After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 711

So, a day without a name has passed.

Chapter 993 Business Wisdom

The capital of ronin. This is the capital of the Great Tang of Dongmen, with a population of 1.5 million. In terms of population size, it is the largest city in the entire world, even more than Robb’s West Wind City and Shuangqing City.

The huge population has brought great potential to the city and the pride of the kingdom of heaven.

At this time, Shang Huizheng was summoned by the emperor and came to the Imperial Palace. Due to the special status of Shang Hui and Godfather, the emperor of Dongtu Great Tang did not dare to neglect her. He set up two Philippine civil and military officials and summoned them in the main hall. This scale is quite a face. Shang Hui passed through the two civil and military officials and came to the throne, and bowed respectfully to the emperor: “Long live my emperor absolutely!”

The emperor had a warm smile on his face: “No gift, no gift. I heard that Aiqing has something very interesting to present to me, I don’t know what it is?”

Shang Hui said: “Your Majesty! What Caomin wants to present to you is something called a steam engine. It can help us complete various tasks. This thing has been widely used in the western world. Caomin wants to dedicate it to the Great Tang of the East Rabbit for free, so that our country can also be advanced by leaps and bounds with the help of steam engines.

“oh?” The emperor thought it was interesting: let’s take a look at that steam engine.

The Imperial Palace guards went out and sent an order, and soon, a group of civilians carried a A huge machine came in.

This huge machine looks very heavy. It was placed on the ground in the hall. The emperor was a little worried about his beautiful white jade floor. It’s crushed.. But forget it, as the emperor, don’t be so stingy, the floor is crushed at worst and ask the craftsmen to help it again. Anyway, I have a lot of white jade in China, so I can’t seem too petty.

The steam engine was put away, but there was no one after another, and there was no one after another. I could understand what this thing was.

With the order of business, the people started to demonstrate. Put in coal , raise the fire, connect the gear on the revolving shaft, and hang the rope. Soon, the steam engine starts, and the rumbling spins, pulling the rope, and then the rope pulls a Great Millstone, and the grinding wheel spins and grinds the tofu.

The emperor and a group of ministers stared wide-eyed to watch the western landscape, but found that the machine was only grinding tofu.

A minister couldn’t help sweating: “Ms. Shang, your machine looks very It looks like it is difficult to deal with, and it turns out to be just used to grind tofu? I don’t think it is necessary to use a special machine for grinding tofu. You can use a cow or a donkey to grind it. If there is no cow or donkey, you can also use a human to grind it. Shang Hui said with a slight smile: This machine was invented to save manpower. “

The minister looked disdainful:” Save your energy, why do you use machines when you can do things with humans? “

The ministers next to each other nodded: “Of course! This machine only knows how to turn, but it doesn’t know how to change it at all, but it is much better to use a human to grind the mill. Turn when you want to turn, stop when you want to stop, slow when you want to be fast, and slow when you want to be slow. Machines can compare.

Shang Hui: “It can’t be said like this, manpower is sometimes poor. After we save manpower by using machines, we can free people’s hands and free more time from the labor of heavy institutions. Go to something more creative and artistic.

“Cut! gab! “The ministers said they were bored: “This machine is just a toy, it’s useless.” A military attache next to them reminded them in a low voice: “Civilian Court Officials, you should be careful when you talk to the businesswoman, she is that… that man’s woman, you are so rude to her, beware that man comes looking for her. Your troubles. Civilian Court Officials sneered: “When have we ever been afraid? Is there any reason why you are afraid to speak out the truth out of fear of a powerful enemy? Don’t say that we are not afraid of that man, even if the emperor issued a wrong imperial edict, I would dare to take the head to death, what is there? The military attache was speechless, well, the Civilian Court Official of Dongtu Great Tang is notoriously hard-necked, and no one will give face. Shang Hui smiled at them: “You are not afraid of power and dare to speak out, it is right or wrong, and if you sacrifice your life to maintain a wrong idea, it will be terrible. Civilian Court Officials sneer: “I will wait. Where is wrong? What kind of shit do you use as a broken machine, pushing and pushing grinding discs? But it consumes a lot of coal, which is not worth the loss.

Shang Huidao: “It’s just a machine that provides power, it’s more than just pushing a grinding wheel? We can also use it to pull the behemoths that you can’t push with human power at all, and push the train to roar forward. , the move drives the steel battleship fearless forward, it is not a toy, but the future!” Civilian Court Officials shook their heads, sneered, and showed no interest: “We can use a thousand people to pull, ten thousand people to pull, as long as There are enough people dispatched, and no matter how heavy things are, they can always be pulled. As for the train, we have heard about it, but the train is not as fast as a galloping horse. Carriage, a carriage can surpass the train. As for the battleship, how can a battleship made of steel float on the sea, it’s just full of nonsense, you confuse the emperor with such nonsense, even if you are the man’s woman, we will also hate you. Shang Hui sighed: “oh! I want to hand over new technology to the country, but there are many frogs in well in the country, how can this be good? “

She was sighing when suddenly, a little Court Eunuch ran in from outside, loudly said: “The major event is not good!” major event is not good! “The emperor squinted: “What are you panicking about? If something happens, don’t yell.

