After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 701

However, it did not breathe in all directions at the same time, but in the direction of Robb in front of him, it spit out a wide, fan-shaped flame. Robb did not eat the flame hard, and In a clockwise direction, he slipped away.

Then, the red dragon’s head began to spin, and Xiang Ruo swirled in a clockwise direction, breathing over.

“Go! Go clockwise!”

Robb yelled, spinning and running.

Everyone suddenly realized, and hurriedly rotated.

This is not a rotation of one or two people, or one or two hundred people, but the whole circle, all the axe-throwers, grenadiers, archers, and magicians on the periphery must all rotate together, because their The shooting range is only about 60 yards, and the breath of Black Dragon has brought in all the distance of 200 yards. Thousands of people are spinning together, and the picture is so beautiful.

Fortunately, the mountain has been repaired in advance with a winding road that rotates like a mosquito coil. If the road was not repaired on the mountain in advance, it would be a bumpy tunnel. Now it is difficult to even rotate, and only more people are caught by stones or something. If you stumble, it will block the rotation of the people behind you. However, the guys immediately noticed that something was wrong. It turned out that in the process of everyone rotating clockwise at the same time, there were a group of people, but they did not rotate clockwise. These people are the knights from the East. At this time, there were no clocks in the East, and they didn’t have the concepts of “clockwise” and “counterclockwise” in their minds. When they heard the command of “rotate clockwise”, everyone’s face was full of emotion.

These people stand still, they get stuck in other people’s seats, so many people can’t turn around and block the way of others. In such a large array of thousands of people rotating together, once a few people get stuck, a serious domino effect will immediately form, and half of the entire large array will stop. The result of not rotating, of course, is collapse! The breath swept across the stagnant army formation, archer, magician, all fell down in the breath of fire, one after another fell one by one, hundreds of people were killed because of this, the dragon breathed down in a circle, and the surrounding army at least fell. Sixty or seventy percent.

Robb glanced at the miserable picture and couldn’t help but look at the head, this can’t be blamed on the oriental knights, only himself, the head of the group, didn’t take this into account before starting the group, this is the head of the group Wrong, he yelled: “Everyone back up, get out of the 200-yard range of Black Dragon, get out of the fight! Get out of the fight! Regroup, fight hard, fight hard! Hero King Daqi “Hey? out of the war? Won’t it hunt us down? “The elder sister of the woman also said strangely: “Can this thing be beaten again?” “

“Of course! “Robb yelled: “Get out of 200 yards, everybody out.” “

Everyone quickly backed up. At this time, the logistics force could not move the corpses, because there were too many burned corpses on the ground, and they couldn’t be moved at all. Everyone backed away desperately, and within a few minutes, Most of them saw the last person who also pulled out of the 200-yard range. Robb gave himself a mouthful of milk, then turned and ran.

Himer chased after him and bit desperately, but Robb was strong enough to carry His attack ran out of his escape range

In an instant, Robb ran 200 yards. Interestingly enough, Black Dragon had been aggressively chasing him, but when he ran 200 yards At the moment when it was within yards, it was obvious that Black Dragon’s mouth was about to bite on Robb’s shoulder, but it suddenly closed its mouth, then flicked its tail, and returned to its lair as if nothing had happened just now. At the door, he fell down with a thud, and then used his huge, emotionless eyes to look at the group of people who had been shopping with Zi 2 just now.

The color of the dragon scales on it also changed from dark red to red. Back to black. Everyone was surprised when they saw this bizarre scene. After Robb exited to a safe distance, loudly said: “I will start resurrecting the dead now, and the corpse that was carried out by the logistics force just now will be resurrected first, and it will die at a distance of 200 yards. I will drag out the corpses one by one immediately. During this period, everyone tries to rest as much as possible, eat food, drink water, and restore their state. “

Chapter 979 Do you know how to use a noose?

Everyone except Robb is very frustrated!

In their opinion, they are ready Over the years, such a large army has ushered in a shameful defeat.

But Robb doesn’t care at all, how can there be no reason to fight against the boss?

