Reincarnation The breeze of the forbidden land stopped flowing, and a flying bird was not seen in the air. Even the wings of the butterfly that fell in the flower stopped the fan.

Yun Che couldn’t detect the approaching breath, but she clearly felt that the covers the sky was overwhelming. If she didn’t feel it, no one could believe it. The pressure of a person could be tyrannical to such a degree. It’s really like a sky.

Yun Che is in a heart: can it be that is…

At this time, a figure descended from the sky and landed on the land of the Reincarnation forbidden land.

He is tall, gray robes, and white. The face was exceptionally mild, but he just stood there, a vast and heavenly mighty enveloped the whole world, and when Soul shuddered, he almost subconsciously wanted to bow down.

If there is such a pressure, there is only one person under the heavens.

Dragon King!

He is the patriarch of Dragon God Clan, the Great Realm King of Dragon God Realm, the emperor of Western God Territory, the supreme of God Realm, and the first primordial chaos.

God Realm 17 King Realms, the other sixteen King Realm Realm King are named after the “Divine Emperor”, only he was named “Imperial”. This “Emperor” does not mean that he is the Emperor of the Dragon or the Emperor of Dragon God Realm, but the “Emperor of the Emperor”.

The strength of each Great Divine Emperor is top of Divine Dao, and it’s hard to tell who is strong and who is weak. Only the Dragon King, his “primordial chaos first person” status no one can shake, no one dared to question.

After seeing the Profound God Conference, just a few months later, Yun Che once again saw the first person of primordial chaos who had never expected to look at it for the rest of his life.

“Linger welcomes the Dragon Emperor.” By the side of Yun Che’s, He Ling has already paid off, and for the arrival of the Dragon Emperor, her beauty is slightly nervous, but there is no surprise.

Yun Che also quickly called: “junior Yun Che, pays respect to the dragon.”

No wonder some people can come in directly here, the person who came is actually the Dragon King! The entire Dragon God Realm is the land of the Dragon Emperor. Even this “Reincarnation Forbidden City” is also sealed by the Dragon Emperor. He can naturally come here at any time.

A pair of dragons looked through the Yun Che body, and the dragon emperor smiled slightly: “Yun Che, it seems that you and I really have a relationship. In just a few months, I will meet again in the Western God Territory.”

Yun Che replied: “The dragon king’s predecessor gave the point of the day, and the junior did not dare to forget. Once again, I can see the predecessors, and the junior is both fearful and fortunate. Just… the predecessor of the Dragon King seems to know that the junior is here?”

The Dragon Emperor said: “Two months ago, I heard that someone was holding Dragon God to enter this place, and I knew that it was definitely you. It was just that I just set off to return to Eastern God Territory. Otherwise, I might have come here personally.”

After that, he looked at Shen Xi’s direction, and his calm eyes suddenly became softer than any other time.

Return to Eastern God Territory?

Yun Che moved in the heart, blurted out: “junior daring to guess, the dragon emperor is… but personally to see the red crack?”

“Oh?” Dragon King: “You are very smart.”

Shen Xi walked slowly and said: “You should have something to gain from this trip. Let me talk about it.”

“it is good.”

The dragon emperor smiled and walked in the footsteps. It was far from Shen Xi and He Ling’s line of sight with Shen Xi.

Yun Che got up and looked at the direction of the Dragon King and Shen Xi. The heart was full of surprise: Shen Xi, when faced with the Dragon King, did not need to worship? The Dragon King also had no rises in front of Shen Xi.

Shen Xi and the dragon empire standing at the apex of the entire primordial chaos… actually intersected in a flat position?

What kind of character is she? ?

Reincarnation is in the north of the forbidden land, on the side of a clear stream, the top of the two Dragon God Realm stands together, their conversation, no doubt the word Wans.

“What exactly?” Shen Xi speaks, concise.

The dragon emperor’s expression was dull, but his chest was slightly ups and downs: “It’s more terrible than I originally thought. The rift is much larger than what Eternal Sky and Brahma Emperor described, and it’s obviously growing all the time. And its breath, It made me feel the fear.”

Shen Xi: “…Oh?”

The Dragon King looked at the micro-coagulation: “I thought I had forgotten what I feared, but in front of the crack of the Wall of Primordial Chaos, my body would actually tremble uncontrollably.”

Shen Xi said: “With Eternal Sky Pearl’s ability to force a thousand strong players in this era, it is the limit. To this extent, absolutely not Eternal Sky Realm can only decide from Eternal Sky Pearl. Eternal Sky Pearl is taboo, you will be afraid, it is normal.”

“It seems that if the crack really broke out one day, the Eastern God Territory will be in great difficulty.” The Dragon King’s eyes gradually deepened: “I hope this disaster will not affect the Western God Territory.”

“such being the case, even if you are, can’t tell why the crack was born?” Shen Xi asked.

Dragon Emperor nodded slightly: “The crack should be born of the power of beyond Primordial Chaos, and it is likely to be something beyond the knowledge of all of us.”

Shen Xi Jingsi for a long time, gently said: “It seems that I have to go and see for yourself, maybe, I can find something.”

The Dragon King shook his head: “The rift is in the primordial chaos East, so you can leave the limit time, don’t say return, you can’t even get there.”

