After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 692

“That’s right! It’s Chiyou!” The monk said solemnly: “Ancient demon, Chiyou!”

The girls said strangely: “Chiyou was not the victim of Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan Have you been beheaded?”

The monk shook the head and said, “Since ancient times, people thought that Chiyou was beheaded by the Yellow Emperor, and before he died, he made a curse, so that everyone in my clan became In fact, the rumors are wrong, Chiyou is not dead, he was just sealed under the Leifeng Pagoda by the Yellow Emperor. It is precisely because he has not died that his curse has always been effective…”

Everyone: “…”

The monk said: “When the Leifeng Pagoda fell, Chiyou also flew out of the pagoda, and then hid somewhere deep in the mountains, we Shaolin Temple We already know where it hides, as long as we make the Xuanyuan Divine Sword, we can find it and kill it, lift the curse on all of us Great Tang, and restore our beautiful heads. Therefore, we Shaolin Temple will Desperately looking for Xuanyuan Xuan Tie.”

Everyone: “…”

Xi Su said: “Well, I was born with a rabbit head, and I’m used to looking in the mirror. I think it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t recover.”

“That’s right!” The female Sect Master of Blood Hand Gate and the daughter of the Hawk Sect Master also said: “We also don’t think it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t recover, we’ve already gotten used to it. This face.”

The monk said pitifully: “You are used to it, but have you ever thought about how our monks feel?”

He touched his bald head, With a tragic face, he said, “Look at my bald head…”

Robb stared at his head, looked at him for a while, and suddenly burst out laughing: “Hahaha! It’s strange that a rabbit has a bald head. , the rabbit with no hair on the head is so strange, hahahahaha.”

Everyone: “…”

The girls are used to seeing monk rabbits, so they don’t feel this way, but this time Hearing Robb’s smile, he suddenly realized that there are long-haired rabbits and short-haired rabbits, each with its own beauty, but the hairless rabbit really looks strange.

The girls burst into laughter.

The monk was surprisingly well-mannered, and he was not angry at all when he was laughed at, he just sighed and said, “Do you understand, the foreign donor? After other people are cursed and turned into rabbit heads, it’s nothing. It’s a habit. It doesn’t matter, but we monks have turned into rabbit heads. It really can’t hurt. Look at this hairless rabbit head, don’t you feel that you should be panicked? Therefore, we Shaolin Temple will kill Chiyou, and we are determined not to. It’s impossible to shake.”

Robb covered his face with one hand: “The reason is good, I don’t know how to complain.”

At this time, Taoist Wudang next to him also He stood up and said, “I…we Wudang have the same reason, you know, the hair of a Taoist priest must be tied into a Taoist bun, you see, I tied the rabbit hair like this, it looks like there are three ears.”

Everyone looked up, and sure enough, between the two long ears of the Taoist priest, the rabbit fur was combed upwards, and a Taoist bun was erected. The thing stretched out high and formed a magical Trident shape with the two long ears.

Robb: “Hahahaha! Hahahaha! No way, my stomach hurts from laughing.”

Wudang Taoist said with grief and indignation: “So, Wudang swears to kill Chiyou and restore his head. “

“And me!” Beggars’ Sect’s chivalrous man stood up: “I sent my servants to not bathe often, they must be dirty, but if this rabbit hair is not washed often, it will be miserable.” Sticking together, mixing into a ball, you look at me now, it’s disgusting, I can’t stand it myself.”

Chapter 963 See if you follow in the East

Everyone sees, terrifying, Beggars’ Sect This long-haired rabbit, all the rabbit hair is tangled together, turning into a dirty rag, which is terrible.

Robb covered his nose: “Fuck! Humans do this even if they don’t wash their hair. It’s not a rabbit’s problem, it’s your Beggars’ Sect tradition.”

“There is no problem with our traditions!”

Everyone protested together. After the resistance was over, the monk said: “We Upright Sect are miserable, because we have to keep the traditions, but it is the monks of the evil sect, there is no need to abide by them. The traditional shaved head, they live very well.”

Monk Shaolin’s face was full of grief and anger, and poor Robb couldn’t even see his grief and anger.

Monk Shaolin said: “In short, it’s just as you heard. We are desperately looking for Xuanyuan Xuan iron. This thing is a meteorite that fell from the sky. It is a masterless object, so who picked it up? Even if it belonged to someone, we didn’t steal or rob it, we picked up a few pieces at random. In addition, when we were going to enforce Justice on behalf of the Heaven, we got a few pieces of black iron from the demons and crooked ways. Innocent.”

Speaking of this, the monk’s face was a little red, although he said it nicely, but it was actually stolen from the evil sect, but these decent ones still have a place to obey the rules, they only rob Evil faction, don’t rob other decent ones, anyway, the black iron in everyone’s hands can be combined to form a sword, as long as Chiyou can be killed and the human head can be restored, it is fine to form a team.

