After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 689

clapped, let everyone’s attention turn to him, Robb said solemnly: “I know, many of you, cultivation Immortal Technique Taoism, martial arts, Lightweight Art, is to make myself cool, I have never considered contributing to the country and the people, after all, you are a wicked sect. Coincidentally, I am not an Upright Sect, I can be called a wall-riding faction, I have Sometimes it’s Upright Sect, sometimes it’s crooked, and with Upright Sect, I’ll just be reasonable, and with you evil sects, I’m cruel and ruthless, and I will use the evil sect’s principles of life, such as speaking with a big fist, I force me to be reasonable, Kill those who don’t listen to me, and all the girls in the family look like eighteen, do you understand?”

The rabbits responded weakly: “Understood!”

“Understood, then Okay, now I’ll give you a chance to resist me.” Robb said: “You can organize a group of people to besiege me now, to fight more and less, if you can kill me, you will be free, Xuanyuan Xuan iron is also yours If you can’t kill me, just listen to me, and I won’t blame you, after all, it’s the chance I gave you.”

As soon as these words came out, many people were a little bit begin to stir, a few The big Sect Masters exchanged glances silently.

Xi Su was startled and whispered behind him: “Are you crazy? Why give them this chance?”

Robb said with a smile: “This group People are rambunctious and crooked, so it’s hard to really listen to what I say. I’m afraid that when dealing with ghost pirates, it will be different, and when the time comes it will be very troublesome. In order to convince them, obey my command and deal with ghost pirates. , I have to bring out the true ability to completely dispel their resistance, otherwise it will be impossible to make a mountain.”

Xi Su whispered: “But this way…you will be very dangerous. “

Robb shrugged.

Seeing his actions, Shi Su understands that this person is really bold of execution stems from superb skill. He doesn’t take these people to heart at all. How strong does he have to be?

After a while, Sect Master finished exchanging glances and took a step forward at the same time. It seemed that he really had to deal with Robb with more hits and less.

Robb hooked his fingers with a smile: “Come here!”

“You’re welcome.” The masters also took out their weapons, and a few people also sacrificed magic weapons. For a while, various colors of cultivation techniques spread from him, everywhere all is solemn killing aura.

These people are all various sects Sect Masters, and they all have real kung fu.

Robb said with a smile: “Ready? Then I’ll do it!”

Sect Masters looked condensed.

I saw Robb raised his hand and slapped the ground: “Thunder strike.”


Sect Masters fell asleep, fighting Finish.

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Fantasy “The Ark Raised by a Rich Woman”

Introduction: It is essentially a travel article on tomorrow’s Ark, which is where the travel guide is, sometimes hardcore and sometimes sand sculpture.

The car is about to start, the door is welded, please sit tight and hold it!


Chapter 959 These evil sects are definitely coming for us

On the other side of Suzhou City, in a quiet wood, a Large group of people are sitting together.

This group of people includes monks, Taoists, beggars, and chivalrous suits. Their dress and style are very complicated. It can be seen that they come from various sects.

However, the biggest difference between this group of people and the messy cult led by Robb is that they are all well-dressed and look upright.

This group of people are the Upright Sects. The traditional and decent Shaolin, Wudang, Beggars’ Sect, etc. are all present. In addition, the Upright Sects such as Shushan Sword Sect, Five Mountain Sword Sects Alliance, etc. are also different. few.

A monk from Shaolin Temple opened the mouth and said: “Everyone, we have been secretly observing here for several days, and that seal spirit has no idea what he is doing to gather the evil sect experts together. , I now suspect that he is going to hold a major event.”

Wudang Sect’s Taoist said: “This person’s methods are quite vicious. Threatening to destroy other people’s gangs is a game that decent people despise, so it can be seen that this person is not a good person.”

The rest of the people were nodded together.

The Elder of Beggars’ Sect said: “We’ve been watching him here for so long, just to see if he can reason. Give it to him, let him help to refine the Xuanyuan Divine Sword with Three Smells True Fire, but now it seems that his methods are messy, I’m afraid it’s hard to make sense, if we give him the black iron ore, he is very likely to roll If you run away with a stone, it will be troublesome.”

