After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 706

Little Yi stood up suddenly, turned her body slightly, and flung her long skirt up, revealing two slender and beautiful legs, with two leather sleeves wrapped around them, inside which were inserted Two silver-plated short guns, he brushed them, and pulled them out in his hands, and the skirt spun down and covered her beautiful legs again. She looked beautiful with a gun in her hand, and said seriously: “Boom with a gun! It feels a little more gentle than a fist.”

Robb: “Hey! I said you nun, what do you call gentle?” Little Yi imitated Robb’s shrugged shoulders: “From today, I am no longer a nun, I want to return to the secular world. Be a holy light judge, but I don’t judge others for the Holy See, but the Holy See, I I have to stand behind the world and silently watch the new Light Church grow slowly. If someone tries to use it, or tries to become a god, I will use this pair of firearms to let him know what holy light is! “

Robb applauded: “That’s right! Besides, since you’re going to relinquish the secular world, am I…hehehe.” Little Yi heart startled, wanting to run away, but it’s too late .

(PS: The last row of ellipses is for you to make up the plot for yourself. It’s not that I broke the chapter here, but I can’t write it later, so you can only make it up in your head.)


Chapter 986 Sara (Part 1)

0:00am, unholy Monday.

“Honey, come on!” Sara’s voice sounded very excited on the phone: “I found a strange cave in the southwest part of the new continent, there seems to be a very powerful monster in it, And mysterious treasures, really, I won’t lie to you, there are definitely valuables, absolutely. Robb ill-humoredly said to the phone: “Hey, I said enough for you, how many years has it been since you killed Black Dragon? You have completed the greatest adventure in the world, defeated the Demon King, and killed the black, what do you have to regret? Why do you have to fight those little monsters who have no name? You can’t be at ease, accompany me in the hot spring at home, two big fat boys, and then. . . “

“No! “Sara said with a smile: “That way of life is only suitable for other women, not for me.” “

Robb said: “Okay, I respect your hobby, but if you want to drag me to fight monsters, there is absolutely no way, I don’t want to do things that are already boring.” “

Sara said with a smile: “Okay okay, you respect my way of life, and I respect yours, if you want to be lazy, just be lazy, but when I run into danger , I don’t believe you don’t come to save me. The cave I’m going to now looks very dangerous, very, very dangerous, if I die, remember to resurrect me. “

Robb said with a smile: “I don’t believe how dangerous it is. Your team is full of powerful teammates. I’m not worried at all.” “

Sara: “Haha, well, I’m actually pretty confident myself. After killing Black Dragon, I already feel like I don’t have any monsters that I can’t beat.” That’s it, I’m off to drill a hole. See you oh dear. “

Sara hung up the phone and looked towards the deep cave in front of her. Golda and Jake shrugged next to her: “Let’s go.” “

Xianglu said: “I don’t know why, but I always feel that there is a very powerful monster waiting for us in this cave, and I don’t know if my feeling is correct. “

Golda and Jake laughed: “Just try it and see.” “

The three of them took big strides and got into the hole. The three of them didn’t know that Robb was sitting in the deepest part of the cave, in a specially-built BOSS room. After building the throne, he sat on this throne, facing a group of subordinates and ordered: “You, put on the appearance of Ox Head Man, and go to guard the BOSS room of Second Layer. “

“As you bid!” A knight wearing an Ox Head Man appearance, instantly turned into an Ox Head Man, and headed upstairs.

Robb pointed to the first Two people: “You, put on the appearance of a devil and guard the third underground floor. “

“You, Beamon giant beast outfit, fourth basement.” “

The little bosses were distributed layer by layer, and Robb took out a bunch of traps, traps, and other messy things, and handed them over to the miscellaneous soldiers: “You bring these things, Go to you to set traps and wander around randomly. “

The miscellaneous soldiers complied with laughter and went.

Lillian next to him said with a smile: “Ji Lu elder sister died unexpectedly, she found this Cave, you are playing the game ‘Guardian of the Dungeon’. “

Robb laughed evilly: “I didn’t mean to trick her, I ran to the new continent to dig a hole to play dungeon management games, who knew she would bump into it, it was just a Coincidentally, I definitely didn’t bully her on purpose, you have to help me prove it afterwards. “

Lilian said with a smile: “I will!” “

“You must swear to protect your homeland and beat the enemy. I order you, be sure to drive out the two male adventurers who came with their heads covered with bags, and catch the female adventurer back with all the beards and tails. This Demon King will make this female adventurer look eighteen. Enjoy it carefully, can you hear it clearly? “Everyone laughed as if replied: “Follow the order!” “

However, one of the knights couldn’t help protesting: “Godafather, we are serious dungeons. Would it be a bit against justice to arrest the female adventurer and make it look like eighteen?” This major premise? “

Someone in the communication loop immediately reminded: “Are you an idiot?” That female adventurer is Her Royal Highness Sara! That would have been Godafather. . . cough. . . friend! It’s okay to joke. “

“Oh, so that’s how it is, it’s the subordinate who made a blunder, and the show will definitely play the goblin hero, the monster little boss. “

At this time, Sara, Golda, and Jake have already touched the dungeon.

