After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 712

Soon after, a group of governors, standing in front of the large crystal panel dedicated to video communication, reported to Robb, who was idle on the airship, about the new continent. The situation, explain to him that he wants to form a state, with Shuangqing City as the capital, Elsie as the president, and so on. I only heard Robb said with a smile on the opposite side: “Elsie, you have been with me for many years, it’s time to go out and do something independently, new continent, please manage it well, you also know my philosophy I I hope that when you manage the new continent, you should also follow my philosophy to manage it. Before doing anything, you must fully consider the meaning of the word happiness. Elsie respectfully said: “Respect! As long as it is not disgraceful, the new continent will be managed in a coherent manner and will be prosperous.

Therefore, the Federal Republic of Maya was established. The country is composed of several small colonies, each of which is called a state, and each state adopts different laws and different management methods, but they are all headed by Shuangqing City, and Feng Erxi sits on this After the position, he worked hard to manage and recruit immigrants. He has followed Robb for a long time, and he is full of Robb’s ideas. Therefore, under his management, Zhou State’s economy has advanced by leaps and bounds and developed rapidly.

The future is for everyone to think about.

The great ship of history is rumbling forward, and what follows will be dragged into its inevitable orbit by the vortex of fate. Robb does not want to interfere, and it is not so fast. He believes that the Yours, just let it all happen!

Chapter 995 Conte Β· Morning Light (Part 1)

The West Wind Gymnasium has been expanded two or three times, and now it is a huge gymnasium that can accommodate 20,000 spectators. It is already difficult to expand further, because the level of construction technology in this era, the gymnasium of this grade is already the limit. In order to ensure that the stadium does not collapse, the construction workers even used Earth Element magic to strengthen it.

At this time, in this huge stadium, a heavyweight football match is about to start. In this football match, the team of the Chenguang family “Chenguang Whirlwind” played against the Cotton family’s team “Cotton Lions”. These two teams are the best football teams in the history of the West Wind Super League. With the most trophies and honors, big-name stars gathered, and won the love of all audiences.

At this time, the players of the two teams are already preparing to play. Since football games allow the use of various movement and defense battle skills, the strength of the confrontation is very high. Players are allowed to wear a basic piece of armor. Of course, these armors must be soft, lest these guys play tricks with the armor. Lai Tong injured people.

Several teammates walked by, patted Conte’s shoulder, and said with a smile: “Conte Young Master, you deliberately retired from the army and came to play football, do you regret it? Conte laughed loudly: “What’s there to regret? Since the defeat of Black Dragon, our army in the country of Gran Wang has absolutely no battle to fight. It’s meaningless to stay in it, it’s just a repetition of one after another day after day.” Training, patrolling! It’s better to retire and play football and live a more colorful life.

“Haha, yes. “Actually, these teammates are all veterans or retired adventurers, and most of them have the same experience.

A teammate said with a smile: “By the way, the new team in the opposite team This guy is different from us old players. He is not a retired soldier, nor an adventurer, but a guy who has only learned to play football from the beginning. Hearing him say this, everyone’s expressions became serious, the enemy team has a striker who is a New Generation player.” In short, the first skill he learned since he was a child was just to play football. Yes. He has never learned how to play football! This kind of “New Generation player” is a real special talent trained only for playing football. It is no trivial matter and should not be underestimated. : “Don’t worry, I’m going to mark this New Generation, one-on-one, staring at him, I don’t believe it, I, the Disciple passed on by Godfather, will lose to a little child. The age of New Generation is limited to young, at most sixteen or seventeen years old, so it is not inappropriate to call it a child. The teammates all laughed: “Okay, then the New Generation players will be handed over to you to mark. At this time, the music has been played outside, and the host is urging the players from both sides to enter the field. Conte, together with more than a dozen teammates and coaches , walked out of the lounge, there was a crowd of mountains cry out and sea howl, and Jun said that the voices were exhausted and shouted: “Come out, the morning light whirlwind team is out! This is a team with a long history, and it is the pride of our West Wind City. He just said a few words when the guest next to him suddenly jumped up and turned the host Rui with one kick. Then the guest picked up the microphone and shouted. : “Conte, come on!”

