After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 690

“What the hell?”

“Didn’t you come to trouble us?”

“Why did you go to the east of the city? “

“What on earth are they going to do?”

“Come and see!”

The decent Disciples quickly resorted to the Lightweight Art movement method and followed Behind.

At the same time, outside the East City Gate…

The prefect rabbit in Suzhou, East Hangzhou, was leading the soldiers of the Ten Thousand Guards and looked at the fifty or so standing outside the city. The famous ghost bandit has a sad face, which is really shameful. He has just led the guards out of the city to fight the ghost bandits. As a result, the soldiers of the tens of thousands of guards beat more than fifty people. Can’t beat it.

This fucking sucks!

The Great Tang of the East Rabbit adopts a unique body of guard soldiers.

But because Dongtu Great Tang has not fought against a strong enemy for more than 200 years, the soldiers of the guards have of course been farming without fighting. After more than 200 years of farming, they have completely stopped. Will fight and become a bunch of rabbits who can only grow radishes.

Chapter 960 It’s not that the government is incompetent

The Prefect Rabbit took tens of thousands of rabbit guards who only knew how to grow radishes, and watched the fifty or so ferocious ghosts outside the city , unable to do anything, can only scream at the master next to him: “Go and inform the above that there are ghost bandits attacking the city, we need reinforcements, we need reinforcements.”

Master smiled bitterly: “Now along the coast The county towns are in ruins, and the pirates have suffered repeated defeats. Where can they find reinforcements, they are all devastated.”

“What should we do? What should we do?” The prefect rabbit jumped on the top of the city Jumping up and down, the two rabbit ears flicked from side to side.

At this moment, a blond crooked nut suddenly ran over with a large group of people from all corners of the world.

The head of the prefect rabbit was a little blocked, and he said to Robb in a dazed way: “foreigners? What are you doing?”

Robb turned to the city wall with a black face After sitting down, ill-humoredly said: “You go, I don’t have time to talk nonsense with you. Now I announce that I will take over the defense of Sudong Hangzhou City.”

Prefect Rabbit: “Ahhh, Come on, this foreigner is rebelling, trying to take my city…”

The female boxer of Blood Hand Gate floated over from the side and hit the ground with a punch, and the prefect rabbit fell to the ground clutching his front teeth.

More than 10,000 guards watched the prefect being beaten, but no one came forward. , These are all Jianghu people!

People in the rivers and lakes are super fierce, and if they disagree, they will beheaded, cannot afford to offend cannot afford to offend.

Robb glanced at them angrily and thought to himself: This East Rabbit Great Tang is probably about to change its dynasty. Daqing, or Dongtu Dahan, or Dongtu Dameng, who knows? Anyway, if the officers and soldiers of a country become like this, the country is not far from extinction.

Forget it, now is not the time to take care of these mentally retarded people.

He turned his head and looked towards the outside of the city, only to see fifty ghost bandits showing off one’s military strength under the city. , as if they could kill them all with only fifty people.

Robb pointed at these ghost bandits and said to the evil sect experts behind him: “Look at these ghost bandits, they are the only ones, they dare to leave the sea and drive straight into my East Rabbit, Great Tang. In the heart of the city, you don’t care about the great country at all, don’t you feel any guilt?”

The evil experts behind him whispered, “It’s not that the government is incompetent.”

Robb coldly snorted and said: “The government is incompetent, and you are capable again? The ghost bandits, no matter if you are the government or the people of the rivers and lakes, despise the whole rabbit country. You think that if the government is incompetent, you can stay out of it. ?”

The evil experts think carefully, huh? It seems so! Ghost pirates despise not only the government, but all rabbits.

“Okay, I won’t say more nonsense!” Robb pointed to the next city: “Go and clean up those ghost bandits.”

The evil sect experts have suffered Excited, plus he didn’t dare not to listen to Robb’s words, he jumped from the city wall with a strange scream. The city wall in Suzhou, East Hangzhou is about eight meters high. Ordinary rabbits would really fall if they jumped down. The thief is miserable, but these experts jumped off this height like they were jumping a small hurdle, easy, shua~ shua~ shua~, countless experts jumped down the city wall in an instant, using the Lightweight Art movement method, facing the The ghosts drifted away.

