After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 682

Who would have thought that it would be ineffective to deal with a Western ghost now, and even the magic weapon was taken away.

divine poise and sagelike features and the elegant scholar could not help but secretly vigilant, and the two people next to Shisu and Hukuai also opened their mouths in surprise, especially Shisu, who took the carriage with Robb all the way to Su East Hangzhou, seeing this crooked nut eating snacks on the carriage non-stop, looking lazy, it really doesn’t look like an expert. A few days ago, I dealt with the guards of the Limitless Sect, the arrogant, the crows, the falcons, the springs, and the dazzling emperors. /p>

Chu Kuai and Shi Su were going to start, but now they stopped and all looked at Robb.

Robb is laughing hehe authentically: “There are other things like copper coins, silver, gold, etc., just throw them at you, I don’t mind too much money.”

“I’ll smash you.” The temples bulged high and took two steps back, hiding behind the dive poise and sagelike features and the elegant scholar. This guy is only good at hidden weapons. After finding that the hidden weapons are ineffective against Robb, he shrank decisively. , it can be regarded as a sense of time.

The elegant scholar came to the front, swiped the ground, threw off a dismantling fan, and fanned it pretentiously: “Your Excellency seems to have a lot of experience with hidden weapons, but you actually accepted my second brother. The magic weapon, now come down and ask your Excellency for a lesson or two.”

Robb ill-humoredly said: “Can we not pretend like this when we talk? While fanning the fan and saying these pretending to be gentle words, it looks very funny. Embarrassing, this is the wuxia novel coercion method of the 1970s, and it is outdated now, okay?”

The elegant scholar: “…”

He waved his right hand The folding fan was pointed at Robb with a swipe. This was fast and fast. It was in front of Robb’s face plate in an instant. It was only when he got closer that he could see that his fan was actually an iron fan bone, not an ordinary paper fan.

Robb turned sideways, dodging the fan with ease.

The elegant scholar laughed on his side, and his left palm quietly patted Robb’s waist and abdomen from below. It turned out that the fan in his right hand was just a false move, and the left palm was the real killer move. Know how many people were injured under the sneak attack of his left palm.

However, as soon as this palm was handed out, Robb had already discovered that his “agility” was too high to break through the sky. For him, the movements of the overwhelming majority of the world were all It’s slow motion, and sneak attack Robb in slow motion is a joke.

Robb grabbed the front, also waved his palm from below, hit the ground, and met the elegant scholar.

The elegant scholar was taken aback by his reaction speed, but when he saw him coming to meet his palm, he felt proud again, thinking to himself: My cultivation is the red blood poisonous palm, and anyone can I will be poisoned when I touch the palm of my hand. The old Sect Head mother-in-law of Qiantang Sect was poisoned to death because of the palm of my hand, and you are courting death again? Then don’t blame me for being rude.

He mobilized his poisonous palm skills and poured the poison into Robb’s palm.

The two palms collided, and although they made a “peng” sound, the force of the collision was not great. The elegant scholar felt that his palm force was like throwing a stone and see it sink without trace in the sea, disappeared without a trace, and I don’t know what method the other party used to avoid all his palm force, and even the effect of poison art didn’t seem to be passed on.

The most irritating person was that he also felt that Robb had stuffed something into his hand after he slapped him.

The elegant scholar looked down and saw that Robb had put a money dart in his palm.

He was stunned and didn’t know what Robb meant. Suddenly feeling that Robb squeezed his palm and slammed it in the middle, the elegant scholar’s palm couldn’t help but clenched into a fist, and tightly squeezed the money dart.

Although the money dart is in the shape of a copper coin, it is sharpened all around, like a blade.

The elegant scholar’s hand was forced to pinch up, and his palm was immediately cut by the blade around the money dart, cutting into the flesh of the palm, he started, and quickly wanted to release his fist, but Robb squeezed tightly. Holding his hand, the force was so terrifying that the scholar’s fist could not be loosened at all, he could only squeeze it tighter and tighter, and the money dart penetrated deeper and deeper into the flesh.

He felt the pain that the meridians of his palm were cut off by the money darts, and he couldn’t help screaming: “Let… let me go…”

Robb said with a smile: “Okay, I’ll let it go!”

As soon as he let go, the elegant scholar finally had to let go of himself, and quickly let go. Unexpectedly, as soon as he let go, he felt that Robb had taken his other one. The folding fan in his hand shoved the fan into his dart-holding hand, and at the same time moved the money dart into his other palm, and squeezed it again.

Then the elegant scholar felt the pain of the money dart cutting into the other palm again.

He couldn’t help but complexion greatly changed, his opponent was so fast, how could he do so many things in just a split second? His speed was completely out of play. speaking of which, what about Body Protection True Qi? Why didn’t my Body Protection True Qi protect this guy’s hand?

Robb gently pushed him back, pushing him back a few steps, standing behind the person with divide poise and sagelike features, said with a smile: “A person who likes to use poison to harm people. Dude, it’s really boring.”

The elegant scholar looked down at his cut palms and groaned: “Boss, I’m seriously injured.”

