After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 694

Shi Su threw Senior Brother to the ground: “Don’t worry about the clothes at this time! Go and dig everyone out.”

Everyone: “…”

At this time, Shi Su was overjoyed and couldn’t tell the difference between East, South, West, North. She rushed towards Robb and hugged Robb’s He wanted to give him a strong kiss on the neck, but Robb was ready to push his hand on her shoulder to block it.

Cricket has a rabbit head, so what if you are the number one beauty in Suzhou, East Hangzhou? Rabbit-headed beauties are not uncommon, never want to kiss this Uncle!

The Inner Sect eldest disciple and Shi Su worked together, and soon they dug up two more bodies. Robb threw two of his hands back to life, and then became four people to dig, four to eight, eight to ten Six, sixteen minutes and thirty-two…

It didn’t take long for everyone in the Qiantang Sect to stand in front of Robb, all beards and tails.

The most interesting thing is that the Sect Master of Qiantangzong dug out a skeleton and placed it in front of Robb. Robb flicked his hand to resurrect, and then resurrected a white rabbit. It looks like a white rabbit, but if you look closely, it’s not a white rabbit, it should be a gray rabbit, but it’s so old that its fur has turned white.

He also looked stunned and said: “What’s the situation? The old man was fighting Black Dragon at Leifeng Pagoda just now, why did he return to the helm in a blink of an eye, Aiya? Isn’t this a little girl who is picking up things? You are only in your early teens, how come you have become a big girl now?”

I saw the large group of people who had just been resurrected, and crash-bang kowtowed to him all at once: ” Old Sect Master!”

Robb was immediately amused: “Oh, it seems that you are the old Sect Master of Qiantang Sect who was killed by Black Dragon at Leifeng Pagoda eight years ago.”

The old rabbit turned his head to look at Robb, and then looked around at the discipline of grand disciples who had grown up by eight years, with a confused expression: “What happened? Who is going to tell me something? Speak?”

After about ten minutes, things were made clear.

All Qiantang Sect members are deeply grateful to Robb.

Shi Su brought the black iron ore ingot to Robb with both hands: “My Qiantang Sect is looking for black iron ore, mainly to avenge the old Sect Master. Now the old Sect Master has been resurrected, it seems that even There is no need for revenge, this piece of ore, as it should be by rights, should be given to you, please accept it.”

Robb, of course, earns it with a smile, and there is no regret.

The monk Shaolin, Taoist Wudang, Beggars’ Sect Elder and the others couldn’t help but whisper, discussing spiritedly. After discussing for a while, they each called Disciple and took out the black iron they kept. Ore, some Xuanyuan Xuan iron stones in Sect’s hands are relatively small, only the size of a fist, while others are incomparable gigantic, as big as a stone table, and in a short while, a huge pile was placed in front of Robb.

These stones all shone with a splendid streamer and looked extremely beautiful.

Since everyone took out the stone, Robb honestly used it to rub the sword.

He first unified the size of the ore, made it into the specified volume of game materials, and then rolled it into ore ingots. In the end, he got a total of fifty-two black iron ingots.

This is the amount in the hands of the Upright Sects. If the mysterious iron ore in the hands of the evil sects is also obtained, there should be almost this amount, and finally about one hundred ingots of mysterious iron ore are obtained. Iron ingots are fine.

Next, here comes the problem!

How much equipment is enough for one hundred ore ingots?

If it is used to make full body armor, at most one set is made, because it takes more than twenty ingots to make armor, a dozen ingots to make shields, and the amount of greaves is not small, only The amount required to make helmets, shoes and gauntlets is smaller. In short, if you use it to make a full body armor, you can only arm yourself at most.

This is obviously not very good. Fighting the boss is not a matter of one person. Wearing all the best equipment by yourself is awesome, but it does not necessarily maximize the combat efficiency.

He thought about it seriously, and then divided the black iron ore ingots into groups of five.

Everyone couldn’t help but said strangely: “Master Yang, what are you going to do?”

Robb said with a smile: “Actually, to make a ‘Xuanyuan Sword’ as you call it, only Five ore ingots are enough, so I’ll rub a few more swords.”

Everyone: “What?”

I saw Robb stretch out his hand and rub it, five pieces. The ore ingots are fused together, the silver light shines, and it becomes a shiny long sword. Of course, it is not the traditional eastern three feet azure edge sword, but the western one-handed sword, which is wider. , slightly bulkier than the Oriental Sword.

However, the martial arts experts present did not dislike it, because, in their opinion, the “Upper Ancient Divine Sword” should be wide and thick, not as light as the three feet azure edge. Spirit is right.

While a group of people were around a sword clicking one’s tongue in wonder, Robb reached out and rubbed it, another!