Those ghost bandits have just defeated the 10,000 Guards soldiers, and they are complacent, bullying the incompetent Great Tang of the East Rabbit, didn’t expect In a blink of an eye, a large group jumped down from the city wall and seemed to be very strong These rabbits wear chivalrous clothes, some have high temples, some look like dive poise and sagelike features, and some look like elegant scholars, they all seem to be amazing.

In a blink of an eye, they were in front of the ghost bandits.

The ghost bandits started, and a ghost bandit waved the long spear in his hand, loudly shouted: “Eight w will win!”

The spear is like a dragon, facing the evil spirits Send experts to sweep over.

This move “Eight W will win” Robb will also, it is a unique professional “Waiter” skill of the Ghost Human Race, a powerful AOE skill that can kill a large number of enemies around him.

Just now, this ghost bandit used this move to swept away countless guards and beat the rabbits to cover their head and sneaked away like a rat. He thought it would work this time too.


How easy is it to deal with the evil experts, the long spear swept in front of them, the experts flew, jumped, rotated, all kinds of messy movement methods for a while, Xiu De flew up, and the ghost pirate’s long spear swept through and didn’t hit a single enemy, so he couldn’t help but be slightly stunned.

The next moment, this ghost thief ate more than 20 hidden weapons on his body, such as darts, iron nails, chess pieces, copper coins, small pebbles… crackling, hitting him like a hornet’s nest Yes, it’s all bloody holes.

Gui Kou fell down with a dazed look on his face!

A ghost bandit with a pair of knives rushed over and waved both katana with both left and right hands at the same time: “Heaven and Earth 2nd paragraph!”

blade light Huo Huo, cut To the fastest rushing evil sect expert.

The evil sect expert sneered and drew out a saber with a swipe on the ground, with a gold ghost-headed knife on his thick back.

He slashed it with one knife, and the two long knives in Gui Kou’s hands were broken at the same time, and a head also flew into the air.

The ghost bandit standing behind startedled, an Onmyouji mutter incantations, and waved his hands forward: “Senrao myriad forms!”

There is an evil sect here. The expert waved his hands forward: “Qiankun Five Elements Art!”

I saw Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, and five-color rays of light gathered in midair at the same time and collided.

The yin-yang technique of the Ghost Human Race is rooted in the Dao technique of Great Tang of the East Rabbit. , was scattered with a bang, and then the Five Elements cultivation technique all slammed into Onmyouji’s chest, sending him flying far away.

The ghost magician was frightened, and waved quickly: “The art of fog!”

A white fog rose, and the remaining ghost Human Race quickly wanted to run.

But I saw an evil sect Taoist waving his Peach Wood Sword and pointing at the mist released by the ghost bandits: “Confront, Weapon, Fighting and Person are all marching forward in an array – breaking!”


The haze technique was broken on the spot.

The evil sect Taoist threw a Taoist technique backhand: “Supreme Taoist is in a hurry like a decree – fixed!”

This is actually a Bodylock Technique, and those few ghost bandits only feel their bodies When I was stiff, it was difficult to lift a step, and the movement became much slower.

The ghost magician hurriedly squeezed a handprint, shouted: “Confront, Weapon, Fighting and Person are all in the front – broken!”

However, this time he However, he failed to break the Taoist method of the evil sect expert, and there was no fart effect. His cultivation base was much lower than that of the evil sect expert.

The experts from the evil faction stabbed up and slashed down with chaotic knives and swords, and more than 50 ghost bandits finished the game in an instant.

(Note: The Nine Characters Incantation of the Celestial Dynasty is that Confront, Weapon, Fighting and Person are all arrayed forward, while the Nine Characters Incantation of Ancient Mulberry is that Confront, Weapon, Fighting and Person are all arrayed in the front, The difference between the two is one word, in fact…the same word is the same, anyway, it’s all bluffing, and it’s not really useful.)

Chapter 961 Actually, right and wrong are incompatible.

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