After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 709

The merchants in the caravan braved the wind and sand and worked hard to move forward, but everyone had a smile on their faces. Although the road was hard, the oil As long as it is shipped out of the desert, it can be sold for a lot of money, and everyone in the caravan will make a fortune.

Looking at the oil drum on the camel’s back, they seem to have seen a lot of food and water, as well as the smiles on the faces of their wives and children!

However, at this moment, a strange wu wu sound suddenly sounded in the desert. When everyone in the caravan heard this sound, they couldn’t help but complexion greatly changed. Pulling out the scimitar from his waist, he saw a camel cavalry troop rushing out of the yellow sand. These cavalrymen were all dressed in tattered clothes. Said loudly with a smile: “Oh, a troop of fat sheep.”

The merchants shouted: “Oh my God! It’s sand thieves! Bodyguards, ready for battle.”

“Encircle the camels in a circle.”

What businessmen are most afraid of is running into sand thieves. These sand thieves do not do business well themselves, but they go around robbing the property of serious businessmen and are cruel and addicted. Blood, maddened.

Anyone who could fight or not, all drew out their machetes, and everyone gathered in a circle, looking at the sand thieves rushing from far to near with frightened eyes.

Everyone is desperately prepared and prepared to die here. At this time, in the sandstorm on the side, a passenger who rode a camel across the desert by himself, came over after hearing the horns of the sand thieves.

On the back of this camel is a slender and fit woman, but her face is covered, and no one can see her face clearly, only she can be seen from far to near. , quickly met the rushing sand thief team, and then, his body suddenly flashed, and the news came out of thin air.

Everyone: “en?

After a moment, she suddenly appeared on the back of a sand thief’s camel and sat behind the hump behind the sand thief. The sand thief was completely oblivious. Knowing that there was another person behind him, he only felt that his vest was cold, a cold and severe dagger had stabbed into his heart, and then the woman kicked the sand thief off the camel.

Businessman Now we understand: “Ah! is to help us! “

“She’s here to help us deal with the sand thieves.” “After the woman kicked over a sand thief, she didn’t stop, she brushed the ground, and was disappeared again. The next moment, she appeared on the back of a camel in another desert. The sand thief was much more vigilant than the previous one, woman. As soon as he appeared behind him, he twisted the knife and slashed it back.

However, his knife action was obviously much slower than that of a woman. Then the woman kicked the sand thief off the camel. The merchants shouted, but the sand thieves exclaimed again and again: “What woman? Where did it escape? “

“Be careful of your back.” “

“Don’t be backstabbed by her suddenly. “

The sand thieves were in chaos, and many sand thieves simply jumped off the camel, back to back, so it was impossible to stab them in the back? After the woman killed several sand thieves in a row, she found that The sand thieves all got off the camels, forming a circle back to back. It seemed that there was no way to play with backstab.

She also dodged gently, jumped off the camels, and came to the front of the sand thieves.

The sand thieves were quite nervous. They carefully looked at the woman in front of them. She had a mask and couldn’t see her face, but they could see that she had a pair of very beautiful eyes with A sharp edge.

“Damn female assassin. “The leader of the sand thief shouted: “We will never give you the chance to sneak attack or backstab now, you only have a dead end. “

The female assassin said solemnly: “Oh? Do you think I can only backstab? “

The sand thief leader said angrily: “Isn’t it? “

The female stalker said calmly: “In the past few years, I have followed a certain man and slowly learned a truth. I can’t open an unparalleled assassin, not a good assassin.” “

Said this sentence, she brushed out two daggers, holding the handle in her left and right hands, and then stepped forward and charged towards the Ruosa thieves.

“Killed she! “

The sand thieves roared and greeted them.

Then, a poignant and unparalleled dance began. The two daggers turned into two cold glows and shuttled through the crowd. Come and go, the knife kills! There is no mercy in assassin’s dictionary, and she never shows mercy when dealing with bad guys. This is the creed of assassin!

A few minutes later, the sand thief’s body fell to the ground , the female assassin has no intention of burying them, these corpses will give back to vultures, scorpions, centipede … all kinds of creatures that live in the desert. Then this may be the only way to make these bad guys give back to good and honest people.

