After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 699

Robb said: “Of course, I can resurrect you, I can resurrect you after you die, so none of you are afraid of death, but do you think However, if I die, what will happen? The black goes back to the black, but no one backs down. No one dares to stand here today, no one is weak, no one is timid and cowardly. The king of heroes stood up and loudly said: “If Godafather dies, then we will accompany you to die together! Even if we die, the bravery we stand up against the Black Dragon today will be recorded in the annals of history. We were born as human beings and come to this world for a walk, isn’t it just to be recorded in history? After this battle, whether dead or alive, I have written epics, nothing good. “Everyone gathered together to learn. The King of Heroes is indeed a figure worthy of respect.

Robb laughed: “Well said! I respect you as a man, well, now I will announce the main team members who participated in the killing of Black Dragon,

Robb loudly said: “Queen of Gran Kingdom, Earth Element magician and psychic magician, Elizabeth VII! The team is in charge of DPS, and the first person to call was the female Young Lady Wang.

She did her part and stood by Robb’s side. Robb handed over a set of prepared equipment to the It was in the hands of the female Young Lady Wang.

The queen smiled and said, “This time, you finally got the name right, you didn’t call it the sixth or the eighth.

Robb said: “Because I didn’t write this list, I just read it. Pregnancy:

Chapter 974 starts!

Robb will live She took out a set of top-level mage equipment such as scepter and demon-weave cloth suit and handed it over to the female Young Lady Wang. She knew that these equipments do not need to be replaced in a special room, they only need to be worn on a whim, and these equipments are unfathomable mystery. It was automatically worn on her body.

In an instant, the female Young Lady Wang was transformed into a gorgeous look, but she didn’t like this look because she had been dealing with Robb for many years. One thing is clear, Robb’s clothes are all the same shape, if a female magician comes to the stage in a while, she will bump into her shirt. The female Young Lady Wang took out a set of appearance outfit “white wedding dress” from the package. ”, put a set on her body, and in an instant, she became the most beautiful woman. She dazzled the audience, and all the women couldn’t help but secretly sighed: Fake! As expected of the Queen of the Gran Kingdom, she is incomparable. Robb smiled at her, but said nothing more, turning to the people in front of him: “The No. 1 member, King of Norma Kingdom, descendant of the brave, King of Heroes! Team leader, deputy T, the hero king of the BUF Norma kingdom took great strides and walked towards Ruo Robb.

Robb smiled and said this set of armor is mainly for you to carry the small dragon of its summer. The King of Heroes said with a smile: “It is a great honor to get such a Supreme Treasure, and I dare not pursue the best.

“The third member, the Guardian God beast of the desert kingdom, Sphinx xx! Team responsibility, DPS! “

“The fourth member, adventurer guild, anti-warrior, Chris! Responsible for the team, Deputy T!

“The fifth member of the group, the Great Tang Shaolin monk, team leader, DPS!”

Robb’s name goes on one by one… Grand Duke Madeleine, Berserk Earth Parses, Lori Lars, Golda, Jake Fragrance, Elsie, Eddie, Noren, Sofa, Ishgamel, Conte, each of these names represents a memory, a life, A period of mutual affection, a Legendary, an epic. He has lived in this world for ten years, and for ten years, he is not alone, he has such a large group of friends. Without the support and help of these people, no matter how strong he is, he will not be able to live happily.

The main force will be organized soon.

Robb was about to announce that the main team was ready when he suddenly heard someone in the crowd shouting: “…The great magician of the court, St. George, why wasn’t he selected? I’m so powerful?”

Everyone was quietly listening to Robb’s arrangement, and the sound rang out abruptly, causing everyone to stop for a few seconds.

Then, a group of people rushed over and beat George to the ground: “Damn mental retardation! You dare to talk nonsense in front of Godarather? Do you want to die?”

“When did you become St. George again? Don’t put a holy word in front of yourself.

“Go away with your fireball the size of a ping-pong ball, you can’t even defend the Black Dragon Can’t break. “Robb didn’t know whether to cry or laugh: “This dude, stop hitting him, he’s going to join my No. 2 team.”

“Huh?” Everyone froze in unison: “So mentally retarded?”

Robb said with a smile: “Dealing with Black Dragon is a major event for all mankind, No matter how different it is, there is still room for it, let him get up.”

It turns out that playing Black Dragon in the real world also has an advantage that cannot be compared in the game world, that is, there is no limit on the number of people. In the game world, the dragon is a guild boss, only the players of the corresponding guild can fight it, and it will be refreshed in one after another Independent Space of the guild, and only a maximum of 40 players are allowed to form a group to play.

But in the real world, this number limit is gone.

