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    the middle of the ruins, Yun Che and Qianye Yinger stayed for the first month.

    Yun Ches finger is in the back of the cloud, moving with the deep energy of the cloud, and then pushing it lightly.


    Nine lightning bolt coincided with the outbreak of brakes and the opening of a formidable power lightning domain that would clearly disrupt the storm in the surrounding region.


    clouds stopped halfway, flowery lips opened up as a big “o” model, and stayed there: “Is this really my power?” It’s just such a small change, it’s… ”

    “What’s your family name for Profound Arts?” Yun Che asked.

    “Tiangang Ray Cloud.” The clouds are very good answers. They have a family, almost everything will bring the word “Tiangang”. Because this is the pride and the symbol of their family.

    Profound Handle of Yun Che body, whose name is also “Tiangang Divine Power”, is proportional to “magic” in the foreign population.

    “Remember the changes I taught you to rehabilitate Tiangang’s cloud.”

    Tiangang Ray Cloud Arts, who is Yun Family Purple Cloud. However, Yun Che, based on Purple Cloud Arts, integrated Heavens Way Tribulation Lightning and created the great Heavens Way Tribulation Lightning of formidable Power.


    clouds are unable to use Heavens Way Tribulation Lightning, but integration into principle changes will still lead to a significant increase in the formidable power of Tiangang’s cloud.

    “Can I teach it to clansman?” The clouds have some kind of questions.

    “Whatever.” Yun Che answered.

    For others, the development of Profound Arts is a major event that shocks the entire family. But Yun Che here is always a believer.

    Even Evil God and Heavenly Wolf were able to integrate qualitative changes in his hand and, in what case, Tiangang’s cloud in the district.

    “Thank Senior.” Happy laughed: “Senior is really great. But Senior saved me and promised to send me home and now taught me better Tiangang’s cloud… Why would Senior be so good to me?”

    ‘Cause we’re all surnamed Yun.’ Yun Che’s still in the cold.

    “But the rest of the surname Yun will be very powerful and clear of our sinners.” The clouds are weak and then shake their heads again, and bloomed again: “Senior, you’re a good man.”

    “Good man?” Yun Che smiled. “I’m not a good man, not even a good man. Don’t insult me with these two words.”

    “Ai?” The clouds hold, she’s exaggerated. Why would he say it was “insulting”?

    Yun Che suddenly stretched his hand to the eyebrows in the clouds, a drop of precious dragon corn fluid with his deep strength integrated into the girl in the body, silent refining g. The darkness ensued forever, silently changing her body and bringing her body to a perfect state with dark deed strength.

    This is the second time Yun Che made the body of the “Devil” and dark deed strength perfect in the initial “Dark Forever” effort, without worrying about disorder and backlash… for the first time, testing Eastern Cold Violet.

    The change in body, the complete sterilization of the bone, the clarity she senses. While she was young, she knew what a miracle such a change was, and she stayed and looked at her hands and felt in the body and in the past completely different dark deep-energy.

    After a long time, she woke up and bowed to Yun Che’s knees… But her knees were blocked by Yun Che: “No need.”

    “Ah…” the clouds, she’s up in her face, she’s full of exciting and worshipping star light, and then it’s no less serious: “The clouds, thanks to Senior for their rebirth… the clouds will never forget for the rest of her life.”

    Yun Che’s face turned around and didn’t touch her eyes, coldly, and said, “Now, you’ve been able to manage dark depth. Even if you leave Northern God Territory, as long as you are unwittingly exposed, you will not be easily aware of dark aura… In other words, as long as you wish, you can leave Northern God Territory, forever from this cage.”


    clouds are slowly and resolutely shaking: “No, I’m going back.”

    “Yun Che coldly smiled:” You’re unjustly wasting your clansman so risky that you can escape. “

    He did not say anything except that he said, “Since it was so powerful, it would be good to purify what I taught you.” Don’t just be a burden! “


    clouds bite flowery lips, and suddenly, “Senior, can I serve you as a teacher?”

    “No!” Yun Che refused, turned around and did not give her a chance to continue talking.

    – Yeah.

    Somehow, it has been more than half a year since the issuance of the mandatory killing order against Yun Ches by the tripartite God Territory. The shift in time and the slowing down of the pace of hunting have been exacerbated.

    Especially Eternal Sky God Realm, Adjudicator, and even Guardian, are nested, almost beyond killing Yun Che.

    Too strong to avoid any doubt, four speeches of speculation, but they ignore it.

    Eastern God Territory, Moon God Realm.

    Closed formation has been slowly opened, and a silhouette like a fairy fantasy dragged out of a long, purple moon.

    “Congratulations to Master on the way out.”

    Xia Qingyue beautiful eyes open, whispering, “What about Lianyue and May?”

    “Go back to Master, Lianyue remains in Dragon God Realm, assassinating Dragon Empress’s whereabouts. June… she went north.” Jin Yue replied that she stood up lightly.

    “North”? Why the North? Have you heard from Yun Ches? ”

    “No,” Jin Yue replied: “It’s been a long time since Yun Ches landed, and Eternal Sky refused to believe that Yun Che was dead, but thought that he might have fallen into Northern God Territory. A few days ago, King Realm travelled to the north to negotiate how to impose Northern God Territory.”