“If it used to be, it is true.” Shen Xi said, “Sure, I have found a way to get rid of the ‘binding.’ Soon, I can leave this place.”

“…” The Dragon King looked turbulent and then turned around: “What do you say…?!”

“I hope that it will be too late.” Shen Xi did not seem to see the violent reaction of the Dragon King, and looked far away. The white glow of her body, even if it is the Dragon King, can’t be seen.

“You… really found a way to get out of here?” The dragon emperor’s expression was turbulent and his breathing was chaotic. He knew that since she said so, it was absolutely not false: “How long did you say ‘short’?”

When he asked this sentence, the turbulent dawn was clearly nervous and embarrassing…

He is the dragon emperor, the primordial chaos supreme that ten thousand realms look up to. Even if a Star Realm collapses, he will not change at all, but at this time, it is revealed that he should never appear in him in the world. The reaction of the body.

“If everything goes well, within ten years.” Shen Xi whispered.

“…” The dragon’s body slammed.

He thought that “soon” may be 10,000 years, or thousands of years, and then it will be more than a thousand years… and the time passed to his ears is “ten years.”

A time he was caught off guard and more completely unacceptable.

“Why is it so fast?” His breathing was more chaotic. When he spoke, he realized that it was wrong. He shook his head and sighed: “You have been trapped in this place for so many years, and finally you can get rid of the bondage. This is naturally a big one. Good thing. Just… After you left here, did you think about where to go? Where will we meet in the future?

Compared with the emotional changes of the Dragon Emperor, Shen Xi has always been quiet and arrogant. It seems that she can get rid of the shackles of several hundred years, and she has not caused too much waves in her heart: “If there is a fate in the future, I will see you again.” If it is not, I will never see each other again.”

“Where are you going?” Shen Xi’s voice has not fallen. The Dragon King has asked: “You have been here all the time, even occasionally left, never had Dragon God Realm, where can you go? You really Didn’t think about staying in Dragon God Territory? There are all your people there, there is nothing to bind you, you have complete freedom, you can do everything you want, what you want, I can ……”

“You are out of order.” Shen Xi turned and gently said.

The four words that scorned the wind, so that the Dragon King was hit hard, all the expressions were stiff on the face, and then he slowly closed the eyes, calmed down for a while, the chest’s ups and downs slowly calmed down. Then, he laughed at himself with a smile: “In these years, I have lost a few times in front of you.”

“You have to remember, you are the Dragon King.” Shen Xi said: “The current primordial chaos world is respected by you, anyone can lose heart, only you can’t. Maybe, I leave this place, your dragon heart will There is really no flaw.”

The Dragon King still keeps his eyes closed. He is trying to keep calm, but he is not angry and he is on the face of heavenly might, but full of painful convulsions.

“After I left this place, you can declare that I am dead. You should have found a real ‘Dragon Empress’.”

The Dragon King slowly shook his head, sighed: “I used to make the sea difficult for water. Do you really think that I am in this life… can you let anyone else?”

Shen Xi sighed and sighed: “More than 300,000 years, your height is now unparalleled under the universal sky. You can hide the sky and covering the earth when you are alone. Why is it…”

“No!” The Dragon King shook his head in an awe-inspiring manner: “I have thought very well from the beginning. I have never had any extravagance for you. I have never had a single point. Even if I step by step, I will eventually become Dragon. Emperor, then to the emperor of ten thousand realms, I never think that I am worthy of your favor, there is no one in this world… to dye your half finger.”

Shen Xi: “…”

“In these years, I can see you from time to time. It is the greatest satisfaction of my life. In this world, only I can be so close to you. But now…” Every time he said, his expression would One point of pain: “God finally, are you going to take back this grace for me?”

Shen Xi once again sighed: “You don’t have to.”

“I… I am not trying to interfere with your freedom, I am just…” The dragon’s hands have been held together, and the words of the exit, in the chaos of the dragon heart, are somewhat incoherent: “At least… let me return Clear your great grace… at least… I…”

Shen Xi shook his head: “If you didn’t give me the name of ‘Dragon Empress’ and sealed it as a forbidden place, I am also likely to be in this place for so many years. So, my goodness, you have already done it.”

“I haven’t done it yet, I haven’t done it! The greatness of life-savings is so great, how can I still do it…” The words were exported, and his expression froze, as if he had never thought that he would lose his attitude to such a degree.

Shen Xi has been speechless for a long time, and the Dragon King never understands what she thinks.

Even, he didn’t even know the true origins of Shen Xi. Because he promised Shen Xi, as long as she doesn’t want to, he will never ask her anything… so many years have passed, always.

He has many rises in front of the world, and Shen Xi is humbled in front of him… but he is very willing.

The world was quiet. This time, the Dragon Emperor spent more time, only to seem to regain a little calm.

“You have been trapped here for so many years, and finally regained new life, I should be very happy.” The dragon’s lips fretting, seems to want to laugh, but how can they laugh and not come out: “Ten years… ten years …at least, also ten years…”

His last words were very small and seemed to be whispering in his heart. But the dawn is a bleakness… a sorrow that the most precious thing in life is about to leave.

“You are ready to leave Dragon God Realm, can you tell me where you will go after you leave here?” he asked, but did not expect to get her answer.

Shen Xi replied softly: “I have found my return, you don’t have to worry.”

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