As long as the space around the Black Dragon allows, no matter how many people can hit the Black Dragon at the same time. That is to say, in addition to the main group to deal with Black Dragon at the front, it is also possible to organize the first group, the third group, and even the fourth group. If the main members are injured, killed in battle or run out of magic power, they can be carried away immediately. The members of the second group at the back fill in. As long as everyone sacrifices their lives and builds the Great Wall of unyielding with their own lives and souls, there is nothing to fear.

Quick, the second, third, and fourth groups are all formed. In addition to the main groups at the front, there are countless elves, archer, magician, Dragon Hawk, and scorpion tails. Lions, Lions, Bats, “Let’s go! Towards Black Dragon’s lair.

With Robb’s order, a huge army marched towards Black Dragon’s peak.

The preparation of the entire world for more than two years is not in vain. From the edge of the Jinghong mountain range, a road leading directly to the Black Dragon peak is at the feet of everyone. All the monsters along the way have been annihilated. Humans Now you can eat hot pot and sing songs, and walk to the bottom of Black Dragon easily.

This flat road enables Tanks in West Wind City to easily advance to Jinghong mountain range Among them.

The army followed behind the large group of Tanks and came to the bottom of the Black Dragon peak.

Jinghong mountain range, Black Dragon peak. This is a mountain range located in Jinghong mountain range. The peak in the northeast, its peak is covered with snow all year round, and the peak was originally the residence of a group of giants of the snow mountain.

However, more than a thousand years ago, Black Dragon Avisos suddenly broke the dimension and traveled through the Come, wipe out all the giants of the snow mountain on the top of the mountain in one fell swoop, occupy the mountain, and then, this mountain becomes the lair of the Black Dragon. Every four years, the Black Dragon flies out from this mountain and attacks a city, vol. Countless gold and silver jewels came to be stored in the cave on the top of the mountain. For more than a thousand years, the cave has been full of treasures, so full that the treasure overflowed from the entrance of the cave. The Black Dragon was lying at the entrance of the cave, using a pair of terror It looks like every person who tries to snatch its treasure. Hundreds of years ago, there would be brave adventurers who would continuously climb the mountain to challenge the Black Dragon. However, there is no chance of victory in sight, so recently, For hundreds of years, no one has challenged the majesty of Black Dragon anymore. It was the arrival of Robb that reawakened the courage of mankind to challenge evil.

At this time, the Black Dragon peak has also been repaired. A winding mountain road was built, and it went round and round. The villagers were very frightened when they first came to build the road. They were afraid that the Black Dragon would rush down from the top of the mountain and kill them.

But Godafathe r is right, as long as you don’t get into the distance of 200 yards around Black Dragon, it will not trigger its attack, even if it is watching you with a pair of terrifying eyes, it will not attack you at all.

So, the villagers let go of their courage and built the mountain like a giant mosquito coil, and circled it up.

Chapter 975 Who dares to disturb my sleep

Finally a great decisive battle

Adding one more tank for a great decisive battle took the lead on the winding mountain road , Climb up round by round, and when you reach a position far from the top of the mountain, you don’t continue to go up, because Tank’s main gun shoots fire bombs, and the range is far enough, and it is enough to stop here. However, the elevation angle of Tank’s main gun is not enough, and the barrel can’t be raised high. Therefore, the first thing the Tank troops did after stopping was to use a stone to raise Tank’s chin, so that Tank’s gun barrel was high. Lift up, facing the direction of the top of the mountain. Just as the Tank troop was preparing, the second troop that stopped was a large-scale demonic path troop. Countless large boxes were placed on the side of the road, and gun barrels were erected one after another. These were all Thor. roar.

The demonic path tool production teams of the three countries have made great efforts to create a lot of Thor’s Roar, and all Thunder Element magicians have tried their best to reserve magic power for these Thor’s Roar. After Thor’s Roar, a large number of giant ballistas were erected. The giant crossbow arrows were made of high-quality whole boxwood, and the arrows were made of Titan steel essence, which was extremely sharp. Above the giant car, there are a large number of elf longbowmen, they come from various forests in the world, the best elf archer, use the best longbow, all rubbed by Robb’s hands, with an extra range of longbow, which makes their range It is 50% higher than ordinary archers, which can prevent them from squeezing with ordinary archers and make the lineup more open. After longbowmen, there are ordinary archers and drivers. The top circle is magician! The magician’s range is a little closer than the archer’s, and it can also stand in three-dimensional position. In the middle of these magicians, there are countless priests, and the priests have only one main job, which is to keep treating Robb, because everyone knows that this battle can continue only if Robb does not fall. Once Robb falls Come on, Black Dragon catches and destroys whoever, no matter what equipment you wear, it won’t work.

In front of the mages and the priests, there is a large row of Mayan eagles and Amazon warriors. They are good at using throwing spear attacks, which are closer than the magician’s range, which is better to make up for. In front of this is a row of dwarven axe throwers mixed with Robb’s newly invented combat unit “Grenadiers”, with a circle of demonic path equipment called “grenade” hanging around their waists. Filled with powerful explosion magic. In front of the grenadiers, there were no large units. There are only four teams, the main team led by Robb, and the second, third, and fourth teams in rotation.

