“Light…profound strength?” Yun Che missed the name.

“Have you heard of dark profound strength?” Shen Xi said.

“Yeah.” Yun Che nod. He has not only heard of his own body, but also has a strong dark profound strength.

This is also the secret that his body can’t be exposed to. Divine Bestowment Battle, the man named “Wei Hen” has no bones, and even the name has been erased. The scenes of all the discovered practitioners at the time of the “magic man” are extremely disgusting and hateful. .

“Probility is a power that is completely contrary to dark profound strength. It is a special profound strength that is sanctified to the net and is called the name ‘sacred’.” Shen Xi speaks slowly: “and other foundation strengths are not Similarly, its existence, absolutely not for the purpose of destruction and killing, but for the creation and salvation, in order to purify the soul and soul of all life, purify all the filth and sin.”

“The reason why I can suppress the death of your body’s sacred soul is the power of purification from the profound strength of light.”

Yun Che: “…”

“So, the destructive power of the profound strength is weak, not as good as the purest foundation strength, but only feared by dark profound strength, is the biggest nemesis of dark profound strength. At the same time, it is restrained with dark profound strength. They are mutual, and while fearing the dark profound strength, they are also extremely afraid of the erosion of dark profound strength.”

Shen Xi’s dawn is removed from the white light of Yun Che’s hand: “My Primordial Yin will indeed bring you the light of the discovered strength, but I did not expect that it will fit in with your body and be controlled by you. … It seems that you are even more unusual than what I have seen and guessed.”

Her words are calm and seem to be so gentle forever. Yun Che didn’t know that her heart was shaking with extraordinarily strong waves.

Could it be that is related to his body’s Royal Family Wood Spirit Bead… No, even if there is Wood Spirit Bead, it shouldn’t be.

“This kind of power… is it difficult to control?” Yun Che’s palm was slightly closed, and the palm’s white glow was also weak. He never imagined that the foundation strength that is exactly the same as the “destruction power” in the eyes of the possible practitioner can be so peaceful and quiet.

When he got Mu Xuanyin’s Primordial Yin, he was too violent, even though he had the water attribute Evil God seed in his body, he was almost shocked to the inner creation, and the refining was even more cautious. And this bright atmosphere from Shen Xi is more mysterious than Mu Xuanyin’s Primordial Yin, but it was only touched by him. The breath that broke out was unspeakable, like a vast expanse. But the extraordinarily gentle warmth… The process of flowing through him and returning to the world of Profound Vein does not require him to concentrate on his own discover energy.

Initially a new type of foundation strength, compared to comprehension, to fully control it, the process of integration will often be more difficult, and the time required will be quite long.

However, in Yun Che’s hand, the condensation and control of this kind of profound strength… can’t be more relaxed and natural, without even a little bit of blockage, just like controlling your own breathing.

His control of the fire, water, thunder, and dark foundation’s foundation strength is completely free, because of the presence of Evil God seeds. And this kind of profound strength, he just got it, not by his own comprehension of cultivation, but can do so freely control…

As the most sacred and pure power, is this one of the characteristics of the light promise strength?

“No,” Shen Xi said, slightly shaking his head: “Bright profound strength is not difficult to control. On the contrary, it is the most easy to control power. Just, I thought that this world has no more than me. There may be a bright finish strength, and even more unexpected, it will appear in your body.”

“Why?” Yun Che asked. “Do you need to be very demanding when you want to build a luminous foundation?”

Xia Qingyue said that her Divine Power is the only one in the world…and the only one in the world, now it is broken by him, and it is completely natural, even passive.

Wait, can it be that because of my Evil God’s Profound Veins? It seems that this is the most likely and basically the only reason.

“You can hear Ancient Era’s Four Great Creation Gods?” she said suddenly.

“Well, junior has heard.” Yun Che nod: “Heaven Punishing God Emperor Mo E, Life Creation God Li Suo, Order Creation God Xi Ke, Later Elemental Creation God… and later Evil God.”

Shen Xi gently decapitated and continued: “The origin of the light proud strength is the life creation god Li Suo.”

“In Four Great Creation Gods, Li Suo has the weakest power, but is most admired by the world. She has the most noble sacred body and sacred heart in the world, and has created countless Star Realm, countless races, countless Life. And her creation of Divine Power is the most primitive, purest, and most powerful luminous foundation strength.”

“And the first race she created…what do you know?”

Yun Che: “…”

Shen Xi licks her lips and utters a name that Yun Che is very familiar with: “Wood Spirit.”

“…” Yun Che slammed.

“Wood Spirit Clan’s natural Power of Nature is actually a life’s foundation strength. The life’s foundation strength is derived from the light’s proud strength. They inherit the special power given by Li Suo adults, and they have a pure soul. And faith.”

“As the first race created by Li Suo, and with a special gift, Wood Spirit Clan was envied and respected by Allah in the Primordial period. I did not expect that in the world without God, they Everything that has it has brought them endless disasters. Now, the Wood Spirit Race is dying, so it will not be long before it will be extinct.”

Her words were deeply embarrassed, and Yun Che listened quietly, and while he was in turmoil, he noticed a detail.

When she mentioned Li Suo, the subconsciously shouted out, “…Li Suo adults?”

She has the last luminous profound strength in the world, and Wood Spirit Clan, created by the original profound strength, is therefore a special source of wood spirit Clan. It is no wonder that she will never save He Ling and will bring her to the forbidden place that originally belonged to her.

