After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 681

Shi Su gritted her teeth and said, “The people who killed my Qiantang Sect are you, right?” After speaking, she fixed her eyes fiercely on the catcher who had just arrived, and said angrily: “The shameless monster actually also serves as the Imperial Court eagle dog.”

The fast catcher: “Imperial Court eagle dog? I’m just undercover in the Imperial Court, so it’s very convenient, what do you know, little girl?”

Before he finished speaking, Shi Su suddenly floated over and stabbed him in the throat with a sword.

This sword has been gaining momentum for a long time, and it came very fast. It turned out that after Shisu analyzed the few people surrounding him, he felt that this capture was the best to bully, and the one with the lowest skill, so , As soon as you make a move, you will first attack the enemy’s weakness. If you can solve one person, at least you won’t lose.

For one, it is a draw, and for two, you can earn one.

However, although the catcher was startled, he didn’t get hit. In his busy schedule, he pulled out an iron ruler from his waist and sealed it in front of him with a clanging sound. Shisu’s sword, followed by a counterattack, forced Shisu to dodge backwards.

With just one move, it is obvious that Shisu is not his opponent, but this catcher is the weakest of the four powerful enemies.

Chau Kuai sneered: “overestimate one’s capabilities, your Master, Mistress, and Senior Brothers have all been killed by us. With your jack of all trades, what’s the point? ?I advise you to wipe your neck with a sword, lest we catch you alive and let you know what life is better than death…tsk tsk…The taste of number one beauty in Suzhou, East Hangzhou, I don’t mind tasting it. “

Shi Su anger!

“That!” Robb raised his hand suddenly and said, “Excuse me, what exactly is her beauty? Forgive my clumsiness, no matter how I look, I can’t see any difference between a rabbit head and a rabbit head. “

Chu Kuai and Shi Su glanced at Robb at the same time, and then complained together: “You Westerners don’t all look the same, you can’t tell the difference at all.”

Robb: “…”

“I said can I grasp the point.” The old man of divide poise and sagelike features said angrily: “Ignore the golden retriever, get the Xuanyuan Xuan iron first. “

“Ah, yes, Xuanyuan Xuan iron.” Zhu Kuai wanted to shoot Shi Su.

Robb opened the mouth again and said: “Wait a minute, how can you ignore me? I still have business with Shi girl.” He said to Shi Suyu earnestly: “Look, you are in danger now, and you may be killed by them at any time. In this case, are you still unwilling to trade with me? As long as you give me Xuan Tie, I will guarantee your safety. It’s a good deal. .”

Shi Su Nu: “I can die, but Xuan Tie is impossible to give to anyone, don’t mention this deal again.”

Robb strangely said: “Wow Oh, why are you so persistent.”

The old man of divide poise and sagelike features suddenly sneered: “The same words as your damn Master, I asked him to reveal the location where the black iron was hidden. , just spare him not to die, didn’t expect that he would rather die than hand it over, you Qiantang Sect really have the backbone.”

“I know why they are so tough.” The scholarly scholar smiled. Get up: “I heard that when Black Dragon attacked Leifeng Pagoda eight years ago, the old Sect Master of Qiantang Sect happened to be in Leifeng Pagoda. As we all know, when Black Dragon attacked, Leifeng Pagoda was knocked down and guarded the tower. The law Master Hai died in battle, and the old Sect Master of Qiantangzong died there inexplicably. I heard that Qiantangzong has been seeking to kill Black Dragon and avenge the old Sect Master since then. The method, this Xuanyuan Xuan iron, is said to be used to make Xuanyuan Sword, and the legendary Xuanyuan Sword can kill all demons and ghosts, maybe it can kill Black Dragon?”

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Chapter 948 This thing has taken my magic weapon

“Huh?” Robb couldn’t help but hesitated after hearing this.

The elegant scholar continued: “However, Qiantang Sect is really too overestimate one’s capabilities. With your weak strength, what’s the use even if you make Xuanyuan Sword? You can kill Black. Dragon? The result is not only dead end, look at now, the Black Dragon has not been killed, but the sect has been destroyed, tsk tsk.”

Xi Su angered: “We Qiantang Sect are not greedy for life and fear death, Dealing with Black Dragon is not just revenge for the old Sect Master. Black Dragon’s monster is a disaster for the common people, and there must be a hero who can write swords and fix the country to deal with it. Even if my Qiantang Sect is not strong enough, as long as I can find one Those who have the ability are also willing to give Xuanyuan Xuan iron hands, but I know that the hero is definitely not you guys who kill people and steal money.”


Elegant The scholar took out a folding fan from his arms and threw it away with a swipe: “Only those of you who call yourself the Upright Sect will go to the Black Dragon, we don’t care about that crap, it will attack the city when it wants to attack the city. Well, our gang leader isn’t going to be in the city anyway, hahaha.”

“Well, I have something to say.” Robb raised his hand again.

However, as soon as he opened his mouth, everyone in front of him turned to him at the same time and said, “Don’t talk to foreigners, it’s embarrassing to hear you speak Tang language.”

