After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 698

He began to think to himself: It seems that for the global communication industry, I will need an incomparable gigantic crystal ball to be the central server in the future. Magic can cover the distance of the whole world, should we build some more base stations? Put a medium-sized crystal ball every distance. No, you can’t think about it. The more you think about it, the more complicated it becomes. I can’t do it myself, I have to find a businessman who is willing to challenge, and fooling that businessman to do it is the kingly way. As soon as he thought of this, he saw the long-lost Marian Cotton sneak in from outside the church.

Chapter 971 I still like this kind of life

Marianne didn’t come alone, there was a woman behind her, an oriental woman, wearing the unique national costume of Tang State, Tingting Pinpin looks gentle and pleasant, and her facial features also belong to the type that is more of a pretty daughter in a humble family. Robb couldn’t help but wonder: “Who is this?” The pretty daughter in a humble family blushed and whispered, “Little girl Shang Hui, Godafather doesn’t recognize me?” Oh, yes! He lifted the curse of the rabbit head, and Shang Hui, who had been living in West Wind City, also turned back into a human head as it should be by rights. Robb didn’t pay much attention to her when she was a bunny head, didn’t expect her to look good when she got her head back. It’s full of oriental charm, and Robb quite likes the oriental charm. Marianne and Shang Hui came over together and sat down across from Robb’s stone table. The two looked at each other. Marianne didn’t say anything, but Shang Hui recognized Shisuo’s one after another outfit, like a “people in the rivers and lakes”, and couldn’t help but take a second look. Shi Su “Is there something on my face? Why are you staring at me?

Shang Hui blushed and said, “No, I just saw the heroine of Jianghu, and I yearn for it. Picking up sighed and said: “What is there to yearn for, people are in the rivers and lakes, can’t help it, how many children of the rivers and lakes have a complete family? A female hero like me, + there are seven or eight orphans! I sometimes want to do it too The daughter of an ordinary family, you are actually very good. The business tout is complete! The two of them were speechless in an instant. Marianne reported to Robb: “Godafather, in the days when you went to Eastern World, we opened a very special The long railway line has opened up the links between the three countries of the Gran Kingdom, the Desert Kingdom and the Norma Kingdom. Now, as long as you have a passport, you can travel between the three countries without obstacles. “Robb said with a smile: “That’s not bad, no wonder I saw a group of Knights from the Norma Kingdom walking down from the train that just entered the station. It turns out that the railway line has already led to the Norma Kingdom. That’s not bad, Marian said. with a smile: “The King of Heroes is very longing after learning about the convenience of our West Wind City. I hope we can go to Norma Kingdom to do these things. I am currently preparing a large multinational company to do business in Norma Kingdom. Robb gave a thumbs up: “Okay. “Marianne pouted: “But my father is firmly opposed to it, saying that it is too risky to be a multinational company, and a lot of people lose their teeth. Anyway, I don’t support it, it’s annoying.” Go dafather, tell my father to give me some money to go to Norma Kingdom. Robb was happy: “I can’t persuade your father about this. I persuade him, no matter what he thinks, he will agree, but this is obviously not the right way to do business. You still use your own way to think about how to get some money. Let’s do international business. Marianne said: “Where can I get money? Robb pointed to Shang Hui next to him: “She!” You and her, two youngsters, get rid of the old fogeys and start your own business, so that you can not only do business in Norma, but also in Eastern Earth Great Tang in the future. Don’t blame me for not reminding you, Eastern Earth Great Tang vast territory and abundant resources,…ahem…populous. Business there will be better, and in the future, it will become one of the largest markets in the world. “

The two businesswomen looked at each other and reached a consensus. Shang Hui turned to the scouting: “More than 1 silver will be spent in disorder.” “

” Picking up and sweating: “I don’t do business, money is something outside my body, and I am not a rare person in the world.”

Robb couldn’t help but asked: “Then I have a question to ask, how did the people in the Jianghu get the money?”

Zisuo’s face turned red with embarrassment, and after a while, he whispered, “…protection…

Well, when there is an avalanche, no snowflake is innocent, whether it is Upright Sect or a demon, the so-called Jianghu gang is actually what it is.

