After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 693

As soon as these words came out, the people of Upright Sect couldn’t help but be dumbfounded. They knew that this foreigner should not lie, because such lies are too easy to be pierced. , There are so many merchants on the Silk Road and the Ancient Tea-Horse Road. It is not difficult to find a few. When the time comes, if you ask in person, you can pierce the lie. No one would tell such a stupid lie.

By putting it that way, is the Western world really preparing to deal with Black Dragon?

In an instant, everyone’s blood surged!

Chapter 964 continues the last transaction

Upright Sect is not a joke.

In recent years, novels are popular to write Upright Sect as a bad person, making the evil faction seem to be the good person. That is all bullshit. The four words Upright Sect represent a kind of spirit, a kind of Will, a bad guy without that spirit and will, would not be willing to join this Sect.

And the cultural atmosphere and behavior in Sect will also make good people better.

A small number of bad apples can’t hide the more characteristics of good people in Upright Sect as a whole.

There are many people in these Upright Sects who once dreamed of walking the rivers and lakes with swords and setting the country with swords. When they first started to practice martial arts, many people thought about killing Black Dragon and saving the common people.

Only, when they became more and more aware of how powerful Black Dragon was and how powerless they were, they realized that their childhood dreams were just illusory.

During the process of growing up, that dream was gradually smoothed out by reality and became a mature middle age person who no longer dreamed.

Now hearing Robb’s remarks, many people suddenly recalled the dreams they had when they first learned martial arts when they were teenagers.

“If…if the western world really wants to attack Black Dragon, and there is hope…” Shaolin monk couldn’t help but get excited: “Old Na is also willing to give his meager strength.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Taoist Wudang next to him looked at the head: “Will it be another overestimate one’s capabilities?”

Beggars’ Sect Elder said: “The Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period VI In the era of Rabbit Hegemony, War God, General Tu Yinhu, summoned a 400,000-strong army to fight Black Dragon in Changping, and 400,000 people were completely wiped out by Black Dragon…”

People from the Immortal Sword Sect in Shushan also said : “In the era of the Three Rabbits Contest for Hegemony, a huge army of 830,000 people fought with Black Dragon at Chibi. As a result… all 830,000 troops were burned to death by Black Dragon…”

They shua~ shua~ shua~ listed several famous battles in history, shook his head and sighed: “How can Black Dragon be so easy to deal with? I’m afraid that the Western world’s organization to deal with the Black Dragon army this time will be like our original one. Efforts are the same, all in vain.”

When they said this, the monk Shaolin who had just expressed his position was also taken aback. …This is also true…Black Dragon is really not easy to deal with, you guys…Black world, do you have a good strategy to deal with Black Dragon now?”

Robb spread his hands: “Well, there is a good strategy. Ah, that isβ€”I’m very strong!”

Everyone: “…”

How does this sound strange? It always gives people a kind of unbelievable rush.

Robb said with a smile: “At the end of the day, you are afraid of death, afraid of being killed by Black Dragon, so you scared yourself and didn’t dare to go, tsk tsk, there is a saying, Jianghu The older you are, the less timid you are.”

Everyone blushed a little.

Robb said: “With me here, there is no need to be afraid of being killed. There is something that I wanted to do a few days ago, but I deliberately kept it from doing it, just waiting. Now that everyone is here, I can almost start.”

He suddenly turned around and said to Shisu who was behind him, “Thi Girl, I’m here to talk to you about the transaction again.”

Shiso didn’t know whether to cry or laugh: “I don’t need to talk about this, at first I really don’t believe it. You, but after getting to know you in recent days, I found that you are a good person and also have strength, I am willing to give you a piece of Xuanyuan Xuan iron from Qiantangzong…”

Robb said with a smile : “I don’t want you to give it away, I want to trade.”

Xie Su: “Why are you so awkward?”

“It’s my characteristic to be awkward.” Robb said: “Anyway, I’ve put forward the conditions now. If you think the conditions are suitable, we’ll make a deal.”

He stretched out his hand and pointed to a row of new graves by the river, where the entire Qiantang Sect was buried. The corpse: “Girl Shi, I will use the lives of your Master, Mistress, Senior Brother, Junior Brother… in exchange for this piece of black iron in your hand. You give me the black iron, and I will let you sect everyone. Resurrection, how?”