The little Court Eunuch roared and said: “According to the skin, the warring period of the Ghost Kingdom came to an end a few days ago, and a guy named Toyotomi Monkey ruled the Ghost Kingdom. This guy has a lot of self-confidence. , actually delusionally want to conquer the Great Tang, and even madly said that the capital of Boning Port. At present, he has already sent troops to Gaobang, and plans to conquer Gaobang first, and then use Gaobang as a springboard. Civilian Court Officials: “Oh! Whoops whoops! “Generals:” Send troops to Gaobangguo and drive those damn ghosts back to the island.

Civilian Court Officials: “But… the navy of the Gaobang Kingdom is amazing, our navy Shang Hui stood up at this time, said with a slight smile: “Leave this matter to me Well, just to show you the real formidable power of the steam engine.

More than three months later, the coast of Gaobang country.

A large group of Civilian Court Official officers from the Great Tang, standing on a cliff by the coast, watching a battle taking place on the sea, I saw that the sea was full of Cyborgs Ironclad, looks domineering. They are at war with the turtle ships of the Gobang country!

The turtle ship of Gaobang Kingdom is also a very powerful battleship, and its battle strength is not bad. quite laborious. On the bow of the boat were many turtle people who looked like water arrow turtles, and they were having fun fighting with the ghost people with horns on their heads.

Shang Hui couldn’t help sweating when she saw this scene: the ministers next to her said happily: “Don’t you know? People in Gaobang Kingdom are all turtle people! People from our two countries used to be. When the Games were held, it was dubbed the Tortoise and the Hare by the people of the Electric Kingdom, but now we Great Tang people are no longer the headless, hahaha, no longer the hare’s head. The Tortoise Free Race can no longer be on our heads. Go, hahahaha!” I don’t know how to spit it out, I’ll spit myself out, so forget it!

A Civilian Court Official turned to Shang Hui and said, “Ms. Shang, what kind of steel battleship are you talking about? Where is it?”

Shang Hui said with a smile : “I’ll be there soon!”

As soon as she finished saying this, she heard the whistle of “wu wu wu” sounded in the distance, and two giant steel ships rushed from the sea in the distance. When they came over, the two boats were all black, and there were two steam turbines outside the boats. When the Civilian Court Officials of Great Tang saw the ship, they immediately gasped, and once again made their valuable contribution to the global climate change.

“What a big ship, made of steel!”

“Too terrifying!”

“How does this ship run?” Shang Hui Xiaoxiaoruo explained: “In the stomach of this boat, there is something called a ‘steam engine’ that I showed you last time. It turns the water wheel, and the water wheel is rowing desperately, so it moves quickly. .”

The ministers: “so that’s how it is! It’s amazing.

After looking at the two large ships carefully, a military general couldn’t help but ask, “The merchants Madam, why don’t you have a cannon on your ship? Uh. . . It seems to be two civilian merchant ships.

Shang Hui said with a smile: “Sorry! I can’t transfer the battleship. My master does not agree to transfer the steel battleship to come and beat the Ghost Kingdom. He said that the existing steel battleships are the glory of the Gran Kingdom. National flag, if I bring the steel battleship belonging to the Gran Kingdom to participate in this war, the Gran Wang Kingdom will also be involved in the war, which is not what my master wants to see. Therefore, I can only use the identity of Dongtu-sama, Take out the merchant ship used by my family to fight this battle. When everyone heard this, their faces turned blue: “This is the merchant ship used by your family? “

“Yes!” Shang Hui said: “The merchant ship has no weapons, so. . . . Just use bump to help. Everyone:”

The way they rushed over at that time was terrifying.

The people from the ghost Human Race exclaimed: “What the hell is that? “

“It’s a ship, a huge ship, a ship of steel. “

“Ahhh! “

“pΓ¨ng!” With a loud bang, the steel merchant ship slammed into an electric Human Race ironclad ship. Although the name of the ship was called “Ironclad Ship”, it was actually a wooden ship with some nails on the outside. It’s just iron plate, and it is quite cheeky to call itself an ironclad ship. It was hit by a real steel battleship and instantly turned into a powder.

Second day, a minister of surnamed Xu from the Tang State stood up. He came out and put forward the policy of “learning from the barbarians to control the barbarians”. With the help of Shang Ei, he introduced steam engines in an all-round way, learned advanced science and technology, and embarked on the road of catching up.

Chapter 994 Elsie Arc

The violent war of independence has begun!

