After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 678

Robb left and right three times, twisted his neck, twisted his butt, danced down, and shot all the hidden weapons into the air.

Chapter 943 There is no Qiantangzong anymore

Dodging the hidden weapon, Robb raised his hand again and banged, and another gang fell down next to him.

Then dodged the two long knives that rushed over, and the fire guns banged in their hands, and two more gang members fell.

The gang members couldn’t help but be a little confused: “How can this person’s fire gun be able to fire continuously without reloading bullets?”

“Damn, the fire gun of the unfathomable mystery.”

“Damn, the fire gun of the unfathomable mystery.”


“Be careful, he’s going to shoot you…”


And another one fell.

After a blink of an eye, the dozen or so gang members next to him all fell to the ground, Robb shook the head, quite disappointed, these dozen or so gang members were all scumbags. How can I change the cape to invade Zheng Huang? Look at the swelling? Naihuo∴Invest in forgiveness

But if you think about it carefully, this world seems to belong to the low-level martial arts cultivation world, and the cultivation powers in the Internet Xianxia novels The gap between them is still quite large.

At this time, the other side of the battle circle is about to decide the winner.

Shi Su knocked down an opponent with one sword, leaving three people to besiege her.

The four people who dealt with her just now couldn’t get it right, and now there are only three left, of course they are not opponents. They retreated, leaving Master Hall and an expert. The two looked at each other and attacked at the same time. Taking advantage of the moment Shisu retreated, the two of them fluttered backward at the same time, using Lightweight Art movement method, a few ups and downs go a long way.

Shi Su wanted to chase, but gave up after thinking about it. He picked up a Limitless Sect gang that he had just brought down, and asked, “What happened in the city? My Qiantang Sect is now What’s the matter?”

The Limitless Sect helped the crowd, corner of the mouth flow blood, and chuckled: “Qiantang Sect… there is no… Qiantang Sect…”

“You What did you say?” Shi Su was shocked: “Speak clearly.”

The gang crooked their necks and fainted.

In a hurry, Shi Su shook the shoulders of the gang.

Robb walked over: “It’s useless if you shake him, it’s already very close to Suzhou, East Hangzhou, hurry up and take a look, it’s better than grabbing a small bug here. Phew!

“Ah, yes! Shi Su jumped up and was about to run into the city when she pulled her legs out. She suddenly thought of something. She turned around and gave a big gift to Robb cup one fist in the other hand: “I was in a hurry just now. I forgot to thank you for your help today. When I go back to deal with the affairs of Qiantang Sect, I will repay your great kindness. Please give me your name, and I will definitely come back and thank you personally. “

Robb said with a smile: “Small things! In addition, it is not necessary to say that I want to separate, I also want to go to Qiantangzong, and I have to continue to accompany you. “

As soon as these words came out, Shi Su couldn’t help but be nervous for a second: “You also came to beat me Qiantang Zong Xuanyuan Xuan’s iron idea?” “

Robb said: “Ming people don’t speak secretly, I did come to find Xuanyuan Xuan iron, but I am more particular about things, usually I don’t shoot directly, and I will reason with my opponent.” , bid, after friendly negotiation, reached an agreement, and then got what I want from the opponent. ”

Shi Su took a deep look at Robb, and then looked at the Limitless Sect gang on the ground. If you don’t see it, you don’t know, but at first glance, everyone who was knocked down by Robb didn’t die. She was just injured and rolled on the ground. She couldn’t help but be a little surprised. This person hit people with a fire gun, but he was able to control the proportions, and he didn’t kill anyone. From this point of view, he was indeed a more compassionate person. If it is placed in the Great Tang martial arts, it must belong to the Upright Sect category.

Thinking about this, I think this person must be reasonable.

