After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 702

“Black Dragon doesn’t make sense?”

“Damn it, why are you still turning counterclockwise? Now it’s clockwise!”

“Ahhh, Blocked.”

“It’s over!” Then Robb’s roar sounded again: “Everyone alive, get out of safety, get out of the fight, get out of the fight, and start the team again.”

Entering the resurrection rhythm again,

An hour later, the Black Dragon Raiders battle, the third group start!

Spin, jump, I can’t stop singing,

“Steering! Counterclockwise!”

Carter’s turn will make you close your eyes

“Turn again, clockwise!”

EZ, EZ, I want you to be easy…

“Turn again, ah, clockwise!”

The little fishman jumps again, and I will cut you into raw fish… This time, the second stage is finally spent in endless rotation. Robb looked up and saw that Black Dragon’s HP was only 50 million.

The toughest third stage is coming.

The third stage is the longest stage. This stage has a full 50 million HP, which is equal to the combined HP of the first stage and the second stage. Moreover, this stage is also the most difficult and dangerous. stage, because the Black Dragon at this stage will not only use all the skills of the first second stage, but also summon the little dragonfly.

“You, all the deputy Ts, get ready to pull the small dragon.”

The faces of the deputy Ts couldn’t help tightening after this shout. Before this Black Dragon battle, Robb’s most important thing was to communicate with the mates, because Robb knew very well that with his own T, it was impossible to deal with all the little Yalongs in the third stage. These little Yalongs are very small, and almost all of them have double the battle strength of the hero kings, and they will run around and bite all over the place.

Once the little Cone Dragon runs out of chaos, the formation of the team will be easily disrupted. At this time, if you put something like AOE on the Black Dragon body, it will easily lead to the destruction of the team. I know a few players have been killed under this move of Black Dragon. Therefore, before the war, Robb spent the most time talking with the deputy, and had the longest exchange of experience, and it was these guys who paid the most attention, and these deputy Ts also knew that their responsibilities were heavy.

Now, it’s time to test the deputy Ts. I saw that the color of Black Dragon began to transform again. In the second stage, it changed from black to dark red, and in the third stage, its color began to shine, and the dark red dragon scales began to transform into bright red. Scarlet, when it’s fully transformed, has turned into a red dragon.

Robb said loudly: “Everyone behind the dragon tail, get out of the way!”

Everyone behind the dragon tail hurriedly backed away, just as they dodged, they saw the dragon tail Ba swept back with a “huh”, with great power. The monk Shaolin, who flashed slower, almost died on the spot, so frightened that his face turned golden.

Chapter 981 The little dragon arrives

“The dragon egg has come out!” The hero king shouted: “Godafather told us before the war that this thing will hatch a small dragon, be careful , be careful!”

Chris and Golda also raised their shields nervously.

dragon egg, which will soon become a baby dragon, don’t look at them small, but the battle strength is not weak, at least equivalent to twice the hero: of course, using the hero king as a battle strength unit is really I’m sorry, but that’s the only way to describe it more intuitively. The King of Heroes is the descendant of the brave. According to his own estimation, he has half the battle strength of the ancestor “the legendary brave”, that is to say, each of the little Yalongs that will hatch out has the same as the “legendary brave”. The same battle strength. He’s aiming too far!

Everyone took out the mental preparations for the upcoming and the brave writer, and felt that the duck dish was as big as the mountain.

“Smash these dragon eggs.”

“No, don’t smash, Godafather said, attacking dragon eggs will lead to OT!” Before they finished speaking, Taoist Wudang Already a sword on a dragon egg. Seeing the strange expressions on the crowd, Wudang couldn’t help but ask in Tang language, “What is OT?”

Everyone replies with English: “You’re finished.”

Clearly The dragon that was locking Robb’s bite suddenly turned around and bit on Taoist Wudang. Then Black Dragon turned around and continued to attack Robb. Everyone dared not move the dragon egg, they could only watch.

“ka-cha!” With a crisp sound, a dragon egg broke first.

Then, a red little dragonfly jumped out from the sound of the dragon egg. This dragon is very cute, with big eyes, a cute shape, and a small fleshy tail wagging from side to side. shake.

