After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 685

Xi Su: “…”

Robb said: “By the way, I have to remind you, you’d better wear special clothes, or embroider your name and hang special accessories. , let me recognize you at a glance, otherwise, as soon as I turn my head, I might mistake you for those brothersl girls.”

Xi Su Nu: “I’m also Su Dong Hangzhou anyway. number one beauty, how can those dusty women compare to me.”

Robb said: “I didn’t compare you to them, because even if I did, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Oh… by the way, there is a little difference, you seem to be a long-haired rabbit, and there are several short-haired rabbits in the group over there. I can still distinguish long-hair and short-hair, and I can distinguish the color, By the way, I can also tell the difference between a rabbit with erect ears and a rabbit with ears removed.”

Shiso: “…”

Shiso almost overturned the table…


However, before she had time to lift the table, she suddenly saw Robb lift the table first, and the stone table placed at the door of the house was lifted up by Robb and blocked in front of Shisu, only to hear “Dudu” Tuk tuk” There was a dense sound, and the stone table did not know how many hidden weapons were blocked.

Pick up your heart startled and draw your sword quickly.

When she pulled out her sword, she realized that Robb was already not in place. He appeared ten meters away in an instant and grabbed the shoulder of an old fisherman who was passing by. The fisherman slapped Robb’s face with a backhand, but the next second, Robb grabbed his face and threw him to the ground with a bang.

If it were an ordinary old man, he would have broken his bones with this fall, but the old fisherman was fine after taking this fall. He turned over and a carp jumped up and kicked Robb back.

Robb fluttered backwards, dodging this kick, and couldn’t help but let out a “Yi”, he was afraid that he was too strong and would kill the old man, so he only used a tiny bit of it in his hands Strength, but this strength is enough to make a person at the level of Shisu unable to get up for a long time, but didn’t expect that the old fisherman would be fine after a fall, and he could even jump up and fight back.

“Your skill is a bit deep!” Robb said with a smile: “body protection True Qi is so strong.”

The old fisherman also said with a sneer: “Five hundred years. The seal essence of my saviour is indeed a bit of cultivation. I didn’t check it for a while, and I was actually dropped by you, but with your strength, it’s really impossible to break my body protection…”

He didn’t finish a sentence, Robb used a little force and punched the ground, knocking the old man out.

The old man flew back far, far away, at least a hundred meters away, no body protection True Qi could protect him, oh la la fell into the Qiantang River, no He floated up by himself, but was carried out of the water by Hall Master of the 18th BU, placed it on the shore, and asked, “Master Yang, what are you going to do with this person?” Robb said. : “If you don’t deal with it, throw it away! This man is plotting against Shi Su, which means that he is here to grab the ore. This kind of slag will fly, and I’m too lazy to deal with him. What I’m waiting for is that I have ore in my hand, come to me. The troublesome person is not the kind of person who comes to grab the ore.”

Hall Master said: “Then I picked him up for nothing.”

After finishing speaking, the Hall Master waved his hand and said again. Throwing the old fisherman into the river.

However, the old fisherman did not sink into the water, but swam freestyle oh la la oh la la, and swam far and wide in a blink of an eye.

Robb waved at his back and laughed: “Did you just pretend to be dead? People from the rivers and lakes, it’s really interesting.”

The old fisherman turned around, angrily roared: “The seal Don’t be arrogant, the old man will come back again.”

Robb said: “When you come back, I will cut off your hands and feet and cut them into adult sticks. I am a seal spirit, and I am inhuman.”

The old fisherman trembled all over and was taken aback. Now he didn’t dare to say nonsense anymore. He swam desperately and disappeared across the Qiantang River in a blink of an eye.

In the past few days, people who acted recklessly often ran out, and without exception they were sneak attack. Sometimes they would act like this in front of Robb, sometimes They would also take advantage of Robb to bask in the sun at the front door and Shisu to do it alone in the backyard, but no matter what they did, it was useless, as long as they did, they would definitely be caught and beaten by Robb and thrown into the river.

Xi Su faintly sighed: “I was saved by you again, you are right, if it wasn’t for you by my side, I would have died seven or eight times in the past few days.”


Robb said with a smile: “So now you realize that I am a virtuous and capable person?”