The decent people nodded together and felt quite depressed.

Actually, these decent people also encountered the same problem as the Qiantang Sect. They obtained mysterious iron ore, but couldn’t smelt it. When I was thinking about what to do, I suddenly heard news from the 18th BU that there was a seal essence that has been refined into Three Smells True Fire, which can refining ore.

This news was thought to be fake at first, but a Hall Master solemnly vowed of Shibabu said that although Shibabu was not a good gang, it was the largest gang along the southeast coast. The Haigang still has some credibility, and what Hall Master said also has a certain weight, which is also worthy of acceptance.

Therefore, the Upright Sects came over. They didn’t do sneak attack or something like the evil sect, but secretly observed from a distance, wanting to see how the seal’s character was.

I don’t know if I don’t see it. It’s scary to see that this seal spirit actually took a lot of women from the evil sect as hostages, and then ordered the experts of the evil sect to listen to him. This behavior is really too much. I’m a little bit mad, and I can’t see Robb as a good person.

At this time, the monk Shaolin suddenly said: “You said that the seal spirit gathered the evil sect people, could it be to snatch the black iron in our hands?”

Wudang After thinking about it carefully, the Taoist couldn’t help frowning: “It is possible that our Upright Sect is very powerful, the same qi, connected branch, he wants to snatch our Xuan Tie, but he is afraid that the strength is not enough, so he entangled the evil sect people and formed one. Allied forces, and then come to snatch our black iron, this is a must.”

Beggars’ Sect Disciple said: “Then should we strike first? Go and take these heretical path of the devils The coalition forces will be scattered.”

They were discussing here when they suddenly saw a Beggars’ Sect Disciple running in from outside, shouting: “Not good, not good, ghost bandits hit Sudong The city of Hangzhou has come down.”

“What?” A group of people were all startled: “Did you make a mistake? Ghost bandits have all come here?”

Then Beggars ‘ Sect Disciple said: “Yeah, the officers and soldiers are really useless, there are only fifty or so ghost bandits, the officers and soldiers could not stop them, they rushed to Suzhou, East Hangzhou, and now they are showing off one’s military strength under the city. “

A group of decent people couldn’t help shaking their heads: “The government is so useless, what are the Imperial Court eagles doing? They are all trash!”

After sighing, this None of the group of people meant to deal with the ghost bandits, but continued to discuss: “Let’s leave the incompetent government alone, let’s talk about how to deal with the seal spirit.”

” Anyway, let’s keep watching and see what he’s going to do.”

Upright Sects slipped away to Robb’s mansion again, watching from a distance.

There are now many evil gangs stationed around this house. There are at least a thousand people in grandiose. After all, they are evil sects. There are many people, of course, the quality is not as uniform as the Disciple of Upright Sect.

Upright Sect’s Disciples couldn’t get close, so they had to look at it from a distance, only to see the seal spirit standing right in the middle of these evil sect experts, talking impassively, while the evil sect experts waving With fists and weapons, it seems to be taking an oath, a group of people are angry and want to fight.

Upright Sect’s people couldn’t help but startled, and whispered in the distance: “If they are like this, do they really want to snatch the black iron in our hands?”

“It’s very possible! It looks like this is going to go out and fight.”

“What should I do?”

“The soldiers will block, the water will flood, and the evil has been invincible since ancient times.”

Upright Sect’s Disciples snorted and said: “At worst is here to fight right and wrong.”

They are ready to fight, and they are on guard, just waiting for these evil factions to suddenly confront As they rushed over, they also knew very well that the evil sect Disciples Impossible had no idea where they were, and they definitely knew that there was a group of Upright Sect people watching them in the distance.

The evil sect Disciples are out!

The hearts of the decent Disciples tightened, they seemed to see the shadow approaching, however, after the wicked Disciple Waaaaaa screamed for a while, they did not rush towards them, but under the leadership of Robb, Swipe the ground and head towards the East City Gate.

Decent Disciples: “Huh?”

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