    Xia Qingyue was rare and the ghost coldly said: “It’s just a little faint. They won’t be forced into it. The ‘claws’ and ’shadows’ of ‘demons’ spread across Northern God Territory… when they were hijacked, they wouldn’t forget it so quickly.”

    She doesn’t care about it anymore, and she says, “What about Snow Song Realm?”

    “Returning to Master, the news that Ice Phoenix God Sect is a master’s half-division has long been dispersed… In addition, Flame God Realm’s new Great Realm King Huo Poyun, a public propagant abroad, is Snow Song Realm, an accomplice to Flame God Realm. So to date, no one has violated Snow Song Realm for Yun Che’s affair.”

    Jin Yue looked at Xia Qingyue quietly and said, “Master, maidservant has something unknown. You’re going to kill Yun Che and erase all the traces of the past, why only Snow Song Realm…”

    “Doesn’t matter.” Xia Qingyue’s humor: “Send Moon God, Moon God, three hours later into the Moon Temple.”

    “Yes,” Jin Yue suddenly made a shock to stare at Xia Qingyue’s chest.

    Xia Qingyue crescent moon eyebrow starts: “What’s the matter?”

    “Master, you…” Jin Yue stretched his hand: “Your mirror is broken.”

    Xia Qingyue was vertical, hand-held, always wearing a necklace, and that Yue Wugou left her copper mirror.

    Up there, there was a long rift… but she had no idea when it was split.

    The hand-held copper mirror, she was there for a long time… Jin Yue bite flowery lips. Because she knows that this is Xia Qingyue’s most cherished thing, and at any time, it never leaves even in the shower.

    Typically, even more to peak, but why would there be a crack?

    The copper mirror was lightly opened in her hands… The split second, the Xia Qingyue body was suddenly deadlocked, and then she closed her eyes, and the copper mirror was weak.

    Slowly, the jade hand of Xia Qingyue tightened, tightened, cleaned purple glow, and leaked from her stitches the slide of the bronze mirror was spreading.

    She screamed very lightly, very long sighs, and then the moon slept, and the copper mirror took off and landed at Jin Yue in the trunk: “Help me destroy it.”

    Ah! Jin Yue was conscious that there was no silhouette in Xia Qingyue. And she’s wearing a copper mirror, and she doesn’t know what to do.

    – Yeah.


    primordial chaos Centre, God Realm of Absolute Beginning, a homeless place called “Unabyss”, is passionate in the dark, in the records, in memory, in ancient times.

    Just hidden, it seems to be shaking something.

    – Yeah.

    Northern God Territory, in the middle.

    Here’s the sand that’s still raging, and it’s like a lot of demons crying.

    Half a year has passed, and the Southern Phoenix clothing has followed her commitment, and the period of time has never disturbed Yun Che and Qianye Yinger, including herself.


    last Divine Power, given to Yun Ches before Ice Phoenix Divine Spirit dissolved, was also fully refining on that day.

    In the fanatic sand, two silhouette walked out at that time.

    Yun Che took the clouds and slowed towards the end of the middle ruins and was the deepest part of the storm.

    Six months ago, in the face of the core storm, he had to resist it. But now, with these sands going wild, he cannot be hurt in any way, even with his hair and his stripper.

    He was surrounded by cloudbody power and left her completely free from the storm.

    “Senior, where are we going now?” The clouds ask.

    “Go find something.” Yun Che Road.

    “This is terrifying.” Although it will not be injured by the storm, the present screen, which is a real sabotage, cannot be feared, and it will only take great courage to take a step in it.

    “That woman is more terrifying.” Yun Che Road: “If she doesn’t carry you, she’ll kill you.”

    “Ah? Why?” The clouds don’t understand: “The shadow Elder Sister is so gentle.”

    “…” Yun Che did not explain.

    Suddenly, the storm stopped, the storm sand that had been buried in the sky, disappeared in split second, without a trace.

    Yun Ches’ footsteps have also stopped, and the girls’ mouth in their hands is loud and stunned at a scene that cannot be understood before their eyes.

    The storm is dispersed, and the world in front of it is all the same as the mirror that is cut out by the storm of the usual year.


    the center of the world, there’s a little wind left. In the wind, a little bit of green glow hidden.

    “In Northern God Territory,” Yun Che reads, “Is that fate too?”

    Yun Ches’s own language is completely unknown to Yun Ches.

    in the body, deep energy, uncontrolled boiling, Profound Vein the world, glorifying black, extreme, blue, thundered brilliance, Yun Che stretched his arm to the light of dark green.

    At the end of the day, the dark green light was inviolable and the birds flew, hit Yun Ches in the heart, and then became silent in his body.


    A special cyclone was rolled out in Yun Ches Profound Vein the World, and the deep energy of split second berserk inspired Yun Che’s clothes and danced. With the wind gone, Yun Ches Profound Vein, there was another green world.

    The Evil God seed of the storm, in position!

    – Yeah.

    [Laughs] Ten years! Thank you all! And then I was trying to rectify two days, and that’s how I pressed Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountain Mountains.

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