After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 679

Fast forward! From this comparison sentence, there is a deep, miserable breath, do you feel it?

Shi Su cried into tears.

Zhu Kuai next to him was recording with a unemotional face. Human beings are like this. Deaths that have nothing to do with themselves can always be faced calmly.

Robb stealth was nearby, lightly sighed, he didn’t like seeing dead people! Especially dead people in one place.

Chau Kuai waited for Shi Su to cry for a while, and after calming down, he asked, “Are you finished crying? Now think about it carefully, what kind of enemies do you have in Qiantang Sect, why are you extinguish sects? , take a closer look at the scene, and see if there are any secret words left by your sect, which can provide us with some clues to Six Doors, which will help solve the case as soon as possible.”

Xi Su absentmindedly “Hmmm “With a sigh, I didn’t think much about the look of catching fast.

Zhu Kuai added next to him: “I know you people in the world like to have revenge and revenge, but I have to remind you that killing people for revenge is also against the law! Please! Leave this matter to us Six Doors to handle, the sky net is wide and sloppy, and Six Doors will definitely give justice to the deceased.”

Xi Su wiped her tears and quickly caught the person behind. She didn’t listen to what Skynet said, but the first half of the sentence made her sober a little bit. Now she really should take a closer look to see if sect has left any clues and secret words for herself, which will become an important part of her revenge. clue.

She carefully examined everything around her, and suddenly, her eyes lit up, she stopped beside the master’s body, and while the catcher was recording something on the paper, she used one foot. He wiped it on the ground without a trace, as if he had wiped some characters, passwords and the like.

Robb’s heart moved slightly when he saw her small action: Oh, it’s interesting! It seems that this female rabbit person has found something, but she didn’t want to be seen by the catcher next to her, so she quietly wiped it off like this. It seems that this female rabbit person is still full of experience in the arena. However, she could not have imagined that there would be someone standing invisibly next to her, this small gesture only avoided the arrest, but could not hide from Robb.

After she wiped the characters on the ground, she continued to pretend to look for clues elsewhere, but Luo Xi could see that she was obviously absent-minded and just pretended to be looking.

“Have you found anything?” After recording it on the paper for a while, Zhu Kuai looked up and asked.

Shook the head: “Nothing was found.”

Robb was beside him.

“If you don’t find anything, don’t stay at the crime scene.” Zhu Kuai said: “Don’t go far for now, just stay in the city. If there is any problem when we solve the case, we will summon you. .”

Xi Su complied and walked out of the mansion.

Robb took a step back to the periphery, released stealth at a place behind the street corner that no one could see, and then walked out slowly, just happened to meet Shi Su walking out of the crime scene, arresting fast He was still waving at her from a distance: “Remember not to go too far, and accept the summons at any time.”

“My condolences and change!” Robb said a standard comforting word casually.

Shi Su looked up and glanced at him: “You haven’t left yet?”

Robb said with a smile: “Don’t forget that I’m also here for Xuanyuan Xuan Tie, Now that this kind of thing has happened to Qiantang Sect, how can I go? Of course I have to investigate the whereabouts of this stone.”

Shiso’s expression must be very exciting now, but Robb can’t understand the expression of the rabbit man , so it doesn’t matter. She said in a low voice: “My sect was destroyed, and Xuanyuan Xuan Tie was taken by the enemy. Now I don’t know who took it. You want to know the clues of Xuanyuan Xuan Tie, it is useless to follow me. , you should ask the arresters, maybe they can find out something.”

“Oh, yes?” Robb said: “I don’t think so, I think, It will be better if I follow you.”

As soon as these words came out, a flash of rays of light flashed in Shisu’s rabbit eyes, the kind of rays of light that were so vigilant that they wanted to draw their swords and slash people. However, after all, she is not that kind of vicious sect person, Qiantang Sect is more inclined to a decent name, so she forcibly suppressed her urge to draw a sword and cut people, and said in a low voice: “Why do you see it?”

Robb said: “I’m making two assumptions now. Suppose one, the enemy kills all the people in your sector and then robs Xuanyuan Xuan iron, then you will definitely go after the real murderer, I As long as you follow you, you will be able to help me find the murderer, and naturally you will be able to find Xuan Tie from the murderer, which is much less labor-intensive than finding it myself, who is unfamiliar with me. Assumption 2, although the enemy has killed all your same sect, but did not find Xuan Tie, then the only clue is in you, as long as I follow you, I can still find Xuan Tie.”

Xu Su: “…”

She wanted to draw the sword just now because she thought that Robb knew that she had got a clue, but now listening to Robb’s analysis, she gave up the idea of drawing the sword. It seemed that this person was just relying on an unreliable speculation.

Relaxed a little, she said solemnly: “Boring guy! As you mean, if I get the black iron, are you going to kill me to snatch it? hmph! Don’t think you are That fire cannon is effective for me, and that thing is good for dealing with the dangers of Xiao Luo, school’s meteorological risks, and the quality assurance of flattery, flattery, and epilepsy. The haggard and gray bed is embeded in Mo Qiong frequency, Mu Ring, the emperor, and the four emperors!

Robb said: “Miss Shi, you are mistaken, I didn’t intend to be hard. Rob, I am a very principled person. I will never steal other people’s things. Even if the opponent is not a good person, I will conduct full consultation and friendly exchanges with the opponent, and make sure that everyone is profitable. Trading and robbing things are too inconsistent with the values of the new era. ”

Chapter 945: Jianghu is coldly snorted

Although she doesn’t believe Robb’s words very much, she often travels along the coast and has heard of Western devils. Some things, it is said that Western devils are particularly fond of doing business, and anything can be used to negotiate deals and contracts, which is barely worthy of what Robb is saying now.

