After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 705

Blue-haired and red-haired white maids, great, one hundred likes. What made Robb didn’t expect the most was that Lillian was actually looking for this for herself. How concerned was she with her own affairs? However, Robb couldn’t take it so easily.

He turned around, took Lilian’s hand, said with a slight smile: “many thanks, you have a heart, but the blue-haired and red-haired maids are just what I once wanted, it doesn’t mean it’s me What I want now, now…I only need you, the blond maid by my side, that’s enough.”

Lillian had a happy smile on her face, but soon, she accepted With a smile, he asked seriously: “Is it enough? Is it really enough? After Sofa is no longer your maid, I am the only one to serve you, I always feel that there is not enough manpower.”

Lillian could see Robb’s careful thought when he wanted to refuse: “Even if you say enough, I don’t think it’s enough. Look, I’m wearing the clothes of the head maid, but I don’t even have a little maid. What kind of ‘maidmaid’ am I? At least I have to have two subordinates.”

Robb thought about it carefully: “Okay! You also need to have two subordinates…”

Lillian smiles, Robb is happy, she is happy, and her life burns for Robb.

She turned to the blue-haired and red-haired two little maids, who answered in unison: “Hey!” The sweet voice made Robb hehe laugh.

Chapter 985 Ishgamel

Time flies, many years in the blink of an eye.

The style of St. Western District has become the largest city on the Fengmo continent, with developed industry, convenient transportation, large population, prosperous culture, and fashion trends. Of course, it has always been rooted in the “New Light Church Court” , also developed very well.

The chapel in the best location in the center of the city was originally carried on the airship by Godafather. There is a sign that reads “Godafather’s Former Residence”, and the entrance fee collected by this former residence in West Wind City is enough to build a lot of municipal facilities. The headquarters of the new Light Church was rebuilt not far away. This headquarters is a luxurious cathedral. It is built on the mountain and covers an extremely wide area, enough to accommodate tens of thousands of people living in it.

However, this number is nothing, the total population of St. Western District has broken through 200,000! It became the largest city in the Kingdom of Gran, even bigger than the new capital, the “Tower of the Black Earth”.

Of course, not only is West Wind City doing well, but the new Light Church has also taken off.

At present, nearly half of the population in the Western world are believers of the new Light Church, and even in the Eastern World, many new Light Church churches have been built, with a certain number of believers .

However, under Robb’s strong advocacy and Little Yi’s insistence, the new Light Church did not follow the old path of the old Light Church. The Holy See did not set up a temple group, and did not own or attempt to own any battles. strength, did not mix or attempt to mix with national policies, and did not incite the public.

It exists in a low-key way, but it has developed several times better than the previous high-profile new Light Church, because it now focuses on education and charity.

However, at this moment, in the new Light Church, a large group of priests and nuns are panicking and running around, as if they are looking for something.

Cardinal Archbishop Eddie, who was wearing a golden silk robe, was also among the group of people. He exited in disappointment, pushed open another door, glanced inside, and exited again. At this time, a little nun passed by, Eddie hurriedly called to little nun Ruo, “You find the holy nun. Is Ishgamel gone?”

The little nun shook her head: “I can’t find it, I can’t find the holy nun anywhere.”

Eddie is in a hurry: “Aiya, what are you doing? Tomorrow The grand ceremony is about to be held, how can there be no Holy Sister present at this time? She is the hero of our new Light Church, and the greatest, the ceremony cannot be without her.”

New Light Church Court There is no pope, because no one dares to be the pope. Everyone knows that Little Yi is appointed by Godafather. Except for Little Yi, whoever dares to peep at the papal throne of the new Light Church is provoking Godafather. All the great ceremonies, etc., are presented by the holy nuns, replacing the papacy of other sects.

However, with the ceremony being held tomorrow and the Saint nun missing, Eddie is really mad.

The little nun said: “I’ll go there and look for it.”

Eddie said: “Okay, hurry up.”

At this time, A priest came running from the side and loudly said: “Cardinal Archbishop, we found a note in the back garden, it was left by the saint nun.”

Eddie was overjoyed: “What is written on the note? Do you have any clues about the Holy Nun?”

priest said with an embarrassed expression: “There is only one line above…”

He handed the Yutiao to Eddie.

