Xia Qingyue’s words keep the crowd shut, and Shui Qianhang’s well-known raise heads: “No, no!”

    Shui Qianhang, why do you deceive yourself? “Xia Qingyue icily said,“ Do you really risk a disaster and the entire Glazed Light Realm, if not your favorite youngest daughter, concealing Yun Che? “

    “I don’t believe that Eternal Sky Divine Emperor will not believe, and nobody will.”

    Indeed, anyone who wants to know, as Glazed Light Realm King, can let Shui Qianhang ignore the entire Glazed Light Realm, and only Shui Meiyin.

    “No,” Shui Qianhang’s bold head is faced with a man whose death is blatant and terrified: “Moon God Emperor, you said that you only dealt with me, in no way harm to others, and Divine Emperor, who is the supreme Supreme, can go back on one day.”

    “The King just said he wouldn’t kill anyone, but never said she wouldn’t chase anyone.” She looked at Shui Meiyin, “Shui Qianhang, you should know very well that if she didn’t have the only Stainless Divine Soul in the world, it was my Eastern God Territory unique and unmatched Rose, the first person that King was going to dispose of, it wouldn’t be you Shui Qianhang!”

    “But with the Devil Yun Che, if this King wants to let her go.” Xia Qingyue has a slight turn: “Eternal Sky Divine Emperor, what do you mean?”

    Eternal Sky Divine Emperor did not touch Xia Qingyue’s vision, but was well aware that Xia Qingyue was already making concessions in Shui Qianhang, from execution to the abolition of Divine Lord, and that Eternal Sky would not only be angry with Moon God Emperor, but would be invisible in the next day if he was forced to do so.

    “Eternal Sky Divine Emperor,” The body that continues to be worn through Purple Tower Divine Sword, Shui Qianhang seems to feel pain, much less in disregard of the wounds, and he looks at Eternal Sky Divine Emperor, almost pleading the way: “Little Meiyin is wrong and less. Every decision is made by the guilty man, who wishes to die atonement, begging Eternal Sky Divine Emperor to save the younger girl, and begging Moon God Emperor to raise his hand and die, and to thank you for your forgiveness.”

    Admittedly, it is clear that in the face of death, a high-Rank Realm King prevails. But with daughter, he was a father, he became that kind of panic… and inferior.

    With Moon God Emperor’s heartless, and in particular her decision on Yun Ches, he cannot imagine how Shui Meiyin would be treated in her hands.

    Xia Qingyue did nothing, coldly said: “The King promised that Eternal Sky Divine Emperor would not kill you. Otherwise, that King is not a despicable man who says nothing and believes.”

    Eternal Sky Divine Emperor: “…”

    “You want to die now, that King will not allow. When you harbour Yun Ches, you should think about the cost of this day!”

    “Moon God Emperor,” Eternal Sky Divine Emperor suddenly opened his mouth, slowing down the path: “Handling Shui Qianhang, do you have to handle Shui Meiyin, and what about old man? And Moon God Emperor and I Eternal Sky God Realm, there should be no difference.”

    Shui Qianhang looked at a little bit less ashes, instead of countless hopes.

    Eternal Sky Divine Emperor greatly loves Shui Meiyin, which is basically Eastern God Territory’s knowledge. Prior to Profound God’s Conference, Eternal Sky Divine Emperor went personally to Glazed Light Realm to collect Shui Meiyin as direct disciple… or closed disciple, but rejected by Shui Qianhang.

    If Eternal Sky God Realm is forbidden, even if the real millennium is not halfway away, she will not be hurt at least with Eternal Sky God Realm’s justice and Eternal Sky Divine Emperor’s love for her.

    “It appears that Eternal Sky Divine Emperor will finally be merciful, even if he has been hiding a demon, Yun Che, he will still be heartless.” Xia Qingyue Road.

    “What they do is because of sex, not to help evil.” Eternal Sky Divine Emperor: “Otherwise, old man wouldn’t be so kind.” That’s what Moon God Emperor must know. ”

    “This is true.” Xia Qingyue Road: “Otherwise, the King will be halfway back. But the mistake is, if not at all, to those who suffer the consequences of their mistakes!”

    “Ugh,” Eternal Sky Divine Emperor sighs and says, “It’s not intentional. How about Shui Meiyin banning me Eternal Sky God Realm? Moon God Emperor was reassured that, within the millennium, old man would never allow her to leave Eternal Sky for a half-step and would make her think wrong every day, and that she would be blamed for her ransom after a thousand years.”

