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After leaving the range of the Eastern God Territory, the dark profound arks that no longer need to hide their trails all surged in speed and flew to the Southern God Territory.

Southern God Territory was panicked and everyone was in danger. But these dark profound arks finally flew into the Ten Directions Azure Sea Realm very neatly, and they did not attack and occupy the major hub Star Realm as in the Eastern God Territory.

A few days later, the power of the Northern God Territory still showed no signs of radiating outward from the Ten Directions Azure Sea Realm, but the panic that almost spread throughout the Southern God Territory still did not dissipate.

The power core of the Northern God Territory is transferred from Eastern God Territory to Southern God Territory. For the Star Realm and profound practitioners of Southern God Territory, it is like the head hanging between the teeth of evil tigers. No one can predict that it will When to go crazy, take a bite.

The power migration of Northern God Territory is extremely thorough, starting with Burning Moon, Plundered Soul, and Yama King Realm, and then to the backbone power of High-Rank Star Realm and Middle-Rank Star Realm. It seems that to avoid the fury of Dragon God Realm, he chose to directly abandon the Eastern God Territory who has bowed its acknowledge allegiance.

Chi Wuyao finally arrived, behind Jie Xin Jie Ling Huajin three Succubus.

When she stepped into the Navy Tide God Territory, not only the North Territory Devil Race, but also the profound practitioner of Ten Directions Azure Sea Realm also worshipped in panic, but the former was worshipped, and the latter was worshipped in shock.

North Territory Devil Empress Chi Wuyao, this is the terrifying woman who flees from the first Dragon God!

She behind the two cool-looking and beautiful women who had come out of the dust, with the power of two people, defeated Succubus, the twin of Su Xin Dragon God.

Nowadays, no matter which God Territory is in the south, east and west, no one dares to remember the figures of these three women.

“Ten Directions Azure Sea Realm Realm King Cang Shitian, welcome to Devil Empress.”

With a loud shout of excitement and urgency, Cang Shitian led the Ocean Gods to greet them first, and worshipped them a long way away. Gao to yell: “Devil Empress heavenly might shock the world, Shitian had passed away thousands of years ago. like thunder piercing the ear. A few days ago, I finally saw Devil Empress’s true appearance, better than Scarlet Extinction Dragon God, and no more than a trifling worm in front of Devil Empress.”

“To be the Empress of the Devil Lord, there is only Devil Empress in the world; to be committed to Devil Empress, there is only Devil Lord in this world! Devil Empress Devil Lord is a combination of two prides, it is the opportunity for Heaven and Earth to change colors, and the rules are subverted Time!”

The charming eyes under the black mist glanced at Cang Shitian lightly, Chi Wuyao said leisurely: “I heard the name of Southern God Territory Divine Emperor Shitian, and sure enough, the name is not in vain. Even/including this compliment is all Divine Emperor plane/level.”

Cang Shitian bowed his head and said: “Devil Empress overpraised, Shitian I don’t deserve such honor. Now that the place of Navy Tide can get the Devil Lord to stop, it is already a blessing. Now that Devil Empress has come again, it is a mortal disaster. ……”

Before I finished speaking, I suddenly felt an extremely heavy and depressed aura approaching from the rear. His not even think foldable salutes saying: “Congratulations to the Devil Lord!”

Yun Che fell from the air, Qianye Ying’er beside him, followed by three Yama Ancestor far behind.

“Master Devil Lord,” Chi Wuyao smiled shallowly, and the delicate voice/sound floated in the air, making Soul tremble for all ears, and the body almost collapsed and collapsed: “I was invited and decided temporarily. Traveling south, I stepped out of the Southern Sea and shocked the Southern God Territory. It really gave me a big surprise.”

Yun Che’s fixed her eyes on her body for a while, but he swallowed what she wanted to say, and said flatly: “You may not be sure, you gave me a big surprise.”

