After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 691

The experts of the evil faction took care of all the ghost bandits in an instant, and the ordinary people watching the battle on the edge of the city wall could not help but clapped their hands in a crash-bang, and that More than 10,000 guards who can only grow radishes are also applauding desperately and jumping around, and more than 10,000 pairs of rabbit ears, like the ocean of ears, have actually made ear waves.

Robb: “…”

The experts of the evil sect have done all the bad things in their lives, and it is rare for them to do something good once, and they are admired by all the people. This feeling is not too bad, and some people can’t bear it. I can’t stop thinking to myself: It’s not bad to be applauded like this, do you think about doing more good things in the future instead of being scolded by others all the time?

Of course, the decent experts who came to watch the battle closely behind, couldn’t help but be stunned when they saw this scene, what the hell is this? This seal spirit organized a group of evil sect experts, actually to fight ghost bandits? Aren’t you going to rob us of our black iron? Uh… maybe there’s something wrong with our perception of him.

The decent people were still reasonable, and they immediately began to revise their assessment of Robb.

Robb didn’t have time to take care of this, he said to the evil faction experts who had just won a big victory: “There’s nothing to be proud of after taking care of these fifty or so gangsters, you can go to the coastal city now. , when you see a small group of ghost bandits, kill them. When you see a battalion, you avoid them. Use the flexible and mobile characteristics of the people in the rivers and lakes to annihilate the small forces of the enemy army, and leave their large groups of ghost bandits to the government to deal with. .”

The experts of the evil faction complied, and one person asked: β€œMaster Yang, you asked us to leave a large number of ghost bandits to the government, but the government is incompetent, even fifty or so ghost bandits are incompetent. If you can’t deal with it, how can you deal with a large number of ghost bandits?”

Robb laughed: “Do you really think the government will be incompetent to this point? Think too much! The government is only a disaster for the ghost bandits this time. If you don’t have enough mental preparation, when the government reacts, these trifling gangsters will be calmed down for you in minutes. I tell you, never underestimate the power of the government. Otherwise, why should the government sit This country, not you evil sects?”

The evil sect experts think carefully, it seems that this makes sense, that’s all, whether the government is useful or not, don’t care, we will be sealed by seals if we don’t do our best. If you are bullied by the fine, let’s just listen to what the seal fine has to say.

The evil sect experts led their congregation to the east.

Robb stretched out his hand to pick up the prefect rabbit next to him, and said solemnly: “Go and report to the above, let the above face the harm of this ghost bandit, and organize an army that can really fight to suppress the bandit, especially to reuse one. The general surnamed Qi asked him to go to a place called Yiwu to recruit troops, and when the time comes, it will be as easy as blowing off dust to deal with ghost bandits, do you understand?”

The prefect is confused. Answer, I don’t know why the surname Qi is reused, and I don’t even know what it means to be obliged to recruit soldiers. However, this person seems to be an expert, so let’s write it down for the time being, and then pass it on to the above.

Robb pushed the prefectural rabbit away, leaving only Shi Su and a large group of evil female relatives who had been detained by him.

These wicked women were scared when they were first taken hostage by him, but now they are no longer afraid of Robb, and even rob Robb of snacks. Shisu now has two in his hands. A piece of sweet-scented osmanthus cake bought by Robb, while stuffing it into his mouth, he said vaguely: “Yang Daxia, you let them go to suppress the bandits, what should we do?”

Robb spread his hands: “We Well, continue to wait for the mysterious iron ore to be delivered to your door, hey, in fact, they have already delivered to your door.”

After saying this, Robb turned around and saw that there was no one behind him. In the distance, there stood a large group of people from all corners of the world dressed in disarray. There were monks, Taoists, and beggars… These guys had all the looks that Upright Sect should have.

Robb held a cup one fist in the other hand towards them and said with a smile: “If I read correctly, what kind of Shaolin Wudang are you?”

A monk came out and saluted Robb: “Amitabha, the foreign patron is polite. We are the people of Shaolin Wudang Beggars’ Sect Shushan Sword Sect and other Sects.”

Robb said with a smile: “Okay, you have seen enough from the back, what do you want to say now?” Ghost bandit, it is beyond our expectations, and it also refreshes our view of foreign donors, Amitabha.”

Robb said with a smile: “Don’t say these nonsense. , let’s be honest, you came to me for the mysterious iron ore, right?”

Monk nodded: “Yes, we are indeed here for the mysterious iron ore. However, I will wait. Upright Sect is not the kind of scumbag who can use all means and use everything to the extreme. We saw what the foreign donors did, and it seemed to be decent, so we came to discuss with the foreign donors. “

Robb said with a smile: “You said it!”

The monk said: “I heard that foreign donors can use Three Smells True Fire to smelt Xuanyuan Xuan iron, I thought The foreign donor is a wicked person. Even if we let the black iron ore rot in our hands, we can’t ask the villains to help, but after seeing what you just did, there is no problem. I came here to tell the foreign donor a story. The donor house has a kind heart, and after hearing this story, he will definitely be willing to lend a helping hand.”