    Eternal Sky Divine Emperor knew that his words were likely to be rejected and that he was eager to embrace Shui Meiyin as disciple in the year. However, Xia Qingyue slowed the nod after a brief thought, saying that he was surprised: “Eternal Sky Divine Emperor is so insisting that the King… gives Shui Meiyin an opportunity to choose.”


    “Shui Meiyin,” Xia Qingyue silhouette slowed down and directed towards the girl who has been silent: “Yun Che, a hidden man, is the most important reason for you, despite your father’s actions. In King Realm’s millennium, it was the most merciful disposition that King could think of, and in any case, it could change your father’s life.”

    “You don’t have the right to refuse, but now this King gives you an opportunity to choose.” Xia Qingyue beautiful eyes, and the sound slows down: “Moon God Realm, Eternal Sky God Realm, your own choice!”

    “Of course, if you want to go to Brahma Emperor God Realm, you can’t.”

    It seems that, in Xia Qingyue’s view, the imposition of sanctions by which King Realm of Eastern God Territory was imposed is no different… As for Star God Realm, King Realm has been invisibly kicked out of King Realm.

    As soon as that is clear, everyone is deeply sighed in relief. Shui Qianhang, Shui Yingyue all looked to Shui Meiyin, with a glimmer of sight, but no conversation.

    Just calm down, Shui Meiyin and Xia Qingyue touched together. In their eyes, only the eyes of each other… are alike, but it’s just a night sky like darkness, with countless stars, a bright, purple like dreams, but no more light purple abyss.

    Shui Meiyin flowery lips move down and make fantastic noises: “I’m going with you… Moon God Realm.”

    Shui Meiyin’s answer left three people at the same time, Shui Qianhang hoarsely said, “Meiyin! You… what are you doing? Go to Eternal Sky… where it’s better for you!”

    Eternal Sky Divine Emperor is even more confused… who is protecting her, who is trying to preserve Glazed Light Realm, is she really not clear?

    Shui Meiyin turned around and smiled, and said, “Moon God Emperor was right, whatever reason, we did a lot of wrong for Eastern God Territory. If he chooses to go to Eternal Sky God Realm, then Father… and Glazed Light Realm will bear countless disagreements in the future, because after today’s events are passed, everyone knows that Eternal Sky Grandfather is protecting me.”

    “It’s okay, it’s all right.” Shui Qianhang anxious said, “Your safety is more important than it is!”

    Shui Meiyin shake his head to Xia Qingyue: “Moon God Emperor, I’ll go back to Moon God Realm with you. Please also keep your promise and let go of my Royal Father.”

    “The King will go back to the ones.” Xia Qingyue’s voice falls down, and the purple sword across Shui Qianhang suddenly rises and purple glow explodes from the chest of Shui Qianhang, directly destroying Profound Vein.


    Shui Qianhang, who had no resistance and resistance, knew that doing so would only cause more serious consequences, leaving that terrifying power to rush to Profound Vein, destroying his proud power and destroying it again.


    purple light fake, Purple Tower Divine Sword disappeared in Xia Qingyue’s hand, Shui Qianhang slowed down on his knees, and the blood hole in his heart was still bleeding in the chimpanzee.

    Shui Yingyue moved forward, holding father’s body and blocking his wounds with deep energy panic… his life was preserved, but even to recover completely, cultivation base would have fallen to Divine Sovereign Realm, with such a heavy creation, and perhaps life would no longer be possible to return to Divine Lord.

    The situation of Divine Sovereign is a lifelong challenge for countless profound practitioners. He was, however, Glazed Light Realm King… from Late Stage Divine Lord to Divine Sovereign, which differed from another death.

    Shui Yingyue’s hand was shaking, and she small head was deep and did not rise… because she was afraid that Xia Qingyue would see the anger and killing plan that had been drastically overturned in her eyes.

    “Let’s go.” Xia Qingyue turned around and stopped looking at anyone.

    “Right now?” Shui Meiyin’s voice is slow, seems to be in a dream, didn’t she wake up?

    “Yes.” Xia Qingyue answered.

    “Okay.” She lightly nod, and finally looked at Father and Elder Sister, gently said, “Father, Elder Sister, wait for me to come back.”

    Only that said, she slowly moved forward, near Xia Qingyue behind, suddenly stretched her hand in September, and a cyan formation had surrounded her and blocked it.

