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There are many wonderful emotional paradoxes between men and women.


For example, Mu Xuanyin was touched by Yun Che for her to fight against Ancient Horned Dragon. Then she was the most afraid, the most intolerable, but also Yun Che’s fight… for herself or for others .


This subtle change, Mu Bingyun, who has not experienced it, does not understand.


“You are so anxious to let him go back, is he afraid that he knows the ‘evil baby’ thing?” Mu Bingyun said.


“In his knowledge, Heavenly Slaughter Star God and Heavenly Wolf Star God were dead three years ago.” Mu Xuanyin Xu Xudao: “Blue Pole Star has been in serious trouble in recent years, I see it in my eyes. He will suddenly return to Snow Song Realm this time, just to solve the more and more uncontrollable disasters.”


“…” Mu Bingyun bowed, and Xue Yan showed some complexity: “In the past few years, you often go to Blue Pole Star?”


“…” Mu Xuanyin froze, followed by the light to avoid Mu Bingyun’s direct vision, coldly said: “This is not important!”


Suddenly paused, Mu Xuanyin continued: “What he said just now should be true. But if he doesn’t get the answer he wants, or if he finds himself unable to do it, or if he gathers all the power of Divine Lord [ The Eternal Sky conference is enough to deal with the blunder, and he will no longer have a risk to stay in God Realm, but will go back honestly.”


“But if he knows that Heavenly Slaughter Star God is still alive, and he becomes the evil baby of the entire God Realm fear and chase… How would he?” Mu Xuanyin closed his eyes: “He will go back?”


Mu Bingyun: “…”


“With his personality, and the special feelings between them, even if Heavenly Slaughter Star God becomes a evil baby, he will still find her at all costs, and then stand by her side… even if it is opposite to the entire God Realm. ”


This point, regardless of Mu Xuanyin or Mu Bingyun, has no doubt.


“If at that time, he and the “evil boy”, anyone can sanction him justifiably. Those who hate him and marry him, even the plot and means are no longer needed. And Yu Che’s temper Even if it is known that this will be the result, it will never hesitate to regress.”


What kind of person Yun Che is, Mu Xuanyin has been clearly seen all these years. It is precisely because of him that the person who loves him is willing to put everything for him, and the person who hates him can’t help but frustrate him: “If I am an evil baby, I never want him to know that I am still alive.”


“I understand that I understand all of this.” Mu Bingyun sighed softly: “But Elder Sister…”


“If you are Yun Che, he is a wicked baby… then, do you want him to stay in the memory of the impossible reappearance forever, or [ninely stand on the opposite side of the whole world], and also…”


In the second half of the sentence, Mu Bingyun did not say it, and Mu Xuanyin was there, and the atmosphere was messy.


Taking a deep look at Mu Xuanyin’s side, Mu Bingyun’s dawn passed over the blockade of Yun Che’s formation, and his mind was complicated and his footsteps silently left.


The snow outside the temple was messy, Mu Bingyun walked in the snow, the pace was slow, and it was close to the ten steps, she realized that Mu Feixue was standing there.


“Palace Master Bingyun.” Mu Feixue wandered around.


“Feixue ……” Mu Bingyun turned back and said softly: “Yun Che is still alive, don’t tell anyone.”


“Yes.” Mu Feixue flowery lips bites, and stops.


“You want to ask, what is Yun Che doing now?” She noticed that Mu Feixue had some dodging light, and she sighed in her heart: Yun Che… It was a disaster star.


Mu Feixue small head hangs down and whispers: “Just, Honored Master seems to be angry.”


She has followed Mu Xuanyin for years and has never seen her look angry.


“She has been like Yun Che, so don’t worry.” Mu Bingyun glanced at her and said, “He is now you.”


Honored Master has closed the confinement, you will not see him for the time being, and don’t bother you Honored Master. ”


Although Guan Che was closed for twelve hours, Mu Bingyun knew that the real thoughts were confusing. It was not Yun Che, but Mu Xuanyin, who needed time to think about the buffer.


“Yes, the discipline understands that the discipline will stay here, without the Honored Master command, never close.” Mu Feixue said.


“Yeah.” Mu Bingyun beheaded, walked in front of Mu Feixue. After a few steps, she suddenly stopped again, slightly on the side, lightly said: “Feixue, sect has never prescribed Ice Phoenix women can not be born, the past Ice The reason why Phoenix is ​​the daughter of Ice Phoenix is ​​a lonely life, just not willing, not not. So, you don’t have to be self-restraint.”


Mu Feixue raise one’s head, I don’t know what to do.


“Ice Phoenix women are extremely difficult to learn because of the relationship between bloodline and Profound Arts. If the heart is moved by any man, it is not a sin, but a blessing. In this world, not only status, power depends on their own efforts to fight, emotions also That’s it, and… maybe it’s worth your effort.”


“Do not learn from your Honored Master.”


“…” Mu Feixue was there, and every word that Mu Bingyun said made her dream.


Not only her, after finishing these words, even Mu Bingyun himself has been stunned for a long time… It seems that I can’t believe these words are from my own mouth.


I don’t know why I suddenly said these words… or to Mu Feixue.






Moon God Realm, Moon God Temple.


Xia Qingyue stands in front of the mirror, beautiful eyes are closed, and the side of the body, two girls with a bright teeth are changing for her. The girls are all beautiful, and the temperament is as noble as the moon in the sky, but similar to Xia Qingyue, their style is bleak.


She was the first female Divine Emperor in the history of Moon God Emperor. The clothes of the Moon Emperor were very cumbersome. The two women were busy for a long while, and finally they carefully removed the outer skirts, revealing a lilac tightness.