Everyone in the field I was startled again. Although the action just now was written on paper as a long paragraph, in reality it was just a flick of a finger. For them, it was just the kung fu of seeing a flash. He returned with bloody palms, his defeat was so fast and so thorough that it was unimaginable.

“Good, you blond!” Divine poise and sagelike features suddenly remembered something: “Recently, there are rumors in the rivers and lakes that a seal spirit with a cultivation of more than 500 years came ashore and turned into a blond foreigner. It looks like you have defeated the guardian Elder of the 18th divination. Could it be that you are talking about you?”

Robb: “You are the seal spirit, and your whole family is a seal spirit. Let me tell you, I hate it the most. The only ones are the seals. They usually dive in the group and never come out. Once he goes out for a trip or eats some delicious food, he will come out to bask in the water. This kind of seal will be dragged to humanity and destroyed.”

The more he spoke, the more righteous indignation he became, a look of hating iron for not becoming steel, beating his chest and stomping his feet.

divine poise and sagelike features said with an embarrassed expression: “Foreign devils, you don’t need to put on such rich expressions, we can’t understand Western expressions.”

Robb : “Damn, it’s obviously the expression of a rabbit that makes people incomprehensible.”

Chapter 950 Anyway, let me take a look

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divine poise and sagelike features protect the elegant scholar and temples high behind him, and said loudly: “We admit that we were too much to Your Excellency just now. It’s too rude, now let’s have a good talk, Your Excellency is here, is it to fight for Xuanyuan Xuan’s money, or for something else? If it’s something else, then we’ll accompany you, let’s stop there , you can still be friends. If your Excellency is also here for Xuanyuan Xuan, then we can also discuss how to divide it.”

Robb shook the head: “Who wants to be friends with murderers? Killing the whole family of Qiantang Sect with one shot is too hot, ruthless and maddening. Although I have always been soft-hearted and don’t like killing people, but when I meet the most vicious villains, I also want to be harsh, so we have nothing to do. I can only hope that you will be a good person in the next life.”

This is a statement of position, dive poise and sagelike features know that there is nothing to talk about, and show one’s ferocious appearance on the face, but The Rabbit Man didn’t seem like a rabbit when he was fierce. He slapped his hand on the scabbard, and a long sword flew out of the scabbard.

divine poise and sagelike features With the sword in hand and a pose, it looks like he’s about to put a big move…

At this moment, Robb suddenly stepped forward One step, touch, punch on the chest of the dive poise and sagelike features. With another flash of body, the elegant scholar and temples bulged high, and they also punched at the same time.

After the fight, Robb clapped his hands and walked towards Shisu, never looking at the three people behind him again.

The three of them were dumbfounded. When they were punched by Robb, they were really startled, thinking that they had eaten this fist don’t die also seriously injured, but after Robb was punched , they found out that nothing happened to them, and they didn’t even hurt their oily skin. But Robb had already turned around and walked towards the vegan, and was a little confused about the situation.

divine poise and sagelike features couldn’t help but say angrily: “What did you do?”

Robb took the standard Big Dipper Divine Fist pose and hummed. : “You’re dead!”

“Bullshit! We’re alive and well.”

Robb: “You might as well look over your head.”

Smell Yan, the three of them looked up at the top of their heads together, and it was strange that there was actually a number beating on the top of their heads, 5…4…3…2…

Robb said, “I hit one of you just now. Fist, the name is Mi Kong Quan, the effect is to add a ‘death announcement’ to you, and when the time is up, you will die.”

“Fart!”divine poise and sagelike features The number on the top had jumped to zero, and he suddenly froze, unable to utter the swearing words, he fell to the ground with a thud and died.

The elegant scholar and the temple raised their fists for half a second, so the time for the two of them was also half a second late. The two saw that the boss was wearing an immortal art and Taoism was useless. I was beaten to death by someone like this, I couldn’t help being stunned, and then looked up at the number above my head, and saw that it just jumped to zero…

The two groaned miserably, fell to the ground, and died. .

No one knows how much inner struggle they experienced during the half-second of their death.

The chasing Kuai on the opposite side, as well as the Jinzhuang Xiaoli, who just arrived, and the thieves who play the Huangbei, the squatting, the slats, the blinds, the windows, the sheaths, and the Bacuochuo’s provoked Xiaoyao.辀そ#Zaipa is comparable to Anmudu and calls M.Bens.

Although the kung fu of catching fast is a little higher than that of picking up elements, but because of the huge shock and fear of Robb, in a short while He didn’t react until Shisu’s sword was in front of him, and he was shocked, but it was too late, and Shisu chopped off his head with one sword.

Those who pretended to be young and under the jurisdiction of the scorpion, the panna, and the scorpion, won the award following the sakura and scorpion group. Huo Qiao You Luβ’‰locust ダ 砘 curtain

After the enemy was cleaned up, Robb turned to Shisu: “Pick up girl…”

He just said hello, and he didn’t have time to say the back Shi Su became nervous, swiped the ground and raised her sword to protect her in front of her, but she immediately felt that her actions were stupid, this foreigner was so powerful that she could easily kill three experts who had destroyed the sect in one second. What’s the use of resisting? No matter how much you resist, people can kill themselves with one finger.

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