They’re not as selfish as the sects, and in that regard, they have Upright Sect brilliance.

The monk said: “We would like to ask the foreign benefactor to do me a favor and see if we can smelt these mysterious iron ore for us. Let’s create the Xuanyuan Divine Sword, kill Chiyou, and save the world. Damn, wouldn’t it be beautiful for everyone to restore the human heads that our descendants of Yan and Huang should have. Seeing what you did just now, you are also a kind-hearted person, saving the common people of our East Rabbit Great Tang, you should be happy to do it, right? ”

Robb is still willing to help in terms of being deep in one’s heart. Thinking of the rabbit heads in the whole country of Dongtu Great Tang, I always feel that there is a way to turn them back into human heads. Of course, he is absolutely willing, but… if he agrees just like that, it is obviously not his style, and it is not in his own interests. The price that should be discussed should still be discussed.

Robb hummed: “Do I look like someone who likes to help others? Look, I’m blond, a Westerner, and you should also know that I’m a Westerner who likes to do business. There is no help for nothing, only business experience to talk about. Unless you pay enough price, I can’t help you in vain.”

“Hey? The monk said: “Do something for the common people in the world, you shouldn’t care about personal gains and losses.”

“Is it really for the common people?” Robb squinted, stretched out his hand and pulled Shi Su in front of him: “Do you think Recover the human head?”

Shook the head: “I don’t care if it recovers.”

Robb turned his head to a female rabbit behind him and said: “Master Hawk Sect My daughter, do you want to restore the human head?”

The female rabbit said: “Master Yang, you are mistaken, I am the Sect Master of Blood Hand Gate.”

Robb : “…”

She continued: “I’m not very interested in recovering or not. Anyway, I’m considered beautiful among rabbit people. Who cares if it changes back to a human head? Of course. , if you change back to a human head, it doesn’t matter.”

Robb turned back to the monk: “Listen, these girls don’t really matter, so your ideal is simply not for the world, but for you. These grotesquely shaped guys.”

Monk: “You’re right, I’m speechless.”

Robb said: “So, let’s talk about business. Let’s go.”

The monk said with a sad face: “Okay, what conditions do you want?”

Robb said with a smile: “Actually, my conditions are very simple, you collect Xuanyuan Xuan iron, Isn’t it just to kill Chiyou? After killing Chiyou, you don’t need to build the Xuanyuan Sword, right? So, my condition is, I will help you build the Xuanyuan Sword, kill Chiyou, and then you will give me the Xuanyuan Sword, So it’s over, how?”

Monk: “Huh?”

Taoist: “Huh?”

beggar: “Huh?”

A group of people all looked at Robb with weird eyes!

Robb said: “Why are you looking at me like this?”

The monk, Taoist priest, and beggar all asked in a vigilant tone: “What are you doing with Xuanyuan Sword? , do you want to use it to order martial arts, do not dare not obey? If so, we can’t promise you, we can only fight with you.”

“The ghost wants to command martial arts.” Robb was happy: “I can order the evil faction now, believing or not I can order the righteous again?”

When he said this, a golden rays of light rose up from Robb’s body, a burst of Let everyone feel the incomparable power, bursting from him, scared all the decent people back half a step.

Robb took the golden light and hummed: “Do I need a broken sword to order the martial arts?”

Everyone: “…”

Robb said: “I want that sword, mainly to kill Black Dragon!”

The decent people suddenly gasped, making the global climate a little warmer: “That thing you Dare to kill? That one is much more terrifying than Chiyou. Chiyou was at least once defeated by the Yellow Emperor. There are many records in the history books. Various immortal art Taoism has an effect on Chiyou. But for more than a thousand years, Black Dragon has It has attacked Dongtu 132 times. After several dynasties and generations, no one can stop the Black Dragon. That thing is invincible! No matter how strong you are, you can’t deal with it, even the Xuanyuan Divine Sword. It’s not enough to kill Black Dragon.”

“That’s right! Your opinion is absolutely correct.” Robb said: “Even if you use the Xuanyuan Divine Sword, you can’t kill the Black Dragon, but if you count Equip the Xuanyuan Divine Sword to the strongest group of people in the world, so that the team’s attack power will be greatly improved. Then, I will hold the Black Dragon in the front, and a large group of people will stab and poke with the Xuanyuan Sword, then there will be a chance. Kill it.”

Everyone: “…”

Robb said: “Whether you are believing or not, anyway, I have already carried out this matter, if you have the ability If you contact the merchants who often take the Silk Road or the Ancient Tea Horse Road, you can find out from them that the entire western world is already preparing to kill the Black Dragon. The whole people are united and vow to kill the Black Dragon. Let’s see if Eastern World is following you.”

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