The fairy curves under moon clothes are amazingly beautiful, and the rounded shoulders are as if made by heaven. The exposed skin is filled with ice and snow. Perhaps in order to hide her body, her coat was extraordinarily tight, and her chest was full of bloated.


The girl who served on the side looked involuntarily, and her breathing was slightly messy. They are not the first to see Xia Qingyue’s jade body, but every time, the same women, they will be dazzled, wondering which man in this world can have the honor to enjoy it.


A footstep rushed at this moment, with a breathing that was not calm. Soon, a girl with a silver skirt came to behind and bowed her knees: “Master…”


“Jin Yue,” Xia Qingyue lightly said: “It’s rare to see you in such a hurry, is it a red crack or an Eternal Sky conference?”


“Back to Master,” Jin Yue said in a hurry: “Just got the news, Yun Che is still alive, he is not dead, and now in Snow Song Realm.”


“Ah…” Xia Qingyue’s side of the girl shouted at the same time, then at the same time took a small step back, the small head hangs down, no longer dare to speak.


“…” Xia Qingyue beautiful eyes: “Say again.”


“Yun Che is currently in Snow Song Realm, and the rumor about his death at Star God Realm…is likely to be fake.” Jin Yue said first, she has been following Xia Qingyue for years, more than anyone else. Know what the name “Yun Che” means for her.


The Moon God Temple has been silent for a long time.


“Where did this news come from?” Xia Qingyue turned and slowly opened her mouth.


“It’s Sacred Universe Realm,” Jin Yue replied.


“When is the news?” Xia Qingyue asked again.


“Jin Yue just got the news and will report it the first time.” Jin Yue’s breathing is still a bit messy: “Yun Che is just back to Snow Song Realm, no more than six times.


Time. ”


Xia Qingyue’s eyebrows are very light and stunned.


She knows that Yun Che is extremely good at camouflage and concealment. If he is still alive, he should be extremely careful when he appears. How can he be known when he returned to Snow Song Realm in less than six hours?


And…Sacred Universe Realm ! ?


“This news, can you be sure?” she asked. Yuyan was calm and awakened, but seemed to forget that she had taken off her skirt. The ice muscles and bones released in the air enough to make the devils surrender. Charming.


Yun Che is dead, this is confirmed by Eternal Sky God Realm, and there is false.


“Jin Yue can’t be convinced.” Jin Yue said cautiously: “But there is another identifiable message. Sacred Universe Realm’s folding star hall flew away in an hour before the hour, and it is likely to be Snow Song. Realm.”


The Star Destroyer Ship and the Temple of the Stars are the two most famous profound arks of the Sacred Universe Realm. The former is the main Profound Ship of Sacred Universe Realm, the latter, the fastest of Sacred Universe Realm, and the fastest pro ark outside of King Realm.


And its Master, carefully Luo Changsheng!


Xia Qingyue’s face sank slightly, and her eyes were fascinated. It seemed to be whispering to herself: “If the Star Temple is really Snow Song Realm, then…Yun Che is still alive, maybe it is true.”


“Master, Confounded God Battle of ProFound God Conference four years ago, Luo Changsheng defeated Yun Che’s hand, and his reputation was greatly damaged. It became the greatest shame of his life. Could it be that he knew that Yun Che was still alive? Want to make a hateful act?” The girl on the right side said.


“No,” Xia Qingyue shook her head gently: “Luo Changsheng passed Eternal Sky 3,000 years and has become Seventh Level Divine Lord, famous for all realms. Many people like it may reach the height of Divine Emperor in the future. Today’s Luo Changsheng If you shoot Yun Che, you will not only reveal your own scars, but your identity will also make everyone look down.”


Xia Qingyue sounded a little bit, then slowly said a name: “It is Luo Guxie.”


Three moon clothes girls are also eye-catching.


That’s right, today’s Luo Changsheng is taking the initiative to find Yun Che, which is really a self-destruction reputation. The people of Luo Guxie…Eastern God Territory will not forget that in the case of the Conferred God Battle, she was guarded by Yun Che, who was tyrannical by Yun Che, in the presence of Divine Lord, in the presence of countless strongmen of Eternal Sky and East Territory. It’s mad to Yu Kun’s shot… still dead…


The result was reversed by Yun Che’s Heaven’s Way Tribulation Lightning.


The pale lightning bolt not only penetrated her body, but also ruined her life’s reputation, and became the East Territory laughing stock.


If she rumors that Yun Che is still alive, she will be aroused by this shameful humiliation, and she will immediately rush to find him… Anyone who has seen the screen in those years will not be surprised.


“Jin Yue,” Xia Qingyue forward: “Follow me to a place.”


“Yes… is Snow Song Realm?” Jin Yue asked.


“No, it’s another place.” Xia Qingyue is like a cold star, with no expression: “We will get the news, then, that person has no reason to get news. And she will be more urgent than Luo Guxie to find Yun. Che.”


Jin Yue stunned, and then his face was eclipsed: “Master said that it is that…”


“Go!” Xia Qingyue took Jin Yue’s arm.


Ah! Against the Gods 2491 “Oh, Oh, Master, your clothes…”


Behind the girl’s rushing exclamation, Xia Qingyue’s figure is slightly stunned, and the jade hand is stunned. She has already dressed in a purple crystal dress, and the small head is also equipped with a purple crystal jade crown: “Pity, Eternal Sky” Realm, telling Yun Che that he is in Snow Song Realm. Eternal Sky Divine Emperor has always been guilty of failing to protect Yun Che, and he will react.”


“Yao Yue, closing the temple, must not let anyone know that I have left Moon God Realm.”




Pity Moon and Yao Yue led the life, and Xia Qingyue and Jin Yue have disappeared there in the flashing moon.


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