Eddie unfolded it and read, “It’s boring, really boring. I’m leaving, you can play by yourself.”

Eddie priest: There are a group of priests and nuns next to them They all came around and looked at the Yutiao in Eddie’s hand. After reading it, everyone was dumbfounded: “This… what does this mean?”

Eddie said: ” I don’t know what it means.”

priest: “Maybe, it means literally, it’s very boring.”

“What do you mean by no meaning?”

“It’s just meaningless.”

Everyone: “…”

Eddie flipped the table: “Damn a bunch of mentally retarded, this is a critical time. “

The group of priests froze for a long time, and suddenly their foreheads lit up: “Let’s find a huge jade stone, add a buff to the craftsman, and let him carve a statue of a holy nun overnight. Isn’t it enough? In the future, most of them can do this.”

Eddie was stunned: “This is a great plan, hurry up, just do it like this.”

second day, new At the sacrificial ceremony hosted by the Light Church Court, Saint Ishgamel did not attend. Cardinal Archbishop Eddie announced to everyone that the Saint Sister was too devout to God of Light, and got God of Light’s grace to pass through the gate of heaven. Went to God of Light for holy repair, so this ceremony was presided over by the icon of the holy nun. Then the priests came up with a rough-sculpted, apparently improvised jade statue, even the eyes of a saint nun were carved in different sizes. Believers want to complain, but they are powerless.

Later, the holy nun never participated in various ceremonies in person, and the tradition of jade statues was passed down from generation to generation. At the moment when the jade statue of the holy nun was pushed out during the grand ceremony, all the believers cheered and knelt down, which was spectacular. Just as Eddie was sculpting the first-generation statue with a headache, Saint Sister Little Yi, who left a note and ran away, took Ruo two Little Sisters of Brightness, sitting on Robb’s airship, and was traveling with Luo together. the world.

Well, in fact, it’s not like playing the game world, anyway, it’s just wandering aimlessly in the sky.

Life is very long, travel is very tiring, and traveling around the world is too hard, it is better to fly aimlessly, anyway, I see too much scenery, isn’t that the case?

Robb idly sat on the chair and said to Little Yi with a smile: “I said, you devout believer of God of Light, a helmsman of the new Light Church, leave your post without authorization, come out Running around, is this really appropriate?”

“It’s so boring there.” Little Yi sighed long.

“Why is it so boring?” Robb wondered: “Aren’t you happy with your missionary mission? What’s going to happen all of a sudden?”

Little Yi sighed : “Maybe, I’m not religious enough.”

Robb: “oh?”

Little Yi said: “Sitting in this position for a long time, I suddenly found that I It seems that I can understand the thoughts of the Light Church Emperor and the Dark Pope, because I am breeding the same law myself.”

Robb thought it was interesting: “Tell me about it.”

Little Yi sighed: “Being in a high position, with a high position and authority, I said a word casually, and countless people came to help me achieve it. No matter how self-willed it was, someone would say loudly, it must be God. The meaning of the word is conveyed to the world through the mouth of the holy nun.”

Robb: “pu! hahaha!”

“Don’t laugh, I’m worried.” Little Yi sighed Said: “I sometimes can’t help but think, if I think about what I want, mixed with God’s will, and announced it, what will the result be?”

Robb said: ” You don’t need to think about this question, the result is obvious.”

Little Yi said: “Yes, the result is obvious, so I think it’s boring.” Robb crossed his legs: “You think it’s boring, I think You are very interesting!” Robb said: “It’s nothing, keep talking.” Little Yi lamented: “I finally found out that God of Light doesn’t actually exist, or rather, God The Light of Light exists, but it is me! Or, it is the Pope, the one who learned to grasp the Holy See, no matter who that person is, he will eventually replace the gods.

Robb : “Haha! “

Little Yi said: “This was not my intention, so I escaped.” “

“That’s fine too. Robb said: “Let the god become a jade statue. The jade statue can’t speak, the jade statue will not have selfish desires, and the jade statue can always maintain purity and justice.” “

Little Yi said: “What if someone wants to use that jade statue? “Robb raised his hand and squeezed it into a fist: “Then beat him to death!” “

Little Yi didn’t know whether to cry or laugh authentically: “Will it be too violent to beat him to death with his fists?” “Robb spread his hands: “Then what do you think is the best way? “

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