“Resurrection?” Shi Su was shocked.

Besides the monk Shaolin, Taoist Wudang, Beggars’ Sect Elder, and a group of wicked female rabbits, all stunned, what kind of nonsense is this?

Robb said: “Okay, I guess you can’t understand it, in short, you will know after reading it. Shisu, you can dig up a corpse at random, and I will resurrect it for you to see.”

As soon as Shi Su heard this, she quickly shook her head: “No, no!”

The group of decent people next to him were also embarrassed: “Foreign donors, don’t make a fool of yourself. For safety, don’t disturb.”

Robb: “Ah, after staying in the west for a long time, I forgot that there is a tradition in the east for peace. This is very embarrassing.”

He had no choice but to turn to the group of evil sect girls next to him: “The decent people can’t rely on them at this time. Anyone of you can do me a favor and dig someone out.”

The decent people shouted in unison: “No!”

Shi Su also called out, “Don’t disturb the tomb of my Qiantang Sect.”

Robb knew that these people couldn’t make sense for the time being because they didn’t see it with their own eyes. Before I saw it, I definitely couldn’t believe that someone could resurrect the dead, so I had to use force at this time.

He suddenly stretched out his hand and pointed to a new grave in the distance: “Thunderfall Art!”

In the clear sky, a flash of lightning came down from the sky, slamming straight into the sky. On the head of the tomb, an arm-thick lightning struck a big hole in the grave.

This time, it is no longer clear what it means to be buried in the ground, and the tombs are split open.

Everyone: “…”

Xie Su was a little unhappy, and looked at Robb with a flat mouth: “If you don’t give me an explanation, I’ll be in a hurry with you.”

Robb said with a smile: “Don’t worry, although you are so angry that you want to jump up and beat me, but five minutes later, you will hug my neck and give me a hard kiss on the face, but because You are a rabbit head, I will push you away, so you can’t kiss.”

Xi Su: “…”

When the two were chatting here, the next Several of the evil female rabbit people from the sect had floated to the side of the tomb, lifted a coffin out of the big hole split by lightning, and placed it in front of Robb.

The lid of the coffin was opened, and there lay a rabbit man who had been dead for several days, and the body was a little smelly.

The evil sect girls hurriedly pinched their noses to get out of the way.

Robb said with a smile: “It won’t stink soon, don’t worry.”

With a wave of his hand, it was a shaman’s resurrection technique, and he didn’t want to put it in this Eastern World. The angel came out with hot eyes, so he used the shaman’s resurrection technique. The animation effect was minimal, just a green light wrapped around the corpse. After a few seconds, the smell disappeared.

The color of the corpse also quickly returned to the color that the living bunny should have, and then the bunny shouted “Ah”, jumped out of the coffin, and shouted: ” Shameless monster, commit my Qiantang Sect, I am Qiantang Sect Inner Sect eldest disciple, even if I die, I have to… eh? Eh? What’s the situation here?”

Chapter 965 Making Xuanyuan Sword

Inner Sect eldest disciple looked left and right with a confused look on his face, and saw that the place he was standing was a coffin, surrounded by people in the Upright Sect, he was stunned for several times, and suddenly said: “Ah, I get it! I was badly beaten by the bad guys, but I didn’t die, you dug me out, and then these decent seniors rescued me with a secret medicine pill or secret technique, right?”

Everyone: “…”

Inner Sect eldest disciple made a big bow to monk Shaolin and the others: “Senior life-saving grace, everyone, the spring will repay you in the future, wait for me first. Go and take revenge on the sect, and then be a pawn for the seniors.” After that, he turned around and was about to leave.

Shi Su was stunned beside him for a long time, only then did he react and shouted: “Senior Brother, hurry up, hurry up and dig out Master, Mistress, Junior Brother, Junior Sister and all of them.”


“What?” Inner Sect eldest disciple said with a bewildered expression: “What the hell is going on?”

He suddenly saw Robb sitting next to him wearing the clothes he sewed the day before his death. New clothes, I can’t help but say strangely: “Who are you golden retriever? Wear my clothes while I’m dead, isn’t it too fussy?”

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