After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 686

Robb slowly crawled out of the bucket.

Shiso turned her back to the wooden barrel, didn’t peek, and didn’t run away. After all, she was a son of the rivers and lakes. She was more generous than an ordinary oriental woman. After sitting, the man was afraid that he would have escaped from several courtyards long ago when he took a bath.

She swung back with her backhand, and a clean cloth flew towards Robb, which was for Robb to wipe his body.

Robb caught the cloth and said with a smile: “You throw this cloth really accurately, it flew straight to my hand, you must have peeked, or how could you throw it with your back to me? Accurate?”

Xi Su ill-humoredly said: “I’m called a voice-auditor, it’s the foundation of the foundation, okay? Do I need to turn my head to see where you are?”


Robb said: “You can tell by listening to the sound, then you can tell my body shape by listening to it with your ears. What’s the difference between this and peeking? I protest!”

Xixu : “You crazy person, can’t you be a little expert? You are so good at your skills and your cultivation base is so high, you should have a little expert chivalrous demeanor? Why are you always talking nonsense?”

“Whoever stipulated that an expert must have a style? Let me tell you now, an expert must have my style. Anyone who does not meet my style is not worthy of being called an expert. If you don’t believe it, let those experts come and talk to them. I’ll play a dozen to see who is taller. If none of them are taller than me, it proves that my demeanor is the expert demeanor.”

“This…” Shisu was speechless.

As soon as the two of them said this, the silhouette of the fence suddenly swayed, and someone threw two weird black balls over, both of which came towards Robb.

Robb stretched out his hand to pick it up, but Shisu turned around and cried out in surprise: “This is the Thunderfire Bomb of Thunder Hall, you can’t pick it up hard.”

However, it took too long to say a word, and before she finished her sentence, two Thunderfire Bombs had already flown in front of Robb. Robb reached out and received both black balls in the palm of his hand.

And then…

β€œbang! bang!”

The two Thunderfire Bombs exploded together. The formidable power of the explosion is really not small. Robb is standing The place was immediately surrounded by fire, billowing black smoke, the bath tub was also blown up, and the water in it flowed all over the place.

Shi Su was shocked, and before she had time to see Robb’s life and death, a black clothed person fell in front of her, stood in front of her and said with a sneer: “Girl Shi, you My bodyguard is finished, please hand over the Xuanyuan Xuan iron in your hand.”

Chapter 955 Come on, come on

Xi Su inwardly startled in one’s heart, those two thunderbolts just now With Thunderfire Bomb’s really strong formidable power, most of the golden retrievers are dead. Even if they don’t die, they will definitely be seriously injured. Thinking of this, I feel a little sad. Although this golden retriever is full of talk nonsense, he really doesn’t look like a bad guy, and he has saved himself many times. He is dressed in a cultivation base with a proven mystery, but he still died under the conspiracy of the scumbags. Thinking about it, I feel indignant.

Her rabbit eyes are a little red, but they are already very red, so they can’t see it very much when they are red, and said sadly: “You villain, what a vicious method.”


The black clothed person laughed heartily: “Vicious? Incompetent and furious speech! That guy lacked vigilance, relied on his skill and courage, dared to pick up any hidden weapon, and was killed by the explosion. It deserves it.”

“I fought with you.” Picking up the long sword in a flash.

black clothed person also took out a stick.

Then at this moment, the two of them heard someone say in their ears at the same time: “Did you make a mistake? Throwing such a broken bomb thought it would kill me? Do you think I have it? too weak?”

The moment the voice sounded, the black clothed person was startled, jumped backwards, opened a long distance in an instant, and stuck to the fence of the yard , but Shi Su was overjoyed, turned around and saw Robb standing beside him naked.

She called “Ah”, and her bunny ears draped over her eyes: “Why don’t you wear clothes?”

Robb ill-humoredly said: “I I just came out of the bath tub after taking a shower, and I was bombarded in the face. I also want to get dressed. Did you give me a chance to get dressed? Hey, let me remind you that it is very dangerous to cover your eyes when facing the enemy. .”

Shi Su quickly opened her eyes again, but this time she didn’t dare to look to Robb’s side, so she could only stare at the black clothed person.

black clothed person looked at Robb with a bewildered expression: “Are you all right? You don’t even have a wound on your body?”

Robb said with a smile: “I’m Body Protection True Qi is strong, trifling explodes, and it cannot be broken.”

black clothed person said angrily: “Stop talking nonsense, my Thunderfire Bomb in Thunderfire has a Qi-breaking Talisman, which is designed to break Xianjia and Taoist cultivation. base, Body Protection True Qi, no one can carry two Thunderfire Bombs without dying.”

