For the most recent chapter of the Gods, vol. IX Realm of Gods, chapter 1526 [Dark Forever], Northern God Territory of Astronomy

    , one of the smallest versions of God Realm’s Four Party God Territory, about half of Eastern God Territory and one fifth of Western God Territory.

    If God Realm is divided into ten, the Northern God Territory’s map accounts for only one of them.


    number of Star Realm is naturally the lowest. Even so, Northern God Territory’s map has been reduced as a result of the continued dispersion of primordial chaos Yin Energy.

    Yun Che’s knowledge of Northern God Territory is basically only about the concepts of “demons” and “Devil Territory”, and the others are almost unknown. However, this completely stranger world became the only place for him now, because Northern God Territory was surrounded by primordial chaos Yin Energy, and the other three parties, God Territory, would never want to be near and foot.

    Not only are they unwilling to be eroded by dark devil qi by life essence and profound strength, but also by “demons” while they are hostile to “demons”. And this is the master of the demons, primordial chaos Yin Energy, whose dark depth strength will play the largest formidable power, while the rest of the three parties, God Territory profound practitioner, will be largely repressed, as once discovered, the next one will undoubtedly be the devil found outside Northern God Territory by other three parties, God Territory profound practitioner.

    Enter Northern God Territory, the dark devil qi here does not bring Yun Che a sense of indifference, whether on body, Profound Vein or mind. Walking in darkness and silence everywhere, he even had a strange sense of comfort, and his heart was unprecedented in cold and awake.

    No stranger world, no familiar land, no one else knows each other, really.

    Enter Northern God Territory, Yun Che has not stayed, but continues to deepen. The tripartite God Territory’s search for him is insane and unsuccessful, and those in King Realm may have the possibility of entering Northern God Territory searches… But even the King Realm, he can only enter the Northern God Territory border, with few possibilities, so he can go as far as possible into North Territory.

    He has to keep his life… For him now, there is nothing more important than that!

    He walked through another Star Realm, went through another Star Territory, Northern God Territory picture, and the scene came into his dark pupil.

    Northern God Territory’s ecology is completely different from Eastern God Territory. This is where death and darkness are perpetuated, Sun Moon, who will always be killed, the assassination between Dark Deebeast, and the murder between profound practitioner… In Eastern God Territory, fighting is often due to interests or grievances, where the struggle is only for survival.

    Yeah, it’s survival.

    In this dark and cruel world, only the powerful can survive. They will fight with life and corpses in order to become stronger, regardless of everything, in order to compete for extremely limited resources.

    These, Yun Che are all indifferent.

    With his depth, dark devil qi is clearly becoming more and more depressed, and Star Realm’s level is on the rise, and finally, again a month ago, Yun Che stepped into Middle-Rank Star Realm of the first Northern God Territory.

    He does not know who he is now in Northern God Territory, nor does he know whose name Star Realm is.

    Although this is a Middle-Rank Star Realm, the existence of a creature is still very rare, and even in a dark jungle, it doesn’t feel any creature.

    Somehow, Yun Che came to a ridiculous mountain range, where the darkness deep beast was much bigger, darkness, a pair of bloodthirsty eyes were staring at him, but touched the blind eyes of Yun Che, all of which were wake-up, and then they slowed retreat, and then escaped far away.


    A terrifying torn the sound of sharp claw tore the air, a 100zhang long darkness giant eagle plundered from over Yun Ches, grabbed the dark sharp claw of the cone cold light, and then fled the front to the far north.

    Yun Ches’s footsteps stopped at this time, and he walked towards a dead tree in the front, sitting, closing his eyes, not laying down his formation, and soon his breath was completely silent.

    As the shadow rays of light were released, Yun Ches had emerged in Jie Yuan’s silhouette.

    She looked at Yun Che, as if she stood in front of him.

    “Oh,” she didn’t say anything.


    low smile of feelings and the irony of it seem sad: “You finally triggered the magic that I left behind, and it seems that you were finally forced into despair.”

    However, she suddenly wondered that, just a moment after she left primordial chaos, the print had been triggered by the anger and hostility of Yun Che peak.

    Although the impulse of this devil reveals his dark depth strength in front of all, giving the Tripartite God Territory the right reason to kill him, without the first Divine Emperor’s attitude towards Yun Ches, they can always find other rightful managers, the touch of which is just to advance everything.

    “This magic print, sealed by dark Profound Arts, is not the core Profound Arts of my Heaven Smiting Devil Clan, but I am alone, and my fellow people cannot be refined. Even when the dark profound strength is more than I am in charge of it, it cannot be refined.”

    “But if it were you, there would be a possibility of repair.”

    As for reason, she didn’t say.

    “You have unsound Profound Vein, with peak relatives and manoeuvres for dark deeds strength, so dark hijackings can be ascending to the skies with a single leap, but very limited to your strength. It is far more powerful than Devil God Forbidden Scripture, created by me and Hyun-famous… and Evil Gods Secret Arts, as you know.”

    “But if you can manage the dark forever, you can manage all the devils in the world!”

    “To be the only god of the devil!”

    This is Jie Yuan’s memory, and every word comes from her, and there is no doubt.

    “Beyond darkness and eternal robbery, the devil art I’ve fixed for my whole life, in which you can fix it as much as you can!”

    Devil Emperor’s lifetime was repaired for what was strong and what was so complex. For others, one of the things that can be built is hard to do for life, but she left it all behind because she knows better than Yun Che himself how he is a freak.

    A victory of Evil God’s invisible freak!