Only In the process of constantly destroying and destroying, can everyone get the experience of fighting BOSS. Experience is an extremely valuable thing. With experience, it will be easier to fight BOSS one after another. He is loudly to the depressed people said: “Don’t be in a daze, don’t you just lose once? With my resurrection, we can afford to lose. And I have already been prepared to lose a few games, so I let the demon path Thor’s Roar and Tank troops all stand by to save ammunition, do you understand now? “

When everyone heard this, they suddenly understood Godafather’s ammunition saving arrangement.

It seems that Godafatherat first knew that the dragon would be impossible to kill once, so all fill Similar demon path tools should be used sparingly, so that after the dead are resurrected, the demon path tools are useless. Everyone’s spirits are lifted! Now the first thing to do is to resurrect the dead, those who were moved out by the logistics soldiers early. It’s easy to handle. Robb’s group resurrection technique pulled them all up in an instant. These people died in chronological order. Some were killed by Black Dragon’s flaming meteor, some were swept to death by dragon wings, and some were killed by fire circles. Yes, some of them were shot to death by Black Dragon’s thorn armor. Because of their different death points, they were blinded by the battle situation that followed. Therefore, as soon as they were resurrected, someone jumped over to explain them desperately. What happened later.

Next, Robb will revive the hundreds of people who were burned to death by breath and whose bodies were less than 100 yards away from Black Dragon. At this distance, once Robb is resurrected He said to the Knights of the Norma Kingdom next to him: “You knights who live on the northern plains should be good at using ropes, right? “

“Good at it! “The knights said:” “

Okay.” Robb said with a smile: Then you are ready, I will resurrect one, and you will come back. “

The riders quickly still prepared the rope loops, but the expressions on their faces were weird…

I saw Robb threw away the resurrection spell against an elf archer. The elf Archer slammed the ground and sat up: “Ah, I’m dead! Is the dragon war over? Did we win? “Just after asking this sentence, he found that Black Dragon was still in front of him, and he was staring at him with huge eyes. He looked left and right, there were corpses all around him, and his teammates were all 200 yards away from Black Dragon. Standing at a safe distance, he was the only unlucky bastard who was just resurrected. The elf archer was so frightened that he almost urinated on the spot. Immediately stood up…

“My mother! ” The elf archer screamed: “Help! “Just as the shout came out, a noose flew from a distance and wrapped around his neck. Archer, the elf, grabbed the rope with his hands in a conditioned reflex to prevent it from strangling him. On his neck.

As it was placed, he felt a huge force yank back sharply.

It turned out to be a rider who was taking up the rope, no, It’s not a knight, it’s a group of knights pulling the rope at the same time, the power is great, the elf archer feels the body brush the ground and is pulled away at once. If he rushes, he will be pulled in the sky. Hengfei Black Dragon opened his mouth and bit him down, the elf archer screamed in fear, but the riders pulled so fast, Black Dragon’s mouth was only a few inches short, and ka-cha bit on the back of the elf archer Then, the unfortunate brat was pulled by the rope and flew over a distance of hundreds of yards, and fell outside the safety circle with a thud. Black Dragon didn’t chase after him, he flicked his tail back, and the elf archer patted The crowd laughed and scolded: “I have already died once, and it is not a big problem to die again.

“Ah! That’s true.” Everyone started to make it like this.

Robb revives a group, revives several people, and then slams several loops at the same time, pulling If these people are flying backwards.

This operation was repeated over and over again. After a long time, the hundreds of people who were killed were all rescued. The guys sit outside the Safety Sector, drink water, eat bread, and recover.

Robb also drank some water and recovered his MP. After the big loss just now, the warriors themselves also summed up a lot of experience, and said to humanity: “The next time we fight Black Dragon, we can’t do it any more. I died on this move, and at the moment when the dragon head swept across, to judge whether it would rotate clockwise or counterclockwise, we had to prepare an army of thousands of people to rotate together.

“Come on, let’s agree on a slogan, when the time comes, we will spin while shouting the slogan. “

The slogan is a very magical thing. It can make everyone’s actions uniform through the tone of the cadence sitting. This is a trick that human beings have used since ancient times. Warriors discuss Spiritedly, at this time Robb waved to the knights who came from the east: “Cough…cough…all of you guys, come here, I have to tell you what is clockwise and what is counterclockwise. “The knights are quite embarrassed. The reason for the annihilation just now is to talk about it. What exactly is clockwise and anti-clockwise, we are all ears.

