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Is the poison of Sky Poison Pearl touching the evil devil qi?



Nobody knows.


Because of the existence of “Life Extinguishing Myriad Tribulations”, Xia Qingyue guess may have, but it is only speculation. Even if she doesn’t, her plan is very likely to succeed. If it is, it will be better!


And the answer is… will!


Sky Poison Pearl and Evil Infant’s Wheel of Myriad Tribulations are both Devil Races in Far Ancient Era, both of which are extremely negative Supreme Treasure. If these two terrifying negative abilities are touched, they will stimulate and increase each other.


Although, Qianye Brahma within the body is only the remaining evil devil qi, although the poison that he infused with the body is only a little Heavenly Poison that has barely recovered in these years, but at the moment when Heavenly Poison broke out in the evil devil qi, Like a myriad of flames, the meteor flies into the volcano that has been silent.


If only devil qi attack or Heavenly Poison breaks out, with the power of Qianye Brahma, perhaps it can barely calm down, but when both break out… This is the first Divine Emperor of Eastern God Territory, the first time I feel so clear I am falling to the terrifying abyss of extremely painful suffering.


In the great hall, the golden shadow swayed, and Qianye Ying’er appeared like a ghost. The state of Qianye Brahma made her brow slightly, said solemnly: “What happened?”


“Poison… Divine Emperor Sir said it was poisonous!” The Ninth Vatican anxiously said.


“Poison? Impossible!” Qianye Ying’er said: “In this world, there is poison in the impossible that makes Royal Father so!”


When the voice fell, she stepped forward… but immediately, her footsteps moved back like an electric shock, and her face showed a deep twilight.


Poisonous… From the Qianye Brahma body, she felt a violent poison. This poison is terrifying, terrifying so that she can hardly believe that she is terrifying more than she would have been terrifying than the first devil poison she had personally touched.


“Sky Poison Pearl…is the Sky Poison Pearl!”


Qianye Brahma raised the head in the ground, a face showing a sultry black-green color, and between this short amount of interest, his body was completely wet by the cold sweat.


The power of his Divine Emperor was running unreservedly, and the space was distorted by his confusion. However, his East Territory’s first Divine Emperor power, in front of the evil spirits devil qi and Heavenly Poison, is like a meteorite, can resist and suppress… but can’t eliminate it!


And his internal qi will only relax a little, and the two demons with the body will explode immediately.


Even so, Qianye Brahma’s eyes and heart are still terrifying, he whispered with a shuddering hoarse voice: “The opportunity to join the body by the foundation strength… I poisoned with the body… This is… Xia Qingyue and Yun Che’s real purpose…Eaah!”


In this world, there is very little that can make Qianye Brahma have such a painful roar, but he looks like a devil who is being tortured by Purgatory. Every moment, the face and body are terrifying, and the sweat drops from his body like a rainstorm.


Profound energy into the body, can directly destroy the guilt. Therefore, only the most trusted person or the person without threat is allowed to do so. For Qianye Brahma, Yun Che is clearly a non-threatening person. With his cultivation base, even if he condenses all the discovered energy, he does not want to cause any substantial damage to him.


What’s more, even if he really wants to do anything, Qianye Brahma will be able to detect it for the first time.


However, he did not realize how Yun Che poured the deadly poison into his with the body… nothing!


This is also the most shocking thing he has suffered under extreme pain.


“Heaven… poison…beads!?” The face of the Ninth Van Gogh was suddenly changing. Yun Che, who was pregnant with Sky Poison Pearl, quietly spread from the day of Devil Emperor’s return to life. As one of Heavenly Profound Treasure, it is known to have extremely terrifying virulence and decontamination power. But… no matter how terrifying its virulence is, he can’t understand how Yun Che is quietly poisoning Brahma Divine Emperor within the body.


Qianye Ying’er eyes are tight, and a low voice: “A good darkness Chencang… Xia Qingyue, I really look down upon you!”


The first time Xia Qingyue arrived, without mentioning it, completely shifted their attention to the “Primordial Seal of Life and Death”.


And purifying this matter, they were treated as blind, and there was no wariness, even attention was not on it.


She and Qianye Brahma are now awakened… scorpion, it is their purpose!


Obviously, this is Xia Qingyue and Yun Che’s revenge! And their father and daughter… they were actually played by them!

    千叶影儿雪手伸出,金芒微闪,顿时,空间中的毒息被快速压下。这让她暗舒一口气,向前道:“看来, 天毒珠的毒力也并非不可压制。父王,你状况如何?”

Qianye Ying’er snowy hand stretched out, golden glow flashed, and suddenly the poison in the space was quickly depressed. This made her secretly relieved and said: “It seems that the virulence of Sky Poison Pearl is not irrepressible. Royal Father, how is your condition?”


“No…” Qianye Brahma is shaking his head in pain: “Although it can be repressed, it can’t be solved…”




Qianye Brahma suddenly swayed, vomiting a big breath of black blood… Suddenly, a stinging scent of scent to the extreme spread in the temple.


Ordinary dark profound energy, will not let Brahma, Eternal Sky two Great Divine Emperor years of pain, ordinary poison, can be easily resolved with the power of Divine Emperor, but whether the evil devil qi or Heavenly Poison, are from Heavenly Profound Treasure’s evil power is ten Qianye Brahma, and it is impossible to truly resolve it.


After vomiting a black blood, Qianye Brahma’s face was not half-turned, but it was covered with a heavier black qi, and his pupil… clearly a touch of dark green


Qianye Ying’er Thoroughly scared, quickly to yell: “Ninth, speed sound transmission All the Van Gogh in the world!”


After the interest rate, the seven breaths flew to Brahma God Hall at a very fast speed.


