After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 680

Robb can’t help but spread his hands: Jianghu! Really intriguing! It seems that Shisu’s experience in the rivers and lakes is still a little tender.

Chapter 946 Let’s make a deal

Jianghu is a place where individuals can eat people!

Experienced people can eat tender new dishes.

Shi Su held the package containing Xuanyuan Xuan iron and couldn’t help crying: “Master, Mistress, now the Qiantang Sect is gone, only me, a solitary soul, unbound ghost, is left with a piece I don’t know. How can I use the black iron, how can I avenge your blood and hate for you? How can I help you realize your unfulfilled ideals.”

As soon as she finished crying, a person suddenly appeared before the meeting, The shock was no small thing, and he didn’t even see who was coming.

The man took a step back, avoided the sword edge, and said with a smile: “Don’t do it, girl, it’s me.” Robb, but she felt relieved after seeing it clearly. She nervously held the long sword in her hand: “How did you follow? I clearly saw that no one was following.”

“Girl, you have experience in rivers and lakes. It’s still a little too dive.” Robb said with a smile: “There are so many ways to track, it’s really not too easy to keep up with you.” Dare to move a little, she slowly carried the cloth bag in her left hand to her back, moving slowly because her attention was all on Robb. The most important thing in preventing fire cannon attacks is to observe the opponent’s movements. You can’t miss every small detail. Once the enemy wants to raise his hand, he must immediately avoid it.

She said solemnly: “I admit that your stalking skills are excellent, if you want black iron, just do it. But don’t blame me for not reminding you, although I am an Upright Sect Disciple, I don’t kill people easily. It hurts people, but if you rob me of something, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

Robb laughed and shook the head: “Don’t be nervous, I already told you not to rob, I only do business , I just want to talk to you about buying this piece of black iron.”

Xi Su’s bunny face was obviously distorted, it must have made a disdainful expression, It’s a pity that the rabbit’s expression is really incomprehensible. She said solemnly: “You should know that this is a priceless treasure, not money that can be measured.”

“If money cannot be measured, what about life?” Robb said: “Don’t Blame me for not reminding you, besides me, there is a group of people following you, and they are coming soon. According to my analysis, their battle strength is about ten times higher than yours, more than your Master and the same sect All the senior and junior brothers together are taller, so they can destroy Qiantangzong, now they are going to kill you and grab Xuantie, if you don’t want to die, give me Xuantie, and I will guarantee you It’s safe.”

When Shi Su heard this, her heart was tight, but she glanced left and right, and quickly turned her ears to listen again. The long rabbit ears have excellent hearing, so just listen to it. About a mile away, the footsteps of a group of people were rushing towards him.

She heart startled, quickly resorted to Lightweight Art movement method, and ran in the opposite direction of the person coming, simply no longer paid attention to Robb.

Robb followed along angrily: “Hey, I said you’re a very unremarkable woman, why did you turn around and run away? I kindly told you that someone came, even if you don’t talk to me about business, at least , at least, you should thank me.”

While running, Shi Su turned her head and said, “I was negligent just now, thank you for your reminder, but I have to escape as soon as possible now, I don’t have time. Let me tell you more, I will remind you of friendship today, and it will be repaid in the future.”

Robb: “…”

After finishing speaking, Shi Su picked up her speed a little bit and sent her The cultivation base refers to the extreme, as if the wind is blowing under her feet, she can slide forward a few meters in the air with a touch of the ground, and her movements are fluttering. In addition, she has a good figure, and the chivalrous clothes she wears are also good-looking, if not long With a rabbit head, this picture should be extremely beautiful.

Robb had no choice but to sigh next to her: “It’s a pity that this rabbit head.”

When Shi Su heard his voice, she looked back and found that Robb was actually running behind her. , heart startled, I have already brought the “sea breeze footwork” to the extreme, and the current speed can be said to be as fast as the strong wind, how can this Western ghost keep up with me? What the hell is his speed?

Robb smiled at her: “Are you surprised? I use Western magic called ‘Wind’s Rush’.”

Xu Su: “There is such a thing in the Western world? “

Robb said with a smile: “There are many good things in the West, you must not have the kind of ‘celestial kingdom, vast territory and abundant resources, invincible in the whole world, no one “I’m better than me”, if you have this kind of thinking, you will easily be overtaken by the alien race, overtaken, and then left far behind. In the end, you will be pushed to the ground and beaten violently, and you will not be able to lift your head for hundreds of years. “

Xi Su: “I’m running for my life now, I don’t have time to talk nonsense with you.”

“Then don’t talk.” Robb said with a smile: “You just said this A few words, the speed is 2.5% slower than True Qi, tsk tsk, but, even if you don’t slow down, you still won’t be as fast as the person chasing after you. Based on the current relative speed, I estimate that you will have 3 minutes to do so. I was caught up.”