One more rub, another one!

One more rub, one more.

It didn’t take a few seconds for Robb to rub fifty-two black iron ingots into ten Xuanyuan Swords, and put the remaining two ingots into his pocket.

Of course, this thing is just called Xuanyuan Sword by the rabbits. In Robb’s eyes, their name is “Xingyuntong Golden Dragon Killing Sword”, item level 1Level 20, must be accompanied by “Slaughter Sword”. “Dragon” special effect, dealing 200% damage to dragon creatures, in addition to two random enchantments, and four gem sockets.

(PS: In particular, in many games, the item level does not represent the equipment level. For example, the magic method series, Nobunaga’s Ambition OL, no matter how low the player level is, you can also directly wear the game There is no level limit for the highest equipment in the game. The item level only represents the strength of this equipment. This setting is adopted in “Dark Blade”.)

Chapter 966 Chiyou Rebirth

Ten Xuanyuan Swords were placed side by side on the table. Due to their different enchantment effects, various rays of light shined. The blue light was the magic damage enchanted with the Water Attribute. The flashing red light has additional power. The ones that flashed green had extra agility attached…

Anyway, multi-colored, set up a table.

Experts are all a little confused, Xuanyuan Sword! This is the legendary Xuanyuan Sword!

They thought that they had to combine the mysterious iron ore in the hands of everyone, and even take the ore from the experts of the evil sect, melt and smelt them all, and then make it into a sword, Who knows, just from this pile in their hands, they have made ten.

Monk Shaolin raised his head and said, “Xuanyuan Sword! Is it Chinese cabbage? Such a bunch of them came out?”

The Taoist priest Wudang was also embarrassed : “It’s too easy. Legend has it that Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan used Three Smells True Fire to smelt Tianwai Profound Iron, and it took 9 by 9, 81 days to smelt Suffered untold hardships, and finally created one, how did it come to you, hand A rub is a table?”

Robb said: “Then I don’t know! In short, come, the ten people with the highest martial arts come over, each of them grabs it, let’s kill Chiyou first, and then say goodbye. Yes.”

Everyone was speechless, well, let’s split the sword.

Upright Sect doesn’t have to rob everything like the evil sect expert, they are quite disciplined, and ten people were selected at the moment, Shaolin monk, Wudang Taoist priest, and the old Sect Master of Qiantang Zong are all among them , one person took a Xuanyuan Sword in his hand.

When everyone first got the sword, a strange expression flashed on their faces, like impulsiveness, greed, and an urge to turn around and run away with the sword. But this group of people deserves to be decent people. In the end, their character defeated their desire and did not do anything that would damage their identity.

Robb clapped to them: “Okay, ten rabbits with swords, now we should set off to find Chiyou. As for those without swords, please stay and deal with the ghost bandits. Well, the evil sect experts have gone to deal with the ghost bandits, if you decent people don’t take action, how will you laugh at the evil sect people in the future?”

Everyone think about it, it makes sense!

Ten decent experts with swords in their hands accompanied Robb to find Chiyou, while those without swords, like the evil experts, formed a small guerrilla team and headed towards the people along the coast. Small county to go.

Robb was about to set off with ten decent experts, but saw Su Su and a large group of female rabbits from the evil faction actively following him.

He couldn’t help but said with a smile: “You guys go too, anyway, I didn’t take you as hostages, you should have already felt that I won’t take you. The evil sect expert We are already dealing with the ghost bandits spontaneously and consciously, so you don’t have to follow.”

The female rabbits hehe said with a smile: “It is precisely because you will not treat us well that we will Let’s take a look with the past, such a wonderful thing, how can we not look at it? Besides, the moment we kill Chiyou, we should become humanoids. For women, appearance is what First Layer wants, we If you want to be a little mentally prepared at the moment of change, if you are not there, you will not be able to be mentally prepared for the change.”

That’s true!

Appearance is extremely important to a woman. Everyday all has to spend hours on makeup and dressing up. Before going out, she has to choose clothes or something. This is why women’s kung fu is not as good as men’s. One, you said that you spend a few hours a day on dressing up, while a man is practicing the exercises all the time. How can you be better than a man?

“Let’s go, let’s go!” Robb said: “I actually want to see what it will look like after you turn back into human heads.”

Xi Su whispered beside him whispered: “I was originally the number one beauty of Sudong Hangzhou, if I change back to a human form and no longer be the number one beauty, then I will lose blood.”

Robb: “en? What did you say?”

Robb: “en? p>

Shi Su said: “What I’m saying is, it is everyone’s responsibility to eliminate demons to protect the dao.”

Busan, this is not the Busan in Goryeo, but in Dongtu In the southern part of Great Tang, an ancient mountain range inhabited by ethnic rabbit people.

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