    “The magic print, with three drops of my origins devil blood, strengthens your body and devil soul, and if you are anxious to upgrade cultivation base in a short period of time, then refining it can also be significantly upgraded to your Profound Dao cultivation base, but you better not.”

    “refining, while allowing your ascending to the skies and a single leap, slowly integrates it with the body, will receive 100 times the benefits of your future. The lower your Profound Dao cultivation base, the bigger the fusion of blood against bodies and Profound Vein, so you’re going to have to be as repressed as much as possible in the coming period as possible, and believe that you should understand every word I say.”

    Jie Yuan’s voice was very detailed, although she was always particularly indifferent to Yun Che, but in truth, and she always had a special interest in him, either because Evil God was unseen or because Honger was ghost.

    “dark profound strength begins with primordial chaos Yin Energy, [Dark Forever] Profound Arts, my source devil blood, and even more vague blood, both of which are better suited to women. So, in order to make the darkest eternal hijacking, you need to find an excellent woman for human furnace. The three drops of blood, two drops of blood, are the limits you can afford, and the third drop, is for human furnace!”

    “This woman needs Primordial Yin to exist and has a very high Profound Dao perception and deep energy power, and most importantly it must have the most pure deep energy! If you find such a woman, it would be better to abolish it directly, and if all Profound Arts were to be spontaneous, leave only the purest old depth of energy, and she would have earned it in the future by countless times the loss!”

    in closed eyes, Yun Ches hand has slowed up, flowing three dark blood pearls, three with dark rays of light, not strong, but darkened the whole sky and earth.


    eyes are open, and the caves show three shades deep into peak, and there is no hesitation, and he puts two of these bloody peak points to his heart.

    The brakes that touched his body, two darkness pearls, such as diarrhoea silver, were integrated into his body without delay.


    An incredible noise, Yun Ches body suddenly bumped up a depressed and chaotic dark fog, and the eyes also released two unimaginable black light light… If two dark abyss could swallow everything.

    It’s not ordinary blood, it’s Devil Emperor’s blood!

    Even when King Realm Divine Emperor came into the body of another person, he would have been swallowed into a residue by terrifying the invisible Devil Emperor.

    But he’s Yun Che, and his Profound Vein against dark deed strength… whatever level of darkness, he has the most peak relatives and relatives in the world. And blood is not only the core blood essence, but also the souul of its own, but also the family and family of Yun Che from Jie Yuan.

    Yun Ches’s body was crushed in pain, but his face was quiet… and the most peak pain and despair in the world had gone through, and what was the pain of his body?

    After a short count, the cynical black fog began to melt down, spreading with the black light released by his pupil, and two drops came from Devil Emperor in Jie Yuan, where the simple presence was in Yun Ches’s body and no longer excluded from it.

    It is unpredictable that even Jie Yuan himself is unable to predict how its own Devil Emperor source bleeding will mutation after full integration with Yun Che, who owns Evil Gods Profound Veins.

    How long does it take for her “perfect integration” to expect? How many thousand? Hundreds of years…

    Devil Emperor’s blood intake did not really begin to slow down, but Yun Che suddenly felt that his perception of the world had changed dramatically, and that his Spirit Sense had crossed more darkness and reached a doubling of the previous world, particularly his perception of dark aura, becoming clear and almost clear enough to capture the movement of every dark element.

    That’s Devil Emperor’s source of blood… even if it’s just a little intervention, it’ll have a considerable impact on the present spirit.

    Yun Ches’s body was completely quiet, and in his heart, it continued to sound like Jie Yuan.

    “Although I cannot see first-hand how you are forced to trigger the printing of the devil, it is important to remember that if you do not have the power and will to take care of him, as well as the rescue and care of Honger, the ghost, I will never take a decision to leave primordial chaos and betray clansman, so for the primordial chaos World where you are located, you are a worthy savior, especially God Realm, all of whom owes you a life and no one is entitled to bear on you.”

    “So if revenge is to be done, put down all hesitation, good faith, mercy! There is no need for any shame to slaughter in the world! That’s what they owe you!”

    “Finally, there are two things that might have to let you know.”

    “Today primordial chaos World, concealed a big secret, and a great congestion.”

    Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor’s word “big” is the extent to which the world cannot imagine and understand.

    “This big secret, I can’t say, nor can I say it. But if it had a day of ‘present’, you would have been the first to know. And that’s another reason why I left primordial chaos and stopped clansman from returning.”

    “As for that big hidden thing…”

    Heart World, Jie Yuan’s shadow slowed up, pointing up, shining a little bit of black glow: “This memory fragment has been sealed by me. One day, you were perfect enough to integrate my Devil Emperor from blood and to manage darkness forever, and you could easily remove it!”

    This shrink, which was sealed down, is the “natural hazard” in Jie Yuan’s mouth.

    “Yun Che,” the dark star light in his hand flew to the deepest depths of Yun Ches’ souls, and Jie Yuan’s voice slowed down: “In that year, the anonymity was frozen by extreme disappointment and abandoned the name of the Creation and hidden it. And if you’ve experienced a similar situation, I don’t want you to be as dark as he is, but still with light, and I hope you can bring back the loss… million times.”

    “At least, Honger and the ghost must not be allowed to abandon his own life forever, and one can only remain in isolation and darkness forever.”

    “This world is not worthy of my daughter and you, so after looking more at this world, I want you to remember seven words…”

    “I prefer God. I don’t take it!”

    Jie Yuan’s silhouette disappeared in his Soul World, and Yun Che opened his eyes, and indifference, like dead water eyes, seemed to be even more dark.

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