Too late to explain, soon, all the Van Gogh in the world, a total of eight people, sitting around the Qiyeye Brahma in a ring, the tyrannical incomparable power of the Van Gogh at the same time to run, link, condense, jointly suppress to Qianye Brahma within the body The outgoing Heavenly Poison and the beserk’s devil qi.


Every Van Gogh has power that fluctuates in the world. The power of the eight Van Goghs is like the infusion of the Golden Flood Dragon into the body of the Qianye Brahma. Together with the power of the Xianye Brahma’s own Divine Emperor, this suppresses the power and is absolutely unimaginable.


This power is enough to destroy all the evil spirits in the world in a short time… No one will doubt.


The years of Qianye Brahma in the devil qi of the evil spirits are often suppressed by the power of the Vatican and the Vatican.




A Divine Emperor, under the power of eight Van Goghs, devil qi and poisonous fruit were suddenly suppressed quickly, a little weakened, gradually, when the poison and devil qi were completely imprisoned, they thought it should be temporarily silent, The poison and devil qi are like Devil God, which is completely irritated at both ends, suddenly retort…


Heavenly Poison poisons along the eight-speaking Emperor Profound gas, such as the climbing of the cable, ruthlessly invading the body of the Eight Van Goghs…


Eight green sorcerers burst open in the body of the Eight Van Goghs. They opened their eyes at the same time, and the whole body suddenly twisted in the deadly poison and the pain.




Moon God Realm, Divine Emperor.


Going back to Moon God Realm, Yun Che became a lot more silent. It seemed to be too expensive to purify. He had been keeping both eyes and no one for a long time.


“Master, you seem to have been uneasy, are you worried about?” He Ling asked softly.


Yun Che replied: “No. It just happened to be a difficult thing to solve.”


In the past, he was habitually asked Jasmine. He Ling is now with him, but He Ling is different from Jasmine. At least until now, he has no deep dependence on Jasmine for He Ling.


“Is it difficult? Can’t think of how to deal with Devil God’s return to the world?” He Ling asked.


“Not this thing.” Yun Che opened his eyes, it was quiet, only he was alone, without the silhouette of Xia Qingyue: “I have made a few strange dreams recently, and the dreams are absurd. The absurd dreams should have been I forgot in the blink of an eye, but I remember it very clearly. It includes every picture and every sentence.”


“It’s normal to remember the dream.” He Ling said gently: “Why is the Master so concerned?”


“I didn’t care too much before.” Yun Che gave a sigh of relief: “But on the way back to Moon God Realm, I was fascinated by the strange picture that appeared in the dream.”


“This situation has appeared continuously. I really have some difficulty in convincing that everything is just illusion and illusion… and those things are contrary to my memory and cognition. Basically impossible is true, but there is always a saying for me. The strange touch…” Yun Che shook his head.


Basic impossible is a real thing, or between the dream and the visual ambiguity, but the incomparably clear brand is in the heart and soul, lingering. This feeling is indeed very strange and inexplicable, Yun Che has never been.


He Ling is also listening to the clouds and can’t feel the same. But she can feel the restlessness of Yun Che. She thought about it and said, “Master, you didn’t seem to have had such annoyance before. How did this kind of thing start?”


“…” Yun Che chin on his hand and slowly said: “He Ling, you asked a good question.”




Yun Che didn’t talk any more, but suddenly went silent.


When did Ah…when did it start? What is the opportunity?


Outside the palace, Xia Qingyue stands on the top of the temple, the moonlight, the beautiful eyes are indifferent, no one knows what she is thinking, and she keeps this movement for an entire number of hours.


At this time, she flashed in front of her face, showing a silhouette of a girl.


The girl’s body was a little breathy and she took a breather. Xia Qingyue passed her eyes and said: “It seems that there is already a result.”


“Yes.” Lianyue respectfully said: “Brahma Emperor God Realm came over the news, Brahma Divine Emperor was deadly poison, and the evil devil qi and the deadly poison broke out at the same time. After the eight Van Goghs gathered, want to be Brahma Divine Emperor The devil qi and deadly poison are suppressed, but they are completely invaded by deadly poison.”


“Oh?” Xia Qingyue blinked: “There is also unexpected unexpected.”


Listening to the words of Lianyue, Xia Qingyue was never as calm on the surface. The Eight Great Vaticans are a total of virulence for Qianye Brahma, she is no accident. However, she never imagined that the eight great Van Goghs were all poisoned!


The power of Heavenly Poison… Without physical contact, you can reverse the invasion directly along the profound energy! ?


No wonder that no one can escape “Life Extinguishing Myriad Tribulations” in the year of thevarious Gods all devils!


“Brahma Emperor God Realm is now realm closing, and our people are hard to get close to the core area, but it’s enough to see that the Brahma Divine Emperor also is in a bad condition.”


“I understand, you retire. Right…” Xia Qingyue was quiet and the voice was abruptly cold: “If there is a person from Brahma Emperor God Realm, even if it is a Vatican, it will be hard to drive… Except for Qianye Ying’er!”




Lianyue left silently, and Xia Qingyue’s chest swelled and sighed, then gave a soft breath.


At the same time as Qianye Brahma’s poisonous hair, the evil infant devil qi also rioted, and even eight Vanguards were poisoned at the same time.


In this way, in the face of Heavenly Poison’s power that could not be dispelled anyway, she also reminded Qianye Brahma’s “mutation” that Brahma Emperor God Realm’s face will be annihilated by Divine Emperor and eight Van Goghs. fear.


Under this unprecedented fear, Brahma Emperor God Realm, who has just lost three Sanskrits and was smashed by Divine Emperor in Nanxun, can it really last more than twenty hours?

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