When Yun Che woke up, it was the second day.

The profound practitioner has arrived at Divine Dao Realm, and sleep is no longer important at all. However, the atmosphere of Reincarnation is too pure and intoxicating. Sleeping here is undoubtedly a very beautiful and extravagant enjoyment. In these two months, Yun Che spent more time sleeping here than in the three years of Snow Song Realm.

As consciousness awakened, Shen Xi was deeply impressed into the depths of Soul and everything that happened before came to the sea. He sat up at once and then looked at the front, and never returned to God. Come.

Yajing’s small bamboo house, underneath, is the bamboo bed, the traces of the mess, the taste in the air… Everything is proving that everything that happened is real, not an enticing dream.

Sitting there, squatting for a long time, he finally returned to God, and then breathed a sigh of relief.

Everything is true, he actually puts Shen Xi… the benefactor and predecessor Shen Xi who is extremely respected by him…

No, exactly, Shen Xi got him!

He saw the most beautiful stunner in the world and experienced the most incredible one day and one night.

His impression of Shen Xi is also ups and downs.

Shen Xi is in his heart, this is the sacred fairy of the palace. The saints in the world, their so-called sacred additions are less than half of her… because what Yun Che feels from her body is truly sacred.

He now finds that he is still too young and innocent.

It turned out that she was not a holy, clean Fairy that she had always thought, but a demon woman who seemed to be indifferent and unsatisfied.

He and Shen Xi only met for two months. There was no intersection before, no grievances. Every day, the meeting was basically only a few short-term interest. The purpose was only to suppress the death of the Vatican, and the understanding of each other’s past and personality was very weak. There is no such thing as emotional blending… and he has always been a predecessor to her.

Shen Xi took the initiative to seduce him as an outside generation, let him swear…

Sure enough, there are truly world-free Goddess in this world. Even if it is really Fairy, there will be desire… and, with her heavenly beauty, as long as she is willing, the world man, who is not willing to fall under her skirt.

Even the ones who made a temporary break into the house were so seduce. She must… I have read countless men.

Thinking about this, Yun Che’s heart is complicated and difficult to understand. He stood up from the bamboo bed, just about to step up, and suddenly there was a numbness in the stern, so he almost didn’t go back.

Yun Che subconsciously stretched his hand to the waist, and his legs were faint… I thought that I was on the one day and one night of Shen Xi body, and it was a completely wild mad beast. Even those days before the departure of God Realm, Cang Yue, Su Ling’er, Feng Xueyu (12), milk, 烊苟 恍 恍 绱 绱 绱 绱

Moreover, now that I am Divine Spirit Realm, it is far from comparable at that time.

Shen Xi… If she is demon, she can definitely let a Divine Dao profound practitioner die in her body.

correct! Why am I sleeping? Could it be that is because of venting to complete collapse?

Thinking of Shen Xi’s beautiful and unparalleled jade body, he is clearly in a state of weakness and softness. He is split second and he is bloodline, and his whole body temperature is also rising rapidly. He quickly sighed a few breaths, only to succumb to his heart, and then prepared to discover energy, ready to erase the body’s sense of collapse.

The moment he just turned around the discover energy, he slammed and stagnate for a long time… Unbelievable light was released.

In his body, there was actually a breath that did not belong to him.

The breath is incomparably quiet, and pure and holy. When his mind touches this breath, the heart is filled with a clear and strong sense of “sacredness”.

this is……

Although it feels different, but this atmosphere is nothing, Yun Che is no stranger, because just two years ago, he got it from Mu Xuanyin’s body.

Primordial Yin!

“Shen Xi…she is…the virgin?” Yun Che stunned and couldn’t believe it anyway.

He had already turned Shen Xi, a divine dust, into a sacred coat, but a demon woman who was dissatisfied. However, the body of Primordial Yin gas, so that he was completely caught in the surprise and primordial chaos.

How is this going……

Primordial Yin is still there, proving that she has not been contaminated with any man. Before yesterday, she was really white, innocent and holy.

But why is she going to be… or taking the initiative…

Why is it?

When Yun Che was in trouble, his little abdomen suddenly violently swayed, and with the warmth and gentleness of one of the stocks bursting out, the same gentle airflow was released, and from the inside to the outside, he quickly spread his body. Then quickly gather to his Profound Vein.

Yun Che has not reacted yet, and a faint white glow has been applied to the whole body.

The same white light as the Shen Xi body. It’s just as deep as the whiteness of her.

Yun Che slowly raised his hand, and as his mind turned, his palm slowly condensed a white light.

This is a very simple white, without any impurities. This group of light is very quiet, quieter than flame, cold, lightning… even the purest foundation energy, it quietly releases light, no sway, no attack, and Yun Che from it, clearly To a “sacred” atmosphere.

