After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 704

Heaven and Earth are roaring, weeping, and you are filled with inexplicable emotions, which have plagued the demon continent for more than a thousand years. The most terrifying monster has finally fallen here.

“Don’t be too busy cheering!” Robb suddenly interrupted everyone’s ecstasy. Everyone was tense: “What else can’t change? Could it be that this Black Dragon will be resurrected?”

Robb smiled and shook the head: “No, I mean, put the dead man just now. After the brothers come back to life, let’s rejoice, otherwise, it will be too much for them to sacrifice their lives to fight.”

“Ah, yes!” Everyone wakes up, now rejoicing, isn’t it too selfish, In order not to destroy the formation, the comrades-in-arms who dragged Xiao Weilong desperately were still lying there.

“Get up, let’s go crazy again.”

Robb waved his hand, angels flew in the sky, and the fallen comrades just got up one by one. When he saw Black Dragon’s body lying in front of him, he couldn’t hold back the joy on his face no matter what. This time, the real carnival begins.

The entire Black Dragon peak is immersed in a festive atmosphere, and many people also took out crystal balls to tell friends who stayed at home if this good news, in an instant, the whole Pang Mo Lu, fell into a carnival. In the joyous atmosphere of mountain cry out and sea howl, Robb stood in front of Black Dragon’s corpse and didn’t walk for a long time.

The female Young Lady Wang did not know when she stood beside him and whispered, “What’s wrong? Everyone else is having a carnival, but you are here alone in a daze, what are you doing?”

Robb spread his hands and said: “I’m thinking about one thing! A long time ago, this guy stole a lot of things from my guild warehouse. You know, at that time I didn’t have a group of troops who were willing to listen to commands. , I can’t defeat it alone, so I can only watch him loot my guild warehouse.”

The female Young Lady Wang said: “Although I don’t know what a guild warehouse is. , but there should be a lot of good things in it, right?”

Robb said: “Yes, a lot of good things, some good things that I can’t even think about in this world. So I was thinking, Now that I’ve defeated it, can I get back what it stole from it?”

The queen squinted: “Is it possible?”

“Why? Impossible?”

Robb reached out and touched Black Dragon’s corpse, then, pulling back with force, actually pulled out a huge ship from Black Dragon’s corpse. A dozen meters and hundreds of meters long, it is not an ordinary sea ship, but an airship! The ship floated like a huge hot air balloon, and the spiral house at the bow and stern was still spinning fast. Robb reached out and hugged the queen, said with a smile: “Would you like to fly into the sky and play?”

“Hahaha, let’s go.” Robb embraced the queen and jumped on The airship was about to take off, but saw a large group of girls chasing after him, Lilian, Sofa, Little Yi, Da Loli, Xianglu, little girl Huahua, two bright little nuns, two dark little nuns, Marianne, Shang Hui and the sisters crowded into the spaceship together: “We also have to go to the sky to play.”

At this time, a shadow suddenly jumped onto the deck, and Madeleine patted the deck and shouted: ” Godafather, where did you hide Robert Smith? Why didn’t I see him in the Black Dragon fight this time? Was he hiding on your ship? If so, I’ll go with you.”

…this one…

Robb spreads his hands: “That’s right! He’s on this ship, so you can go too. Let’s go!”

spaceship carries Robb and all the girls , rushed to the sky together, and below is the history of cheering excitedly crowds, finally turning over a new page.

(End of the main story)

The main story of “After All Profession Full Level” is over! However, the old readers of my father-in-law ridiculed that after the main story is over, there will be countless extras as usual, explaining the future lives of the important supporting characters, as well as some of the holes dug before. In short, if you like to read the main story, you can close the book here, but if you like to read the daily life and the future stories of the protagonists and supporting characters, you can continue reading.

Chapter 984 Lillian Chapter

Starting the side story, which is the favorite thing for many book lovers. Add one after another for the side story

This airship is the flying vehicle in the game “Dark Blade”, and it is subject to the rules of the game, so it will never wear out, it will not need any fuel, it will not have mechanical failure, and it will not be blown out of control by strong winds. It will not be rendered inoperable by heavy rain, nor will it be struck by lightning.

It can float in the sky forever, unconstrained by any real world, and carry Robb anywhere on the world.

Robb is sitting on the bow!

A beach lotus was placed on the bow of the boat, and he sat on the chair, watching the sea of clouds churning under his feet.

The sea of clouds is very white and beautiful, layer upon layer, like cotton candy.

The onlookers saw that Robb suddenly wanted to eat marshmallows. He turned his head and shouted: “Lillian, I want to eat marshmallows.”

The sound of the sound in the cabin A soft response: “Come on!”

Lillian, dressed in a maid outfit, ran out of the cabin, holding a strange tool in his hand, which was newly invented by Robb “Marshmallow Machine”, it uses the high temperature of magic to melt sugar, and then uses the power of magic to drive a wheel to rotate rapidly, with the help of centrifugal force, the sugar liquid is threw away, condensed into silk in the midair, and then formed into marshmallows.

Speaking of which is very complicated, but it’s actually not difficult. Robb doesn’t know how many small demon path tools like this have been invented. Anyway, Robb is always happy to go to daily necessities for food, clothing and housing. “Invented”, there are not many. Lillian sat next to Robb, put the marshmallow machine in place, turned the switch, then took out a jar of white sugar, and poured the sugar into the marshmallow machine with a small spoon. formed in the machine.

While she was busy, she and Robb watched the sea of clouds drifting under the boat, with a peaceful and contented expression on her face: “Ah, it’s such a beautiful day!”

