After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 697

This army is no longer Legion the bunny, but the Great Tang Legion with serious black hair and yellow skin. The soldiers are no longer guard soldiers who only grow radishes, but are determined and brave soldiers.

In addition, the Imperial Court has now recruited 18 BUs, and borrowed 18 BU’s of sea power to attack ghost bandits in all directions from the sea to the coastal land.

Robb knows that when Eastern Earth Great Tang really decides to go to war, he’s never weak! Defeating the ghost bandits should be as easy as blowing off dust, and Great Tang has nothing to worry about.

He also started to pack his things, ready to go back to the western world.

In fact, there are not many things to pack, just a big bag of Xuanyuan Xuan iron. By the way, once we return to the West, this thing should be renamed “Starfall Through Gold”.

The ten swords that have been made, plus the ore ingots that have not been used for the time being, are all packed into a large bag, which Robb can easily carry.

A group of people came to see off behind them, and they gave a salute together: “Thank you for your help to my Eastern Earth Great Tang, I don’t say thank you, if it’s useful in the future, we can help Just speak up.”

There are Upright Sects and experts from the evil faction in this group. It is rare for righteous and demonic paths to have such respect for one person at the same time.

Robb smiled and waved his hand, but there was nothing to say. He was about to use the city return technique when he suddenly saw a delicious and pretty woman with a backpack standing over, and he wanted to share a picture with him. Like walking together.

This woman is Shisu, the Snowflake Ocean Wave Sword of Qiantang Sect! The number one beauty of Suzhou East Hangzhou.

Robb Daqi: “Shi girl, what are you doing?”

Shi Su said: “I want to go to the Western world with you.”

” Watt?” Robb said, “What are you doing? This picture of marrying a chicken follows a chicken, and marrying a dog follows a dog. Are we already in such a relationship?”

Shiso turned beautiful When she was a rabbit head, Robb couldn’t understand her expression, but now she has become a human, and the expression is easy to understand. Her white eye just now was called a sexy bearing and charming temperament. Anger and anger, it’s not clear, it’s all about women’s feelings.

After rolling her eyes, Shi Su said solemnly: “Listen to you, the Western world has already begun to prepare to deal with the Black Dragon, and although the Black Dragon’s lair is in the west, it often comes to my Eastern Earth Great. Tang is here for disaster. On behalf of the Upright Sect of Eastern Earth Great Tang, I will go to the western world with you to see if there is really preparing to deal with the Black Dragon, and whether there is a probability of defeating the Black Dragon, if any. , I will come back to inform everyone, and then we Eastern Earth Great Tang people will also contribute to the fight against Black Dragon.”

Robb nods: “Well, there are good reasons, then Let’s go together.”

Respect every force willing to deal with Black Dragon, because Black Dragon is the common enemy of this world!

I originally planned to use the City Return Technique, but now I have to bring one more person back, so I had to use the Transmission Gate instead.

A purple Transmission Gate was thrown out by Robb and stood in front of everyone.

Seeing everyone is confused, there is no such wonderful thing in Eastern World, it is still quite difficult for them to understand this thing. Robb didn’t bother to explain to them, so he pushed Shi Su to the door, and then got in with him.

On this side of the door is the long-lost West Wind City.

As soon as I got through the door, the big loli Lars’s cry rang out on the hillside: “Ah! Godafather is back, and brought back an oriental yellow woman.”

It turned out that the big loli was practicing swords on the hillside, so immediately saw the Transmission Gate.

She shouted, Lillian, Little Yi, the two bright little nuns, Sofa and the others in the church all ran out, seeing Robb’s return, the girls were overjoyed, Come around together.

Shi Su was taken aback by this scene, sighed, and quickly backed away, thinking: How come these Western women don’t know how to be reserved at all?

She didn’t want to see Robb chatting affectionately with a group of women, so her eyes spun around the scenery all around. When she looked at it, she really didn’t know what to do, and she was startled when she saw it.