Creation god Li Suo, the first creation god of the die after Heaven Punishing God Emperor.

Heaven Punishing God Emperor died of overuse of Heaven Punishing Ancestral Sword, Li Suo, the first creation god to annihilate Devil Race, and was taken away from the Primordial Seal of Life and Death… The first reason was annihilated by Devil Race, also because of Devil Race’s fear and jealousy about her bright foundation strength.

“In Era of the Gods, apart from the creation of the god Li Suo and the light gods under her seat, there is still one special God Race, also her under the God Race, also has the light proud strength, that God Race Named ‘Sword Spirit God Clan’.”

The name “Sword Spirit God Clan” gave Yun Che’s eyes a sharp jump.

“Have you heard this name?” Shen Xi seemed to glance at him.

“… heard.” Yun Che nod. Not only I heard it, I heard it before I came to God Realm. Jasmine told him that Hong’er was probably from the special God Race called “Sword Spirit God Clan.”

Shen Xi did not specifically ask, and continued: “Sword Spirit God Clan is a special God Race that can be used as a sword. The sword is called ‘Devil Slayer Sword’. It is called ‘Devil Slayer Sword’. Because of the profound strength of the light, the sword of the nature has a strong sacred power and is feared by the demon.”

“The special ‘Devil Slayer Sword’ that you control is not purely Devil Slayer Sword, but it also has divine power, so it can greatly restrain dark profound strength. If you have encountered dark essential strength The opponent should have had a long experience.”

“…” Yun Che didn’t know what to answer, forcibly turned around and said: “Why is the light profound strength almost impossible?”

Shen Xi didn’t ask him about “Devil Slayer Sword”, and he didn’t take the initiative to mention “Hong’er”. Instead, he followed his words: “If you want to repair the profound strength, you must have ‘Holy Body’ or ‘Sacred Heart’. … and both, in this increasingly filthy world that has been filled with desires, has already emerged. And you… are more likely to have.”

Eucharist… Sacred Heart?

The sacred Stainless body, or the holy dustless soul?

This is true, and he can’t beat a hundred.

But just, the light profound strength is incomparably natural in his body!

“If you can’t call sin, you have the right path and compassion. But your body has been stained with countless blood and filth, and the mind has a strong desire and darkness. The profound strength is absolutely impossible to appear in your Body ……” She looked at Yun Che, white glow, and it was two dazzling and incomprehensible light: “I can’t understand why.”

Yun Che frowned and suddenly asked: “Whether Evil God had a bright foundation strength.”

“No, it’s also impossible.” Shen Xi shook his head, no hesitation in an instant.

“Would it be that because of He Lin’s Wood Spirit Bead?” Yun Che whispered.

Shen Xi still shook his head: “Wood Spirit’s Power of Nature is based on the light of the proud strength, even though it is the Royal Family Wood Spirit Race, and the level is also higher than the light proud strength.”

“…” Yun Che is amazed. Even things that Shen Xi can’t understand, he is naturally more understandable.

“Perhaps, this is also some kind of God.” Shen Xi suddenly sighed with a sigh, and when she faced Yun Che, her dawn was quietly changing: “Yun Che, can you worship me?” division?”

“Ah?” A word without warning, let Yun Che suddenly feel awkward.

Shen Xi looked into the distance and said faintly: “In those days, the reason why I brought Linger back was that I had my own selfishness. I don’t want the profound strength of the light to disappear after me. I brought Linger back, for an important reason, It is the Royal Family Wood Spirit that is most likely to be the profound strength of the world.”

“But… in general, as I expected, since it is a Linger, the light profound strength cannot be derived from her body.”

In the words of Shen Xi, let Yun Che understand her intention: “Do you want me to inherit your bright Divine Power?”

“No,” Shen Xi shook his head. “Although I don’t know why, but you already have the light profound strength. I want to accept you as a disciple, to teach you… let you inherit the only bright god in this world.”

Bright God?

Yun Che just asked, suddenly aware of Shen Xi breath, her dawn, also at this time cast into the distance: “There are guests coming, this matter will be discussed later… Remember, don’t be in any time Exposing your bright proud strength in front of people.”

Your guests! ?

Yun Che turned his head and looked at the direction that Shen Xi looked. What kind of characters can be the guests of this Reincarnation situation?



Eastern God Territory, Brahma Emperor God Realm.

“What is going on here?” Qianye Ying’er in silence suddenly opened his eyes, crescent moon eyebrow close. At her level, there is nothing in the world that can make her so emotionally fluctuating.

“What is the Young Lady?” Her side came with Gu Zhu’s old hoarse voice.

Qianye Ying’er coldly said: “I planted the death of the Van Gogh in the Yun Che body, and the Soul feeling was actually several times weaker.”

Gu Zhu: “…”

“No one can persist for two months under the torture of the dead, and more irressible to suppress it… What is going on!” Qianye Ying’er looks colder and colder. No one will be clearer than her, the horror and hegemony of the sacred soul.

“No,” Gu Zhu said slowly: “In this world, there is indeed a person who might be able to suppress Young Lady’s death seal, and may even completely erase it.”

“She, just in Dragon God Realm.”

Gu Zhu’s words made Qianye Ying’er’s brows tighten, and a name, and a figure that seemed to be bathed in the fairy mist forever, appeared in her mind.

“You mean…Dragon Empress!?”



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