The three of them walked carefully and foggy, but did not encounter any monsters.

Golda couldn’t help but whisper: “Is there really a boss here? “

Jake nods: “Really, I feel very powerful magic, powerful traps, and a very fierce monster entrenched here. “

“Well, I hope you say so.” Before Golda finished speaking, a large group of goblins rushed out of the darkness and aggressively killed them.

“Wow, why are goblins such a low-level monster?” “Golda spit out a sentence, and slammed back with a shield.

didn’t expect, facing the goblin warriors rushing towards him, he even waved his shields. As soon as the in midair collided, there was a sound of “peng”, and the Goblin Warrior stood firm and was not knocked over.

Golda: “Huh? I’m Fake, my shield is obviously an evil steel shield, but I didn’t knock him over? What the hell is this goblin? “

The goblin laughed proudly: “trifling adventurer, do you think you can beat a goblin?” The little ones obeyed, the two men were killed, and the woman was captured for the Demon King-sama to enjoy. “

The soldier goblins next to him responded together: “Yes, Captain Knight!” “

Erda, riding the soil and sweating, kicked over a subordinate and scolded in a low voice: “Damn it, do you want to be a gang?” The miscellaneous soldiers quickly changed their words: “As ordered, boss.” “

Golda squinted: “It doesn’t feel right.” “

Sara said with a smile: “What’s wrong with that?” Just beat them up! “

She waved her hand, and a fireball roared out and flew towards the Goblin Warrior.

The Goblin Warrior raised the shield in his hand, “Shield The wall”, with a sound, the shield actually took over Sara’s Fireball Technique, making Sara’s face bewildered, and then, a goblin mage behind him threw the magic stick and shouted: “Fireball Technique! “

“I’m Fake!” This goblin can Pyroblast! Sara exclaimed: “It’s not right, there’s something wrong with this dungeon. ”

Chapter 987 Sara (Part 2)

Golda used the shield wall and slammed the ground to block the Pyroblast, and the fierce heat wave filled the small passage of the crypt. , the hot wind from the magic explosion blows everyone’s hair back.

Golda yelled: “Sara, this goblin mage’s Fire Element magic proficiency is higher than yours, you will not Pyroblast, but it actually does. Could it be that you are not as smart as a goblin? “

Xianlu Yelled: “Don’t be so straightforward, we can still be friends.” “

“Fight back! “

Jake, who didn’t talk much, put his bow and arrow, shot an arrow, and hit the goblin mage. The mage screamed and fell, but suddenly a man with a dead wood staff appeared behind him. The goblin said something, waved his hand, a golden light wrapped around the injured mage, the mage jumped up again after brushing the ground, and the arrow wound on his body had healed. The three adventurers were dumbfounded together: “Did you do anything? wrong? That goblin actually still has the Holy Restoration Magic. “

“There’s something wrong with this cave.” “

“Don’t be surrounded by these goblins, they are extraordinary.” “

“Quick, run, and fight sports.” Use your IQ to deal with them, break their formations while moving at high speed, and clean them up. “

“Stuck in the corner! ”

Golda and Jake Sara ran up and down, planning to use various ways of spawning monsters to deal with these goblins. After all, goblins’ IQ is not good, and their team fighting ability is far inferior to that of humans. , is often toyed with by the adventurer. The three quickly ran into the dark passage, intending to play sports battle with the goblins. However, they immediately discovered that something was wrong, and the goblins were not in a hurry to chase them. And destroying his own formation, the goblin Yongtu in the front row held his shield and moved forward carefully. The mage and the priest in the back kept a distance from Yongtu. The neat and uniform movements were not so much a goblin. It is better to say that it is a human Knight squad, with strict discipline and a hard-line style.

“Fake! exclaimed Golda, “I thought I was fighting the Norma cavalry. “

Xianglu also exclaimed: “This is too much, how can such a goblin army appear in the west of the new continent?” “

“Stop talking nonsense, what do we do now? “Sara said: “Look here, there is a trail here, we may be able to jump directly to the next floor, don’t get entangled with these broken goblins here. “

The three adventurers are overjoyed, since the monster is difficult to deal with, then don’t bother, it is the kingly way to go directly to the next floor. The three of them got into the trail, one pass, seven turns, and eight turns, and they really let them go. Entering the Second Layer.

I saw a beautiful treasure chest right away, Jake used his unlocking skills to open the treasure chest, just glanced at it, and Sara next to him was overjoyed: “Wow! Full of boxes of high level gems, the monster in this cave is very strong, but the treasure is also great. “

Golda said: “It seems that no matter how dangerous it is, it is worth exploring the depths. We may be able to find the great treasure of heaven shaking and earth shattering.” “

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