Xi Su bit her lower lip: “It remains to be seen.”

Chapter 954 Rabbit people were originally people

This night, dark and windy night.

Robb is taking a bath. Qiantangzong’s mansion is very empty now. There is a big wooden bucket in the yard to take a bath, which is quite comfortable.

Shi Su turned her back to him, sat under the eaves not far away, and said a little ill-humoredly: “I really don’t know where you come from being so particular, every day all you have to take a shower, so I prepare This big bucket of water has to go back and forth to the well several times, luckily you will use the Three Smells True Fire to heat the bucket, otherwise I would have to run the kitchen to boil the water.”

It turns out, Robb the past few days everyday all clamored to take a shower.

In the oriental tradition, of course, the host should try to satisfy the request of the guest, and it is impossible for the guest to do it by himself, so he had to do it himself, fetched water from the well, and put it on. A bucket full.

On the very first day, Shisu planned to go to the kitchen to boil hot water, but as soon as Robb raised his hand, a fire magic made all the water in the bucket warm, which made Shisu Su Da startled, and then helped Robb come up with a reason, and made up the Three Smells True Fire, and it made sense.

The heating step is omitted, but the step of fetching water is still full of tiring people. Shisu has to work between the well and the big wooden barrel for a long time for this big bucket of bath water, and even ask the guests to do it by themselves. .

So she can only complain: “Cleanliness! What’s wrong! People who walk in the rivers and lakes will not die if they don’t take a bath for a day!”

Robb laughed heartily, too lazy to explain, we modern people , and is a southerner, taking a bath every day is a routine operation, if you don’t like taking a bath, you will be complained, you bunny knows a fart.

“I’m coming out.” Robb said: “You continue to sit with your back to me, don’t turn around and peek at me.”

Xi Su Nu: “I’m not interested in peeking at a foreign devil, but you, don’t play hooligans in this kind of place. Our eastern girls are not as casual as your western women.”

Robb laughed: “I would not be right. Don’t be so wary of being a hooligan with a bunny man, we are of different races, no one looks down on the other, you don’t have to treat me as a man, and I don’t treat you as a woman, so that’s the end of it?”

“Cut!” Shisu coldly snorted: “It’s not necessarily the case that the race is different, and my rabbit family is not at first or a rabbit head. Before ancient times, we, like you, had a human head. “

“Huh?” Robb was slightly surprised: “Then why is it like this now?”

Xie Su said solemnly: “Chiyou’s curse!”

Robb is even more curious: “What? What is the curse?”

Xi Su whispered: “Ancient Times, our bunny people have the same brains as yours. Under the rule of , he lived a very happy and ordinary life, until one day, a man named Chi You suddenly rebelled and led 81 Barbarian Race rebellions.”

Robb: “Wow!”

Robb has heard this story.

Xi Su said: “Chiyou rebelled against Early-Stage, and at one time almost succeeded. But then Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan got Xuanyuan Xuan iron, used Three Smells True Fire to forge Xuanyuan Divine Sword, beheaded Chiyou, The rebellion was quelled.”

Robb said: “I think I know the story so far.”

Xi Su said: “You may not know about it later, Chiyou is dying. Before, a perverted curse was placed, and he cursed all the descendants of Yan and Huang to turn into rabbits.”

Robb: “Wow, so there is a whole rabbit-headed man from Great Tang? “

Shiso nodded: “That’s right!”

Robb strangely said: “Then you are very sad now, very sad, do you really want to become a human again?”

Shi Su imitated Robb’s usual appearance and spread out her hands: “That’s the matter of Ancient Times. After the people were turned into rabbit heads, maybe they wanted to become human again, but it has been five thousand years. , I have been a rabbit head since I was born, and I am used to seeing rabbit heads, but it doesn’t matter if I change back to a human being, anyway, I am a beautiful woman in a rabbit head anyway, so what can change?”

Robb: “…”

There is something I want to vomit, but I don’t know where to start.

Robb was embarrassed for a few seconds before he said: “You might be more beautiful if you change back to a human head?”

Xi Su said: “No one can tell what happened, If you become ugly and can’t get married, are you responsible?”

Robb spread his hands: “I will never be responsible for ugly girls.”

“Cut! Men!”

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