After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 687

Soldiers: “…”

Chapter 956 Throwing you into the werewolf’s den

I haven’t had the strength to add more reasons recently, so I’ll do it

The soldiers passed by, they didn’t know whether to cry or laugh at Robb’s cheers, and even a little bit wanted to shoot him with an arrow, but then it was okay, although this guy was a bit mystifying, But after all, he is cheering himself up. The so-called punching does not hit the smiling face, this matter will be wiped away.

Robb came down from the fence, frowning tightly. It seems that the influence of ghost bandits has begun to expand. Even the government has begun to send troops to deal with it. I hope the ghost bandits in this parallel world will not make a mess like the Japanese bandits in their original world.

Five days later, Robb is still waiting boredly for someone to bring him ore. However, these days, they are all here to grab the ore, and there is no profit. Oh, no, there is still A little, he gained a lot of martial arts prestige.

In the first few days, there were many people who came to plot against him, and there were many who knew nothing about him. Lord, because they all know that Robb is so powerful that he is crazy, and it is useless to attack Shisu. They must defeat Robb to get the black iron.

Those little shrimps in the rivers and lakes have no longer dared to take action against Xuan Tie, and those who come here are all powerful people. And some people who hold their own identities will say hello to Robb before they make a move, report their names, and put on a picture of themselves with an expert style, and then they will be beaten injured badly with many teeth knocked out.

In short, very boring!

Why didn’t anyone with ore in hand come to me to help me smelt it?

He was lazy on the rattan chair at the door, just thinking of this, he saw a bunny man walking by with a maltose in front of the door. The hammers struck each other with a crisp sound.

Robb was overjoyed, and quickly waved to him: “Old man, here, here to buy!”

“Old man?” The rabbit man sweated: “I’m only 24 years old this year. .”

Robb: “Aren’t all the old folks selling this? I can’t tell the difference between the young and old of the rabbit people, so I just call it casually.”

The rabbit person is very embarrassed, but , if there is business, I still have to come over, carrying a load of maltose, to Robb, and put down the burden: “How much is the guest?”

Robb threw away a few who had worn out Money Dart.

The bunny man started to chisel the maltose with a little chisel and a little hammer.

These hawkers who walk the streets and alleys are the most well-informed, and they also like to chat awkwardly. While knocking sugar, they say with a smile: “Foreign guests, I heard that foreigners like you come from the sea. Come.”

Robb said with a smile: “Yeah, I am no exception, come from the sea.”

The hawker mysterious said: “Then you must know ghosts. Kou, let me whisper to you, don’t go back to the beach recently, now the ghost bandits are making troubles, but it’s terrible, a few days ago, a large army came from our Suzhou East Hangzhou to suppress bandits, you know?”

Robb said: “I know, what’s wrong?”

The peddler said in a low voice, “That army has been wiped out. It was killed by ghost bandits and fled in all directions.”

Robb: “…”

The hawker said: “Now the cities along the coast have become a mess. There are ghosts and bandits running around everywhere, killing people and stealing goods. Several county towns have been captured, even Chongming Island. They are all in the hands of the ghost bandits.”

Robb: “…”

The peddler shook his head and said, “The officers and soldiers are really useless, I have heard of thousands of ghosts. Kou can chase tens of thousands of officers and soldiers to fight, and ten officers and soldiers can’t beat one ghost robber. Now it belongs to the state of being pressed on the ground and rubbing desperately, tsk tsk, really, remember, don’t go to the beach. “

After he finished speaking, he tapped the maltose, handed Robb two pieces, picked up the burden, and staggered away again.

Robb: “…”

Shi Su walked out of the door behind him and stood beside him: “Cut! I, Great Tang’s official government, have always been They can’t do anything serious, they’re really a bunch of incompetent dog officials.”

Robb quietly waited for her to continue, didn’t expect she had no words after saying this, and couldn’t help it Glancing at her, he said: “Then what?”

She Su strangely said: “What and then?”

Robb said: “I thought after you sprayed the government, you could take it out. What kind of high opinion, it turns out, it’s just a simple spray?”

Xi Su said: “Then what kind of high opinion do you think I should come up with?”

Robb said: “For example, , how to deal with ghost bandits and the like.”

Xi Su said: “That’s the government’s business, what is it about my people in the world?”

Robb: “Come on! Keyboard warrior, ancient version.”

“What is keyboard warrior?”

“I don’t want to tell you!”

Robb raised his head and looked at the blue sky After looking at a few leisurely white clouds for a while, he suddenly brushed the floor from a lazy state to a sitting position, and said a little seriously: “Okay, it’s decided, go fight the ghost bandits!”

Shisoda Khan: “Hello? What are you nervous about?”

Robb said: “Oh? Is this called a nervousness?”

“Isn’t it?”

“If all the people in the rivers and lakes think like you, then… it would be better for all the people in the rivers and lakes in this country to be dragged and shot. If the knights practice martial arts only to break the ban, not to save the country and the people, they want these knights to be useless. .”

Just after he finished speaking, his body suddenly brushed the ground, and he arrived under a tree opposite the big mansion. There was a person hiding behind the tree, and it seemed that he had been monitoring Robb and Robb. Shi Su, who was about to snatch the black iron, thought he was hiding it well, but Robb walked over to him in a flash and patted his shoulder: “Dude, I have seen you long ago.”

The man was shocked and slapped him with a backhand, but Robb grabbed his wrist as soon as he reached out, and then threw him to the ground with a thud: “Don’t resist, be honest, or you will die in minutes.”

The man didn’t dare to move for a moment, he was stiff.

Robb said: “What are you helping?”

The man said obediently: “Haiyan Gang.”

Robb: “Anywhere in the gang ?”

The man said: “Gang Lord!”

“Damn, Gang Lord is still so weak?”

“It’s not that I’m weak, it’s that you are too strong “The man didn’t know whether to cry or laugh authentically: “I also didn’t expect, I didn’t make a move in your hands. Before I came, I thought I could at least hit you a few hundred times. Recruited.”

Robb said: “Okay, don’t worry about the number of recruits now, go back and gather all the people in your help, come and listen to my orders, I want you to fight the Japanese pirates with me.”

The man froze, just like Shisu just now: “This… which song is this going to sing?”

Robb squinted: “You want to die or live? You want to die. Just keep asking, if you want to live, just do as I tell you to, by the way, you can try to escape, but if you fail to escape and get caught by me, your cultivation base will be abolished, and you will be thrown into the werewolf’s den.”

The man was sweating profusely, and the rabbit man was actually quite afraid of werewolves. This threat was effective.

Chapter 957 Who of us is more beautiful?

The Gang Lord of the Haiyan Gang is gone!

Then, on the second day, the Sect Master of Hawk Sect came to grab Xuantie again, and this guy came with a group of Disciples and put up a strange Formation called “Flying Eagle Qimen Array” , and among them his beautiful daughter.

Robb grabbed the Hawk Sect master, beat him with three punches and two feet, and then detained his daughter, ordering him to go back and gather the crowd to fight ghost bandits. If she doesn’t come, she will make her daughter look like eighteen.

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