Robb reached out to her He patted heavily on his shoulder: “The collection of protection fees will not go far, don’t blame me for not reminding you, gangs also do business, and doing business will be the mainstream of your income in the future. If the government’s management becomes stricter and stricter, it will not be able to continue. You should find a serious way out for Qiantang Zong as soon as possible. Shisuo quietly moved two steps laterally, keeping his shoulders out of the range that would be photographed by Robb, and blushed: “Understood, I will think about this issue carefully. A few women ran aside to discuss it. …

Robb was idly sitting on his long-lost stone chair, and suddenly found that he still prefers this kind of life. Lillian brought him a plate of steak, and Sofa took a plate of Robb’s “created” The flying chess came out, put it on the stone table, and Robb raised the flag. Little Yi and two little nuns welcomed a group of believers from the new Light Church who came to the church to worship, and explained softly not far away If this world of “New Bright Bible” is really infinitely beautiful! It’s fascinating! Oh, by the way, it seems that someone has been forgotten by himself? Robb took out the crystal ball and called Sara: “Hey, Sara, Are you still venturing out? I have finished dealing with the Great Tang in East Free, and now I have returned to West Wind City. How is your situation? “Sara said with a big smile on the phone: The attack has no effect. We used the evil steel weapon you made, and we could only barely hurt it. The whole team spent a lot of effort, and finally packed one, and was planning to Bring its leash back to show you.” Hearing the word “wind snake”, Robb’s eyes lit up: “Interesting, get it back for me to see. After a while, a Transmission Gate lights up. Chris’s shoulders lit up. Sara, Golda, Jake the fire mage, melee herd, assassin, demonhunter and the others, carrying large rolls of leather, filed out of the teleporter. They looked tired, and all were dirty. But the spirit is very excited. Every time the adventurer finds something new, he will be so excited, as if all the hard work is worth it. Chris put the large roll of leather in front of Robb, said with a smile: “Godafather, I rely on my intuition from many years of adventure, this leather must be a good thing, you can see if it looks good, if it is really easy to use, we can still get a lot of it, how good is the wind snake within the valley.

Chapter 972 Storm Leather

This is the final leather for making the highest leather outfit in “Dark Blade”. However, although this item is of high level, it is not difficult to obtain, as long as Find some of the highest animals and kill them to get started. It is a very high-quality and easy-to-use top material in the game. He couldn’t help but rejoiced: “Not bad! You really found something good. In this way, our archer and assassin occupations can all change their equipment in a large amount.

Several adventurers shouted happily. , which means that it is one step closer to dealing with Black Dragon. At this time, Robb waved to Chris, said with a smile: “Come on, give you a good sword. He took a Xuanyuan Sword, oh, it should be called the Golden Dragon Killing Sword, and threw it into Chris’s hand. As soon as Chris got this sword, he felt the extraordinary magic power contained in the sword, and couldn’t help but rejoice: “Godarather, “Of course it’s for you. “Robb said with a smile: “You are the most powerful adventurer on the Continent so far, and you are worthy of this Divine Weapon. However, this sword has not been processed to the most perfect state, and it still has a few gems on it. The slot needs to be matched with the highest gems, and also needs some top materials to enchant it. In short, there is still a lot of room for growth, and the gems and enchanting materials will depend on you to find more oil. “Ha, leave it to us.” Chris was full of energy. He didn’t have time to chat any more. He turned around and rushed into the Transmission Gate, and went to the new continent to search desperately.

The remaining few people shrugged their arms and followed, only Golda was a little reluctant to leave, and asked in a low voice: “Godafather, then…that good sword…do you have it?” Robb said with a Smile: “go go go, come and ask me when you are worthy of such a powerful weapon.

Golda screamed: “Oh! My god! “

Sara and Jake came over with a choked smile, grabbed Golda, dragged him into the Transmission Gate, and said while dragging: “So hurry up and fight monsters, practice your fighting skills, don’t be there.” The screams there are so ugly, are you worthy of the top weapon, don’t you have any points in your heart? “

Golda said: “I also know that I am very good, but what if, what if there are many swords of that kind?