Conte turned his head to look, and the guest was actually Noren Chenguang.

He sweats profusely: Uncle, what are you doing there? Unmasked? “

Noren shouted: “I’m cheering you on.

He didn’t finish a sentence, the host fought back, pushed Noren away and grabbed it back.” The microphone first coughed awkwardly, then cleared his throat and said: “The person who grabbed my microphone just now is the special guest of this game and the sponsor of the Morning Light Whirlwind team. He just cheered for his team, Too excited everyone wants to forgive him for his behavior.

The audience burst into laughter, who doesn’t recognize Noren Baron in Westwind Town? Noren Baron’s ability in officialdom is like shit, and he is a little boy all his life Baron, but his ability to do business is extremely strong. He is known as “the sugar tycoon who will never be promoted”, and he can be regarded as a Westwind Town Legendary character. In short, after a lot of laughs, the game is finally about to start.

The members of the Cotton Lions entered the field one after another. Conte’s eyes slammed on the opponent’s youngest player. This player was only sixteen or seventeen years old, with a young face. Obviously there is no wind blowing through the battlefield, nor is it fighting against monsters in the dungeon. But everyone knows that it is this New Generation that is terrifying!

Those who learn about monsters and going to the battlefield His knowledge is of no use on the court, and old players have no advantage against him. A man like him who is only born to play football is a real professional player.

Conteyuan Staring at the child from a distance, and the child was also watching Conte. After looking at each other for three seconds, the two sides entered the handshake session, the players in the two rows shook hands with each other, and the moment Conte and the child shook hands, the child whispered: “Fu Daigui Young Master, what do you learn to play football? In a moment, I’ll let you know what the wrath of the poor is. Conte: That’s embarrassing! Although Kangte is a high generation, he is very down-to-earth, and he is really different from the ordinary high generation, but he is hated by others, and he can only recognize it. Poor people hate high generation. This method. He replied in a low voice: “New Generation, don’t look down on the veterans! Although the veterans are not as good as you in technical and tactical, they are not as professional as you, but we have the willpower and unyielding spirit honed on the battlefield. If you don’t understand this, Then you still have enough to learn.

β€œWhat willpower does the second generation have? “The child said with a sneer: “On the battlefield is to hide behind other people and follow the gangster army, the unfathomable mystery will come back after the war.

Special: The referee shouted loudly from the side: “No private conversations, separate!” Conte wanted to justify two sentences, but now he can’t, he must listen to the referee, or he will be finished if he is sent out with a red card. .


The referee blew the whistle and the game began. The position of the child of New Generation was the striker. As soon as he kicked off the ball, he used extremely agile movements to get the ball, and then “charged”, killing the goal towards the Ruochenguang Whirlwind team.

However, Conte appeared in front of him immediately! Conte’s position is a free man in the backcourt. One responsibility is to stare New Generation. New Generation laughed: “Come on, can you keep me?”

Chapter 996 Conte – Morning Light (Part 2)

His toes lightly on the ball Jumping, at the same time, he used the knight-errant’s displacement skill “Slide Step”, dribbling the ball and sliding out sideways.

The audience in the stands could not help but shouted in surprise: “Ah, this man was still charging with the battlefield skills just now, and in a blink of an eye, he changed to the knight-errant slide of the holy spear,” New Generation is really different. “When they practice skills, they only practice skills that can be used in football, so they don’t have to specialize in one occupation at all.

“Yes, he simply does not have occupational divisions in the traditional sense. He only practices displacement skills.

New Generation is very proud, this slide, I see how you block the high generation. However, he immediately discovered that Conte was not thrown away by him. While he was sliding laterally, Conte actually took a step laterally ahead of him, blocking his position. Players on the defensive side are easier to move than the offensive side when defending. They only need to move a little bit to block the attacker. Therefore, although the speed of Conte’s feet is not fast, he can still get stuck. Bit, a nice sliding shovel, shoveled at the feet of New Generation.