Robb said: “Aiya, I’m so sorry, my name will be changed from today’ No one’.”

black clothed person: “…”

Shiso didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, thinking: This western ghost is talking nonsense again .

The black clothed person was already a little panicked, only to see Robb walking towards him step by step, he creded out in surprise, his toes were a little on the ground, he wanted to fly over the wall to escape, but he just flew away. When he got up, he was grabbed by Robb’s ankle, and then fell to the ground with a slam, left and right. After two laps, the black clothed person had been thrown with a bloody nose and swollen face. This is still Robb show mercy, otherwise I would have fallen to my death after a few falls.

Robb said with a smile: “I threw a bomb while I was in the shower, I was crazy, you still want to run? I won’t kill you, I’ll hit you with a bloody nose and swollen face, see you later How can I meet people?”

After finishing speaking, he picked him up and walked outside the fence.

A few seconds later, there was a “peng” sound of a human falling to the ground, followed by rustling footsteps, and it seemed that someone outside was responding.

Robb climbed up the fence and saw that someone outside picked up a black clothed person and escaped into the night.

Robb waved at their backs and said with a big smile: “Don’t come again in the future, and blow the rabbit head again.”

He jumped off the wall , I saw Shisu put down the rabbit’s ears again and covered his eyes: “Get dressed and stop dangling around naked.”

Robb spread his hands: “It’s not my fault! It’s just this The world is super perverted, there are always people who can’t get through with my clothes. Hey? Where’s my clothes? Oops, the bomb just now blew my clothes off the shelf next to me, Damn.”

Shi Su quietly opened her eyes and took a peek. Sure enough, Robb’s clothes were damaged by the explosion, so she had to say, “Wait a minute, I’ll go find a Senior Brother Junior Brother clothes for you.”

There are many empty rooms in Qiantangzong’s mansion now, and many of the empty rooms have a lot of clothes in their wardrobes. Anyway, everyone is dead, so these things can be taken out and used casually.

Shi Su dug out a new set of clothes in a senior brother’s closet, and then sewed the ones that he had not had time to wear. Unfortunately, this senior brother has been separated forever and will never be worn again. She couldn’t help but feel a little sighed that she didn’t have the chance to wear this suit. She took out the dress and handed it to Robb: “You can wear this.”

Robb took it over and put it on. Not bad, it’s a man The uniforms, like the ones worn by the protagonists in the Xianxia TV series, are completely different from those worn by the group actors on the background board. Putting on this kind of clothes and wearing it inside Yunyun’s dragon suit, the audience can see at a glance that this guy is an important character, a very powerful kind.

Shi Su sighed at the side: “If you cover your head and only look at your body, you are quite handsome.”

Robb also sighed: “If Cover your head and only look at your body, you are still a beautiful person.”

Two people: “…”

There is no way to chat.

The two plan to go back to their rooms to rest.

However, before I had time to turn around, there was a sudden sound of horses’ hooves outside the house. It was a very large-scale rumbling, and a large group of cavalry was coming.

Robb strangely said: “Isn’t even the army going to snatch the black iron?”

Shi Su said: “The government is not so boring, they won’t take the people from the rivers and lakes. The one who grabbed something by force.”

The two floated up the wall at the same time and looked out.

I saw a large group of cavalry running along the official road along the Qiantang River. There were probably more than 1,000 people. They did not stop in front of Qiantangzong’s mansion. Running over, it doesn’t seem to be coming for Shisu.

After the cavalry passed, the infantry team came again, and the number was even more, at least tens of thousands, grandiose, formed a long snake formation and marched.

As a Jianghu person, Shisu doesn’t like to deal with the government. Seeing that these soldiers are just passing by, not coming for him, she doesn’t want to care.

But Robb didn’t mind talking to the government. He leaned on the wall and greeted the passing infantry team: “Hi! Big brothers, where are you going?”

Ordinary soldiers ignored him, but a man dressed as Captain turned his head and glanced at him. He didn’t want to pay attention, but seeing that he was a Westerner, he couldn’t help answering Said: “I’m waiting for the order to exterminate the ghost bandits in the coastal chaos. If you golden-haired ghost have any news about the ghost bandits, you can tell me.”

Robb: “Wow! so that’s how. it is , disrespectful and disrespectful, I have no news, but I will cheer you big brothers! Come on, come on!”

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