After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 703

“Nani? Time for a fire ring?”

“Fake! I’m pulling a little Yalong, what can I do?”

“With Hide with the little dragon!”

Chapter 982 All Firepower

The deputy Ts in the real world have no taunting skills. Therefore, the way that the anti-war players protect the attackers is to rely on their own flesh and blood to stand in front of the attackers and forcibly take all the attacks of the little dragonfly in order to achieve the role of IT. Therefore, they can’t pull Ruo Xiaolong to run around, only Xiaolong can pull them to run. They must be wherever the baby dragons are, otherwise the baby dragons will hurt the attackers in the back row. Now the ring of fire is coming, and so are the problems.

If the deputy Ts hide from the fire ring, who will carry the little dragon? Everyone wakes up, yes, there is this move.

At this time, Black Dragon had already given its head, loudly said: “Feel the end!”

Swipe the ground to reveal many red circles.

The deputy Ts did not block the little dragons for the time being, but just stared at their movements. When a deputy T saw the little dragons pounce on an assassin, the assassin quickly jumped away At the same time, the little dragonfly followed him out of the fire ring, and then the deputy T quickly chased after him: “Intercept!”

Swipe, a red light flashed, and the deputy T blocked the assassin At the same time, the middle of the young dragon also got out of the fire ring. These people who can be selected by Robb as deputy T are all the adventurer guild, or the top anti-war soil in Norma Kingdom and Gran Kingdom. He took over the attack of the little dragons and protected all the attackers. The guys couldn’t help but cheer!

“Go on, come on!” However, everyone was just happy for ten seconds when Black Dragon flicked his tail, and a lot of dragon eggs appeared.

“Fake, can this dragon lay eggs like this?”

“Godafather said, this is not a True Dragon, the way it lays eggs is different from ordinary dragons Yes., Om yes, this dragon egg simply came out of summon, not down.”

“So I said it before, this is a male dragon.”

The warriors who were just relaxed are now nervous again. The second batch of dragon egg crack crack hatched, and a large group of young dragons rushed over again.

At this moment, Robb saw that Black Dragon took a deep breath again.

Robb hurriedly said loudly: “Prepare to rotate clockwise.”

Everyone froze when they heard this, this fuck, when there are a large group of baby dragons, they have to clockwise rotation? Don’t bring such crap. However, playing BOSS is so pitiful. Players have to face more than a thousand absolute types of situations. If this difficulty cannot be overcome, how can they lead to a happy victory.

Robb roared loudly: “Drag the little dragonfly away! Everyone, don’t use chant-type mage and guide-type spell, use instant magic to output the little dragonfly, fight while walking, and be attacked by the little dragonfly. If there is no one who can protect you from the person attacked by the dragon, it is impossible to stop the rotation, and you will die on the way of rotation, and don’t block the people behind.”

This sound will also die on the way of rotation, Immediately, there was a sense of sadness in the scene. Everyone understands that when the army of thousands of people is spinning, if they are targeted by the little dragons, the deputy T is impossible to help you, because they can’t move freely in the rotating army. Running around with the shield, blocking the way of others, it is possible to form a blockage, and then you have to lie down in an instant and don’t know how many people.

Since this is the case, whoever is targeted by the little dragonfly should take the initiative and consciously become a tragic cannon fodder!



“The little dragon is staring at me, goodbye everyone, even if I lie down, I will give it to you Come on.”

After saying this, a mage broke away from the spinning army formation and charged towards Black Dragon. Because, within 50 yards of the nearest circle to Black Dragon, there are only a small number of members of the two, three, and four elite groups. The number is relatively small, and there is no problem of being on the road. Lying down there will not block the pace of the rotation of the comrade-in-arms door. It will destroy the large array that rotates behind.

He lost his life.

In an instant, the mage, archer, and priest, who were targeted by the little hatchlings, escaped from the army formation and died in an open place, and would never become a blocking stone for their teammates.

The eyes of those who are alive are moist. Although they know that death will be resurrected, the degree of tragic and solemnity is relatively light, but it is still the action of heroes, it is still the spirit of sacrificing one’s life, and it still inspires all man’s fighting spirit. Robb found another advantage of playing Black Dragon in the real world, that is, after the number of participants is infinite, the team can withstand the sacrifice.