“Haha, the second generation of high school, give me a good look!” New Generation loudly shouted, with a light jump, he actually used the eagle warrior’s displacement skill to “fly over the jungle”, and even took the ball from Kang. Special shovel jumped over. Then, with a series of dazzling displacement skills, the defensive players couldn’t see it. New Generation had already thrown everyone away, rushed to the front of the ball, and made a beautiful shot, explaining that A: “1:0! New Generation is in I scored a goal in just 1 minute and 43 seconds in the opening, my God!” Commentator B Conte is also a bit in love, this enemy is more powerful than his imagination, even the skills of the eagle warrior are you Does he meow? How many professional skills do you have? If I hadn’t known Godfather very well, I would have thought you were putting on makeup to play tricks on the world. New Generation is triumphant, throwing a defiant look at Conte.

Conte didn’t respond to the look, but closed his eyes, silently recalling New Generation’s actions. The game started again, and for the next half, as soon as the ball hit New Generation’s feet. There would be huge cheers from the Cotton family stands, as the New Generation player lived up to his expectations and kept scoring fantastic goals. His technical and tactical ability, teamwork ability, understanding of football, running positions, grabbing points, and all aspects are far superior to those veteran players who have been transferred from retired soldiers. The Cotton Lions were originally weaker than the Morning Light Whirlwinds, but because of the frequent goals scored by this New Generation player, they were actually stronger than the Morning Lights Whirlwinds.

The final score in the first half was 7:4, with the Cotton Lions leading by three goals. And among those seven goals, five were contributed by New Generation. Conte, the free agent responsible for man-marking defense, was turned around by him. Then came halftime, and then the game started again.

The ball went out of bounds within two minutes of the game. New Generation picked up the ball out of bounds, and Conte followed. New Generation whispered with a smile: “How is it, Gao Dai? You should be crying too.

Conte smiled: “Crying? Don’t underestimate the veterans.

The ball opened, and New Generation had a displacement skill to easily get the ball, but Conte blocked him again with a swipe. He has been thrown away countless times by his opponent, and he has also scored five goals in front of him, but his expression is still calm, and his eyes are still burning with fighting spirit. Commentary A: “Shovel! Conte Chenguang once again used the sliding shovel. And New Generation jumped up again, and it was that action again, the eagle warrior’s flying over the jungle”, to go over Commentary B: “Ah, I couldn’t. past! Conte had already guessed that he was going to fly over the jungle’, he picked up a little foot in the process of sliding the tackle, gave one after another on the lower part of the ball The ball broke away from New Generation’s feet and rolled into the morning light The Whirlwind team member commented A: “The counterattack, the defensive counterattack is coming.” Commentary B:” The morning light whirlwind team’s winger ran so fast, he broke through, he broke through! The speed is as fast as a rabbit… ah! sorry, I forgot that oriental people hate being described as a rabbit. Please allow me to change my mind, his speed is as fast as a spiral, in! Ah! Light whirlwind The team regained another goal, and now it’s only two points away.” New Generation stared blankly at his feet, the ball under his feet was broken by Conte for the first time: “How did you do it?” Conte : “hmph, next time it is impossible for you to make me move.”

“Let’s see it next time!” Conte said: “In addition, I have to remind you that your physical strength doesn’t seem to be very good. Well. New Generation started to gasp for breath, he was a little surprised: “This is impossible! In order to play football, I also had a long time of physical training, and I only played a little more than half of the time, why did I start to lose my energy, Conte chuckled: “Because it’s me who is staring at you, although you can pass gorgeously every time. Me, but you passed the physical strength I need more than other people. You want to show off too much, you slapped me in the face, you didn’t pay attention to managing your physical strength, you shouldn’t pass my time, force it I might as well pass the ball.” New Generation heart startled, after all, he is still a rookie, in terms of physical fitness, he is not as good as the veterans, he is indeed a little too brave, and the rich second generation in front of him, but With a look of ease, it is obvious that he has carefully preserved his physical strength.

“Then let’s try it!”

In the following time, this game became more and more unfriendly to New Generation. As he got weaker and weaker, every movement began to be difficult, but Conte’s movements remained flexible.

And Conte is more and more accurate in judging the changes in the technical and tactical movements of the new generations. This can’t get rid of the dead candy has been sticking New Generation to the end of the game.

New Generation never scored a goal again. The members of the morning light whirlwind team took advantage of the opportunity that the opponent’s ace was locked by Conte, and attacked desperately. In the end, in the last minute before the end of the game, The score was overtaken, and the final score was 9:10, and the Morrowind Whirlwind team won.