Chi Wuyao moved forward and approached Yun Che in a curly figure: “The Scarlet Extinction Dragon God matter is my temporary intention and my own opinion. If the Devil Lord wants to punish publicly, I have nothing to say.”

It sounds like a word for punishment, but the words are charming. Cang Shitian on the side seemed to have a sudden fire igniting in his body… He quickly concentrated his attention, bit his tongue fiercely, his mouth was full of salty fish, and he slowly suppressed Qi Nian without revealing any ugliness.

The whole body is still hot, but the depths of Cang Shitian eyes are full of horror.

Devil Empress, which is worthy of destroying Scarlet Extinction Dragon God in World War I, and the prestigious Devil Empress for two hundred thousand years. In a few words, it has been terrifying so far!

What shocked him even more was Yun Che’s response.

I was barely exposed by the lingering power. Chi Wuyao’s flowery lips were almost close to Yun Che’s ears, and every word sound could be directly touched to his heart and soul, but his expression could hardly see obvious turbulence, but The pupil light is slightly avoided.

“What you did yourself has never failed.” Yun Che said: “Of course it is the same this time. But in the future, don’t be so adept, because…there is no need.”

Chi Wuyao: “……”

Qianye Ying’er squinted his eyes… When it comes to “making ideas well”, no one can compare Yun Che.

But, who made him the Devil Lord?

But this sentence is “not necessary”, or I don’t want Chi Wuyao to take risks anymore, it’s just… It’s really hurtful.

Yun Che took a few steps forward, avoiding the direct gaze of Chi Wuyao, and said: “The view of Ten Directions Azure Sea Realm is unique, so you might as well go around. Three hours later, go to the Main Palace. , I have a major event to announce.”

After speaking, Yun Che left directly.

major event?

Chi Wuyao stays in place, looking thoughtful.

could it be that…

“Injured?” Qianye Ying’er asked.

“Insignificant small injuries that’s all.” Chi Wuyao said casually.

“Is it a minor injury, even I can see it come out, let alone him.”

Qianye Ying’er looked directly at the eyes behind Chi Wuyao black mist: “I know more about the strength of Scarlet Extinction Dragon God than you. Your special devil soul is indeed unique in the world, but after all, it is too weak, let alone Also a wisp of body that has been hijacked by Zhou Xuzi, facing Scarlet Extinction Dragon God, I never think you have 100% odds of success.”

“It’s not your style to be so adventurous.”

“odds of success…well.” These two words caused Chi Wuyao to sigh.

Qianye Ying’er: “……?”

“Yun Qianying, remember what we were most worried about when we stepped out of the Northern God Territory?” Chi Wuyao said suddenly.

“Dragon God Realm.” Qianye Ying’er answered directly.

When they attacked Eastern God Territory with revenge on Eternal Sky Realm as the reason, the most worrying thing was that Dragon God Realm did not play cards according to common sense and forcibly interfered.

This worry is absolutely not superfluous. During the period when Yun Che was suffering, Dragon Sovereign’s killing intent to Yun Che was so strong that it was a little abnormal. Especially outside of Blue Pole Star, when they shot against Yun Che and Mu Xuanyin, they all decided with Dragon Sovereign the most severely.

The reason they also knew later… The “Dragon Empress”, as holy as a dust-free Tianlian, was actually put to sleep by Yun Che!

Dragon Sovereign kills him ten thousand times, but it may not be able to relieve his hatred.

However, this worry never appeared in Yun Che’s body. Many times, what he showed was even anxious to face Dragon God Realm directly.

As if in his eyes, the threat of Dragon God Realm is not as high as the King Realm of Eastern God Territory and Southern God Territory.

This kind of weird determination, no matter Chi Wuyao or Qianye Ying’er, can perceive clearly.

“Why is he so not afraid of Dragon God Realm? Over the past few months, I have been constantly thinking about this issue.” Chi Wuyao slowly said.