Shi Su can’t understand what three minutes is, because Oriental clocks are not yet popular, and they don’t know how to use minutes and seconds to time things. Most people use “one column” “Incense time”, or “a hot tea time” to time, it is messy and has no standard at all.

She pricked up her long ears and listened. Sure enough, the pursuers behind her were already quite close. Turning her head to look, she could already see the silhouettes of the fastest runners.

Shi Su couldn’t help but panic a little, she didn’t have to brainstorm to guess that the chasing soldiers behind were the enemies who killed the Qiantang Sect. These people’s cultivation base must be higher than that of the Master, and they are absolutely absolute. Impossible is their opponent, and now they are eyeing, most of them are nine deaths and still alive.

Thinking of this, she couldn’t help but panic.

At this time, Robb spoke again from the side: “It’s too late to decide, as long as you give me the stone, I will protect your safety.”

Xi Su ill- humoredly said: “A fool won’t accept this condition. I just throw the stone back and give it to them, and I can still save my life. Why do I have to give it to you?”

Robb said with a smile: “If it is impossible, they will kill you even if they get the stone, because after killing you, they can keep the secret that the stone fell into their hands. Xuanyuan Xuan’s iron is too precious, and whoever gets it will attract siege. , I’m afraid they won’t be able to withstand a more powerful sect. Therefore, you must kill you in order to be at ease, whether you hand over the stone or not, you will die.”

Shi Su’s face changed color…

Robb said with a smile: “sect, the treasure that you desperately guarded, you are reluctant to give up, I can understand, but if you die, what’s the use of keeping this stone? Why don’t you give it to me and let me use it in a more worthy place, don’t you think?”

Chapter 947 Maybe, this thing can kill Black Dragon

Oh, Chongqing is so cool that I don’t even want to think of a reason.

Adding a new update for the coolness

Shi Su gritted his teeth: “I can only give it to you, I will give it to you. I would rather die than protect this stone. It is the treasure that my Qiantang Sect is determined to obtain, and I will never give it to anyone. Whoever wants this stone can only take it from my corpse. No…”

She didn’t finish her sentence when she saw Robb swaying, and for some reason he came to her back, took off the cloth bag on her back, and held it in his hand, And then swayed again, to a far away place.

Xi Su: “…”

Robb said with a smile: “Don’t panic, I don’t rob people, I’ll give them back to you.”

Said After finishing, he shook his body and hung the cloth bag back on Shi Su.

Xu Su: “…”

Robb said: “I have the ability to take this stone from your living hand, but I will not do it. If you are stronger than others, if you grab other people’s things unscrupulously, then your soul will rot, and no amount of treasure will save you, that’s not the person I want to be.”

Xi Su took a bite. The lower lip said: “I know, the stone in my hand was also snatched by the master and the mistress. It came from a wrong way. If you really have the ability to snat it away, I have nothing to say…”

Robb said with a smile: “A robber can just rob a robber? No, this is a fallacy. I can’t be a robber just because someone else is a robber. I haven’t gotten to the point where anyone is willing to fall for it. This stone may have come from the wrong way, but I got it from the right way.”

When the two of them said this, Shi Su already felt a little ashamed.

Because of her speech, her feet have become slower and slower, and the chasing skills behind her are much deeper than hers, and they are already faster than her. After two minutes, Shi Su felt the silhouette flickering in front of him, and an old man with dive poise and sagelike features stood in front of him.

Then, there were silhouettes on the left and right sides. Divine poise and sagelike features, elegant scholars, and high temples, these three people surrounded her and Robb at the core. As for the wear strength Pretending to be those scumbags, they are still desperately running towards this side in the distance.

The old man of divide poise and sagelike features coldly snorted and said: “You are a clever girl, you actually found us, I would like to ask, we are clearly following two miles away, How did you find us?”

Xie Su bit her lower lip: “I didn’t find you, it was the foreigner next to me who found you.”

She After saying this, the dive poise and sagelike features, the elegant scholar, and the temples are raised together, looking towards Robb, with an unimaginable expression on his face: “Golden Retriever?”

Robb waved at them : “Master Rabbit!”

A sentence of Master Rabbit immediately angered all the people around, but they thought it was because Robb didn’t understand the culture of Dongtu Great Tang. Now, the most important thing is to get Xuanyuan Xuan iron from Shisu, and they are really not in the mood to tangle with a crooked nut.

A group of people ignored Robb and turned to Shisu.

The old man of divide poise and sagelike features said: “Snowflake Ocean Wave Sword, Shisu girl, right?”

Shiso bit her lower lip: “Exactly!”


The old man is an expert and authentic: “As smart as you, after thinking about it, you know who we are now.”

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