Shen Xi’s 渺渺immortal sound, like the magic butterfly in the fantasy world, flutters in his heart.

What is she saying?

What is she saying! ?

Auditory hallucination… must be auditory hallucinations!

Even if it is not auditory hallucination, it must be… some kind of test?

When she saw Shen Xi’s first look from Yun Che, she felt that she was a woman who was born in the clouds and was not a mortal. She shunned the world, never contaminated with dust, temperament and gentleness, and very little talk, but every opening is the immortal sound of the soul, her heavenly beauty, even the true meaning of the ether, even myth The legendary wide-cold fairy is also the most.

With his temperament, every time he faces Shen Xi, he will respectfully and dare not look at it. I am afraid that there will be a little bit of disrespect. No matter what line of sight or mind, there will be no even a little bit of embarrassment.

Because he confessed to himself in the eyes of Shen Xi, it was only a kind of mortal that she was saved by grace… The ordinary mortal spirit may not be essentially different from the flying insects and flowers here.

But Shen Xi just shocked all his beliefs to subversion.

Her face is beautiful, beautiful beyond all the illusions he has ever had… even beyond his cognition. Although he is not long in his life, he has experienced many women who have a fascinating attitude and can make people feel amazing. But they have never met the beauty to make people split the second, or completely indulge… really true. World Ruining Seductress.

She is like a person who shouldn’t exist in the world. Her face is also beautiful, and it is also the Realm that should not exist in the world.

The moment she showed her face, it caused a tremendous shock to Yun Che’s soul…

Her voice is still so soft and soft, but it seems like a slap in the face of sorrow and sorrow. The words, every sentence, every word that she said, and the heart of Yun Che are almost destructive.

He couldn’t believe it anyway. Such words would come from Shen Xi’s mouth… or he would say so nakedly to him.

Auditory hallucination… must be auditory hallucinations!

He bit his tongue involuntarily, but there was a clear sense of pain. And this painful feeling touched the will of his indulgence… He almost closed his eyes with all his strength and then turned away.

As if the dream was separated, the feeling of the world began to reappear, and he burst out in a sigh of relief… Just now, he was completely in a state of breath and forgot to breathe.

Her beauty is too terrible, as He Ling said, it can erase all the colors that a person can see in his life, and let a determined person be willing to indulge… even if he died.

Perhaps, the legendary “Dragon Empress and Goddess” is not as good as her… because Dragon Empress and Goddess is a secular existence after all, and she is a foreigner, even a phantom.

After a few breaths, Yun Che’s thoughts and thoughts were finally sober and calm. He wanted to turn around and fall into the beautiful illusion that would devour all the will of the people, but he did not dare to turn around, fearing that he would really sink forever. He forcibly forgot the last sentence that Shen Xi said, and then tried his best to divert his attention. Said resolutely: “Shen Xi seniors, I have no right to know what power is right, no one dare to reverse, to Profound Dao The apex has never been deliberately pursued, so you said that I have no ambitions, I admit.”

“But you don’t know me.”

“I don’t have the ambitions that my predecessors said, but it doesn’t mean that I have no pursuit. It doesn’t mean that I will be afraid of anything. On the contrary, I have always been a man who has a hatred. If I have enough ability, Qianye Revenge, I will also let her ten times repay … just, my gap with her is too far away, now I am likely to revenge, more impossible to help He Ling revenge, this is the most basic self-knowledge.”

“And, compared with Qianye’s revenge, for me now, how to return to my world is more important…and more practical.”

If he abandons everything from Profound Sky Continent and Illusory Demon Realm, it can really be a no-brainer, and he can really have more room and grow faster.

However, let him be a person like Qianye for revenge and for the unparalleled in the world… He would rather die than do it!

He has always been like this.

Shen Xi beautiful eyes is not surprised by the words of Yun Che’s, but rather that his will is so quick to recover, and the words are also ambiguous.

She said softly: “You are the most ambitious person in the world, no… although it is a pity, but it is not all bad things. Therefore, this is not important. It is a revenge for Linger. I also said that I will discuss it later. .”

She gently moved forward halfway, the two were very close, this small half step, Shen Xi’s towering breasts almost touched Yun Che’s back, a finger still covered with a touch of white glow slowly Lifted up and touched his back, the soft voice became softer: “What I want to know now is your guts… You really don’t… shred my clothes?”

Back came the touch of her jade-like finger… very light and light, but like an irresistible magic, making him soft from the body to Soul.

It may have been auditory hallucinations, but this time it must not be.