This group of white glow was born from his discovered strength. He fixed his eyes and looked at it. He felt his mood in a little bit of calm, and the shock in the even heart was stunned. The mourning desires are slowly calming down.

“This is… the power of Shen Xi’s predecessors.” Yun Che said to himself.

In the mouth of Xia Qingyue, there is only the special Divine Power owned by Shen Xi.

Through her Primordial Yin, she actually got her exclusive Divine Power?

What is this power?

Yun Che body white glow While floating, Yun Che’s Profound Vein world is also dyed with a layer of holy white brilliance.

This is a four-color Profound Vein world divided by red, blue, purple, and black. It finally ushered in the fifth color, and it is also the fifth power – the light standing strength.

Since this bright foundation strength was not born of Evil God seeds, its arrival did not open up a unique bright Domain in Yun Che’s Profound Vein world, but it was lightly applied to every corner, for every domain, Add a sacred brilliance and breath.

Includes Dark Domain.

But at the moment, Yun Che doesn’t know that this is the light promise strength. Even less, in his Profound Vein, there is a strange concept of coexistence between the light profound strength and the dark profound strength.

The five basic elements of the foundation strength, each with a grams. But the gram can also coexist, even if the most violent fire and water, can also force fellow initiates.

But light and darkness are two attributes that are completely opposite and cannot coexist. In God Realm’s cognition, even in the perception of Primordial Gods and Devils Era, there is absolutely impossible coexistence.

Vertically Elemental Creation God, also absolutely impossible to do.

Yun Che grips the palm of his hand and disappears in the hand and the white glow of the body. He did not refining the body of the Primordial Yin from Shen Xi, but pressed it down and then went out with a complicated mind.

Pushing open the bamboo door, it seems to open the window of dreams. Yun Che saw that the Wood Spirit girl was standing not far away, the beautiful eyes were watching here. When she saw him, she walked gently and walked straight to him: “Yun Che, you finally come out. .”

Yun Che’s heart is faint, the old face is reddish, and the face does not change color: “You… are waiting for me here?”

“Yeah.” He Ling nod: “Master said to let you come out and go to find her.”

She gestured to the direction of Shen Xi, and then flowery lips opened, and she wanted to ask what she wanted to say.

“Oh, well, I will go.” Yun Che replied quickly, then fled and left, lest He Ling ask more.

Looking at Yun Che’s hurried back, Wood Spirit’s young girl’s tender face is fascinating: he and the Master stayed together for one day and one night… What exactly is it doing?

Why does Master say that… can he avenge me?

Shen Xi stands between the flowers, and the body white glow lingers, once again concealing the glory of all the spirit flowers here. Apparent to the arrival of Yun Che’s, she turned to face him and said softly: “You are awake.”

“… um.” Yun Che nod, then I don’t know what to say for a while.

Shen Xi in front of her eyes is like a cloud, her words are soft and faint, and the atmosphere is ethereal and far away, so people dare not approach, lest.

Yun Che was in front of her eyes… I really pushed her under her body and wanted to have one day and one night?

“You are temporarily unable to revenge for Linger, I have already told her.” Shen Xi slowly said: “But don’t forget the help of Linger for you, and don’t forget what you said, just ‘temporary’ If you have enough power in the future, don’t forget Lingo while you avenge yourself.”

After that, she added a gentle sentence: “However, this day, maybe soon.”

“…Yes.” Yun Che reluctantly responded to a word.

Shen Xi looked at him, soft voice: “These days, remember to refining my Primordial Yin, if there is a loss, it will be a pity.”

The words “my Primordial Yin” are faintly and softly spoken from her between lips, as if only a normal thing is stated.

“…” Yun Che decided to stand there, and the brain showed a very slight and wonderful vertigo feeling. He didn’t know how to respond for a long time.

It’s too strange to feel this way. Shen Xi…what kind of person is she…

“Do you have something to ask?” she said.

There are countless questions in Yun Che’s heart. I especially want to know why Goddess, whom she is looking forward to, is committed to herself… but in the face of her peaceful beauty, she can’t ask for a word like this. For a long time, he stretched out his hand, a group of Yingbai Xuanguang shines in his hands: “Shen Xi … seniors, junior want to know, what is this power?”

The word “predecessor”, he shouted very awkwardly.

Looking at the white light in the hands of Yun Che, Shen Xi was a long time.

Yun Che asked a little, and asked: “could it be that… what’s the problem?”

Still silent, and after a long time, Shen Xi’s breath finally showed a slight sway, she seemed to be a light moan: “Why, this power will appear in your body…”

Yun Che moved his eyebrows and felt more confused. He tried to ask: “Is this it be that was not specifically given to me by Shen Xi’s predecessors?”

“…” Shen Xi was silent again, and after a full rest, she said softly: “This power is a special foundation strength, called the promise strength.”

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