“How can there be so many top weapons?” The adventurers laughed and got back into the door, the purple’s teleportation disappeared without a trace, and they continued on their adventures.

Not far away, Shisuo turned his head and glanced at this side, and couldn’t help secretly sighed in his heart: The people in the western world are really united. In order to kill the Black Dragon, they are already working hard. I am in the east. Relatively speaking, the knights are really far behind. She walked out from the side, stood in front of Robb, and said in a low voice, “Master Yang, I heard you say that you lack some high-quality gems?” , need a lot of gems.”

Picking up the cable and saying: “I don’t need Great Tang, Sheng fine jade beautiful stone, maybe there is something you can use, I will use a paper crane to pass a book to it. , let the people at Upright Sect help you find strange stones and jade, maybe it’s what you need.

Robb: Picking up the cable: “No trouble, my warriors, eliminate demons protect the dao, Jian Dang Qiankun, that’s all part of it. “

Robb: “Starting to say nice things again, hello, will you die if you don’t say it?” ”

Why does time flies like electricity.

After more than a year…

The year 1354 is the year of the magic, and there are still two years before the next Black Dragon flying year. Years. The entire world, no matter the East or the West, whether the old continent or the new continent, is pervading an imposing manner.

Robb is sitting on his favorite stone chair, in front of him. It is like a piece of paper on the table, on which is written all kinds of materials, the quantity of equipment, and the names of the top experts who are worthy of these equipment. He uses lines to connect these equipment with the names, assigning Which equipment should be used by whom.

This work is very troublesome, but it is not a big headache for Robb. In the original world, he was the guild leader, and he allocated equipment on demand or according to DKP. For the members, arranging the personnel and equipment when brushing the team boss is a familiar thing. The only difference is that there are few guild members in the original world who listen to him. Ken completely listens to the words of the guild president foolishly. In this world, he will follow what he says. Everyone regards him as a spiritual leader and worships him incomparably. When he threw away his words, there are countless people who will try their best. To implement, there won’t be a half sentence. He is drawing the line next to a beautiful oriental girl, it is Shisu, she holds a cup one fist in the other hand to Ruo Robb and said: “We Qiantangzong will contribute money and help, by Robb, the first church to build the new Light Church, was overjoyed: “Yo? Has it been built? That’s very good.” The cemetery opened, and two dark nuns who had returned from secular life emerged from the Transmission Gate, laughing and choking, and waved to Robb: “Godafather, we’re back from the church in Suzhou, East Hangzhou.” Robb said with a smile: “Okay, I will drive over to the teleportation point, so it will be more convenient to travel between the East and the West in the future. As soon as I said this, another kind-hearted old monk slipped into the teleportation. It was the Shaolin monk who had met before. When he saw Robb, he immediately joined both hands together: “Amitabha, sheep donor, it’s really a long time no see. Robb was a little surprised when he saw that he actually came over: “Why did you come here? “

Shaolin monk said with a smile: “To tell you the truth, a few days ago, there was another meteor shower in the sky, and another piece of meteorite fell from the sky. However, the people present at the time surrounded After looking at Meteorite for a while, I have no interest in tearing it apart. After deliberation, everyone decided to work together to protect Meteorite, without fighting or grabbing, and send it to you directly.

Robb: “Did you make a mistake? Did the Great Tang specialize in attracting meteorites?” Monk Shaolin said proudly: “I am a kingdom with vast territory and abundant resources, and even God will give it to me. We send treasure, this is called the power of the country.


I owe it, you guys just blow it hard, and you try your best to chase the technology, this is enough It’s up to you to follow.

Of course, no one can stop and change the course of history, and Robb didn’t bother to care, said with a smile: “So, what about meteorites? “

Chapter 973 is now announcing the roster

Something is coming from the Transmission Gate!

It’s a big mess!

Clearly It’s just a small Transmission Gate that is just a little bit taller than a person, but an incomparable gigantic stone is drilled over. This stone is the size of a small villa. The technique lifts up and throws it into the Transmission Gate.

They at first also thought it was impossible for such a small Transmission Gate to throw such a big meteor, but the two captains who opened the teleportation solemnly vowed the guarantee no matter how big They tried everything through the door, didn’t expect to throw it in.

