see Look.”

After she finished this remark, she heard the driver stammered in front of her: “There are…there are…people from all corners of the world blocking the way…”

Robb Glancing at the female rabbit person next to me, I thought to myself: This female rabbit person is in the carriage and can’t see the outside world. She can only know the situation outside by hearing. It’s still very powerful. There’s no such thing as a skill system.

The woman lifted the car curtain and jumped out. Before she went out, she finally gave Robb a sentence: “Don’t come out, it’s very dangerous.”

However, her Robb didn’t listen to the advice. As soon as she got out of the car, Robb stuck his head out of the car window and looked out.

I saw a row of black clothed persons standing on the official road in front of them, all dressed in black, each with the word “pole” embroidered on their chest and back, looking mighty and domineering, However, their weapons are very miscellaneous, including swords, knives, and sticks.

Organizations like this with miscellaneous weapons but neat uniforms are usually not famous for lineage martial arts inheritance.

The female rabbit jumped out of the car and stood in front of the group of black clothed people, coldly snorted and said: “I thought I was any cat or dog running to do Highway Robbery’s deeds, and the result was The mob of Limitless Sect, if you recognize this Miss, get acquainted and leave soon, lest I ask you to leave.”

Robb thought: It turns out that these black clothed persons are the people of “Limitless Sect” , the embroidered characters on the clothes are also very easy to recognize.

A middle age person came out of the group of black clothed persons, and said to the female rabbit person: “Of course we recognize you, Suzhou East Hangzhou number one beauty, the famous Tietangzong expert, known by the Jianghu people. Shisu girl of Snowflake Ocean Wave Sword.”

Robb thought to himself: Wow, what a long title.

The one with the long title must be expert. The female rabbit was originally named Shisu. Of course, this is not the point. The point is that she is actually from the Qiantang Sect. Robb is coming to Suzhou, East Hangzhou this time. , just for the Xuanyuan Xuan iron in Qiantangzong’s hand, but didn’t expect to pick up a female rabbit on the road, and it was Qiantangzong’s. ah.

How can this be done?

Chapter 942 Snowflake Ocean Wave Sword

Xi Su saw that these Limitless Sect gang members recognized him, but did not mean to give way, and could not help but secretly startled: Not good! The strength of this Limitless Sect is lower than that of my Qiantang Sect, and they have never dared to provoke our Qiantang Sect before, especially since this is outside the city of Suzhou, East Hangzhou, near the helm of my Qiantang Sect, they should be more afraid of me here. , but now I look like I don’t give face, could it be that something has happened to the helm?

She was secretly vigilant in her heart, but she still looked proud and confident on the surface: “Since you know me, how dare you be so arrogant?”

“What’s wrong? Hahahaha! The middle age person headed by Limitless Sect laughed strangely: “In the past, you Qiantang Sect was awesome, and we couldn’t afford to offend, but now, hehehe… If you didn’t have the backing of sect, you would still think you were so amazing. Is it? It’s just an embroidered pillow, what kind of snowflakes and waves sword, that is a compliment from the people of the Jianghu who look at Qiantangzong’s face. But well, your face is really good-looking, you can still be the number one in Suzhou, East China, Hangzhou The title of beauty, get me to be a concubine or something, warm the quilt, and look like eighteen, it’s not bad, hahahaha.”

Another Limitless Sect humane said: “Hall Master, this Women seem to be very wild, so they may not be obedient and be your concubine.”

The middle age person said with a smile: “Fight first! Women, as long as they fight more, they will always be You will be obedient.”

“Impudent!” Shi Su was furious, only to hear a loud bang, the long sword hanging from her waist had been unsheathed, and then people followed the sword, a In an instant, it was in front of the people in the Limitless Sect, and the sword light turned on, cutting to the guy who had just made a rude remark.

Robb watched from the back and thought to himself: This sword is quite fast, but the formidable power is not good, compared to the 18th divination elder who you think you can kill me a few days ago It’s far worse, at most the level of that Hall Master.