    “Let no more people shoulder this already occurring ‘outcome’ …” Eternal Sky Divine Emperor’s silence seems to have hidden pain: “Be good to her.”

    Xia Qingyue did not speak, and immediately after that, he went with Shui Meiyin and disappeared in the eye.


    In the absence of Shui Yingyue, Shui Qianhang was paralysed and shaken in pain. Just, torture isn’t a pain in the body, it’s a pain in the heart.

    Shui Meiyin, once he entered Moon God Realm, her destiny would be determined solely by Moon God Emperor, who could not help her, not save her.

    Today Moon God Emperor, the level of terrifying in the eyes of the world, is well behind the previous Brahma Emperor Goddess. Shui Meiyin fell into her hands and could not imagine what would happen.

    Eternal Sky Divine Emperor did not leave, looking at Shui Qianhang, his sighed: “Glazed Light Realm King, don’t worry too much, at least her life will be unhindered.”

    Now, the only guarantee, but only Shui Meiyin’s life… is that 1,000 years, apart from life, are enough to change and cause too much.

    “The consequences of today, Glazed Light Realm King, can you regret?” Eternal Sky Divine Emperor.

    “Return?” Shui Qianhang slows raise ones head, pale face is a terrible laugh: “Why do I regret it?”

    Eternal Sky Divine Emperor slightly frowned, slowly said: “Yun Che is now in Northern God Territory, a place where our hands are unable to reach, and a possible scourge with terrifying has been buried. Can it be that you don’t think you’re doing anything wrong?”

    “The scourges?” He’s still laughing: “The biggest scourge, isn’t it over? Is that what it is, and what, is it even bigger than Devil Emperor, Devil God?”

    Eternal Sky Divine Emperor: “…”

    “And it’s Yun Che who saved us from this world robbery.” Shui Qianhang’s face is painful, but his voice and words are so hard: “I saved that year, not only my future son-in-law, but also my Shui Qianhang… I Glazed Light Realm’s lifesavior… God knows what’s wrong!”

    Eternal Sky Divine Emperor’s spiritual confinement may not believe Shui Qianhang has spoken like this: “Glazed Light Realm King, whatever it was in the past, you could be it if he was a demon!”

    Shui Qianhang, “Why the devil?” When I saw Yun Che, who had the name of the heavens way son, with the promise of “True God’s passing”, with the attachment of Evil Gods inheritance and Sky Poison Pearl, it was even more impossible… to have all of this, and to receive Devil Emperor’s asylum after Devil Emperor’s death. “

    “Eternal Sky Divine Emperor, can you imagine how he would have changed Yun Che to anyone else you know? He’s gonna have to be Devil Emperor forever in primordial chaos World, because, so, he’s the Lord of the Spirit under Devil Emperor, and even all Divine Emperors, even Dragon Sovereign has to fall down his feet!”

    Eternal Sky Divine Emperor opened the mouth without being able to make a sound.

    “And Yun Che did, and you look better than many others. He lets Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor finally decide to leave primordial chaos, or even Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor, who will turn primordial chaos World into Purgatory.”

    “Save Divine Child, this name you sealed, he deserves it!”

    “No one will deny and forget what he did that year. But…” Eternal Sky Divine Emperor sighs: “Now, what does that mean?”

    “Denying and forgotten?” Shui Qianhang shakes his head: “How can the world deny and forget all that he has done? He’s the only one who works with the evil baby, and he’s the devil!”

    “I said,” I just wanted to ask Eternal Sky Divine Emperor… ”Shui Qianhang’s body is becoming weaker and conscious, but its voice is quite clear:” Why does a good conscience focus on the real people of some days suddenly turn into a demon that makes you so afraid? “

    “Enough!” The soul was touched by fiercely, and Eternal Sky Divine Emperor low roaring sound was also pronounced, and he turned his back and said, “Indeed, he was saved. But if one day he comes back with a catastrophe, do you still have to protect him so much?”

    “All I know is that everyone I Glazed Light Realm owes him a life. He’s gonna kill, then he’s gonna kill it.” Shui Qianhang suddenly laughed: “I know more that, if there were any other Star Realm that day, he would not have killed Glazed Light Realm.”

    “Even if he became a devil, he was my son-in-law in Shui Qianhang.”

    Shui Qianhang’s consciousness was spreading and finally fainted.

    Eternal Sky Divine Emperor is scheduled to be there, where he raised ones head close and his body shakes on a slight scale… somehow far away, but only in the direction of Eternal Sky God Realm.

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