Robb listened to his opening, and knew that these people must have a reason for looking for Xuanyuan Xuan iron, and couldn’t help but rejoice: β€œOkay. Well, I want to hear it, what is it, so that I can be kind.”

“There are many people here, let’s find a quiet place to talk.”

Robb also had this idea: “Okay, let’s just go back to the Qiantangzong mansion to talk.”

Everyone left the city wall together and returned to the Qiantangzong mansion.

The eyes of this group of decent people couldn’t help but fall on the group of female rabbit people behind Robb, and the monk Shaolin said: “This group of evil women who are being held hostage, come and listen to us too. Isn’t it good to tell a story?”

Robb said with a smile: “What’s wrong with that? Could it be that you want to say that right and wrong are incompatible?”

“Cough… This is…” The monk really wanted to say this.

Robb said: “I said, you monk, get a good look, why don’t you try to win over and turn the evil sect into a good person? You can see that I never dislike other people being decent. Or the evil sect, influence it, the wicked sect can also do good things, wouldn’t I just influence them to fight ghost bandits?”

A decent person thought to himself: Do you call that influence? Arresting the female family members of other people’s families, coercing and persecuting them! It’s just maddening, it’s been a shame that we didn’t turn our backs on you.

No, as an Upright Sect, you still have to be reasonable at this time! The monk said solemnly: “Foreign donors, although the right and the wrong are incompatible, and the evil people death cannot wipe out the crimes, but your approach is still wrong and needs to be dealt with. These evil women, I suggest you to let go. They.”

Chapter 962 Is Upright Sect so miserable?

Robb was happy: “It actually taught me a lesson, okay, I am the most reasonable person, others I will be happy to accept anything that makes sense.”

He turned his head and said with a smile to the female rabbits behind him: “I will let you go now, you can go if you want. “

A group of female rabbits laughed hehe haha: “I don’t want to leave, it’s not bad to be a hostage here, and it’s not dangerous.”

“Yes, Yangda Xia is very good at talking, and he even gave me snacks.”

“It’s good to have a lot of hostages like this, so I don’t have to be directed by my father to fight and kill.”

“I also want to hear what story the old bald donkey is going to tell.”

The female rabbits all said that the future of being a hostage is bright, and they will not leave or die.

Decent people: “…”

Well, that’s embarrassing. The monk couldn’t help touching his bald head, not knowing what to say for a while.

Shi Su sighed beside him: “Master, although Yang Da Xia is a bit messy, he treats them well, it’s not like he treats them like hostages. Although they are hostages in name, they are actually hostages. They all know that they are not in danger, and he won’t really kill them, so you don’t have to worry about them.”

The monk recognized Shisu: “Ah, you are the snowflake waves of Qiantang Sect. Jian, you are also a decent person, why are you among a bunch of evil women? I remember that you still have a piece of mysterious iron ore in your hand, right? There are rumors in the rivers and lakes that the foreign donor refined your piece of ore into an ingot, can you? Give us a look?”

Xu Su nodded, opened a small package that was attached to the body, and took out a dazzling hanging iron ore ingot, or a star-falling gold ingot… That beautiful color instantly lifted the spirits of everyone present.

“Sure enough, it’s really done!”

“The rumors in the rivers and lakes are not false.”

This time, the decent people no longer have any doubts Now, everyone returned to Qiantangzong’s mansion and sat in a circle around monk Shaolin and Robb, listening to the old monk begin to tell stories.

The old monk said: “Actually, we Upright Sects didn’t set out to collect Xuanyuan Xuan iron, not to make ourselves stronger by a Divine Weapon, to unify the martial arts or something, we were to kill one. Great scourge.”

Robb: “Yoyo, you guys are also going to kill Black Dragon?”

The monk’s face is slightly red: “No, no, you guessed wrong, we want to It wasn’t the Black Dragon who was killed, the Black Dragon was too powerful, and our self-awareness was beyond our grasp. What we wanted to deal with was another thing, and it was also something that was related to the world.”

“oh ?” Robb said: “hope to hear the details.”

“Foreign donors, you should know that eight years ago, Black Dragon attacked Leifeng Pagoda, knocked down the tower, and released countless repressions under the tower. The demons and ghosts.”

Robb’s nominee: “I know this, I heard that the Leifeng Pagoda fell down, I heard it, I didn’t see it in person, but I did see the unfallen Leifeng The tower, the tattered and tattered cover between the lakes and mountains…”

A group of people were stunned, not knowing what he was carrying.

Robb coughed dryly: “Don’t worry about me, you continue to talk.”

The monk said: “One of the monsters released from the Leifeng Pagoda at that time was Chiyou.”

As soon as this statement came out, Robb didn’t react at all, but the evil female rabbits behind him exclaimed almost at the same time: “Hey? Chiyou?”

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