If in the game, a team of 40 players will fight the boss, and any player will be defeated, and the battle strength will be greatly weakened. opened. But in the real world, such a loss is completely acceptable. It can even be said that such a loss is almost imperceptible to the weakening of the entire team’s battle strength.


“Counter-clockwise now!”

“Stop! Moderate fire, clear the hatchlings.”

Black Dragon’s spinning breath finally came to an end, the deputy Ts once again held the little dragon, and the large troops in the outer circle could finally stop and reorganize the offensive. In an instant, the arrows were like rain, and the magic sky flew. turn. Robb looked up and saw that Black Dragon had 20 million blood left! Add buffs to the baby dragons to make the baby dragons stronger than before.

Robb yelled: “All attackers, full fire! Don’t save mana, repeat, no more mana, all fire!”

“All fire” Four words, everyone doesn’t know how long they have been waiting.

magicians laughed: “Pyroblast!”

“Frozen Ball!”


“Apocalypse lightning!”

The archers were desperate too: “Multiple arrows!”


“Deadly shot!” Berserker With red eyes, he slashed the crazy combo on the dragon’s belly. Assassin shuttled between the shadows and the gap, and stabbed the poisoned dagger on the back of the young dragon.

Chapter 983 We also have to go to heaven

Monk Shaolin threw away a large string of Buddhist jewels, the string of beads scattered in midair, and then turned into flying beads in the sky, blasting towards Black Dragon. Beggars’ Sect Elder sacrificed a bamboo magic weapon made of jasper, turned it into a giant stick in midair, and smashed it down on the Black Dragon.

Shushan Immortal Sword Sect’s Disciple has two rays of light on its back, purple and green double swords, and spins out at the same time.

A wave of the most violent attacks swept away all the little dragons in an instant. It raised its head, hissed, and swept its body to the ground…

“Grenadier!” Robb yelled: “The roar of Thor, the salvo of the steam tank.”

The elite team in the inner circle retreated in unison and rolled on the ground. Then, the individual throwers rushed up, waved forward, and the “grenade” flew towards the Black Dragon together.

The rumbling explosion sounded on every inch of Black Dragon’s skin, and then, all directions, hundreds of Thor’s roars fired at the same time, and the lightning, thick as a bucket, struck fiercely. on the Black Dragon. Next, the steam tank group opened fire, a piece of goblin rockets dragging white exhaust, flying from a very distant place, this large number of demonic path tools, all from the hands of Robb.

Since the entire world was united and no one tried to plot against him, he also unreservedly used his magic to recharge the demonic path tool. , the formidable power is extremely huge, far beyond the ordinary person of this world can compare. Even beyond the capacity of the magic container, the final demonic path tool still cannot faithfully reproduce his magical formidable power. But even so, it’s still incredibly strong!

At this moment, equivalent to hundreds of Robbs, hit the Black Dragon at the same time. Who can handle this? Black Dragon’s last 10 million 5HP had bottomed out in an instant. It raised its noble head and loudly said: “Ah…you…did…the guardian of the guild, your spirit and will…move me, from today…my treasure…all belongs to you.”

Between Heaven and Earth, it suddenly fell into a strange silence…

All warriors were saved, and all mages no longer found the sound, as if someone had released it A huge silence technique, the silence technique that enveloped the entire Heaven and Earth, even the mountain breeze stopped. In this silence, cheers and ecstasy were brewing, but at this moment, no one dared to jump up and cheer first, because they did not know Black. Did Dragon really fall down like this, maybe, what hidden fourth and fifth form does this house have? Will it even be resurrected to jump up and fight again?

So, no one spoke, no one even dared to breathe, everyone stared at Black Dragon with their own eyes, and no one dared to relax until the moment it fell.

In the quiet of this day, Robb spread his hands and said in a mystifying voice: “You just say lines like this before you die? It’s not interesting at all! So, the game copywriter really went to write a novel. .”

Black Dragon bowed his head: “Congratulations on triggering the kill egg! The little easter egg that was buried at the end of this case before I left, I really went to write a novel. Double my income and start my life. Peak, the novels I write will be impossible.” After speaking, Black Dragon fell down with a thud, splashing a cloud of dust.

Everyone was stunned for a full minute, and then one person shouted first: “Wow. Wow!”

“We knocked down the Black Dragon. “

“We did it.”

“We made a real epic!”

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