The game designers also graciously added lines to them.

The little dragon actually sang: “I have horns on my head and a tail behind me, and no one knows how many secrets I have.”

“This thing is really It’s very difficult to deal with ?equivalent to a legendary hero?”

“Why doesn’t it feel very reliable!”

Before their voices fell, they saw Xiaochun A fierce light suddenly flashed in Long Tian’s really cute big eyes. It instantly changed from a cartoon style to a monster style in a horror movie, roaring “Who is provoking our mother?”

“Is Black Dragon a female? I just heard him speak, it sounds like a man’s voice,” Golda said. King of Heroes: “Godafather said that the game copywriters are all working on writing novels. Although I don’t understand it, I feel so powerful.”

The little dragonfly didn’t rush in the direction of Robb, Instead, it stared at the people around it with its ferocious little eyes, the super fierce, super fierce kind, followed by a “Dragon Roar”.

A member of the Third Regiment: “I really don’t think this thing is so strong.”

Before he finished speaking, the little dragonfly pointed at him. He rushed over, bumped, head-butted.

Berserker pawns!

“Fake, this thing is super fierce.” At this time, Robb, who was working on the Black Dragon in front, also shouted loudly: “Deputy T, quickly hold the little dragon, don’t let it It threatens the DPS. One vice-T carries one, don’t rush to one.”

Robb’s voice woke the warriors up.

The King of Heroes strode out: “Give me the first one!”

He swiped the ground and “charged” to Xiaoyalong, “armor piercing” , “Frustration Roar”, unfortunately, there is no such magical skill as “Hey! Grandson” in the real world, he can only rely on the young dragon to suffer twice, and his attention turned to the hero king, a Head hammer hit. The King of Heroes did not dare to neglect, and quickly blocked with the shield on his left hand, shield wall!


With a loud bang, the King of Heroes was beaten back several steps before barely standing.

“This thing is really powerful, be careful.”

“The DPS of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th groups, temporarily stop outputting Black Dragon, and slightly release the mana consumption limit , kill the archers outside Xiaoyalong with medium firepower, mages, continue to save the magic power and output Black Dragon.” This order made everyone’s spirits up!

very good, I’ve been using mana-saving attacks all the time, and it’s been boring. Now I can finally let go of my hands and feet. Although I only let go a little, I’m not dealing with the Black Dragon, but the little dragonfly. enough to pass.

The fire magician threw his hand: “Fire Wall!” Sofa also stabbed two daggers into Xiaocailong’s heart at the same time: “Shadow Kill!”

Big Loli Larsi was about to “Unparalleled Rice Wife Sudden”, when she suddenly felt that the move was too big and violated Godafather’s order, so let’s save it and replace it with a move of “Moving and Ignorance”.

Madeline also waved her holy sword: “The underworld may be called!”

The little dragonfly ate countless tricks of medium formidable power in an instant, and sighed miserably , fell to the ground.

“Haha, kill it!”

“It’s inevitable, even if the legendary hero is here, he can’t catch so many of us focusing on fire. But a Legion-level team.”

“Be careful, another dragon egg has broken.” Before everyone could be proud, they woke up. By the way, there is more than one dragon egg, more than one. Little dragonfly, Black Dragon just flicked its tail and gave birth to a lot of dragon eggs, enough for everyone to fight.

ka-cha With the sound of eggshells breaking, another little dragonfly jumped out: “I have horns on my head.”

Before a sentence of lyrics was sung, Chris slammed a shield into the little dragonfly’s face, behind which a lot of bows, arrows, magic, crackles, all on the little dragonfly’s face, little chick. The dragon screamed, Ben ka-cha shattered another eggshell, and this time Golda charged straight up. Soon, every deputy T grabbed a small dragonfly, and the DPS could no longer concentrate their firepower on one village, but were forced to spread their firepower and deal with several small dragons at the same time. All of these young talented dragons have the powerful strength of the legendary heroes. Once everyone can’t focus on the fire, they can’t clean them up with extreme speed. They can only form a tug-of-war. At this moment, Robb’s The command voice sounded again: “Everyone pay attention to avoid the fire ring.”

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