After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 688

Hawk Sect Lord cried a lot, begging Robb not to ruin his daughter’s innocence, and then eagerly gathered his disciples to Disciple.

So, that night, there were three people in the mansion.

The two female bunnies waited for Robb to take a shower with their backs to the tub.

The daughter of the Lord of Hawk Sect was very frightened and couldn’t help but whispered to Shi Su next to her: “Is this person very bad? I’m so afraid that he will suddenly rush over and do something crazy to me, Girl Shi, you…you…haven’t…”

Shiso rolled the eyes: “Don’t talk about sand sculptures, do you think this guy seems to be interested in us?”


Hawk Sect Lord’s daughter whispered: “I still have several points of beauty, I’m afraid he will revolt.”

Xi Su ill-humoredly said: “You and I If you change your clothes, he can admit the two of us wrong, and it doesn’t matter what you look like.”

“Really?” The daughter of the Lord Hawk Sect expressed disbelief.

“Uh… Actually, I’m not sure if it’s true or not. Let’s try it.” Shi Su took the daughter of the Hawk Sect Lord to the next yard, and quickly changed the two. Outer clothes, hairstyle, jewelry, both of them happened to be long-haired rabbits with the same fur color. They returned to the yard and sat down with their backs to Robb.

After a while, I heard Robb beckoning to the daughter of the Lord of Hawk Sect: “Hey, Miss Shi, I’m taking a shower and I’m going out, please throw a dry cloth over here. , I want to wipe my body.”

Hawk Sect Lord’s daughter turned her head, ill-humoredly said: “Look carefully, I’m Shisu?”

Robb hummed Said: “Nonsense, you are not Shisu, who is Shisu? I recognize your face when you turn to ashes.”

Two female rabbits: “…”

Shi Su was mystifying by the side: “Then tell me, me and her, who is more beautiful? Where is the beauty?”

Robb laughed “haha”: “You think I’m still new to Dongtu When the Great Tang, couldn’t tell the state of the rabbit’s face? Let me tell you, I can fully recognize the difference between the rabbit’s head now.”

He pointed to the daughter of the Hawk Sect master. The face said: “Girl Shi is known as the number one beauty of Suzhou, East Hangzhou, and it is not a vain name. Look at this nose, how beautiful the three-petaled lips are, and how cute this rabbit’s eyes are red, of course, it is Girl Shi. It’s even more beautiful.”

Two female rabbits: “…”

Shiso turned to the daughter of the Hawk Sect Lord and said, “Now you understand?”

Hawk Sect Lord’s daughter nodded said: “I understand, and I’m not afraid at all. This kind of person is impossible to make me look like eighteen. He is bluffing and scare my father to listen to him.”

Xi Su sighed: “However, even if you see through this, you should continue to stay as a hostage. After I listened to what he said, the past few days have been thinking hard about what he said. A few words, are we people in the rivers and lakes really too self-willed? We have learned the arts of literature and martial arts, but we use them to fight and kill, calling the government a hawk and dog, but when the government is dealing with ghost bandits, we But they don’t listen to them, don’t help, and only abuse the government’s incompetence. Are we going too far?”

The daughter of the Hawk Sect Lord thought carefully: “Huh? Huh? “

As time passed, not-so-good news came one after another, coastal towns fell one by one, countless people were slaughtered, and many people were displaced.

East of Suzhou, which was originally a paradise, is now flooded with a large number of refugees. Most of these refugees are from coastal cities. Their cities were captured by ghost bandits, so they had to leave the seaside and flee inland. East Hangzhou is a big city close to the sea, and it happens to be a refugee shelter.

The atmosphere in the city began to become solemn. Lord Magistrate in Suzhou, Eastern Hangzhou was frowning all day long, recruiting villagers everywhere, organizing militia, and finally pulled up a messy militia team, but as long as Anyone with eyes can see that this team’s battle strength is worse than shit.

At the same time, the number of female rabbits in Qiantangzong’s mansion is increasing.

That night, it was already dark. After Robb took a bath and got dressed, he turned around and saw that there were more than 20 female rabbits sitting in the yard, more than one person. The pressure to identify begins to build.

He pointed at a female rabbit and said, “Hey! You, it’s you, the daughter of the Lord of the Hawk Sect, you were the first to be taken back as a hostage by me, and you have been here the longest. , but your dad hasn’t recruited anyone yet, so he won’t come, right? I have to remind you that within three days, I haven’t seen anyone from Hawk Sect come to gather, so I’ll put you in a pose I look like eighteen.”

The female rabbit said with a grievance: “Master Yang, I am the daughter of the Sect Master of Thunder Tribulation, not the daughter of the Hawk Sect Master.”

“Nani?” Robb turned and pointed at the other female rabbit: “That’s you, Eagle…”

As soon as he said a word, the female rabbit felt wronged Bara said: “I am the female Sect Master of Blood Hand Gate, not the Hawk Sect.”