Most of the colonies on the new continent have begun to resist. It is the colony of the Norma Kingdom, and the resistance movement has been carried out well. Especially strong, here not only the governor wants to rebel against the country, but also the Mayan people want to rebel against the governor. You want to oppose me, I want to oppose him, whoever wants to suppress, and the result is a mess. The colony of the Gran Kingdom originally It was relatively calm, but the Norma colony nearby was chaotic, and the colonial governor of the Gran Kingdom inevitably became dissent, and followed suit, wanting to gain more benefits for himself, the whole new continent, and chaos everywhere.

There are only two Two cities, as stable as Mount Tai, are two cities established by Robb himself, one is Jinguan City and the other is Shuangqing City. Shuangqing City is also the largest and most prosperous city in the new continent! In fact, this The city is no longer under the control of Robb. He basically no longer cares about the mundane world. He spends all day on the airship, traveling around the world, maybe he is still wandering over the Gran country today, and tomorrow It suddenly came to Eastern Earth Great Tang, as if it sees the head of the divine dragon but not its tail. The real ruler of Shuangqing City is Robb’s number one subordinate. When Elsie was in Robb’s world, he was the All the affairs of the host Shuangqing City and Jinguan City, no one else can compete with him, because everyone knows that the West Wind Self-Defense Regiment, known as “the world’s largest army, is now in Elsie’s house every day. under command.

The West Wind Self-Defense Regiment has the most powerful weapons and equipment in the world, the combat philosophy, and the formidable battle strength. The adversaries of the Wind Self-Defense Regiment say arrogant words. If Elsie wants to cause chaos, she only needs to command this. Only the army attacked, and no country could withstand it, but Elsie was extremely low-key. This “world’s strongest army” was only used by him to maintain the peace of Shuangqing and Jinguan, and was never used for it. Aggression and looting.

Now the new continent is in chaos, there are wars everywhere, independence, and chaos, but Elsie is still standing still. The city patrolled and strolled, and the life was elated. I don’t care about the floods outside and don’t interfere with my leisure. Finally, everyone found that fighting like this was not the way to go. So, a large group of colonial governors came to Shuangqing City and stood in front of Elsie. Elsie was holding a teacup and tasted the Yuqian Longjing transported from the east like Robb, but the valet beside him knew that this guy’s cup was filled with coffee.

Elsie is not used to drinking oriental tea, only coffee, but he wants to model Robb’s way of drinking tea, so he pours coffee in a teacup and covers it with his hand. , so that no one knew what he was drinking, but he drank the force of Godfather’s tea.

A governor stood up and said, “Lord Elsie, we are here to find you and want you to take the lead in building the country.

“What? what do you say? “Elsie Daqi:” Jianguo? Are you going to rebel? “Yes, it is to rebel. The governor said: “We are working hard to build and develop in the new continent, and we have finally achieved what we are now, but the big nobles in our country always want to squeeze us and take everything from the colony. If you don’t establish an independent country, you will only be sucked up by them.

Elsie said: “This matter has nothing to do with me, I can’t help you.”

“Why doesn’t it matter? You are also a member of the new continent “Call me a member of Godfather’s airship, I do not belong to any continent, or a city, I only belong to that airship, although the airship is full of women, I am not convenient, but my heart follows . “

A group of people were cursed in their hearts, but they didn’t dare to spit it out.

The governor who spoke earlier said: My idea, even if Godfather is here, it will definitely be Agreed.

He paused and said earnestly: “Now the new continent is full of turmoil, and we not only have to fight each other, but also fight against the Legion sent by our country, and the fight is in chaos, although Shuangqing City Elsie spreads her hands. Zongzhi said: “Godfather is the most embarrassed to see so many refugees displaced. If it is him, he will definitely find a way, and the way we think is independence, founding a country, uniting all the forces of the colonies, repelling the threat from our country, and then we Establish a joint Zhou State, stop attacking each other, and develop the economy well, so that all the people can be saved. Here, he paused again, asked the opinions of other governors with his eyes, and then seriously said: We plan to The newly built Zhou State will be called Shuangqing City, and you will leave Elsie: “Wow, are you trying to force me to be king? “

“If it is not the king, it is called the president. “

“What’s the difference? “Elsie said: “It’s not good, I’m too busy following Godfaher to do this. I don’t have time to do this.” Gdfather won’t be happy if I act like this and look like an ambitious.

Everyone complained together: “Godfather has traveled all over the world in an airship, you are walking around Shuangqing City with the West Wind Self-Defense Regiment all day long. Said: “If I did this, everyone didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, and thought to themselves: Don’t you mean that you want us to go to Godfather? Okay, you are old and hot, but we have long known that you are a slick person, and we have already prepared for such a mentality.

A chief executive stretched out his hand and said, “Lord Elsie, borrow your new-style video communication crystal panel. Let’s talk to Godfather on the phone.” Of course Elsie borrowed it.

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