Robb laughed and said: “Lillian! All these years, we have been at home and we have been lazy at home, and we haven’t been out for a walk. Because I’m lazy and the world is messy, I don’t take you out to play very much. Now We have an airship, and even if we are lazy, we can go all over the world, plus the world is peaceful and there is no war. This is a good time to play everywhere. If you want to go anywhere, just say, I will take you there Let’s play.”

Lillian thought about this as he whipped up a giant marshmallow, instead of handing it to Robb, he fed it to Robb’s mouth in his own hand. Robb eats with his mouth open, and he’s not polite.

This peaceful and peaceful movement lasted for two minutes before Lillian whispered: “I want to go to the Ghost Kingdom.”

Robb strangely said: ” Huh? What are you going to do in the Ghost Kingdom?”

Lillian said: “I heard from Shisuo that the only place in the world where there is still turmoil and war is the Ghost Kingdom, which happened to be in the Warring States Period. Hundreds of big names are fighting on the four small islands of the ghost country, do you want to help them and end the war there as soon as possible.”

Robb laughed and called the head: “There’s nothing to worry about in that kind of village chief-level war. Besides, that’s the human race’s own business, shutting up the country to fight a civil war, and other people don’t care, as long as they don’t interfere with others. No one is qualified to control the country. I don’t want to put myself in the position of aloof and remote gods to interfere in the internal affairs of various countries. That goes against my original intention. If you want to visit the ghost country, travel It’s ok for a bit, but we can’t take care of their civil war.”

Robb doesn’t like her either: “Then we’ll just go on a trip.”

The two are on the road. Speaking of this, Lillian’s cell phone suddenly rang “di di di”, she picked it up and picked it up, and heard the voice of the fat businessman Probo: “Your Highness Lillian, last time you told me what I was looking for , I finally have the goods.”

Lillian was overjoyed: “Oh? Where are you now?”

Probo said: “I’m in Hakata Port in the country of ghosts.”


“Ah? It turns out that you are in the country of ghosts. That’s right. Godafather and I are about to come to the country of ghosts. Wait, we will come soon.”

She Hanging up the phone, Robb looked at her curiously: “Huh? When did you order from Probo?”

Lillian said with a smile: “It was a long, long time ago, when you were still in the East Rabbit Great Tang will deal with You.”

Robb is even more interested now: “What exactly is this product?”

Lillian playfully said: “This should be kept secret, I’ll wait for you to see it. I’ll know when it arrives.”

Robb said with a smile: “My lovely Lillian has something to keep secret from me, well, then we’ll turn around immediately and go to Hakata port to see Lillian Order something good.”

The airship doesn’t need anyone to operate it, Robb just needs to think about where he wants it to fly, and it will fly there, after all, this is a game The props alone, in the game, the player uses the AWSD of the keyboard to control the flying Airship, but now Robb just needs to get the AWSD idea in his head and it’s going to work.

Therefore, the airship set off towards Ruodong, and its speed was extremely fast, flying from one continent to another, it only took time to read a picture, and it didn’t take long, flying in the air. The boat came to Hakata Port in the country of ghosts.

At this time, the Ghost Kingdom was still in the turmoil of the Warring States Period, but this did not mean that it did not do business with other countries, especially Hakata Port, where there were many Western merchants, and there was even a special Western People’s store. At this time, the port of Bodo was controlled by a ghost named “Dayou”. When Robb’s airship landed in the port of Hakata, the soldiers of the Otomo family were very nervous, but the legend of Godaather has already followed the fall of Black Dragon. The next, spread all over the world, this unique and iconic airship, no one dares to hate it. The warriors of the Otomo family only dared to peek at the airship from a distance, but they did not dare to come up to talk, or even to collect taxes.

The patriarch of Otomo’s house ran over very quickly, and at a place far away from the airship, he showed the most solemn etiquette of the Ghost Human Race and respectfully waited for Robb’s visit. Others respect him, but Robb is not arrogant and rude because of this. He respects any sovereign country in the world, and the patriarch, who respects any race, greeted him, paid the city tax, and gave him a small gift, and then Only then took Lillian and walked into the Western Merchant Hall. There are many Western merchants in the business hall. When they saw Robb coming, everyone saluted respectfully and said hello. Then the big merchant Probo emerged from the merchants and smiled at Ruo Robb: “Ah, Godafather, you are here. I’m done.”

He turned to Lillian again: “His Royal Highness Lillian, I can show you anything you want at any time.”

When Robb is around, Lillian Never taking the initiative, she smiled and stood behind Robb and said nothing.

So Robb took over the conversation and said to Roprobo: “You take out that thing and see, I would like to know, Lillian is so serious that he insists on ordering from you, what is it? What good stuff?”

Propo chuckled, “So she asked me to find two people for you.”

“Me?” Robb wondered.

Propo was clapped, and several subordinates came out from the back room, betting two big loli, two loli from the Human Race, wearing Robb’s customized version of maid clothes, this kind of maid clothes Now it has become popular all over the world, and the nobles of various countries have copied this kind of clothes and sent them to their maids to wear. These two ghosts Human Race big loli, twin, one has blue hair, the other has red hair, and there are small horns on their heads.

Probo said with a smile: “Look! This is what you’ve always wanted, the blue- and red-haired twin ghost Human Race maids who were orphaned by war and sold into slavery. If you like her room and board, they will go with you willingly. But it took me a lot of effort to find it, both twins, and one with red hair and one with blue hair, you don’t know this How hard to find, what God knows how low the odds are for the twin sisters to have such a different hair color that they have to be sold as slaves voluntarily, or you won’t accept them.”

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