The prosperity of this West Wind City really opened her eyes. Big trains full of goods roared from a distance, and there were diesel cars running on the roads. Equal streets, The standard concrete house, the streets are clean and tidy, and there is not half a dirty gutter in sight.

This city makes people feel a kind of thriving, full of vigor and vitality.

When she turned her eyes to the mountain range behind the city, she suddenly discovered that there was a huge painting carved on the mountain as the background of the city. , is simply amazing.

In the middle of the painting, it is the Black Dragon who has been a disaster for thousands of years. In front of it, there is a hero fighting against it. The hero is vividly sculpted and the details are vivid. Well, on both sides of the Black Dragon, there are countless warriors who are attacking desperately.

Xi Su looked at the picture with her eyes, and her mind couldn’t help turning the picture into an imagination. For a moment, she seemed to be standing in the place where all the members of the West Wind City worked together and fought the Black Dragon bloody battle. in the scene.

“Ah, this painting!”

She wanted to turn her head and ask Robb, but Robb was reuniting with the girls after a long absence at this time, and the chat was very happy, so she had nothing to do with her.

She wanted to ask someone else, but she couldn’t understand the language, which made her a little embarrassed.

At this moment, a yellow-skinned, dark-haired middle-age person wearing a long gown and big hexagram walked in front of her, hugged a cup one fist in the other hand and said, “This woman, you Good! In Xia Shangyang, I am a person from Eastern Earth Great Tang who takes the ancient tea-horse road and does business with West Wind City.” Said: “Mr. Shang, I want to ask, is this painting real?”

Shang Yang said with a smile: “Of course it is true! This is four years ago, Black Dragon The battle scene when the attack came. At that time, I was still pulling my daughter to escape from West Wind City, didn’t expect Black Dragon to come, Godafather forcibly took all the attacks of Black Dragon, and let the others People had to attack it from the side, and we finally worked together to drive Black Dragon away, and this picture is the scene recorded at that time.”

Xi Su said: “Can he really hold Black Dragon? “

Shang Yang said: “It can’t be true, it can’t be true. Now all the countries here are making preparations to kill Black Dragon before the next Black Dragon Flying Year.” Dragon. Look, the train over there, pulled back, is all the material prepared to kill Black Dragon.”

Xie Su got to know Robb again. She couldn’t help but get excited: “It seems that killing Black Dragon is really not a dream.”

She took out a paper crane from her pocket, which was a communication paper crane given to her by Taoist Wudang. He said a few words to Zhihe, waved his hand, and the Zhihe headed towards Eastern World, and went away…

Chapter 970 Don’t Break Contact

Female Young Lady Miss Wang called. During Robb’s time in Eastern World, the female Young Lady Wang didn’t call him, not because she didn’t want to, but because she couldn’t get through. The distance is too far, the volume of the crystal ball is not large enough, the magic power it contains is not enough, and the communication distance cannot be reached. The last time Robb went to the new continent, the time difference was 4 hours, and the crystal ball could still be contacted, but this time when he went to Eastern Earth Great Tang, the time difference was doubled compared to that in the new continent, and the distance was as far as the crystal ball. . Now that Robb has just returned, the phone calls.

Robb answered the phone with a smile, and the elder sister’s face immediately appeared there. His usual majestic face seemed not at all eager, and said lightly: ” I’m back.”

Robb said:

“Oh!” The Queen said: “Then my call came at the right time. Robb squinted: “Not every few minutes. I just called one after another time, so that’s why it was so timely.

“How is that possible?” the queen hummed: “Don’t think I miss you so much, I didn’t think about it at all. She tone barely fell, and ran out of the No. 1 palace archmage behind her, reporting: ” Queen Your Majesty, you want us to prepare a large crystal ball, we have already prepared, you see, the two crystal balls are large, the magic content must be very large, and the communication distance must be very long. Guarantee in any angle on the world, will not cut off the communication with Godafather.