There was a loud noise of “hong”, and the big meteorite as tall as a small building was thrown into the back of the church. On the hillside, and then a large group of monks came into the Transmission Gate, they drilled over and looked left and right, clicking one’s tongue in wonder: “It’s too strange, this small gate can really enter such a big stone.

“Western magic is really unique! It has its own merits from my oriental cultivation technique.

“Whether formidable power or my oriental cultivation technique is higher, it is even more strange and miscellaneous. , or magic is more convenient.

These monks discussed spiritedly, until they saw Robb sitting not far in front, they quickly straightened their faces, bowed to Robb cup one fist in the other hand, and in front of the great expert, they Still have to respect Robb’s laughing and say to them: “Thank you everyone for helping me send stones.

Various sects expert quickly said: “It’s a small matter! By the way, there are jade stones you need, we have brought a lot of them, all kinds of precious jade, precious stones, Spirit Stones, we have brought some for you. This time, the equipment is really alive!

Robb couldn’t help asking them: “By the way, I haven’t been in charge of the East for more than a year. How are the ghost bandits over there?”

The experts laughed: “The scourge of the pirates has basically been leveled. The Imperial Court sent a general named Qi, who was so powerful that the main force of the pirates covered their head and sneaked away like a rat. And we people from all corners of the country have also tried our best to help Ruozifu to deal with the small gangsters who are running around. The eighteenth BU Gang Lord Zheng, who was recruited by the government, has now transformed into a guerrilla general of the Tang State. , guarding the southeast and south, with the huge naval strength, it is difficult for ghost bandits to get to the shore now. My Tang State has been peaceful.

Robb said “oh” meaningfully.

Robb said meaningfully.


“Since the Great Tang has been cleared, the experts of the Great Tang State can almost be transferred over to deal with Black Dragon. Monk Shaolin said very earnestly: “One after another time, we will join forces with each other, and we must be the world, in addition to this great harm.” Robb said with a smile: “Okay! Let’s work together, let’s work together. I was struggling with the allocation of equipment, but now I have a piece of meteorite, and I feel that the equipment is much better. He took out the crystal ball, dialed the elder sister of the woman and the king of heroes: “Hey, the king of heroes, come on!”

By the way, I also need to give Sifen “Poodle, it’s time for work,” said Kes.

“I’m not a poodle, I’m a sphinx.

“It’s almost the same anyway.

“It’s a lot worse, okay?

This moment is real, the power of the entire world has been gathered. lets go!

Let’s go! The entire world seems to be echoing the sound of the attack, all the cities, all the heroes, all the powerhouses, all are gathering in the mountain range.

The railway network has spread throughout the kingdom of Gran, bringing mighty warriors and mages, and the heroes of Norma and desert kingdoms, riding horses, galloped.

At the edge of Jinghong’s mountain range, an army immediately gathered. Of course, everyone is dark and white, and the range of activities on the top of the mountain is limited, so this army cannot all go up. Only the strongest group of people can go to the top of the mountain to kill Black Dragon, and everyone else can only refuel on the mountainside. In fact, the best place to deal with Black Dragon is definitely when it is attacking a certain city. The terrain is the widest and can deploy the most troops. However, no one knows which city Black Dragon will attack. Can you guys do it? No one will know when they arrive in that city in time. So, the best way is to kill it while it’s not moving in its lair, rather than waiting for it to come out. The terrain almost recognized it, and the army could only recognize it if it couldn’t move away.

At this time, Robb was standing at the front of the army, waving a roster in his hand, loudly said: “Now, the person whose name is read by me, come out and receive what I have prepared in advance. Good equipment, the names I read are the strongest experts I recognize. You have won the honor of being excellent against Black Dragon. The crowd in front of you became excited, and countless people made saliva, nervous!

Being recognized by Godafather and joining the Black Dragon crusade is indeed an extremely honorable thing, it is worth a lifetime, no, in a few lifetimes, the children and grandchildren will be able to blow it.

“However, I also want to remind you. “Robb said: “Even if we are fully prepared, we can’t say that we can kill it 100%, and many of you will die. There are disdainful smiles on everyone’s faces: It’s just death, whatever it is. Have?

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