Upright Sect also looks for Xuanyuan Xuan iron is iron, but his methods are indeed gentler, and he won’t kill people like the evil sect. Maybe, it’s not impossible to communicate with this person. Besides, she saw that Robb’s defeats were all small fish, and she thought: Fire guns are only good for To be able to deal with this kind of trash, a true expert is unlikely to be hit by a fire gun. For example, I am impossible.

Thinking about this, I feel that Robb is not worth fearing.

She turned around and left: “I want to go back to Qiantangzong now, if you are interested, come with me, but I can tell you with certainty that no matter what price you pay, my Qiantangzong is also unlikely to transfer Xuanyuan Xuan iron. Here you go, you should give up on this idea. “

Robb added: “If Qiantang Zong is still around.” “

These words clearly stinged Shi Su, her body trembled for a moment, then she forced herself to be calm and ran towards Sudong Hangzhou City, Robb shrugged her shoulders, followed her while following her. Running, while asking: “You came back to protect Xuan Tie? “

Xi Su nodded: “Two months ago, I went out to deal with some affairs, because I was in the mountains and forests, and I temporarily lost contact with sect. I didn’t go down the mountain until ten days ago, and I received an order from the Sect Master at the contact point, asking all Disciples to return to the sect to protect Xuantie, so I hurried back…”

Robb thought to himself: Look It was a step too late.

Not long after, the two arrived at the foot of the city of Suzhou, East Hangzhou. However, there were a lot of people at the city gate, and it looked noisy.

As soon as the two of them squeezed into the crowd, they heard someone beside them saying, “Oh, so many people died. “

“These Jianghu gangs have no idea what to do. When they say they fight in groups, they fight in groups, and when they say they kill people, they kill people. Many people died in the riverside area. “

“This makes us ordinary good people, how can we live? “

“I hope the government will take good care of these guys.” ”

When Shisu heard this, the complexity greatly changed, and Robb basically guessed what happened.

Through the crowd, Shisu ran towards the riverside in the east of the city The famous Qiantang Sect was built on the edge of a large river in the city. The name here is Qiantang River. It is the largest river in the city of Hangzhou in eastern Jiangsu. At this time, the riverside was also full of people, and the surrounding area was full of officials. They were pulling up the hemp rope to surround a large house. There were many people watching the lively outside the hemp rope. I went into the big mansion to watch the fun.

You can smell the bloody smell from a distance!

She hurried to the mansion and wanted to go in. The catcher named Six Gates stopped her and reached out to block her.

Xi Su said, “I am from the Qiantang Sect, and I want to go in. “

Chau Kuai heard what she said and shrugged: “Is it the family of the deceased?” Then you can go in with me to take a look and recognize the body, but you have to be careful not to destroy the murder scene. In a while, other high-level arresters will also come to check the scene and investigate the clues. Don’t destroy it. Clues, let us six-door people embarrassed. “

After finishing speaking, Hu Kuai turned around and led the way, and led Shi Su in.

Robb opened a stealth, followed behind Hu Kuai and Shi Su, and swaggered away. Go in.

Chapter 944 I won’t forcefully grab it

Shuangqing’s climate is really pleasant, hahaha

Add one more update for the pleasant climate

Qiantangzong’s mansion is full of dead people, many dead people.

The walls are full of marks of slashing with swords, and there are holes blown up by the Thunderfire Bomb, and a house has collapsed Halfway through, there is a big hole in the roof tile, which looks like it was smashed out by a magic weapon.

As soon as Shi Su walked in, she burst into tears: “Junior Brother Liu…”

A rabbit man on the ground was cut in half by someone, and he couldn’t die any longer. It seems that this is the Junior Brother Liu she said.

Chu Kuai recorded calmly beside him The identity of this corpse.

Xi Su walked towards the house, and then… Next, it was time for sadness. Since my father-in-law hates writing sadness the most, he adopts fast-forward mode.

“Ah, master, you died so miserably. “

“Ah, mistress, you died so miserably.” “

“Ah, Senior Brother, you died so miserably.” “

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