Robb looked through the crystal ball and saw that the No. 1 court magistrate was instructing a few subordinates to bring in two incomparable gigantic crystal balls, each the size of a horse. Robb sweated: “You prepared this thing, do you want me to run around the world with such a big ball? The queen “peng” slapped the table on the table: “Is this big for you? You use a giant transformation technique to become a giant, you can put a crystal ball of this level in your pocket, and keep it with me in the future, don’t just cut off contact. “

Robb spreads his hands: “Well, that’s what the woman who didn’t think about me said at all.” The woman raised her head, disdainful of the interface at all, directly ignoring the question, and cut to the point: “In the days when you went to Eastern World, we have worked very well to clear the monsters in the Jinghong mountain range. The vanguard has already Set up camp below Black Dragon Peak, and send a death squad up the mountain to try to draw the teleporter array. Robb laughed as soon as he heard it: “I told you to build roads, but you went to draw Transmission Formation. Needless to say, you must have failed.” “

The queen said: “How do you know you will fail?” “

Robb said: “Boss area! Black Dragon enjoys many special rules, if it stays on that mountain, that mountain will become a copy’, I know you don’t know what a copy is, in short, it’s a very special area, just like what you drew Like ‘Anti-Space Formation’, players cannot go directly to the depths of the dungeon through the Transmission Gate, but can only teleport to the door of the dungeon, and then walk in with both feet. “

The queen said: “No wonder! I wanted to ask you last time, why don’t you throw a Transmission Gate on Black Dragon so our troops can go up through the Transmission Gate without too much trouble, but now I get it. It turned out that the Transmission Gate couldn’t be drawn on that mountain…”

Robb said, “Is the person who went up to draw the Transmission Formation okay? Want me to resurrect? “

“It’s fine. “Queen Dao took the initiative to attack, even if she saw my Suicide Squad from a distance, she would not take the initiative to attack. This thing is really strange. Robb said with a smile: “This is called the ‘active attack area’, and each boss has an active attack area. Attack area, in this area, the Foreign Domain will not activate it, and once it enters, it will be activated immediately. So, as long as you don’t enter this area, no matter how you tease it will not be a problem. Even if you set up a cannon in front of it, as long as the cannonball falls on it, it will not react. “

The Queen couldn’t help but ask curiously: “Where did you know these rules related to Black Dragon? We, the people on the magic continent, have spent more than a thousand years without understanding it, and you will understand it as soon as you arrive. “Robb said with a smile: “It’s hard to understand, you just treat me as a god and know everything.” “

The queen squinted: “Don’t bluff people here, don’t you hate others to bluff people in the name of God?” If you really know everything, I have to ask you, do you know what I did last night? “

Robb said: “Why did you dream of me so late, you made out with me in the dream, and you still insisted on being there. I tried to turn it over, but you refused to press my chest hard to keep me from turning it over. ” Queen complexion greatly changed: “Is this also known? Really God? “

“No, I guessed it, didn’t expect it. “Robb hehe said badly with a smile: “Don’t rely on dreaming about this kind of thing. You come to Wind City through the teleportation i to find me, and I will make your dream come true right away. Also, I promise not to try to flip it up. “

“Go to hell!” The Queen snapped and hung up. Robb delighted: “Shutt, this woman is so funny.” Just after he sighed, he saw a huge crystal ball rolling out from the Transmission Gate in the West Wind City leading to the Black Tower. It was a new communication tool prepared for him by the female Young Lady Wang. It was very powerful. Make sure that any corner player on the world has a signal.

Robb smiled and hooked the head, and flashed to the crystal ball, reached out to touch the crystal ball, and then “Shrinking Spell”, the crystal ball followed his The people shrank together and became the big Robb of the ordinary crystal ball. Then he let go of his hand and lifted his Shrinking Spell. He himself returned to normal size, but the crystal ball remained shrunk. Only then did he reach out and pick up the crystal ball. , it’s a good thing to put it in his pocket to keep in touch. In fact, when Robb was in Eastern World, he also missed the young lady Wang, and it would be great to have a high-power phone.

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