Robb asked someone to bring a pocket watch and patiently gave it to them. Explain, not only what is called clockwise and counterclockwise, but also the concept of “what time”, try to be as detailed as possible, so that everyone can understand it well, anyway, there is still a lot of time, unhurried time. After a full hour of Regrouping, explaining the main points, resting, replenishing food and water, by the way, someone went to the toilet by the way. The regrouping is complete!

Robb stood up again: “Get ready to start the group! “Everyone was refreshed, the inner circle, the outer circle, the top of the mountain, the mountainside, and everyone raised the fighting intent one after another.

“Come again! “

“We can win this time.” “

“We will never fall under the breath of the Black Dragon again.” ”

β€œGo Go Go!” Let’s go! ”

β€œSing a song until the end of time, the water is far and the mountains are high, and justice will not fall!” Today I am going to use this three feet azure edge, behead the Black Dragon, and make the world a brighter place. “

Chapter 980, the third stage is here

Black Dragon raiding group, the second time to start the group, Go! Robb took a big step and walked towards the front of Black Dragon alone.

Black Dragon swiped and stood up, raised his head, loudly said: “Who dares to disturb my sleep? “

The people behind couldn’t help sweating: “This dragon’s lines really haven’t changed. “

Robb said with a smile: “I told you all, its lines are set and will not change. “Someone asked from behind: “Are we going to start playing after the second stage just now?” “

“no!” Robb shook his head. “Start from scratch.” “As long as the boss is out of the battle, the HP will be fully restored. Black Dragon eats the rules of the game, so no matter how badly it is beaten by one after another, as long as it is out of the battle, it will be Once again full state, everything has to start all over again.

Guys: Well, this time I have a deeper understanding of why Godafather let everyone save demonic path tools.

This At that time, everyone already knew how to fight the first stage, everyone held their breaths, and when Robb fought a few times and stabilized the hatred, Robb said loudly: “Save the magic power attack! ”

magicians waved at the same time, Fireball Technique Frostbolt, all kinds of magic-saving little magic, flew out to the Black Dragon. The first stage was already familiar, and everyone played very easily.

The doomsday meteor released by Black Dragon was also easily avoided by everyone, especially the warriors of the three or four regiments who were killed by the meteor in the last round, avoided the meteor very carefully, this time even Everyone passed the first stage easily, Robb saw that Black Dragon’s HP was slowly approaching 80 million, and quickly said loudly: “Everyone stops, the second stage is about to start. “

These words made everyone’s faces become more solemn, the melee classes quickly dispersed, and the long-range classes quickly stopped, the magicians and Archer stopped early, for fear of being shot to death again this time. After eating a cut, Changzhi Black Dragon swiped the ground and turned into a dark red, a huge ring of fire burst out from it and spread outward, but it was already prepared. With a beautiful movement, the warriors all passed through the gap between the rings of fire accurately, and none of them died.

“Damn it, keep your mouth shut, don’t speak too loudly, you must have missed Godafather’s order. How to do. “Everyone quickly became quiet again, but everyone knew that that move was coming! The move that caused the gang’s annihilation just now must not be hit again this time. I saw Black Dragon taking a deep breath. In one breath, the surrounding bow and arrow formations and magician formations were all tight.

The faucet was thrown, and at the same time, Robb shouted loudly: “Counterclockwise, turn! “This is their absolute slogan. Everyone shouted the horn in unison. In the rhythm of the horn, the archer magician and the priest formed by thousands of people from the outside turned counterclockwise at the same time. Everyone stepped forward. With a uniform pace, no one dared to stop or fall. The whole army was in a perfect posture, spinning!

Spinning, jumping, I kept singing!

Dragon’s He breathed and spun around, but no one was burned.

Everyone relaxed and said with a big smile: “We escaped. “

“Shut up idiots,” Robb yelled, “Turn right now, clockwise!” change! “

“Watts? Just finished counterclockwise and then clockwise again? “

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