Robb: ” …”

Several people surrounded Shi Su together.

Robb raised his hand again: “Although you don’t want me to talk, I’m going to talk.”

“Damn retard.” The guy with the bulging temples Finally, I couldn’t bear it anymore. With a wave of my hand, a copper coin was shot towards Robb. It was taken from Robb’s heart. The copper coin flew very fast and contained great power. It reached Robb in almost an instant. In front of the chest, the edge of the copper coin is still very sharp, obviously it is not an ordinary copper coin, but a copper coin dart.

The man didn’t bother to look at Robb again after he shot the copper dart. He just thought that Robb was dead and turned around and continued to walk towards Shisu.

The temples are bulging high and the heart startled: “Huh? You foreign devil, you can actually pick up hidden weapons?”

“Yes.” Robb said solemnly: “Don’t you know? ? This is a special skill of the ‘props’ profession, called ‘throwing object capture’, when the enemy uses a hidden weapon to throw at me, I can take it back and put it into my prop bag, This is a good way to get rare items in the late game. Let me tell you, there are many bosses who will throw rare items, as long as they are successfully received, they can make a fortune.”

The temple is high. Angry: “Say something messy and incomprehensible, but I want to see how well you can answer.”

both of his hands Lian Yang, money darts, shua~ shua~ shua ~ , in an instant, everywhere all is copper coins flying and slapped at Robb. However, Robb stood still and didn’t move, because “throwing object catch” is a continuous effect skill, as long as it is activated , in 30 seconds, he can take all hidden weapons without any more operations.

As a result, everyone saw that Robb was standing still, not even moving a finger, but those money darts automatically flew to Robb’s palm, and in a blink of an eye he was in the palm of his hand. Stacked in a pile, piled neat and tidy.

Robb is still counting: “One, two, three…wa ha ha…twenty-five! Thank you, Lord Rabbit, for giving me a small fortune.”

Everyone was stunned and a little confused.

The old man with the dive poise and sagelike features angrily said: “Second child, what are you doing? You deliberately threw money darts into his hands?”

The temples were bulging high Said: “I’m not, I don’t!”

divine poise and sagelike features said: “But he stood still and your darts flew into his hands automatically, it wasn’t your intention, I didn’t do it at all I don’t believe it.”

The temples were bulging and couldn’t help sweating profusely: “This…it’s not me.”

The expressions of several people became serious, and the eyes looking towards Robb changed. It became fierce, dive poise and sagelike features opened the mouth and said: “Zhu Kuai, the girl is handed over to you, she is not good enough, you can take care of him alone, let’s see what tricks this foreign devil has. “

After finishing speaking, the three people, dive poise and sagelike features, elegant scholar, and temples bulging high, formed a character shape in an instant, enclosing Robb in the middle.

divine poise and sagelike features said: “It seems that we have taken a wrong look, you foreign devil not only has a fluent Tang language, but also understands the Immortal Spell Technique of my East Rabbit Great Tang, which I used just now. What kind of Taoism?”

Robb laughed: “I’ve said it all, I use the skills of a proponent, but you don’t believe it, or if you don’t understand, then don’t blame me, I can Didn’t lie at all.”

divine poise and sagelike features winked, the guy with the bulging temples waved his hand, and another copper coin flew out, but this time, the copper coin didn’t It didn’t shoot at Robb like an ordinary money dart, but hovered in front of him, swiping the ground and getting bigger, becoming the size of a gong.

This thing is actually a magic weapon!

He stretched out his hand and pointed at Robb, and said, “Ji!”

The magic treasure copper coins swiped the ground and divided into copper coins all over the sky, scattered into the sky at once, and then swirled and danced, as if It was raining like flowers all over the sky, and it rained down on Robb.

He doesn’t believe in the unfathomable mystery that he can take a hidden weapon and turn it into his own prop. The other party must have used some strange spell to receive the copper dart just now, but now he is sacrificing If you have the magic weapon, I don’t believe that you can still receive it. This pile of copper coins that are countless in the sky is thrown down and see what you pick up.

However, just as he thought of this, he saw the countless rain of copper coins flying towards Robb’s palm, flying and flying, until the last one also flew into his palm. Brush the underground fuse together and change back to the original magic treasure copper coin.

Robb picked up the copper coin, smiled hehe and blew it in front of his lips with a sound of “Zheng”, and then he pretended to put the copper coin to his ear and listened, said with a smile: “I don’t know why. Many people like to play like this and listen to it when they get copper coins. I followed suit, but I didn’t feel the meaning of doing it. You are good at playing copper coins, and you must know why. “

The man with the bulging temples was stunned, and then said miserably: “This guy has collected my magic weapon, eldest brother, Third Brother, try to find a way to get my magic weapon back.”

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Chapter 949 I hate seals the most

Robb this time Sao operation, really shocked the other party.

The guy with his temples bulging high is the best at playing hidden weapon among them. He is also famous for his money darts, especially his trump card magic weapon copper coins. Money was flying all over the sky, and several experts of Qiantang Sect died under his move, and they didn’t even have the strength to fight back.

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