The female assassin turned to leave.

A businessman jumped up and loudly said: “Excuse me, your name? We want to know the name of the life saving benefactor. “

The female assassin whispered: “Sofa! In the language of the desert kingdom, Sofa is written as safa, which means clarity, purity and tranquility. She lightly said: “Let’s spread a message through your mouth, all the bad guys who try to destroy the prosperity of the desert kingdom, Their good days are over! With these two daggers in my hands, I will help all those who are industrious, kind, and righteous to live a good life, and those who try to go the wrong way will see my dagger stuck in their throats. “

“Isn’t it the back? “A businessman complained, and then he was pushed to the ground by other businessmen in a blink of an eye.

The laugher of Sofa shook the head and turned to leave. At this moment, the horn of wu wu sounded, and the real The main force. Hundreds of camels, carrying hundreds of sand thieves, showed off one’s military strength and killed them. The merchants were terrified, they all understood that no matter how strong Sofa was, it would be merely this much sand. Thief, and this point, the sand thieves are also very clear.

The sand thieves came close in a blink of an eye, surrounded the female assassin on the inner three floors and the outer three layers, and then began to laugh strangely , someone said with a smile: “What kind of hero do you pretend to be? Immediately let you see the color of hell! “

“Kill her. “

“Break her to pieces. “

“Before you kill, play until you’re not human, hahahaha! “

“I guess her face will look good under the hood.” “

“Dare to see our largest sand thief group in Beisha, you are really tired of living.” “

“Woman, kneel down and weaken us now, maybe we can stop you from killing you and just take you back to be Mrs. Yazhai.” “

The laughter of the sand thieves revolved around Sofa.

But there was no fear in Sofa’s eyes, she sighed: “Because there are too many people? You are bringing about one’s own destruction, if you didn’t rush over just now, but fled immediately when you saw me, there might be a chance to reform, but now, you don’t even have the chance to reform, None of the people here can leave. “

“What are you talking about in your sleep? “

“Hahaha, aren’t you crazy?” “

“None of them can go? We’d like to see, how can you keep none of us going? “

Sofa raised his head, looked around at the sand thieves on the camel’s back, and shook his head: “Do you really think that I am the only one guarding the desert? “

“Apart from you, who else? “The sand thief asked Zhang Xiao.

“And me!” “This sound startled all the sand thieves, they looked left, right, front, back, but unexpectedly couldn’t see anyone.

A sand thief raised his head and shouted: “Who talking? Pretending to be a ghost? “

“I was speaking. “

The sand thief leader said angrily: “Dead woman, what Illusion Technique are you using to confuse us?” “

“Illusion Technique? “Sofa shook his head: “Death is imminent, and I don’t know it yet.” Hey, poodle, it’s your turn to act. ”

A gust of sand wind blew, and the yellow sand in the sky suddenly rushed towards the same place, and even the sandstorm turned sharply and rolled towards that place, and then all the sand condensed and formed A huge silhouette appeared.

The guardian beast of the desert, the Sphinx with the sphinx, appeared in front of the sand thieves.

Sand thieves: “Falun Gong” gram! Drop a drop. ”

If the Sphinx slammed down, the dust splashed into the air with a bang, and all the sand thieves turned into powder in an instant. The merchants next to them saw it. Seeing it straight, they knelt on the ground together, and the other Sphinx bowed. The Sphinx turned to Sofa, didn’t know whether to cry or laugh authentically: “I thought you were going to ask your husband to help You, you actually called me out, so I couldn’t even watch the play. “

Sofa smiled: “My husband is too busy to take care of the desert?” It’s your job here, of course I’m calling you out. “The Sphinx shook the head:” The unrecognizable couple, forget it, I won’t care about such trivial matters with you, I just want to protest to you seriously, I’m not a poodle. “

Sofa said with a smile: “Is this matter so important? ”

She turned on the camel and pulled the reins lightly. The camel carried her to the distance and her moving song was heard in the sandstorm…

I have fallen. In this strange country accompanied by camels and bells on the road to the church, forgive me for being lost in a trance…

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