Of course, this is also not true. It’s not that she believed Robb, it’s just that she didn’t take the western devil’s firearm seriously. In the eyes of experts, the firearm is really just a decoration, and no one wants to hit it.

To her, Robb is just a passerby who has carried her on the road, and she is not too bad.

There is no need for her to turn her face with Robb, said solemnly: “You better hurry up and stop following me. “

Robb said with a smile: “Not only do I want to, but I also want to make a deal with you.” “


Robb said: “After thinking about it, you know that you are in danger now.” Just now you entered Qiantangzong’s mansion and walked around. I don’t know how many people saw it. There are a lot of smart people in this world, and there should be a lot of people who think like what I just said. Everyone will think that following you can find Xuan Tie, or in other words, you can get news related to Xuan Tie, be careful. Maybe they will hide in the dark and watch you, but if they have a tougher style, they may jump out and attack you, arrest you, and then press them. The effect is the same as following you. “

Robb continued: “So, I want to make a deal with you, I will protect your safety, you take me to find the black iron, and then we will discuss how to divide this black iron, you See how? “

Shi Su’s brows furrowed deeply, her long bunny ears suddenly stood up and turned around, obviously listening. After a few seconds, she said with a sneer: “Alarmist, who is staring at me except you? hmph! I don’t have to deal with you at all. “

After saying this, she slammed her heels on the ground for a while, and her whole body suddenly flew up lightly, and she jumped to the roof next to her with a swipe of the ground, and then rose and fell again, and reached a long distance. On the other roof, her voice came from the wind: “Golden Retriever, hurry back to your country, don’t mess around here again, just rely on your fire gun, you won’t be able to mess with our East Rabbit Great. Tang’s rivers and lakes…”

The voice has gone far, and by the last syllable, the person is already a mile away.

Robb spread his hands: “I don’t want to trade. ? Whoops! I knew that people in Rabbit Country had the same awkward personality as me, and it was really hard to deal with. ”

He hooked the head, then turned on the reconnaissance technique, and looked at the element from a distance more than a mile away, she no longer used Lightweight Art at this time, but turned around, Looking behind her, she found that Robb hadn’t followed, so she snorted disdainfully.

Then, she looked all around vigilantly, got into an alley, and got out from the back of the alley At the time, she had changed into coarse clothes and a turban on her head, looking like an ordinary peasant girl, and then she got into the crowd, mixed in, and walked out of the city.

Robb watched her performance the whole time, hooked the head, and followed.

Shiso walked along the Qiantang River all the way out of the city, passed through the water gate of Suzhou and Hangzhou, and continued to walk out of the city.

Pedestrians outside the city are relatively rare, and it is actually difficult to track them, but Robb is not afraid. He can use stealth tracking, and he can also use Druid skills to become seals to dive and track in the Qiantang River. The adult owl is tracking in the sky. With any of these methods, Shisu will not be able to find him.

Following, Robb suddenly finds that another group of people is following behind, these people are obviously A group, walking together, it seems that there are many experts among them, one with high temples, one with dive poise and sagelike features, and one dressed as an elegant scholar, these three types are all It is easy to be “expert”. As for those who wear strong clothes, they are all scumbags, so don’t pay attention to them.

Of course, the interesting person in this group of people is actually a person wearing fast-catching clothes , it was the arrester who brought Shisu in to check the clues at the murder scene of Qiantangzong not long ago.

Robb was still strange at the time, but the arrester casually let Shisu enter the murder scene, The management is not too loose, and only now did I realize that they deliberately let Shisu go in.

Robb is now a mile away, that is, about 500 yards away, following Shisu, this group of people They are still five-six hundred yards behind Robb, far away from Shisu, and I don’t know how they can guarantee not to follow G.

I couldn’t help but want to study them, and I found out after a closer look. , In the sky above Shisu’s head, at a height of several thousand yards, there is actually a small white paper crane, flying gracefully, always following Shisu. It is very small, and it is flying at an altitude of several thousand yards, if you don’t pay attention I can’t see it at all, it seems to be the magic weapon released by the group of people.

Robb can’t help but secretly rejoice: The immortal art of my East Rabbit Great Tang is really interesting.

Three Just dial someone like this one af He walked ter the other, and he didn’t know how long he had walked, when the front pilgrim stopped.

She suddenly began to look around vigilantly. Robb was not afraid of driving stealth, and even deliberately walked slowly towards her, while the group of people who followed far behind were still two miles away. Besides, when they saw the paper crane in the sky suddenly stopped moving, they knew that Shisu had stopped, and the entire group immediately stood still.

Shi Su looked around and didn’t see anything. He listened carefully, but couldn’t hear any sound. He felt relieved and squatted down on a pebble pile by the Qiantang River.

Robb got close and observed carefully, and saw that she had cut open a lot of pebbles, and there was actually a small crypt below, she reached into the crypt and pulled it, then pulled her hand back. , I took out a package that was neither too big nor too small.

This package is the size of a human head, with an irregular oval shape.

Robb didn’t even need to look inside to guess that it was Xuanyuan Xuan iron. This time I understand, Qiantang Zong did not put the Xuanyuan Xuan iron in the sect at first, but buried it quietly by the river outside the city, and before the Sect Master died, he used the sect The secret words inside were written on the ground.

What Shisu erased at the time should be a code word to record the location of this thing.

However, she thought that this little action had deceived the catch, in fact, the catch was pretending to record things, but in fact, she had been secretly paying attention to the action of picking up the elements. I saw it clearly, perfectly clear, so the catcher also informed people to follow.

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