The power of all mankind! Gather here! The main group led by Robb stood not far in front of Black Dragon, about 250 yards away, watching Black Dragon.

Black Dragon is watching them too! Robb didn’t react, but he heard the nervous “bump” of the hearts of the people around him. Golda whispered: “It’s looking at us, its big eyes are looking at us, my heartbeat is so fast, it really won’t kill it directly?” Robb said with a smile: “Don’t worry! Do you think it It’s looking at you, but no one is actually looking at it. Everyone: “? “

Robb said: “It is actually not wise, although the IQ of dragons is very high, even much higher than that of humans, but only this dragon, it has no IQ at all, it is A machine that acts according to program and setting. Its eyes look like it’s looking at someone, but it’s not looking at anyone. Everyone: Robb said: “I know you have a lot of things that you can’t understand, but you just need to remember one thing, listen to my command, must obey the command, as long as everyone acts according to the command, we will not lose.” : “Oh!”

They responded in low voices, for fear of making Black Dragon angry, even though Robb repeatedly told them that Black Dragon was not angry. Robb shouted: “Everyone is in your place!”

Then, layer upon layer of messengers, the Small Captains of each unit, began to spread this sentence: “Everyone is in your place!”

“Everyone is in your place!”

From the first regiment at the front to the second, third, and fourth regiments in the back, the order was passed down layer by layer, reaching the farthest Tank unit.

Robb stood still and listened carefully to the echo. It took a few seconds to hear a Captain’s voice from the last Tank unit. a smile “This way of Chuanxun is too backward, no, you can’t use this ancient way to send orders, when you fight BOSS, you can change quickly, so Chuanxun has only a dead end. He opened the bard’s skill “Sound of Heaven”, loudly Said: “Everyone listen to my orders directly, stop playing the messenger, this outdated gameplay is not suitable for his nice voice when playing this dragon, it reverberated throughout the mountain, and everyone was instantly quiet. Everyone is thinking: With such a loud voice, will the dragon be so noisy that he will kill him?

However, not.

The dragon still “sees” if everyone, completely motionless. Robb ordered loudly: “Except me, don’t stand near Black Dragon’s head. If you can’t bear the splash damage, retreat to the wings and back of Black Dragon. Young lady Wang is a little reluctant. Leaving Robb’s side, but she is a woman who knows the importance. At this time, she will not be shaken by the love of her children. She stepped back calmly and stood with the magicians. Robb loudly said: “All Thor Roar, tank demonic path gear, grenadiers don’t fire, remember, don’t use all attack methods that consume materials, hold them all for me, don’t fire a shot, don’t fire a bullet, whoever can’t help being the first to go out Hands down, back to military law disposal. Until I call to shoot, you will shoot again. Everyone complied in unison: “Yes!” “Okay!”

Robb looked at everyone’s positions and found that everyone was standing in their designated positions, so loudly said : “Prepare to start a group!” The receiver, they saw that Robb began to walk forward.

After adjusting the position just now, Black Dragon’s head is directly opposite, and there is only Robb alone. If everyone is watching Black Dragon and Robb, for everyone, these two creatures are actually the same. The monster, the invincible Black Dragon, and the invincible Godafather, only the two of them are qualified to face each other like this. In front of everyone, Robb was just such a person, swaggeringly, walked towards Black Dragon.

290 yards, 240 yards, 200 yards, and 199 yards at the moment when Robb walked into the 200-yard range of Black Dragon, Black Dragon, who had been squatting quietly, swiped the ground and stood still. When he got up, two huge black wings stretched out toward the sky, as if a human being stretched out.

It shouted in a stern voice: “Who dares to disturb my sleep?”

Chapter 976 Steady the rhythm

Black Dragon: “Who Dare to disturb my sleep? The crowd of onlookers sweated profusely: “You weren’t sleeping at all just now, obviously stared wide-eyed watching us.

Robb laughed heartily, turned his head and said to everyone Ruo: “Every word it says is just a pre-determined program, if you want to spit its groove, you will be very disappointed, Because it’s Black Dragon flapping like wings: “I have slept here for a thousand years, stupid human, you dare to disturb me, I will let you know what the end is. Everyone: “You’ve been a ghost for a thousand years, and you’re going to go out and grab it once every four years.

Robb can’t help shaking his head secretly sighed: “You can never guess how low the salary of game copywriters is, so You never know what outrageous lines the copywriting will come up with. Excellent copywriting, now it’s all online novels.

As soon as it finished saying this, Robb swiped the ground and crossed a long distance, appeared in front of it, and then raised the Golden Dragon killing sword on the right hand and touched the ground. The sound hit Black Dragon’s face A!

Robb doesn’t want to use skills, saving mana is very important.

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