In particular, Yun Che’s sentence “not necessary” just now expresses his indifferent expression of Dragon God Realm more directly.

“Do you know the answer?” She asked Qianye Ying’er.

“Dragon Soul suppressed?” Qianye Ying’er replied in a questioning tone.

Chi Wuyao smiled and shook his head: “Sure enough, you don’t know, but it must not be that simple.”

Qianye Ying’er both hands crossed near chest, indifferently said: “I said more than once that he is no longer the Yun Che of the year. Now he has reservations to anyone, huh, including the one he just picked up. That little daughter-in-law.”

“In addition, his phrase’not necessary’ was not to stab you deliberately.” Qianye Ying’er smiled lightly: “After getting the news that you are going to the Scarlet Extinction Dragon God all the way to Eastern The projection of God Territory reached him, and he was always in a state of anxiety.”

“Really?” The haunting of black mist became lightly blurred, and the corners of Devil Empress’s lips moved slightly: “But what makes this Empress even more surprised is that this remark actually came from your mouth.” [ 19459002]

“After all, I have been changing too.” Qianye Ying’er pupil light raised up: “Continue to talk about the’odds of success’ you care about. It can make you take risks. It seems that you are right and Western God Territory The battle is not so confident.”

“Yes.” Chi Wuyao did not deny: “After stepping out of the Northern God Territory, the more I understand Dragon God Realm and the Western God Territory under its lead, the more worried I am. This period of time passed Zhou Xuzi , I took a more direct look at the core of Dragon God Realm. Soon, I came to the conclusion that if we fight with Western God Territory direct, strip Yun Che’s existence, and integrate all the power we can mobilize today… There is no odds of success .”

“…” Qianye Ying’er did not show any surprise to Chi Wuyao’s conclusion.

“This time I played against Scarlet Extinction Dragon God. Although the opponent was battered and exhausted, I was also shocked. Frankly speaking, the strength of Scarlet Extinction Dragon God exceeded my highest estimate. In the state of devouring my soul, it hurts me to this extent.”

Chi Wuyao looks solemn, eyes dim, absolutely not humbly or joking: “I used to think that Scarlet Extinction Dragon God is stronger than Yan Yi. In fact, he is still above Yan Yi. .”

“Jie Xin Jie Ling’s shedding body, exchanging bones and two people under Darkness Everlasting are combined, which is comparable to Yan Tianxiao. But fighting with Suxin Dragon God can only barely hurt him under the frequent distractions of the opponent. .”

“So, I have to reassess the strength of other Dragon Gods.”

Qianye Ying’er said: “Since you are so worried, why didn’t you tell him just now? You can also ask him about his reliance on the Dragon God Realm, so I feel relieved.”

Chi Wuyao smiled and shook his head.

“You should know that I never want to do anything uncertain. If I were him, I would choose to stay dormant in the Northern God Territory for at least a thousand years, and he couldn’t wait for even five years.”

“However, because it is him, no matter how capricious he is, I will not object to what he believes. What he doesn’t want to say, I don’t want to ask. And all I need to do is In your own way, to improve a little odds of success that’s all.”

“You and me are not the same.”

“That’s right.” Qianye Ying’er pupil light circulated: “But there are still some differences. Whether he is impulsive or calm, willful or secretive, in the future, defeat or victory, death or life… I am worried, but not that many scruples, because no matter what the outcome and the future, I will follow him.”

“Even if Abyss is finally buried in the most rotten page of God Realm’s chronicle, I will be with his name.”

“And you are different, on your shoulders, also the fate of the entire Northern God Territory. So you need to consider, and you must consider much more than mine.”

Chi Wuyao small head turned around, looked at Qianye Ying’er for a long time, and said meaningfully: “Yun Qianying, the Brahma Emperor Goddess, who did not spare any insidious methods for his own benefit, was so completely contented. As a man’s attachment, this is simply the most amazing’miracle’ of the Eastern God Territory.”