Robb’s old face is slightly red, but fortunately these female rabbits also can’t see the expressions of human faces. Not to Robb’s embarrassment. He forcibly changed the subject and said, “Okay, Blood Hand Gate, right? You female devil, you must do bad things, I’m going to take you to do good things now, and you’re pushing me back? I have to warn you, see it in three days. Until the discipline of Blood Hand Gate gathers and obeys, I will make you look like eighteen, even though you are milfs, I will never be merciful.”

Female Sect Master said with a bitter smile: “I’m only twenty-five this year, okay? I’m young, I’m not a milf at all, don’t think I’m a Sect Master, I have to be very old, I inherited Sect from my parents. Besides, I am Sect Master, you took me all here, who will help you gather people? After three days, no gang will come, they will only set up another Sect Master, you can come as you want Well, it’s in your hands anyway, and I know I can’t go back with all my tails.”

Robb: “…”

It took several seconds before Robb ill-humoredly said: “I don’t care, you bunny ghosts know it clearly, anyway, where are your parents? Where are the senior and junior brothers? Where are the disciples Disciple? ?”

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Chapter 958 gives you a chance to resist

Robb was getting angry when suddenly, A man appeared on the top of the fence next to him. It was the Sect Master of Hawk Sect. He glanced around the yard and found his daughter. She couldn’t help being overjoyed and said, “Dear daughter, are you okay?”

Hawk Sect Lord’s daughter turned her head and saw her father, she couldn’t help being overjoyed: “I’m fine. .”

The Lord of Hawk Sect was relieved at this time, and quickly hugged Robb with a cup one fist in the other hand: “Master Yang, as you said, I will put all the recipes of Hawk Sect, I brought them all, a total of 327 people, now you can let my daughter go.”

Robb waved his hand with a smile: “Okay, my daughter will be returned to you, but you still have to talk to me. I’ll go deal with the ghost bandits together.”

Hawk Sect master nodded, turned over and jumped off the wall, standing beside Robb.

As soon as he stood firm, another person appeared on the wall. It was Haiyan Gang Lord who was beaten by Robb last time. I’m here.”

“Very good, come down and stand.”

At this time, there was a commotion outside the house, and then someone shouted: “We are Blood Hand Gate, we will do whatever you want us to do, please let our Sect Master go and don’t do anything crazy to her.”

Blood Hand Gate’s female Sect Master couldn’t help but be overjoyed, didn’t expect these disciples Disciple to actually take care of her Sect Master.

Of course, Robb was also overjoyed: “Very well, although people in the rivers and lakes are awkward, it’s not a shame to talk about loyalty and affection. It seems that if I catch a woman in this yard, I will give it to me. Bring an army.”

The female rabbits in the yard gave Robb a beautiful white eye. Since ancient times, I have never seen a good deed done in this way. Whether this is a good person or a bad person is really unclear.

Sudong Hangzhou, east of the city, ten miles away, more than 50 ghost bandits in ghost armor and long swords hanging from their waists are resting in a burnt down village.

There used to be more than 100 villagers in this village, but now they are all corpses. Ghost bandits have always been vicious and merciless, and they are not merciless when they attack. They don’t even frown when they kill people. When there were no people, the houses in the village were burned to coke, and they sat in the blackened village, eating the meat roasted from the houses, which was brutal.

A ghost bandit whispered: “There is not much oil and water in this village, only one pig and a few hundred catties of grain were found. There are more than fifty of us, and it will be gone in a few days.”

Another ghost bandit said: “Yes, I attacked many villages along the way, but they didn’t gain much. This person who broke the country is even poorer than our ghost country.”


“It’s useless to use these small villages, we might as well get a big ticket.” A ghost bandit pointed to the west and chuckled: “In this direction, there is a big city called Suzhou, East and Hangzhou, which is rich in wealth. There are a lot of people, as long as we capture this city, we will be able to grab bad things.”

“A big city? Maybe there will be a large army stationed there.” Another ghost bandit said: “But we only have Fifty people.”

“The army? Hahahaha!” All the other gangsters laughed strangely: “The army of the rabbit country, laugh off our big teeth, we only need fifty people, enough to defeat Their army.”

“This is also… Anyway, let’s try, even if we can’t capture the city, we can still run.”

The ghost bandits laughed strangely, After having a full meal, we set off towards the west.

Robb stood in front of a bunch of messy martial arts Sects, these sects all came to rob Xuantie, and then Robb robbed the important female rabbits in the gang and held them hostage, and then forced them to come to him working.

Interestingly, none of these sects are Upright Sects, they are all crooked, or set up Sects like Hawk Sect, it seems that the people of Upright Sect really don’t know the name Dare to go to the door to grab people and things.

Robb can’t catch Upright Sect people, but that doesn’t matter, the same goes for the evil sect.

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