Under the setting sun, the teammates of the two teams shook hands and left the field.

New Generation held Conte’s hand: “Sorry, I take you as an ordinary rich second generation. Conte smiled: “Actually, I am an ordinary rich second generation, don’t treat rich generation as a bad person , we are also people of flesh and blood. Although there are some people who are disappointing and some people are bad, there are also countless good people. This is the same as the poor. New Generation thought for a while, and nodded: “You’re right, not all high generation are bad people, and not all poor people are bad people. In fact, we are all the same people.” The two shook hands again and got to know each other again.

Chapter 997 The Queen

A black tower, soaring into the sky.

This is the new capital of the Gran Kingdom, the Tower of Black Earth. Several decades ago, this great tower of magic was torn down by the Black Dragon, and now the tower of the Black Earth has been rebuilt.

It is a high tower built with the latest reinforced concrete technology. Compared with towers such as strong wind, rapid thunder, fire, and ice, it is more durable and more magnificent. Around this tower, a huge new city is taking shape. The city also utilizes the latest urban planning technology. From the beginning of construction, the first is to plan the sewers. After a huge Underground World is built, a city is built in it. The houses in the city are uniform and full of beauty, and there is no dirty water or sewage in sight. All the urban facilities make people feel comfortable.

Besides Shuangqing City in the new continent and Sisulfone City in the western part of the Gran Kingdom, there is no third city comparable to the Black Tower.

The female Young Lady Wang is doing makeup in the bedroom at the top of the tower. Of course, it is not her own makeup, but countless maids, servants, officials who work together to dress her up, tailors and The makeup artist kept running around her in circles, moving all kinds of decorations and daily necessities around.

The Queen herself just needs to sit in the mirror and keep watching herself become more and more beautiful in the mirror, that’s it!

The white wedding dress embellished with gems has long been worn, the long skirt is dragged out several yards behind her, and the makeup artist has painted a lot of things on her face that she doesn’t know what it is. A hair stylist is behind her, twisting her beautiful blonde hair into various shapes.

Outside the door, the No. 1 official make-up artist quickly responded: “Almost!”

“As soon as possible!” No. 1 imperial palace magician ran to the balcony and took out Using the demonic path tool used to look into the distance, he looked at the city under the tower, and soon he found the church, and also saw the guests who were waiting in the courtyard of the church. These guests all came to attend the wedding ceremony of Godfather and the Queen.

This is the most important ceremony on the Continent. All the kings of Western countries have arrived, and even the King of Heroes far away in the northwest corner of the continent also flew over with a strategic teleportation] scroll. Attending a wedding is full of sincerity. The most outrageous is the Sphinx. This guy wants to come to the wedding, but he is too big to enter the church, so he has to crouch at the door of the church and pretend to be a decorative stone lion at the door of the church. Doesn’t it count on its own body shape? Such a big human-faced lion squatting at the door of the church, the style of painting is too weird. Godfather has come to the door of the tower on the black, ready to welcome.

Today’s Godfather is very handsome. A straight white shirt and black suit complement each other.

He was already very handsome, and dressed like this, he showed an irresistible handsomeness. There are many girls on the street screaming at Ruo him. Fortunately, these women are still awake. They know that they are impossible to replace Queen Your Majesty’s status in Godfatherin mind, so they didn’t run out and become nympho.

The number turned around and said to the Queen: “Your Majesty, Godfather has been waiting downstairs.”

An unintuitive, happy smile flashed on the corner of the Queen’s mouth , but immediately regained his majestic appearance, brushed the floor and stood up: then no makeup, it has been applied for almost two hours and it has not finished, I am also annoying, let’s go on like this.

“Huh? Your Majesty! Your hair style has not been done yet” the hair stylist hurriedly shouted.

“No haircut. “The Queen reached out and swiped her head, and removed all the hairpins that held her hair. Then, her waterfall-like blond hair was scattered behind her head, and she picked up the crown on the table. Pushing a button on his forehead, he walked towards Ruo’s door.

The servants behind him quickly followed and picked up her long skirt.

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