“More than just being attached, now even if someone says to my face that I am his plaything, a female slave, I will not be angry, maybe there will be a strange sense of satisfaction.”

Qianye Ying’er golden eyes congealed in the mist, using very faint voice/sound to say words that sound self-humiliating to anyone: “You said, is my nature so cheap, or is it Did he secretly drop some kind of magic gu?”

Chi Wuyao smiled slightly: “This is not a kind of luck. And…it is the most extravagant kind of luck.”

“…Anyway, trust him.” Qianye Ying’er said: “With such a strong heart of revenge, he is not confident enough that he will not step out of the Northern God Territory. I am more than worried. Too much is to look forward to. When facing the Western God Territory led by Dragon Sovereign, which card did he take out?”

At this time, a gloomy coercion dropping from the sky attracted the two women’s eyes at the same time.

Caizhi’s silhouette slowly fell. Even in front of the two women Qianye Ying’er and Chi Wuyao, her body still looked very exquisite and petite.

Her skirts are always colorful, as if to symbolize some kind of obsession that she refuses to release. Only the belt around the waist and the fringe around the skirt were replaced with pitch black, and the face was still too pink and flawless milky white, just like Yun Che’s first sight back then.

It’s just that, compared to the doll that was once carefully crafted, this “doll” is now bathed in a dark and dangerous color, adding a bit of magical charm invisibly.

“Injured?” Caizhi looked at Chi Wuyao, vaguely concerned.

“Small injury that’s all, don’t care.” Chi Wuyao between lips breathed lightly, even Xiao Caizhi could see come out at a glance. It seemed that his vitality was indeed damaged this time.

oh?” Qianye Ying’er pupil light swept lightly, with a little surprise on his face: “You probably haven’t seen it before, why do you look familiar?”

“fuck off!” Caizhi said coldly, and a murderous aura also forced Qianye Ying’er.

Chi Wuyao stepped back quietly, a gesture of a matter of no concern to oneself.

“Ai, little Heavenly Wolf.” Qianye Ying’er did not evade immediately this time, but was faintly sighed, with a helpless look on her snowy face, still beautifully seductive: “What Devil Empress and I said just now , You should also be secretly ~ heard~ here, I will stick to Yun Che body no matter whether it is life or death in this life, even if he is himself, don’t want to drive me away, let alone you.”

“So, do you want to try to find a way to live together in peace?” Her golden eyes turned lightly, and the ripples were light: “You are his fairly formal wife, as long as you are willing to live together in peace, I can regress. It’s okay to take a few more steps. Even if I call you Elder Sister… it’s not impossible.”

“Dreaming!” Caizhi’s eyes were condensed, and he directly suppressed Qianye Ying’er. Then how weird words: “You killed my aunt, killed me Elder Brother, and killed me Elder Sister! I will always be impossible to forgive you! Defeat Dragon After God Realm, when you have no usable value, I will kill you immediately!”

“Don’t say so absolutely.” Qianye Ying’er voice/sound presents an extremely rare coquettish, a gesture of weakness: “Heavenly Wolf Xisu is willing to die for me, and he died very satisfied. You clearly know it.”

“As for Heavenly Slaughter Star God, although I used Nan Wansheng’s hand to drive her into desperate situation, I finally failed to do so. Instead, she met Yun Che and gave you your current husband.” [ 19459002]

“If you put it that way, you should be thankful to me.” Qianye Ying’er stretched her finger and moved the blond hair around her neck, and the whispered between lips seemed to be muttering to herself: “Elder is still hooked here. Sister, over there stealing Little Sister, sure enough, before he fell into the devil, he was a full beast.”

“You…” Qianye Ying’er’s strange words made Caizhi’s baleful aura mess up.

“Your aunt died of Yue Wuya’s stupidity and Xing Juekong’s heartless; Heavenly Wolf Xisu died voluntarily for me; Heavenly Slaughter Star God died in the hands of Zhou Xuzi. You should hate me, but still Not to the point where it cannot be resolved without death.”

