After Maxing Out All Classes Chapter 713

Therefore, with the queen in front and the several-meter-long skirt behind, a group of servants embraced her and came to the door.

Robb has been waiting at the door for a long time, but he is not impatient. When a man marries a woman, he always has to wait for some time. He thought he would wait longer, but didn’t expect the young lady Wang. The hair is done, and it comes out directly.

Robb smiled at her: “I’m here to marry you.” Robb smiled: “It’s really good! But, it’s cheap for you. The greatest in the world, he said Here, after a long tone, the queen thought he would say “hero”, but did not expect Robb to say with a smile: “The greatest lazy person will be your husband, even if you become lazy in the future, There will also be someone who is lazier than you at the bottom, will you feel relieved? “

“Go to hell!” “The queen cursed with a laugh.

“Hahaha!” “Robb hugged the Queen horizontally, an authentic Princess hug, and the Queen hooked his neck smoothly. The two of them used this standard posture to cross the long street. The servants kept paving in front of Robb. The red carpet, the red carpet extends continuously, from the tower of the black soil to the church. The Sphinx, who was squatting on the side, lowered his head and smiled stupidly at the two of them. Robb looked up: “Poodle, hello! “Sphinx shrugged: “You are getting married today, I don’t quarrel with you, I just protest to you solemnly, I’m not a poodle, I’m the Divine Beast of the sphinx.

Robb laughed heartily and continued to walk inside. Norma Kingdom Hero King, Desert Kingdom Pharaoh Madara, the Minister of Rites Kailong sent to watch the ceremony, the new Dark Holy See Pope, and the new Light Church Cardinal The familiar and unfamiliar faces of Archbishop Eddie Zhang and Zhang are all congratulating Robb and sister Young Lady Wang.

The Queen squinted at me and didn’t stand up with them, always feeling that something was wrong, as if my Gran Kingdom didn’t come to this wedding ceremony. “

Robb said with a smile: “Otherwise, you first stand in and finish the congratulatory speech with them, and then come back to my corner.” The Queen thought about this question seriously, and then said: “It’s better not to pay attention to formalism.”

Robb: “Isn’t the wedding just a form? Or even cancel the wedding. “

Queen: “Only the formalism of the wedding must be paid attention to.”

“It’s okay to say it.”

The two stood there in front of the priest. The priest cleared his throat and was about to start speaking the usual set of lines.

He turned to the Queen first: “Dear Eliza Young Lady Bai, will you marry this man? Love him, be loyal to him, whether he is poor, sick or disabled, until death.”

The Queen smiled: “Yes!” The priest turned to Robb again, and was about to speak his lines, his expression suddenly froze, Robb strangely said: “Why are you embarrassed? Say your lines.”

The priest sweated profusely and said: “I suddenly found out that I don’t know Godfather’s original name, and I have to say your original name here.”

Robb smiled: “So it is. Ah, let me tell you now, my original name is: Robb. The word Robb is pronounced in Chinese.” After listening to the priest, there was no response, just remember the pronunciation.

However, Kailong, the Minister of Rites of Tang State, who was sitting below watching the ceremony, burst out laughing and said in his mouth: Robb, radish, Robb, everyone turned their heads, I glared at him angrily and thought to myself: You are an oriental person, you are so unremarkable, and other people’s big marriages are very sacred, okay? What the hell are you saying here? The priest said in a solemn voice, “Mr. Robb, will you marry this lady? Love her, be faithful to her, whether she is poor, sick or disabled, until she dies.”

Robb said : “Yes!”

Chiron heard the priest say the word “radish” in a solemn voice, he couldn’t help laughing and fell to the ground with a thud, rolling all over the floor.

Heads of State: “This guy acted recklessly. We will submit our credentials to the Tang State and move him!”

(PS1 month later, Minister of Rites Kailong was dismissed , transferred to Qingshui Yamen.)

Li Cheng! Robb and the Queen are finally legally married. The queen hooked Robb’s neck with a majestic face: “Next, are you going to my place, or I’ll go to your place?”

Robb said with a smile: “What do you say?”

The Queen said: “I have such a big country to manage, I can’t run around.”

Robb said with a smile: “But the world is so big, I want to see it Look.”

The Queen squinted: “What about that?”

Robb leaned into her ear and whispered, “We have a son to inherit this country, and then you follow How about I go around the world?”

The queen hummed: “The plan is feasible, when will it start to be implemented?”

“Now, immediately, immediately!” Robb sighed. He picked up the queen, walked towards the bridal chamber and the queen smiled and kicked him: “What’s the hurry? There’s one more thing I haven’t made clear.”

Robb: “What’s the matter?”

Queen: “Are you on top or I’m on top.” Robb: “Is this important?”

Queen: “Very important!”

Robb : “Cut! That’s just what you think is important! In fact, it will roll around very quickly, and it is not clear who is on and who is off.”

Queen: “Oh oh oh? It sounds like The appearance of mysterious, I haven’t tried it yet, so I don’t quite understand it.”

Robb hehe smirked: “This kind of thing, once you’re born, you’ll be familiar with it the second time, and soon you’ll understand whether you can understand it again. Oh, but, I really like the way you don’t know anything now, what should I do? Otherwise, let’s not enter the bridal chamber, how about you keep your purity all the time?”

The queen also hehe bad said with a smile: “I don’t mind! But what about our son? Who will inherit the country? If no one inherits the country, how can I go to your place?”

“Silk!” Robb exclaimed : “Go on, you just want to sleep with me.”

The queen laughed heartily: “Bow down to your queen!”

The happy laughter and cheerful voices of the two, In this way, the road flew from the church to the tower of black soil.

(End of the book)

(This time it’s really over)

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What immortal art, Taoism, he will not, can not fly and will not change.

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Of course, the story follows my father-in-law’s usual light-hearted spoof technique, and even in the most tense battles, there will be quite unreliable developments.

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