Yun Che’s brain crashed, his eyes straightened, and the belief that he came back was destroyed. He has never been so embarrassed in his life, even he himself did not know how long it took, only to say the most pale words: “For… What…”

“Hey…” Shen Xi was so light and sighed that Yun Che, who was facing her, couldn’t appreciate the beauty of her dawn. She faintly said: “A woman who wants to get all the dreams of the whole world, stand in front of you and let you play, your reaction, but it is so three words of the scenery.”

Yun Che: “…”

“It seems that you have not only ambition, but also enough courage and courage… It is no wonder that the woman named Xia Qingyue is leaving you and facing Qianye alone.”

Yun Che’s eyes condensed instantly… The words of Shen Xi undoubtedly stimulated his dignity.

His eyebrows moved and he turned around. Shen Xi in the line of sight, he still has a sense of illusion in Illusory Mirror, but in his eyes, it is a hostility that is stimulated to come out, his right hand suddenly grabbed, his mouth 狠He said, “You really want to…”

“You really thought I didn’t dare” was only half way out, and Yun Che was suddenly stuck there.

His fast-extending palms were heavily covered in Shen Xi’s chest, and the gripped fingers were deeply immersed in a full and soft jade.

Yun Che stunned, completely stunned… He thought, and was convinced that Shen Xi was deliberately stimulating him or testing him for reasons he didn’t know now, and he was daring and extremely With all her actions, she will definitely avoid it… without any reason, anything might make him succeed.

However, his hand was so solid and hard on her chest. The ecstasy touch is clear and incomparably spread from his palm to his whole body.

Yun Che The whole person is petrified, his eyes are fixed, and he is motionless… He has forgotten to move away.

Shen Xi didn’t avoid it, and she didn’t break free. The fascinating fairy face couldn’t see a little bit of anger. The dawn was a bit more touching. In Yun Che stare blankly, she was raised by the jade arm. On the neck of Yun Che’s, the flowery lips of cherry pink reveals the Meiyin of the cotton: “Your guts, is it?”



Yun Che’s eyes gradually condensed and then condensed… Then his hand finally released, but it was not retracted, but grabbed her clothes and slammed it.

In an instant, her plain white dress is completely shattered, under the flying debris, is Shen Xi’s perfect miraculous jade body… no cover.

Her whole person is like bathing in the soft moonlight, and the soft light of the moon is flowing along the shoulders of the scented shoulders, which outlines the two semi-arcs of the clavicle. On the chest, proudly shook up two fascinating snow-white peaks, white jade-like stream gliding down the perfect arc of the peak… slipping through her thrilling waist curve until she was smooth leg……

Without words, Yun Che under the whole body, only the flame that was completely boiling, he slammed into the body of Shen Xi and pushed her down on the bamboo bed at the back.

Shen Xi… She is as sacred as Goddess, and if she suddenly becomes seductive, then she only needs a light to disintegrate all the will of any man.

Yun Che’s still has incomprehensibility and reason in his heart… But when Shen Xi’sbet lips spilled a light moan like a dream, what he radiated was only the most ardent desire of his life…

Go to his reason! !

He was like a hungry wolf, and almost rudely slammed into her body again. One hand directly took up her plump legs and pressed her to the bottom.

Shen Xi’s towering chest is striking a beautiful arc. Her fairy body is not resisting, and her beautiful eyes are not the slightest lust, nor a bit of disgust and rejection. Only one layer is getting more and more blurred. Oh…



From early morning to noon, then to dusk.

Peaceful He Ling has been standing quietly in the flowers, but one day passed, there is still no Shen Xi and Yun Che’s movement. She would not violate Shen Xi’s words, waiting quietly, the green bamboo house, she did not come close.

The most perfect jade body in the world is the only Goddess who can’t even have the dust and fantasy that they dare not have. It is too intense and too addictive. Yun Che It is like a crazy wild beast, a whole day and one night are all over the Shen Xi body, and I can’t just die in her body.

The unspeakable beauty, the unspeakable excitement… makes him feel like he is back to Azure Cloud Continent, and Su Ling’er’s life for the first time…

Until at some point, he softly fell on the body of Shen Xi, and the coma without warning was passed.

The world is finally quiet.

Shen Xi gently pushes Yun Che from his body and sits up slowly.

This incomparably pure, the small bamboo house that has always belonged to her has been a mess, and it is full of filth. In the air, it is also filled with the smell of obscenity… Too rich, even the flowers and fragrances here are difficult to get rid of.

Shen Xi got up, the white glow flashed, the body was dirty, and she put on a plain white dress, still simple and elegant.

Her beautiful eyes, like a lake, can’t see a little bit of waves. In silence, she raised her hand and looked at the pure white glow of the palm flashing. She had been silently watching for a long time, then lightly said: “Sure enough…”

“So, I am finally…”



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