“If you still can’t get rid of your breath, you can’t let go…” Qianye Ying’er sighed sadly and resentfully, the phantom beautiful curve with her slender fingers on her chest slowly fell: “at worst, I stand still and let it go You have a fight.”

“…” Caizhi’s star eyes narrowed a little, and the starlight gradually turned into a dangerous dark light: “Are you sure?”

“Of course…it’s a joke!”


The storm is rolling, Qianye Ying’er’s silhouette is far away from several li, but the voice/sound is very clear from the distance: “Little Heavenly Wolf, if this body is broken, it will be the most distressed But your husband. After all, to him, I am the most perfect plaything in the world, and a little girl who grows up can never replace you, heeheehee!”


The devil qi and murderous aura of Caizhi body exploded at the same time, instantly shattering the ground a thousand feet. But as soon as she was about to fly, Chi Wuyao grabbed her wrist and gently pulled her back.

“You can’t really do anything to her, why bother to catch up.” Chi Wuyao smiled and shook his head. In terms of verbal confrontation, ten Caizhi are impossible to be Qianye Ying’er’s opponents.

Caizhi’s pretty chest fluctuated violently, but he finally didn’t chase him up.

After a while, she finally calmed down, and then suddenly turned her head and stared straight at Chi Wuyao.

Her skin is like snow and ice, white and shiny. Always lingering around her, it is the highest plane/level dark devil qi in the world, but it looks dim under the glow of her proud snow…

And her body, it is a kind of exquisite embossment that Caizhi can’t find words to describe, a kind of temptation that seems to come from the devil. There is no need to deliberately pose, or even her eyes and demonic sound, which is enough to ignite a person’s desire in a flash…and then burn all his reason.

Whether a man or a woman.

“…” Caizhi small head turned back abruptly, and the chest that had finally calmed down began to fluctuate again, and it didn’t calm down for a long time.

“en?” Chi Wuyao blinked lightly, admiring the girl’s snowy neck with a faint glow slowly rising up.

“Devil Empress, to ask you one thing, you must answer.” She looked at the front with a solemn face and a quiet tone.

“Okay,” Chi Wuyao smiled: “You can ask.”

Caizhi opened the lips, before she could even export her face, her face was quickly dyed red from pale pink…until a clear feeling of warmth spread from her cheeks to her heart.

Quickly cut her cheek for a minute, and secretly bit the flowery lips, the girl suppressed her voice, and said in the most serious and serious tone: “How…how…to become like you The same.”

In the last half sentence, she said very quickly. The voice/sound fell, her tender lips clenched again, and she refused to turn around and look at Chi Wuyao’s eyes.

“…” flowery lips slightly opened, Chi Wuyao smiled slightly, she silhouetted forward, and lightly said in Caizhi’s ear: “You should ask him this question, he knows best.”

[email protected]#¥%…” Caizhi’s tight body shuddered for a while, then suddenly withdrew, leaving a word of bitterness: “Women like you… are so stingy. hmph! “

Seeing her running away from the back, Chi Wuyao laughed for a long time, and then quietly said to himself: “You? Actually, it was me who you asked last time.”


The center of Navy Tide God Territory, above the distant sky.

Tian Guhu voice/sound rushed, and rushed to him at the fastest speed. The moment his eyes touched the Yun Che silhouette, he bowed down respectfully: “Tian Guhu pays respect to Devil Lord, please Devil Lord to order .”

“Send orders to all High-Rank and Middle-Rank Realm Kings,” Yun Che’s eyes were darker than ever before: “Within three hours, all are on standby in the Navy Tide Palace. This Devil Lord has a major event announced.” [19459002 ]

Tian Guhu’s body vibrated violently, and then let out an excited trill: “Guhu takes the lead! Get out!”

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