The sword of Shisu was quickly blocked by the opponent. It turned out that the Hall Master of Limitless Sect, although he spoke foul language, knew in his heart that the “Snowflake Ocean Wave Sword” was not all waves. Despite her reputation, she still has a bit of ability, so while talking nonsense, she has long been on guard in her heart. As soon as Shisu made his move, the man pulled out a saber and held Shisu’s long sword with a slamming sound.

Then the two of them passed four or five moves in a blink of an eye.

Robb watched from the side and saw Shisu’s Sword Art was light and agile, with complicated changes. Sword Intent really felt a bit like an ocean wave. Layer upon layer, endless, like endless waves.

Limitless Sect That Hall Master’s Blade Technique is far behind, it seems to lack soul, far less than the Sword Art of picking up the elements, after the two have passed five or six strokes, Hall Master has fallen behind, hurry up He raised his voice and shouted, “What other drama are you watching? Take a knife and play together.”

The driver of the carriage was terrified when he saw this posture. Taking advantage of the cheerfulness of the people in front of him, he turned around and wanted to drive away. The people are fighting, let’s run away.”

Robb laughed and looked at the head: “I can’t go, you go first.” After that, he also lifted the curtain and jumped. go down.

The coachman didn’t dare to stay here any longer, so he quickly rode his horse to the south and headed back towards the port of Boning.

At this time, Shisu was surrounded by four Limitless Sects who were besieging her. In addition to the Limitless Sect Hall Master, there were also three experts, four people and four weapons, surrounding Shisu. She spun out a move, but Shi Su was one to four, and she still didn’t lose. It seems that her name of “Snowflake Ocean Wave Sword” really didn’t come out of it.

Robb tsk tsk compliments!

Several members of the Limitless Sect cast a glance at Robb, seeing his blonde hair, fair skin, and authentic foreign devil, they didn’t bother to pay attention to him. They also intend to join the battle circle besieging Shisu.

Robb suddenly opened the mouth and said: “Hey, it’s shameful for four people to hit a woman, okay, you still want to add people? Or, let’s talk about the rules of the world, or, talk about it. Man’s face.”

Those Limitless Sect gang members turned their heads and glared at Robb: “Golden Retriever, don’t meddle in your business, get away.”

Robb said: “I could have taken care of this matter in the first place, so I’ll just say something casually, but you told me to go away, like a threat to me, if I really don’t care now, wouldn’t it be equivalent to me being afraid of you? Threats? I’m not happy with that.”

Limitless Sect gang: “Damn it, act recklessly golden retriever, go to someone and do it.”

One The gang members walked towards Robb with a pair of nunchakus in their hands. As he forced Robb towards him, he waved the nunchakus, and threw them over and over…

Just ditched After three hits, Robb suddenly took out a short gun from his arms.


The gang fell to the sky…

“che, throw a nunchaku in front of me.” Robb said: “Although I really want to say that hesitating will lead to defeat, but that stalk is outdated, let’s speak some fashionable language.”

The loud noise he made when he fired the gun was frightening. She jumped at everyone, and for a while, many people looked towards this side, even Shisu and the four who besieged her couldn’t help but glance at this side, and saw that the foreigner knocked over with a fire gun. One of the gang members, the five of them immediately turned their heads and continued to fight, too lazy to look here.

The rest of the gang surrounded Robb angrily and indignantly.

“This foreigner used a firearm to bring down one of our brothers.”

“Damn, foreigners like to use these hidden weapons.”

” Kill this guy first and then go to help Hall Master.”

“Everyone, pay attention, when you see him raising his hand to aim, immediately use the movement method to dodge, this thing is not difficult to dodge.”

The man tone barely fell, Robb raised his hand and shot, boom, the guy who said to use the movement method to dodge just now fell down.

Actually, the moment he saw Robb raising his hand, he did dodge, and he really left the trajectory of the fire gun. However, the bullets fired by Robb enjoyed the rules of the game , is not a real rule. In the rules of the game, there is no ballistic problem with the bullet, but only the calculation of the hit rate. After the system calculates, it determines that it will hit the target, so no matter how the target flashes, it will hit. And if the system determines that it will not hit, he will stand in place without dodging, and the bullet will go around him.

The sad guy fell down, humming on the ground and couldn’t get up.

The gang members next to him were furious, and several people flipped their wrists and shot a hidden weapon at Robb.

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